American dream, or American nightmare? Home ownership journey captured on reality TV show. Dream Catcher TV now casting.

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With interest rates rising and cash offers taking priority, and even inspections being waved, and while those who are able are offering thousands above the asking price-

Is the American Dream still worth jumping through the frustrating hoops?

Is the final goal of getting those keys handed to you on the front door step of your very own home still worth it?
1st home dreamSkylar G.

If you are just starting your journey and have not even secured an agent, then you are a perfect candidate for this reality show launching in 2022! 1st time home buyers are applying across the nation to be included and have their "buying journey" captured on video! And why not?

After all... milestone moments we often desire to capture, like our 1st wedding (or 2nd, or 3rd) or the birth of our 1st child (or 2nd or 3rd), so why not the purchasing of our 1st home? Reality TV is commonplace to now capture all of these special moments in our life! That 1st walk thru as we imagine this home with our decor and special touches. The relief and smiles captured at the closing table with our supportive agent. That image on the front step with keys in hand.
Our houseM. Bailey

The video and images are the backdrop as Dream Catcher TV interviews these new home owners as they explain the journey! Witness the stories told of challenges, hardship, against all odds victories of accomplishing the American Dream!

Now with social media these TV segments will be shared by all to give hope and assurance to others that it still can be done! Great supportive realtors will now be recognized as they got their client across the finish line! As a Colorado realtor explained: "We witness these triumphs quite often and are honored to beat the odds for many. These stories are worth capturing and recorded to be passed down to their children!"

Florida realtor exclaimed: "When I heard them thank me on video for my hard work and constant communication I was thrilled and I will share this video segment with all my 1st time home buyers and prospective clients in the future!"

Let's face it; Everyone has a story, and as this nationwide TV show is now accepting cast applicants across the nation; Many are excited to have this chapter forever memorialized. All applicants that apply will get an acceptance or denial letter within 24 hours! The goal of this TV series is to successfully capture the vision of the American dream in every area of the nation; Rural farmland to suburbia and inner city!
My RealtorSkylar G.

If you have a realtor secured; ask them to apply FOR YOU! Realtor nominations are given special consideration as the process has already begun and time is of the essence.

The TV show will capture the ups & downs and definite frustrations.. but will end with the victory of "staying the course" as you will share with your children the uphill journey you gladly accepted to provide a home for them.

Many 1st time home buyers do not want to pre-maturely secure an agent but yet have many questions before they begin the process. As an incentive to apply for many; Brilliant Mind Media is giving away an "Ask the Real estate pro" consultation to every person who simply applies for the TV show. So, regardless of acceptance; You will have access to a real estate professional that is licensed to lend or sell in your state.

Funding is provided for this broadcast by Brilliant Mind Media and they are prepared to compensate 1st time home buyers who live in rural or underserved areas. The producer affirmed: "The goal is to capture the entire landscape and scope of what the American dream is for every American. We are aggressively considering every applicant... so tell us your story up to this chapter... and hopefully we can capture how the chapter ended successfully!

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