Dean Hart Long Island Scientist Graduates with a Master's of Science While Pushing for a Broader Approach to Bioethics

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Dean Hart Long Island Scientist Graduates From Columbia University with a Masters In ScienceDean Hart

Dean Hart, Long Island Nassau County, NY resident, scientist, educator, optometrist, politician, retired professor, father, and bioethicist, has been a driving force towards making a better future for Americans in recent years. His passion and drive inspire him to keep pushing boundaries. His persevering nature has guided him toward becoming a successful entrepreneur and businessman.

For years scientist Dean Hart has been making waves in the Long Island community because of his forward-thinking mindset and push for a broader approach to bioethics in Long Island, the United States, and worldwide.

With a scientific mind and a humanitarian heart, Dean has been working to clean up corruption, so he took on the distinguished role of a politician after working as a professor at a medical school instructing ophthalmology students in physiological optics. While being a professor and scientist at Columbia University, Hart realized his passion for bioethics after experiencing the body politic over the decades.

His passion for bioethics quickly morphed into running for Nassau County Legislature in 2015. He was also a candidate for the renowned New York State assembly in the 2016 election, and he ran for Town of Oyster Bay Clerk in 2017.

Even though he knew he was highly unlikely to win against long-term incumbents, he felt it was his patriotic duty after years of running many successful businesses. Hart felt that being in the running for these roles helped him grow as a citizen and became more in tune with what needed to be done in his community from a bioethics standpoint.

He has notably founded Woodbury Ophthalmic Group in Hicksville, New York, and is an accomplished author who has been published in numerous textbooks and scientific journals both nationally and internationally. With such an impressive career, it's unsurprising that Dean Hart, Long Island jack of all trades (and master of many), has made another noteworthy achievement.

In 2021 Scientist Dean Hart graduated from Columbia University with a Master's Degree of science. After years spent exercising his scientific mind and evaluating his moral ethics, he decided to obtain his master's degree in science to begin evaluating and discerning the more unanswerable questions to understanding the human condition.

By studying for his seventh post-high school academic program, and a second a Master's, this time in bioethics (biomedical ethics), to expand his knowledge. Hart has been able to apply his knowledge to understanding how humans view the rule of law and what this means for society as a whole. With this degree, he hopes to continue answering bioethical conundrums surrounding productive aging, exposing corruption, and making the future of the world's youth even better than our generation.

Concerning aged care, Hart has done extensive research on how incredibly important it is for those suffering from Alzheimer's to have their legacies preserved. He believes that too often, the elderly are pushed to the wayside with their lives reduced to their condition. He wants people to be more cognizant of the fact that the elderly deserve to have their legacies valued even if they have a condition that eclipses their final stages of life.

In addition, recently, member of congress Thomas Suozzi expressed his heartfelt thanks to Hart because of Hart's commitment and relentless efforts toward raising awareness surrounding honoring advance directives. Hart's many contributions to bioethics and medicine in advance directives are believed to be the cornerstone of the H.R.7608, which is the State Registries for Advance Directives Act of 2022. This act authorizes a total of $5 million in grants to be used to enable states to develop, maintain, and improve a state registry of advance directives.

In the realm of healthcare, Hart has also shared his thoughts and opinions on the Covid-19 pandemic and how bioethics is involved in this global event. Much of what he has said can be found on his website, which is worth listening to for those who want to listen to an insightful opinion.

Scientist Dean Hart has also been heavily involved in fighting corruption in his Long Island community. Since Hart is not a career politician, he doesn't believe in being paid a salary and did not accept campaign contributions, much in the image of the founders of this great nation. He immersed himself in politics because he is unhappy with how rampant corruption is in the government. He has many thoughts and opinions surrounding how corruption can be curtailed and is also an avid believer in education reform.

It's evident that Dean Hart is an influential bioethics voice in the Long Island community and amongst fellow politicians and the scientific community. Now that he has obtained his Master of Science degree, he is expected to continue educating his communities on bioethics topics impacting society.

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