This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For November 20th to 26th, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, Sagittarius season starts, Mercury enters pre-shadow retrograde, and Mars will begin its transit through the zodiac sign of the archer.
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We have an ultra-colorful and busy week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Sagittarius season begins, giving us the urge to take a more upbeat approach to life. Mars will also transit into the sign of the Archer, which will aid in taking action on far-reaching goals. Mercury’s transitioning into pre-shadow retrograde this week in preparation for its December 12th regressive motion. And there’s a fascinating theme occurring where the inner planets are aligned with Saturn and Chiron, which could cause us to crave stability and resolve things that undermine our well-being.

11/21 Mercury Trine Chiron: Looking For Ways To Soothe Our Mind

The week opens up with an easygoing transit from Mercury and Chiron that will enable us to communicate in a way that brings harmony and order back.

A vibe like this facilitates mending fences with others, so if we’ve felt the need to resolve any issues with individuals, this should give us a considerable boost to patch things up.

Also, we could find ways to soothe our minds, especially if we have recently experienced harsh inner dialog. Alternatively, we could use these positive vibes to help someone else feel better and more confident in themselves.

Mentally, this aids in feeling sharper than usual, leading to clear-minded thinking and the ability to solve complex issues.

11/22 Mars Sextile Pluto: Actively Working On Transforming Your Situations

Tuesday brings us a constructive connection between Mars and Pluto that could help us take action on the areas of life that require transformation.

And the cool thing about this transit is that Mars is in its home sign of Scorpio while connecting to the modern ruler, Pluto.

Mars and Pluto in a harmonious configuration aid us in being assertive without being overbearing. Therefore, in the event of situations where we’re required to be direct, we can do so in a respectful and non-offensive manner.

Energetically, this provides us with a much-needed vigor that helps us focus better on our goals. Hence, if we’ve lacked the motivation to pursue or finish things, a pairing like this supports our ability to achieve our goals. We also experience a sense of renewal after a phase of feeling sluggish since this configuration aids in vitality.

Additionally, this transit promotes detoxifying from destructive patterns that need to be transformed. Therefore, if there were behaviors and other habits that hindered our growth, this could give us the necessary push to eliminate these things.

11/22 Venus Alignments To Saturn And Chiron

Throughout this week, there will be an ongoing theme where Saturn and Chiron will make complex transits to the Sun, Venus, and Mars. This is due to a semisquare that’s forming between these outer celestial bodies that will become exact by Saturday.

With Venus in a complex transit to Saturn, love life and career situations where we’ve felt unfulfilled could come up to be addressed.

Under this influence, we could come to a conclusion about romantic scenarios that lack passion and vulnerability. Another way this could manifest is by helping us realize that we’re no longer into dating or relationship situations since they lack warmth. Also, this might show issues with a job that feels like it’s going nowhere.

And the Venus-Chiron alignment might give us the push needed to heal problematic patterns in our love lives. A configuration like this reveals why being overly sacrificial in love isn't helping us and why we need to consider unions that offer reciprocity.

11/22 Sun Transits Into Sagittarius: Boosting Our Confidence Through Lived Experiences

Even though the rest of this week has a harsher tone, at least two planets are entering Sagittarius, bringing an upbeat vibe.

Happy birthday to all the Sadges out there!!!

In the States, the Sagittarius Season also begins the week before Thanksgiving, adding to the festive atmosphere. We also strongly desire to let loose because of the joyful energy of this alignment.

A pairing like this promotes adventure, generosity, travel, education, expanding our horizons, and feeling a sense of luck. Also, due to the pleasant vibe this pairing bestows upon us, it's a stage to bring a dose of humor and take on a having no cares in the world approach to life.

Another advantage of this energy is the need to be more social, so the urge to gather with others will be potent. We’ll find it easier than usual to act wildly and spontaneously, leading to being more willing to explore new avenues for leisure.

One of the most incredible things about this energy is it enunciates the need to overcome limitations, giving us the courage to venture out and enjoy life. Our ego will gain more from engaging in expansive things and taking an open-minded perspective.

As the Sagittarius season begins, we’ll get a few complex connections from the Sun to Saturn and Chiron that could enunciate ego issues.

With these two complex transits, there might be a poor reaction to the way we attempt to receive validation for a confidence boost leading to a reality check. Hence, it could be a day of addressing healthier ways to gain self-assurance. On the flip side, we might encounter moments of gloominess depending on how this alignment connects with us, so it could be a day when our moods are off-kilter.

11/24 Mars Enters Sagittarius: Taking Action On Overarching Goals

If you couldn't get enough Sadgy vibes, then you’re in luck because Mars is transiting into the sign of the archer.

The last time we experienced this energy was December 13th, 2021.

Mars's entry into Sagittarius will enunciate the urge to take action on our far-reaching goals. In other words, this pairing is excellent for pumping us up with enough energy and unbridled enthusiasm to get back on the horse. Also, it could help us seek out opportunities we’re typically afraid to try because we feel like luck is on our side.

Because a vibe like this energizes us, we will have a stronger urge than typical to be active in a playful way. Therefore, this pairing can promote a need to be social, engage in exhilarating activities, make adventurous plans, take the plunge on traveling, and ensure our calendars are filled with other exciting things to keep us busy.

Romantically, this isn't the most committed energy, but it's excellent for having a wild time in our lives. For this reason, it could rev up passionate exchanges and just let our hair down without worrying about taking things too seriously.

The lower vibes of this energy can bring about issues with being overly pushy, dogmatic, reckless behavior, speaking with others too harshly, and impulsivity.

11/25 Mercury Pre-Shadow in Sagittarius: The Final Regressive Cycle Of 2023

The day before Mercury shifts into pre-shadow, it will make a connection with Uranus that could lead to communication that doesn’t go as intended. Also, this transit pronounces issues with individuals who have a contrarian response to us just to go against the grain and seem edgy.

But, yeah, here we are with the last Mercury Retrograde of 2023, which will be in two signs, making it a double-feature regressive cycle.

Since this planet is going into shadow at the end of Sagittarius, it will have a small portion in this sign. Then, this planet’s pre-shadow will continue through the early part of Capricorn, bringing it to its retrograde motion.

Sagittarius and Capricorn have many differences, so this retrograde might feel disorienting. Capricorn is about limits, and Sadge is about expanding beyond your horizons, so this will be a regressive cycle to look at where we need to fix both issues.

With the Capricorn section of this cycle, we could address issues with maturity, rigidity, boundaries, responsibility, committing to the right things, reputation, career, and dealing with those who hold positions of authority on all levels. Overall, it could be a time to look at what brings us stability and allows us to keep climbing the ladder in life.

One thing to note about the Sagittarius portion is that Mercury is in a condition in astrology called detriment because the opposite sign of Sadge is Gemini. Therefore, this retrograde portion might be dicier for communication and glitches.

The themes for the Sadgy part of this inverse phase could include negligence, failing to read the fine print, neglecting obligations, intellectual arrogance, expressing too strong opinions, a lack of structure, and speaking too firmly.

The cardinal mode of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 0 to 8 degrees of these zodiac placements will experience this event stronger than others. And the mutable modality will also be affected by this inverse phase. Therefore, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces between 23 to 29 degrees of these placements will also feel the effects of this inverse phase.

Mercury retrograde dates to remember:

  • 11/25 Mercury Enters Pre-Shadow
  • 12/12 Goes Retrograde
  • 1/1/24 Exits Retrograde Motion
  • 1/20/24 Leaves Post-Shadow

11/25 Saturn Semisquare Chiron: How To Heal A Inflexible Attitude

Saturn’s making a connection to Chiron that it last made in August of this year.

Prior to that, we hadn’t seen this transit since June 2nd, 1971, due to the slow and odd orbit of these celestial bodies. After this, we won't get another one until August 11th, 2033.

Transit-wise, this configuration tends to have a more significant impact since it’s not as frequent as, let’s say, the Sun sextiles the Moon. And because this is a semi-square, we will feel some of its external effects.

Energetically, this could prompt us to balance the areas of life where we’re overly strict or have no self-control. We might also start to recognize that equilibrium is needed concerning shaky boundaries or the areas where we’ve created self-imposed excessive restrictions.

A vibe like this could bring up where we lack drive, feel numb, obsess over material things to fill the void, issues with vulnerability, and devalue ourselves and others.

On top of this, Mars is connecting to complex transits with Saturn and Chiron, causing us to work on the need to rush into things without any regard for the consequences. So, this could result in delays if we act too hastily. It could also show us where we must to heal the need to rush things constantly.

11/25 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter: How To Overstate

Mercury’s making its first pre-shadow retrograde transit on Saturday with Jupiter in a way that can cause interactions with others to feel obnoxious.

For this reason, we might have conversations with individuals who overshare, making for a cringy TMI moment. Another thing with this configuration is that people tend to appear more inflated than usual; as a result, we may encounter those who stretch the truth and brag to feel important.

Another thing that tends to occur is that inflated levels of pious behavior are more prevalent than average, so interactions may become intolerable due to preachy and opinionated exchanges.

Due to the flighty nature of this transit, we might not be as aware of essential details, so we’ll need to proceed thoroughly and go over everything that requires us to be detail-oriented.

11/26 Venus Quincunx Uranus: A Constant Need For New Experiences

Venus and Uranus will form a problematic configuration that may highlight the desire for romantic excitement.

And since this is a quincunx, it could highlight the areas of our love life where we lack self-awareness.

A vibe like this could show us the problem with constantly seeking novelty in our love lives and where we lack the commitment to stay in a relationship. So, this brings to our attention why always needing a quick thrill leads to instability. We might also have to address why being in something routine-oriented creates boredom.

Another way this might show up is erratic behavior in unions or needing to do something edgy concerning intimacy that might not be healthy. Sometimes, this could manifest as working on risk-taking concerning our passionate exchanges.

Vibes For The Week
Transits GraphPhoto bySirius Software

Ambitious and solitary energy will peak and valley throughout the next 7 days.

Due to the complex level of transits occurring this week, it will give us the much-needed push to take care of important matters that need serious attention. For this reason, we might experience moments where we need space to ourselves to figure out a resolution to pressing circumstances.

By the 21st, Solitude will intersect with family and friends, plus social vibes.

Even though we will be preoccupied with our own thoughts and other situations, it might be hard to get around interacting with loved ones. Sometimes, this might feel like a welcomed distraction, while other times, we might experience a sense of agitation by the communication.

Over the weekend, solitude and ambitious vibes will continue to mix in with mental energy. With this level of complicated tenors carrying over from Friday to Sunday, it’s a period where we could feel more revved up than typical, leading to taking action on things.

Also, even though there are some solitude vibes on the graph, some of the transits on Sunday might unexpectedly pull us out of that state of mind.

Transits For The Week

To say this is an out-of-hand week is an understatement, so let’s try to do what we can to work through all the fireworks the best way possible.

Transits For November 20th to 26th:

  • 11/21 Mercury Trine Chiron: Looking For Ways To Soothe Our Mind
  • 11/22 Mars Sextile Pluto: Actively Working On Transforming Our Situations
  • 11/22 Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn: Keeping Up Appearances In Relationships
  • 11/22 Venus Oppose Chiron: An Urge To Heal Problematic Love Life Patterns
  • 11/22 Sun Transits Into Sagittarius: Boosting Our Confidence Through Lived Experiences
  • 11/23 Sun Square Saturn: Getting Real About Ego Issues
  • 11/23 Sun Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Finding Healthier Ways To Gain Self-Assurance
  • 11/24 Mars Enters Sagittarius: Taking Action On Overarching Goals
  • 11/24 Mercury Quincunx Uranus: Being The Contrarian To Go Against The Grain
  • 11/25 Mercury Pre-Shadow in Sagittarius: The Final Regressive Cycle Of 2023
  • 11/25 Saturn Semisquare Chiron: How To Heal A Inflexible Attitude
  • 11/25 Mars Square Saturn: How Doing Things Hastily Backfires
  • 11/25 Mars Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Healing Impulsivity
  • 11/25 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter: How To Overstate
  • 11/26 Venus Quincunx Uranus: A Constant Need For New Experiences

Use this week to regain traction on the areas of life that seemed to stall out.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!

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