This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For November 13th to 19th, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, the New Moon in Scorpio occurs, leading to the urge to transform our circumstances.
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We have a transformative week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, there’s a New Moon in Scorpio, giving us the urge to gain control of our circumstances. Uranus and Neptune will be at various turning points in their retrograde cycles, causing us to look at what needs to be shifted in our lives. And the Sun, Mercury, and Venus will make the most transits this week, revving up the need to work on confidence, communication, and our romantic scenarios.

11/13 New Moon In Scorpio: How To Start An Empowerment Journey

Monday opens up with a New Moon in Scorpio, which could help us begin a path toward aligning with our personal power.

New Moons are about starting something fresh in our lives and adopting the positive qualities of the sign associated with the lunar event. So, this is a time to think about what sort of favorable attributes of Scorpio that we would like to enhance our lives.

Scorpio’s energy promotes gaining a sense of healthy control back in our lives, especially if we’ve been thrown off course. Through this, we learn how to empower ourselves to gain confidence and take charge of our path in life.

Under this influence, we get the nudge needed to transform the areas of life that have become unconstructive. For this reason, we deeply look at what needs to be detoxed from our lives to break old patterns, work on coping mechanisms, and heal old baggage.

Signs that will feel this lunar event stronger than others will be the fixed modality Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius between 20 to 29 degrees of these zodiac placements.

11/13 Sun Oppose Uranus: The Midpoint Of The Uranus Retrograde Cycle

The Sun and Uranus will align in opposition, marking the peak of this planet's retrograde cycle.

Anytime the Sun makes this sort of transit to the outer planets and Mars, it brings us to the halfway point of these regressive cycles, giving this a Full Moon sort of tone. So, on an energetic level, a transit like this can feel potent.

Under this influence, things might be subject to change, causing the next few days to feel like a plot twist. With this, we might have to put our ego aside to step out of our comfort zone or break out of a stale situation, undermining our confidence. So, if something was creating stagnation, this is an opportunity to push through those sorts of complexities.

Another way this could manifest is through other people's unpredictable behavior, such as recklessness, rebelliousness, impulsivity, erraticism, and abruptness. For this reason, it could rev up situations with conduct that’s out of the blue.

A vibe like this could show us where we need to work on excitement-seeking behavior and the need to rebel just for the sake of it. With this, it could show why doing things for a reaction or because we’re bored is unconstructive. Try to avoid demands for attention or validating someone’s need to shake things up, as this indicates strong personalities seeking a response.

Also, on that same day, The Sun is connected to Venus while it's making a sesquisquare with Uranus, creating more unpredictable scenarios in love life situations. A vibe like this could rev up the need for independence at the expense of some relationships.

11/15 Mercury Sextile Venus: The Right Way To Sweet Talk Someone

Over the next 3 days, Mercury and Venus will conjunct one another while connecting to Jupiter simultaneously. Also, Venus will be in a challenging configuration with Mars while all these transits occur.

Mercury and Venus, in a harmonious alignment, promote gentle communication, leading to lighthearted conversations. A vibe like this is excellent for relieving tension, so this helps us defuse drama and feel more willing to meet people halfway.

Due to the nature of this transit, it could also enunciate our amorous side. For this reason, it could be a day of flirty communication and the need to go on a romantic adventure. Additionally, this connection affirms our capacity for charm, making it easier to sweet talk someone healthily.

With the connection these celestial bodies are making to Jupiter while Venus is in a complex alignment with Mars, there could be a more pronounced need for passionate exchanges. Some things to note, however, is that some of this could show up as a need for over-the-top affection and other forms of toxic behavior in romantic unions.

And with the Mercury-Jupiter stuff, we might not be as concerned about the details of a situation leading to mistakes with essential documents, paperwork, sign-ups, and subscriptions. Also, this sort of alignment tends to lead to interactions with others who stretch the truth.

11/17 The Sun, Mars, and Neptune: Feeling More Hopeful Than Usual

From Friday through Sunday, the Sun will connect with Mars in a harmonious transit, and while this is happening, both planets are aligned with Neptune in a beneficial configuration.

With the Sun connecting in a trine to this planet, this shifts the closing of Neptune’s retrograde motions. Therefore, we have 19 days before this celestial body will go direct. This celestial body will exit regressive movement on December 6th.

Because we are at the last parts of this inverse stage, it could mark a period of reflection and how to initiate what we learned concerning what this planet represents. Some of this could show up as a strong impulse to take actions that spiritually feeds our ego. A tone like this could help us align with our higher self through energy healing, meditation, or understanding what universal truths we learned.

Energetically, the Sun and Mars could help us gain self-assurance. So, over the weekend, we could feel optimistic and more confident in our own abilities. Another cool thing about this is that it will rev up our need to be social and look for adventurous activities to participate in over the weekend.

Under the transit of Mars and Neptune, it could help us take action on our spiritual objectives. A vibe like this helps us feel motivated to work toward our goals rather than just daydreaming about them, leading to making our aspirations real. Also, A transit such as this inspires us to nourish our souls and motivates us to strive toward our metaphysical purposes.

Also, this could rev up the need for amorous exchanges since Mars is linked to taking action in our romantic lives, and Neptune deals with the dreamy and spiritual side of love. Therefore, it could be a day of wanting to connect on a passionate but mystical level concerning our love lives.

11/19 Mercury Semisquare Pluto: Quarrelsome Dialog

Even though we have a bunch of lovely transits from the Sun, Mars, and Neptune, we have one that is on the edgy side.

Mercury will connect with Pluto in a complex alignment that could lead to power struggles in our interaction with others.

Communication-wise, this could manifest as dealing with confrontational types who want to get the last word in at any cost. As a result, pushy people may attempt to speak over others and throw their weight around, leading to irritation and sparking arguments.

With this sort of tone in the air, do your best to pick and choose your battles if possible since these sorts of situations lead to unnecessary bickering. Besides, arguing with those trying to get their way or committing to misunderstanding you is useless.

Vibes For The Week
Transits GraphPhoto bySirius Software

Since this week is a mix of complex and harmonious transits, the vibes on the graph are an interesting mashup of these energies.

Solitude will be present on the 13th due to some transits around the Scorpio New Moon. For this reason, we might feel more introspective than typical and require some alone time to sort out our moods plus thoughts.

Then, from the 14th to the 19th, there’s a steady stream of ambitious tones along with a consistent amount of psychic vibes and romance. Also, romance and psychic energy will intersect with emotional sensitivity.

Due to the variety of tenors at that point of the week, we’ll feel ready to get things done and feel intuitively guided to tackle specific tasks. The high amount of psychic energy over the weekend could make us feel more intuitive than usual, and experience dreams that seem oddly vivid. Also, love-life scenarios could be more revved up than typical, leading to passionate and flirty exchanges.

Transits For The Week

With another week that’s rough around the edges, at least we get some smoother transits as we get to the weekend.

Transits For November 13th to 19th:

  • 11/13 New Moon In Scorpio: How To Start An Empowerment Journey
  • 11/13 Sun SemiSquare Venus: Looking For A Confidence Boost
  • 11/13 Sun Oppose Uranus: The Midpoint Of The Uranus Retrograde Cycle
  • 11/13 Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus: A Need For Novelty In Romantic Scenarios
  • 11/15 Mercury Sextile Venus: The Right Way To Sweet Talk Someone
  • 11/16 Mercury Quincunx Jupiter: Overexaggerating
  • 11/16 Venus Quincunx Jupiter: Out Of Hand Expectations In Love
  • 11/17 Venus Semisquare Mars: A Need For Passionate Exchanges
  • 11/17 Sun Trine Neptune: 19 Days Until Neptune Stations Out Of Retrograde Motion
  • 11/17 Mars Trine Neptune: Active Participation In Mystical Things
  • 11/18 Sun Conjunct Mars: Gaining Self-Assurance
  • 11/19 Mercury Semisquare Pluto: Quarrelsome Dialog

Use this week to work on unconstructive situations to transform your circumstances and empower yourself.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!

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