This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For October 23rd to 29th, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, the 2023 Scorpio season starts, and there will be a Lunar Eclipse in the zodiac sign of Taurus on Saturday.
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We have a transformative week full of planetary transits.

In this week's Astrology, Scorpio Season begins, causing our egos to gain a boost through doing things of substance. There will be a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, which could help us understand the importance of living a more tranquil life. And Mercury, along with Mars, will make the most alignments over these next 7 days, allowing us to be more direct in communication.

10/23 Sun Enters Scorpio: Stroking Your Ego Through Profound Topics

Happy birthday to all the Scorpios out there; it’s your season!

With the Sun in this position, we move away from Libra's social nature and toward one that is more introspective.

Scorpio, paired with the transiting Sun, aids us in seeking depth on all levels. For this reason, we gain self-assurance by developing deeper interpersonal relationships and adopting a more spiritual outlook.

Under this influence, we feel the urge to become internally focused, enabling us to concentrate on what's important and discover more effective coping strategies. Scorpio energy is for tapping into our inner strength and letting go of things that no longer serve us.

Of course, we must be mindful of being too direct, having erratic emotions, feeling the need to retaliate, and suspiciousness.

10/23 Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto: Empowering Yourself In Demanding Relationships

A complex Venus-Pluto transit will encourage us to let go of romantic scenarios that aren't constructive.

Energetically, this alignment revs up the intensity of romantic scenarios and may amplify the bond. As a result, it will reveal a more passionate side, resulting in incredible loving exchanges.

However, in unbalanced unions, tensions might be more enunciated than typical, leading to the need to confront issues we usually prefer to avoid.

One way this might manifest is through feeling triggered by miscommunication and mistrust in a romantic relationship, leading us to focus on past unfairness. Also, this tends to exaggerate dominant personalities, increasing the likelihood of verbal power struggles.

A vibe like this gives us the nudge needed to deal with repressed emotions that have been building up in our love life that no longer serves us; that way, we can eventually move forward.

10/24 Sun Trine Saturn: 10 Days Until Saturn Goes Direct

Saturn will end its retrograde motion at the beginning of November, but it will make its semi-annual regressive cycle trine with the Sun before it does.

Under this influence, the things put on hold slowly loosen, allowing us to move forward on what felt like a long roadblock. With this, we could regain confidence in ourselves due to the hard work we’ve done on ourselves and the goals we want to achieve.

A vibe like this gives us the self-assurance to act maturely, set boundaries, be more disciplined, and be responsible. And it could usher in a period of receiving recognition for our efforts.

With this alignment being linked to the Saturn retrograde cycle, we could look back at ways we’ve tried to gain structure in our lives. For this reason, it gives us the confidence to commit to constructive things that boost our ego healthily and achieve better organizational skills.

Saturn will go direct on November 4th.

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10/27 Venus Quincunx Chiron: Seeing The Ways We Undermine Our Self-Worth

A complex Venus transit could prompt us to improve our self-worth issues regarding relationships.

Since this is a quincunx, it could reveal where we lack insight concerning self-abandoning to gain approval in romantic scenarios. Therefore, it could help us identify where we unintentionally betray ourselves for the sake of love, allowing us to realize that we're changing who we are to fit someone else’s world.

Another way this could show up is by showing us how resentment has accumulated due to not wanting to speak up since it disrupts the flow of a relationship. So perhaps now is the time to consider the costs of avoiding healthily speaking up in our relationships.

Another way this could manifest is by realizing that we've been working in a toxic environment and deserve better. So, take this as a reminder that it's time to change unconstructive circumstances for the better to find more stability and worthy situations in love life and career.

10/28 Lunar Eclipse In Taurus: The Grand Finale

Saturday brings us the last Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus for a while.

We won’t see another one in this zodiac placement until May 20th, 2031.

Lunar Eclipses are when we release what's no longer serving us in favor of a path that enables us to live a more constructive life.

Under Taurus energy, we strive for tranquility, so a Lunar Eclipse in this sign could help us find ways to seek out comfort and move forward from a place of turbulence. This sign teaches us the value of stability, a stress-free lifestyle, craving reliability, nourishing ourselves with feel-good things, and gaining more consistency with our resources.

Therefore, paired with Taurus energy, this lunar event could aid in releasing scenarios with people and other things that stir up conflict to find more significant serenity. So, assessing anything that disturbs our peace, stability, and comfort will be vital.

Signs that will feel this eclipse more than others will be the fixed modality, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, between 0 to 8 degrees of these zodiac placements.

Also, since this lunar event is happening at the early stages of Taurus, the Cardinal modes will also be affected. Hence, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 25 to 29 degrees should also experience the effects of this lunation.

10/28 Mercury Conjunct Mars: An Active Day For Interactions

Over the weekend, Mercury will align with Mars in a conjunction and simultaneously make configurations with Jupiter and Neptune.

Due to the variety of energies, we might feel clear-minded one moment and then foggy the next, leading to 48 hours of conflicting moods.

With the conjunction of Mars and Mercury, the need for communication will feel amplified.

Under this influence, our ability to be direct with others is more noticeable than usual, so getting things off our chest will feel effortless. A vibe like this is excellent for feeling motivated, taking action on our objectives, and engaging in animated conversations. With a vibe like this, we can answer questions with precision and speed.

However, things might become stressful due to the nature of this pairing; it can bring in something of an edgy tone to the conversation. Therefore, we need to be aware of speaking too abrasively with our words.

One of the best ways to channel this energy properly is to use it for things that keep the mind busy and anything that helps us burn off excess energy.

10/28 Mercury and Mars Sesquiquadrate Neptune: Was That An Omission?!

Unlike the other transit, Mercury and Mars will connect with Neptune in a way that could create moments of demotivation and an unclear sense of direction.

With this, we might feel like our judgment isn't as sound as it ought to be, leading to moments of indecision. Also, it's a day to go slow and read the fine print on documents, sign-ups, contracts, and subscriptions to things.

Another way this configuration could manifest is through dealing with those who stretch the truth. Sometimes, this could appear as an innocent tall tale, and others could be more purposeful. Also, there might be frustrating moments in scenarios where someone omits the truth for various reasons.

10/29 Mercury and Mars Oppose Jupiter: Reckless Abandonment

Then, by the 29th, both planets will connect with Jupiter in a complex transit that could rev up our reckless side.

On a positive note, a configuration of this nature aids in feeling energized, so it could mitigate some of the draining vibes we experienced the previous day with Neptune!

The issue with this is we need to be mindful of our behavior because even though it gives us the energy of a speed skater, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is at the same pace. There is a tendency to get annoyed by those who slow us down, which causes a rude reaction, or it could be someone in our environment who is tactless.

A vibe like this tends to bring out our reckless side, leading to bad decisions, impetuousness, acting out of a place of unjustified confidence, and being overly opinionated in conversation. Another way this could show up is through steamrolling others, so we must try to be aware of the need to overinflate our own self-importance.

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Vibes For The Week
Transits GraphPhoto bySirius Software

Considering these next 7 days are packed to the gills of mostly complex transits, the vibes on the graph offer some sweet spots to mitigate the harsher tones.

Solitude kicks off at the beginning of the week, intersecting mental energy and requiring time to be with our thoughts. Monday and Tuesday could feel like a period when we’re trying to make sense of things, so we’ll crave alone time more than typical to sort out the problematic areas in our lives.

By the 25th to 28th, psychic vibes, along with ambition, good luck, solitude, imagination, confusion, and mental energy, will be present. Due to the concentrated energy of the rest of this week, we might feel like our moods are fluctuating from one feeling to the next.

However, it will be a time when we’re ready to be social, take action, and seek opportunities to improve our lives.

Transits For The Week

The last full week of October will be a lively one for sure.

Transits For October 23rd to 29th:

  • 10/23 Sun Enters Scorpio: Stroking Your Ego Through Profound Topics
  • 10/23 Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto: Empowering Yourself In Demanding Relationships
  • 10/24 Sun Trine Saturn: 10 Days Until Saturn Goes Direct
  • 10/27 Venus Quincunx Chiron: Seeing The Ways We Undermine Our Self-Worth
  • 10/28 Lunar Eclipse In Taurus: The Grand Finale
  • 10/28 Mercury Conjunct Mars: An Active Day For Interactions
  • 10/28 Mars Sesquiquadrate Neptune: Demotivated And Unclear About How To Take Action
  • 10/28 Mars Oppose Jupiter: Reckless Abandonment
  • 10/28 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune: Was That An Omission?!
  • 10/29 Mercury Oppose Jupiter: Sounds Like A Tall Tale

Use this week to look at how you can bring more stability and tranquility to your life.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!

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