This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For October 16th to 22nd, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, Mercury transits into Scorpio for the next few weeks, bringing in a stronger-than-usual urge for deep conversations.
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We have an intriguing week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mercury enters Scorpio, producing the need for profound thinking and communication. There will be a bunch of Sun transits that could lead to working on problems with self-expression and unconstructive ego issues. And it's another active week for Mercury aspects, encouraging us to improve our interactions with others.

10/17 Mercury Quincunx Uranus: Learning To Work On Unpredictability

With Mercury and Uranus in a challenging aspect, there may be instances where things don't go as expected.

Under this influence, it could show us where we might be unpredictable about making plans with others or why our communication style might become erratic, leading to challenging interactions today.

Another way this could show up is by giving us the nudge to work on the need to say the most shocking thing to seem cool. Sometimes, this could show up as eccentric communication that's off-putting. Also, we might feel wired and share every new idea with everyone, leading to exhausting others with our hyper behavior.

One of the main issues of this configuration is misunderstanding someone because we’re on different wavelengths than they are.

Also, Mercury will be in a problematic alignment with Venus, which could further ramp up communication issues, especially on a romantic level.

A vibe like this could amplify the need to gain attention from others or make us feel annoyed if we aren't getting the validation we’re looking for. And it could produce moments where people flirt or do romantic things that are surface-level.

10/19 The Sun and Mercury align while Quincunx Neptune: Vague Communication Issues

From the 19th to the 20th, the Sun and Mercury will be in a harmonious dance with each other. However, both celestial bodies will align with Neptune in difficult transit.

On Thursday, the Sun and Mercury will be in a quincunx with Neptune, causing us to feel moments of haze concerning our sense of self, ego, reasoning, and how we interact with others.

With this transit it brings to our awareness that we’re undermining our confidence by unrealistic expectations in the form of needing validation from others. Also, this could show why we’re having difficulty communicating or paying attention to essential details because we’re off-kilter.

By the time we get to the 20th, we could get our moment of clarity with these two celestial bodies, the Sun and Mercury, coming to an exact aspect.

Energetically, this could aid us concerning moments of clarity and feeling like we can get through hard to comprehend things. Another way this could manifest is through having an epiphany about our next steps to move forward.

One thing to note, however, is that because these transits are remarkably contrasting, there could be moments when we’re able to comprehend things and, other times, experience a sense of fog. Some of the ways these polar energies could take place is through our thinking, communication, ego, and sense of self.

10/21 Sun and Mercury Square Pluto: Throwing Your Weight Around To Feel Important

A complicated alignment involving the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto could make for a challenging day communication-wise.

Since these celestial bodies are still connected, they’re simultaneously connecting to Pluto, making for a challenging day for communication and our moods.

Under this influence, it might be more noticeable than typical that others are throwing their weight around to feel important. For this reason, it could result in dealing with those attempting to gain the upper hand, leading to a combative tone to the day. Because a situation like this tends to bring out people's strong opinions, it might be a day riddled with conflict.

Furthermore, since this transit clarifies things, this is a phase to uncover mysterious circumstances or finally understand a problematic situation that eluded us.

With energy like this, it's best to disengage from those with ego issues because arguing with those who don’t respect others is pointless. And there are times we experience transits like this because we need to empower ourselves so others can no longer control us.

My best advice is to wait until you are subdued before speaking to someone who has upset you or to wait until they have calmed down.

10/22 Mercury Enters Scorpio: Seeking A Deeper Meaning To Life

On Sunday, Mercury will enter the sign of Scorpio, creating the urge for communication that offers substance.

An ingress like this aids in improving mental clarity, allowing for regenerative moments for our mind.

Mercury, paired with Scorpio, a purifying sign, offers us a phase where our thoughts undergo a transformative cycle.

For this reason, it could be a time to work on patterns that get in the way of being the best versions of ourselves. Through this, we will feel the need to engage in cathartic dialogues to release suppressed emotions and thoughts.

Because Scorpio offers a more focused tone, people are more likely to be receptive and pay close attention to their interactions. So, an energy of this nature enables us to participate in conversations while maintaining empathy for others.

The main things we need to watch out for in this energy are getting too fixated, feeling envious, and sounding so harsh that our words end up being hurtful.

10/22 Mercury Trine Saturn: Making Realistic Plans

Right as this planet enters Scorpio, it will connect with Saturn in an alignment that offers us structure.

Hopefully, Mercury's association with Saturn will lessen the peculiar energy associated with all the transits this week.

With this planetary alignment, conversations should be more fruitful, and strengthening our interpersonal connections should be easier. Under this influence, we’ll engage in chats that are worth our time because we’re in the mood for interactions of substance.

Mentally, we’ll gain a substantial boost, allowing us to solve usually hard-to-understand situations. Our minds will become more focused and interested in profound topics we typically lack the bandwidth to explore.

Also, a transit like this is a great way to get back on track, become more organized, and concentrate on what we can do to achieve long-term goals.

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10/22 Venus Trine Jupiter: Ready For Fun Vibes

Venus and Jupiter will connect in an alignment that lifts our spirits.

For this reason, the urge for fun and to spread good vibes will be tremendous.

Having fun, mingling with others, being open to romance, and feeling like luck is on our side might feel more enunciated than typical with a configuration of this nature. Therefore, this is a day to seize the opportunities presented to us if we want to benefit from this fortunate energy.

Romance-wise, this transit increases the urge for over-the-top flirtation and other kinds of amorous exchanges. So, it could be a day when our love lives feel more passionate than usual, with a sense of exhilaration.

Additionally, on a social level, a vibe like this is fantastic for connecting with people who share the same sense of adventure and interests. Therefore, it’s a Sunday to let your hair down with friends and shake off the harshness of the week.

Vibes For The Week
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Due to the mix of transits over these next 7 days, the vibes on the graph are a combination of harmonious and complex.

Psychic vibes will be present from the 16th to the 18th, intersecting imagination and confusion, plus solitude. For this reason, the first part of the week might feel like a time when reasoning seems more inaccessible than typical. Also, we could be more in tune with extra sensory things than logic.

The 18th to the 20th brings in a smidge of solitude and a steady stream of mental energy. Due to the tone of Wednesday through Friday, we might experience moments of wanting time to sort things out in our overactive minds, leading to needing quiet time to ourselves.

Then, over the weekend, good luck energy will be the highest vibe on the chart, connecting with family and friends, social energy, emotional sensitivity, mental, and a minuscule amount of solitude.

By the end of Friday through the rest of the weekend, the tenor shifts to a need to get out and shake off the week's tensions. And even though there are still a few harsher things in the air, it will be a time to capitalize on the positive vibes and try to salvage our weekend.

Transits For The Week

With a week like this, we must stay as grounded as possible. But at least the weekend leads to getting back on track with some fun vibes thrown in for good measure.

Transits For October 16th to 22nd:

  • 10/17 Mercury Quincunx Uranus: Learning To Work On Unpredictability
  • 10/18 Mercury Semisquare Venus: Seeking Flattery
  • 10/19 Mercury Quincunx Neptune: Vague Communication Issues
  • 10/19 Sun Quincunx Neptune: Undermining Your Confidence Through Unrealistic Expectations
  • 10/20 Sun Conjunct Mercury: A Much-Needed Pick Me Up
  • 10/21 Sun Square Pluto: Throwing Your Weight Around To Feel Important
  • 10/21 Mercury Square Pluto: Needing To Have The Upper Hand
  • 10/22 Mercury Enters Scorpio: Seeking A Deeper Meaning To Life
  • 10/22 Mercury Trine Saturn: Making Realistic Plans
  • 10/22 Venus Trine Jupiter: Ready For Fun Vibes

Use this week to ground your mind and indulge in deeper conversations with those who offer substance to your life.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!

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