This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For October 9th to 15th, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, Venus enters Virgo, Mars shifts into Scorpio, Pluto goes out of retrograde, and there will be a New Moon Eclipse under the sign of Libra.
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We have an ultra-loaded and transformative week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Venus finally exits Leo after 4 ½ months and transits into Virgo. Pluto’s leaving retrograde motion, helping us understand how far we’ve come on our empowerment journey. Mars will enter Scorpio for the first time in almost 2 years, aiding us in taking focused action. There will be an annular solar eclipse in Libra, which could shed light on the new path we must take concerning one-on-one relationships. And there will be 4 connections to Saturn over these next 7 days, causing us to understand the importance of being responsible.

10/9 Venus Enters Virgo: Tidying Up Your Love Life

Monday brings us a fresh sign change for transiting Venus, with this planet shifting out of Leo after 4 ½ months in this sign.

Typically, this celestial body traverses a sign for 3 weeks, but due to the retrograde cycle, we had an extended lesson in Leo energy.

So now it's time to experience a different tenor with Venus in Virgo. A pairing like this shows us how to be selective in relationships and with our money.

One thing to note is that this combination is in a condition in Astrology called “Fall,” meaning Venus runs into snags when it transits this sign. The reason for this is Pisces is exalted when connected to Venus and happens to be the opposite of Virgo.

But this doesn't mean we won’t have a good time under this energy; it's just that there could be glitches.

Under this influence, we focus on looking at things for what they are and narrow down our options concerning romantic and financial scenarios. Therefore, we fine-tune our approach to these things to ensure we’re utilizing our time wisely and something top-notch.

Being grounded in reality can sometimes be difficult, but it helps us discern between a genuine relationship vs a cheap romance. A vibe like this brings the urge to be more reserved about dating and flirting. And even if we aren't putting ourselves out there as much, a pairing like this helps us slow down and consider better how we can enhance our love lives.

10/9 The Sun and Mercury In Complex Transits

On that same day, we might feel off-kilter concerning our interactions due to the mix of transits.

Mercury will connect with Uranus in a way that could shake up communication. With energy like this, we might experience interactions that seem off-beat and sometimes out of pocket. Also, some of our exchanges with others might have an edgy tone due to dealing with those who need to say things out of shock value. Another way this could manifest is through things going differently than planned.

The Sun will align with Saturn within that 24 hours, which could produce moments of self-doubt.

Some of this might show up as minimizing our achievements and feeling like we aren't doing enough to succeed. Other times, it may feel like a day when we’re unmotivated due to low energy. But even when these feelings arise, take a step back and give yourself the credit you deserve for making great strides in your life.

10/10 Pluto Direct: How Have You Transformed Since May?!

The first outer planet to retrograde for the 2023 inverse season is now moving out of backward motion.

On May 1st, Pluto shifted into its regressive rotation, allowing us to focus on the areas of our lives that needed transformation.

For those affected by this retrograde, it was a 5 1/2-month phase to reevaluate coping mechanisms, repression, letting go of old baggage, purging out unhealthy behaviors, empowerment, issues with control, and compulsions. Therefore, under this influence, we actively work on things that undermine our personal power and hinder our ability to grow.

Because Pluto Retrogrades last longer, their effects may initially feel more internalized, but eventually, the change you go through becomes external. Retrogrades impact society as a whole and each of us individually, especially concerning the outer planets.

The cardinal modality, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, between 27 to 29 degrees of these signs, felt this retrograde the most.

Also, the zodiac signs at the beginning of the fixed modality were also affected by this inverse phase. So, those with Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius placements between 0 to 2 degrees of these signs experienced this transit more profoundly.

Pluto will go out of shadow on January 29, 2024.

10/11 Sun Oppose Chiron: Halfway Through The Chiron Retrograde Phase

Wednesday focuses on our confidence due to a transit with the Sun and Chiron.

An opposition between the Sun and the outer celestial bodies marks the halfway point of their retrograde cycles, so we are 50% complete for this inverse phase.

A transit like this is about reexamining how to deal with disappointment and begin the process of developing a healthy ego. Therefore, this may also help us focus on our strengths rather than areas where we don't receive the credit we deserve.

Mentally, we will concentrate on our uniqueness, self-expression, and qualities that set us apart from the crowd. Therefore, it's a time to incorporate confidence-boosting techniques to help us recognize our unique qualities.

10/11 Venus Connections To Saturn And Chiron: Healing Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

From the 11th to the 12th, Venus will align in harsh transit to Saturn and Chiron.

With the configuration to Saturn, this could be when we realize we need more than the bare minimum in relationships.

Some of this might show up as understanding why we need a romantic connection based on love rather than material things and surface-level situations. Also, it could be a time when we’re becoming numb to an unfurling union and realizing we’re not that into them anymore.

Then Venus will connect with Chiron in a way that will show us the importance of healing old patterns concerning our romantic circumstances. Under this influence, we learn how some of our earliest conditioning leads to repeating the same missteps in our love lives and why we need to do the work to ensure we stop an unconstructive cycle.

10/12 Mercury Quincunx Jupiter: Not Caring About Crucial Details Creates Problems

Communication may be challenging on Thursday due to Mercury's uncomfortable transit to Jupiter.

Due to the nature of this transit, it inflates the need to overelaborate or stretch the truth. However, this exposes those who attempt to embellish, which causes embarrassment for them.

Another way this could manifest is through people attempting to sound more intelligent than everyone else. Therefore, it might increase a person's need to make other people correct their mistakes to boost their own self-esteem.

When Mercury and Jupiter form a complex aspect, know-it-all behavior could lead us to ignore important information because we think we are infallible. Of course, if we're not careful, this could result in errors and other embarrassing mistakes.

10/12 Mars Enters Scorpio: Taking Action In A Focused Way

48 hours after the modern ruling planet of Scorpio stations direct Mars, the ancient ruler shifts into this sign.

Mars was Scorpio's ancient governing celestial body before the discovery of Pluto. The last time this planet was in this zodiac placement was October 30th, 2021, so it’s been almost 2 years since we experienced this pairing.

A combination like this will aid in taking action in a focused and transformative way.

Under this influence, we could feel motivated to concentrate on our aspirations and tackle the things we typically don’t want to deal with because it's too complex. Scorpio blesses us with the ability to fixate and take on more in-depth scenarios, while Mars gives us the drive to take action on what we desire.

So, this could translate into getting to the bottom of things that need our undivided attention, like love life, finances, and other tasks that require stamina.

Due to this pairing being associated with passion, our romantic lives could benefit from this energy. In other words, this might be a time to rev things up concerning amorous exchanges and intimacy in our unions, dating, or improving love life scenarios for those who are single.

10/13 Mercury, Mars, and Saturn Transits

Mars and Saturn are in a harmonious relationship, creating powerful energies on that day.

When Mars and Saturn are in a supportive alignment, they encourage us to act in a way that creates a solid foundation to improve our lives. This could be the turning point in a process that seemed to take forever.

With this transit, things usually go smoothly as you move closer to realizing your objectives or bringing other dreams to life. We develop the fortitude to take advantage of opportunities without too many setbacks; our goals become stable in this setting.

This transit assists us in maintaining our focus so that things intended to improve our lives don't slip by unnoticed. When something is complicated, our minds can handle technical situations expertly because we can understand complex issues efficiently.

10/14 Libra Solar Eclipse: A Fresh Perspective On Relationships

Saturday brings in an annular solar eclipse in Libra. This is an annular eclipse, so instead of the Sun being 100% obscured, the moon will seem centered, leaving a ring of fire. This is because the Moon will be farther from Earth, causing it to appear smaller. For this reason, it will not give full coverage to the sun.

With an eclipse in this sign, we might gain sudden revelations on why we need harmony. A vibe like this could prompt us to start a new path that brings us balance, peace, better, and the fairness we deserve.

Also, since Libra is about our close-knit unions, it will usher in a phase where we look for reciprocity in our relationship. Some of this could be romantically, platonically, and through other one-on-one exchanges.

Zodiac placements in Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 20 and 29 degrees of these Signs will feel this lunar event the most.

10/14 Sun Quincunx Uranus: Why Acting Edgy Isn’t Helping You Shine

The Sun and Uranus will be in a transit that amplifies obnoxious behavior.

Because of the unpredictable nature of this alignment, it might result in odd behavior and dealing with those with a short fuse. And since this arrangement is a quincunx configuration, this could point out where we lack self-awareness concerning shocking behavior.

It may be a weekend where we feel the urge for excitement with reckless abandonment.

A vibe like this will give us the urge to try something new and exciting because, despite this transit's erratic aspects, the need to have fun will be present. Just be careful not to take on too much risk, as this configuration can lead to unintended results.

Vibes For The Week
Transits graphPhoto bySirius Software

With a week like this, the vibes on the graph are a mix of tense and motivated tones.

From the 9th to the 11th, ambitious energy will intersect solitude and emotional sensitivity. Given the transits occurring at this week's opening, our moods could feel out of sorts, causing us to require space to ground ourselves. However, we might feel encouraged to take the initiative to accomplish important goals.

Then, from the 11th to the 13th, mental vibes will be present with romantic, solitude, psychic, good luck, and social.

With the varied tones for this portion of the week, even if we need space to ourselves, it will be a time to shake that off and interact with others. Also, we will be sensitive to vibes, causing moments where our intuition is spot on. However, there’s promising energy at this time that could put us in a position to take advantage of fortunate opportunities.

Then, as we get to the 14th, there's a smidge of solitude with social plus family and friends. Again, the tone is about having the urge to take a step back, but we will experience moments of wanting a distraction from our moods through the company of others.

Transits For The Week

The second week of October will be anything but boring.

Transits For October 9th to 15th:

  • 10/9 Venus Enters Virgo: Tidying Up Your Love Life 10/14 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn: A Fixed Mindset
  • 10/9 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus: Out Of Pocket Chats
  • 10/9 Sun Sesquiquadrate Saturn: Minimizing Your Accomplishments
  • 10/10 Pluto Direct: How Have You Transformed Since May?!
  • 10/11 Sun Oppose Chiron: Halfway Through The Chiron Retrograde Phase
  • 10/11 Venus Oppose Saturn: Accepting More Than Crumbs In Your Romantic Life
  • 10/12 Venus Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Healing Old Conditioning Patterns In A Relationship
  • 10/12 Mercury Quincunx Jupiter: Why Not Caring About Crucial Details Creates Problems
  • 10/12 Mars Enters Scorpio: Taking Action In A Focused Way
  • 10/13 Mars Trine Saturn: Productive Ways To Use Your Time
  • 10/14 Libra Solar Eclipse: A Fresh Perspective On Relationships
  • 10/14 Sun Quincunx Uranus: Why Acting Edgy Isn’t Helping You Shine

Use this week to regain focus on the areas of life that require your undivided attention.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!

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