This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For October 2nd to 8th, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, Mercury exits Virgo and transits into leaving, giving us the urge for harmonious exchanges. And Venus will move out of its post-shadow retrograde cycle.
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We have a loaded week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mercury finally exits Virgo after 9 weeks and transits into Libra, giving us the urge for harmonious social exchanges. Venus leaves the shadow phase of its retrograde, shifting us out of its regressive cycle. There will be 5 quincunx alignments over these next 7 days, which could show us where we lack self-awareness. And Mercury’s making the most configurations this week, causing us to work on our mindset and interactions with others.

10/2 Mercury Oppose Neptune: Cloudy Thoughts

Monday opens up with Mercury and Neptune in a complex aspect, which could lead to misunderstandings and clouded judgment.

Energetically, a vibe like this could create moments where we can't distinguish crucial details, facts, and reality. Therefore, it’s a phase to use our discretion and return to critical matters when feeling less hazy since our perception might be off.

Due to the high levels of mental fog, the way we understand others may also feel impaired.

For this reason, the chance of misinterpreting what someone is trying to convey becomes easier than usual. A vibe like this also makes it challenging to distinguish proper boundaries, leading to feeling infringed upon or not knowing our limits with others. Another way this could show up is through dishonesty, so there could be moments of dealing with those who stretch the truth.

Also, avoidance issues could be present under this energy, leading to escapism because we feel drained. And this may also lead to evading issues since we’re too nervous to face truths or deal with problematic scenarios that need our attention.

10/3 Mercury Trine Pluto: In-depth Communication

Tuesday could offer us metal depth with a transit from Mercury to Pluto.

With a transit like this, we could feel as though we’re gaining our focus back after a day of experiencing fog. For this reason, we will undergo moments of clarity and sharpness concerning our thinking abilities. One of the other ways this could show up is through being able to make sound decisions due to the blend of logic and intuition pointing us in the right direction.

It could be a day of having deep conversations and being able to connect with others on a level that feels more meaningful. A transit of this nature is excellent for speaking the truth without it coming across as wrong since people are more receptive to the reality of a situation rather than superficial answers.

Also, we might feel interested in researching deep topics that we typically lack the focus and drive to learn.

10/4 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter: How To Tell Tall Tales

A Mercury-Jupiter transit could lead to situations where people share excessively.

Under this vibe, the chance of dealing with those who overshare their TMI moments is higher than average. So, we could experience a day where the conversation turns awkward due to those who divulge too much. People often appear more inflated than usual when Mercury and Jupiter are in complex transits; for this reason, we might run into those who brag and also stretch the truth to feel important.

Another thing that might make interactions unbearable is that an energy such as this inflates levels of pious behavior, so things tend to get preachy and opinionated. And with a configuration like this, we might not be as on top of crucial details due to the flighty energy of this alignment, so try to go slow and go through things with a fine-tooth comb.

10/4 Venus Quincunx Neptune: A Lack Of Insight About Behavior In Romantic Situations

As we head for the final days of the Venus retrograde cycle, we get a transit that was part of this regressive phase.

With Venus in a quincunx with Neptune, it could add a level of uncertainty to matters of love and money. We last saw this energy a few days before Venus went into the pre-shadow on July 15th, causing us to review dysfunction in romantic and financial matters.

Because this is a quincunx, we get the nudge needed to review where we have blind spots, destructive tendencies, expectations, frivolous spending, and the propensity to ignore warning signs in people or circumstances regarding money.

So, with an energy like this, we will get the opportunity to look at how we can course-correct with these scenarios.

10/5 Mercury Enters Libra: A Way With Words

Since July 28th, Mercury was in Virgo due to the retrograde cycle; now, 9 weeks later, we're ready to move forward into a fresh sign.

In Libra, we deal with a gentler side of this planet, leading to taking an easygoing approach concerning our interactions with others and mindset.

A pairing like this urges us to engage in banter with those with close relationships, creating stronger bonds in our unions. We feel more open to considering others and why it's crucial to have harmony in our relationships. Another way this could show up is by being receptive to new people with whom we can develop a close connection on all levels.

Love life-wise, a vibe like this brings out the more charming side of others, so it could be a time when amorous exchanges become more revved up. Also, this brings in more of an interest to date with purpose, so those who are single might attract committal types. For already established unions, it's a phase to romance one another with words of affirmation.

One thing to note, however, is that there is a lower vibrational side to this pairing that could rev up problematic Librian things.

Some of the ways this might manifest are through indecisiveness, people-pleasing behavior, buttering others up, resentfulness due to not speaking up, passive-aggressive behavior, and the need to gain balance in our own favor.

Just as Mercury is entering Libra, it will connect with Saturn on that same day in a way that could allow us to see where limited thinking is holding us back.

Under this influence, we can see where we lack insight concerning how our moods affect us as well as others.

Therefore, a vibe like this could shed light on things like minimizing our emotions, self-imposed restrictions, having a fixed mindset, and being too critical of ourselves and others. Another way this could show up is through downplaying another person’s feelings or devaluing individuals while interacting with them.

Also, this could manifest by bringing to our attention the importance of not isolating ourselves and why reaching out to others is crucial when we’re going through things.

10/5 Mars Quincunx Neptune: Not Understanding Impulsive Behavior

More quincunx will occur that day, showing us where to work on our tempers and impulsive behavior.

Energetically, this could shine a mirror on complicated actions that lead to creating problems in our lives. Some of this could manifest like working on recklessness, being inconsiderate of others, and rash behavior that keeps us stuck. A vibe like this also shows us where our temper needs to be worked on and why flying off the handle is not okay.

We could also see why avoiding important matters has led to unintended consequences. Therefore, this will allow us to work on issues with escapism, such as overindulging in food, drink, stimulants, or bingeing on TV, movies, or video games to evade stressful scenarios that need our attention.

10/5 Venus, the Sun, and Pluto: Active Venus Alignments

From the 5th to the 7th, Venus will make a multitude of transits.

On the 5th, Venus will make one of the last post-retrograde shadow alignments to the Sun. With a vibe like this, we tend to feel upbeat and seek enjoyable pleasures if properly channeled. However, we must be aware of the need for validation under this energy since it inflates the urge for an ego boost.

By the time we get to the 7th, Venus finally moves out of its post-shadow retrograde, so we are done with this planet's regressive cycles for another 18 ½ months. The next Venus RX will happen on March 1st, 2025, in the first 10 degrees of Aries, then backspin into 24 degrees of Pisces.

Just as this celestial body leaves its inverse stage, it will make a complicated transit with Pluto that could show us why problematic behavior is hindering us romantically.

Energetically, this gives us the nudge to work on secretiveness, mistrust, petty behavior, and being demanding in our unions. Another way this could manifest is by showing us why we need to stand up for ourselves when others try to control us.

Financially, this helps us understand why managing our money poorly undermines our monetary stability. Also, this may look like taking back control of your career and finances.

10/7 Sun Quincunx Jupiter: A Problematic Ego

The Sun will align with Jupiter, sending us into party mode and elevating wafting levels of arrogance.

On a positive note, this transit is excellent for helping us feel overly upbeat, encouraging playfulness, joy, and the desire to let loose. Therefore, if we need a justification party, this transit will provide an extra push to have a shindig.

Even though fun is called for after a week of hefty transits, it's important to exercise moderation. Pay attention to your spending because it's easier than usual to make rash decisions and spend money on unimportant things.

Also, due to the overconfident vibe of this pairing, it's possible that we don't realize how arrogant we seem to others, which can lead to awkward situations and drama.

Vibes For The Week
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The vibes these next 7 days are a mixed bag due to the variety of transits this week.

From the 2nd to the 6th, imagination and confusion will be present, intersecting psychic, mental vibes, romantic, plus a smidge of good luck.

The beginning of this week could have us going back and forth between logic and intuition, causing us to feel a bit off-kilter. Therefore, we will try to make sense of things rationally and understand situations requiring extrasensory abilities.

Then, emotional sensitivity and ambitious vibes will be present from the 6th to the 8th. With the harsher tones of the weekend, we will feel motivated to make changes, so in some ways, the complex alignments will give us the drive to resolve crucial matters.

Transits For The Week

With a confusing week of complex Neptune aspects and many quincunxes, try your best to stay as grounded as possible.

Transits For October 2nd to 8th:

  • 10/2 Mercury Oppose Neptune: Cloudy Thoughts
  • 10/3 Mercury Trine Pluto: In-depth Communication
  • 10/4 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter: How To Tell Tall Tales
  • 10/4 Venus Quincunx Neptune: A Lack Of Insight About Behavior In Romantic Situations
  • 10/5 Mercury Enters Libra: A Way With Words
  • 10/5 Mercury Quincunx Saturn: Limited Thinking
  • 10/5 Mars Quincunx Neptune: Not Understanding Impulsive Behavior
  • 10/5 Sun Semisquare Venus: PT 2
  • 10/6 Venus Quincunx Pluto: Bossy Behavior That Hinders Romantic Scenarios
  • 10/7 Venus Out Of Shadow: 18 ½ Months Of No Venus Retro’s
  • 10/7 Sun Quincunx Jupiter: A Problematic Ego

Use this week to review the areas of life where you could gain more insight into behavior that’s stunting your growth.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!

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