This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For September 25th to October 1st, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, Mercury exits its post-shadow retrograde phase, and it will be an active 7 days of Uranus transits, giving the urge to make sudden changes. And there will be a Full Harvest Moon in Aries on Friday.
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We have another transformative week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mercury moves out of shadow, allowing us to move past the retrograde stage. Mercury’s making the most transits over these next 7 days, giving us the opportunity to work on our mindset and communication skills. The The Full Harvest Moon in Aries happens on Friday, giving us the urge to think of our needs for a change. Uranus will connect in a multitude of alignments that could get us shaking things up in our lives. And there are 3 quincunx configurations this week that could call to our attention where we lack insight.

9/25 Sun Quincunx Saturn: Things That Limit Your Ego

The tone of Monday could make us feel as though our confidence is ebbing and flowing because of the Sun's complex alignment with Saturn.

Because this is a quincunx between the Sun and Saturn, it could show where we misinterpret things concerning our confidence and how we’re undermining our own ability to shine through self-imposed limits.

A transit like this produces moments where we might misinterpret what someone has said, resulting in feeling self-conscious. For this reason, feedback given now, even if it's positive, might make us feel a little deflated because we're not in the best mood. Also, this could show where we lack boundaries concerning letting others tell us who we are.

Another way this could show up is through restricting parts of our personality to seem more favorable to others.

An alignment like this encourages us to work on affirming ourselves rather than constantly seeking external validation. It also gives us the push we need to strike a balance between being pessimistic and keeping a positive outlook on life.

9/25 Mercury Trine Jupiter: Higher Perspectives pt3

Mercury will connect to Jupiter in a closing retrograde transit that could help us feel optimistic.

We’ve seen this transit during the pre-shadow on August 9th, then on September 4th, while Mercury was in its regressive motion. As we move through the final days of the post-shadow, we can use this energy to wrap things up.

One of the lovely things about this alignment is that it generally goes as expected if we planned something out. With this connection, enjoyable communication just lands in our laps, leading to more playful interactions. Therefore, it's a time to spend the day engaging in amusing banter and social gatherings.

Mentally, our minds may feel sharper than usual and brimming with original thoughts. Additionally, we are more motivated to plan extraordinary excursions we'd love to go on or lose ourselves in a challenging book or documentary.

9/27 Mercury Quincunx Chiron: Working On Self-Defeating Inner Dialog pt 3

Mercury and Chiron are connecting in their last retrograde transit that might help us see where we need to heal our mindset.

These connections last occurred on August 16th and 30th, so it will bring up regressive cycle themes from those dates.

An energy like this could give us the nudge needed to work on intrusive thinking to move past an unpleasant mindset.

Another way this could manifest is through working on a fixed mindset to stop limiting thinking that keeps us small. Because of this, it's a phase to understand our critical internal dialogue or unconstructive thoughts about the past because it's time to heal.

Energy like this serves as a reminder to address unresolved memories from the past and the need to avoid self-criticism while doing so. With this, it's essential to understand why punishing ourselves isn't helpful, and we must find another method to organize our thoughts.

Try to concentrate on learning practical stress-reduction techniques; keep in mind that not everything will go as planned.

9/27 Venus Sextile Mars: Making Moves In Your Love Life

Wednesday brings a dose of excitement and romance thanks to a lovely transit between Venus and Mars.

We may experience self-assurance under this influence, leading to feeling motivated to take the initiative in romantic and financial situations in our lives. Therefore, the next few days could be a time of a renewed sense of passion. Also, we have the urge to update our hair, clothes, and other personal accessories.

Love-life scenarios could gain traction due to this alignment. For single’s, they might feel the need to change their dating strategy to get out of a romantic rut. A vibe like this could increase the desire for an intimate rekindling of the relationship and setting up more exciting dates for committed couples.

Therefore, we might feel encouraged to enhance our love lives to benefit us long-term.

Concerning careers, we might feel a strong urge to market ourselves and take considerable risks to improve our chances of being noticed. Therefore, now might be a good time to consider leveling up at our current job and look for a position that better fits who we have become.

9/29 The Full Harvest Moon In Aries: How To Focus On Your Needs For A Change

We will have a Full Harvest Moon in Aries on Friday, which may illuminate the need for healthy self-expression and the importance of focusing on our needs.

Full Moons are cycles of completion during which we reflect on the 6 months of progress made in a particular sign. We examine situations we’re ready to solidify, the things that still need refining, and what must go during these lunar events.

Aries is all about our independence and capacity to go it alone. As a result, we might be more inclined to take on tasks that we otherwise would have to delegate to friends, family, or a significant other. 

Under this influence, it could help us finally take the steps necessary to regain our lost identity while being wrapped up in other people's lives. Therefore, this is a time to empower ourselves to return to the person we were before co-dependent situations and become who we are unapologetically.

In this sign, we comprehend the value of bravery and how living passively has negatively impacted our situation. Because of this, we may dare to assert ourselves healthily or stand up for those who need our help.

Since Aries's energy is self-assured, this trait may aid us in breaking out of a rut and pursuing the things we have been hesitant to try.  We may feel inspired to put ourselves out there, whatever that may entail, as a result. Or this could be a phase to feel motivated to return to dating after a long break.

Energetically, the cardinal modality will feel this lunar event more than others. Therefore, if you have zodiac placements in Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, this Full Moon will impact you more.

9/29 Venus Square Uranus: The Urge To Bust Out Of A Stale Love Life Pt3

Since July, Venus and Uranus have been in an on-and-off alignment due to their retrograde cycles.

Venus, in a complex configuration with Uranus, can bring in stunning moments concerning romantic scenarios and financial matters.

A vibe like this revs up the need to move on from boring or limiting aspects of our lives, especially in romantic and professional situations. On the one hand, it draws our attention to how constrained we are and the necessity of change.

However, this pairing can cause chaos if approached rashly, so try to avoid making too many significant changes.

When altering your relationships, career, or appearance, please exercise caution because a transit like this frequently has the opposite effect of what we had hoped for. Therefore, if we must make important decisions, it's vital to have a suitable exit strategy to prevent crossing any lines or putting ourselves in a worse predicament.

The last time we experienced these was on August 9th, then back on July 2nd, so think about what was occurring on those dates concerning these themes.

9/29 Mercury Out Of Shadow: Back To Regular Transits

Mercury shifts forward into its regularly scheduled programming on Friday, giving us a retrograde-free set of transits over the next few days.

We’ll experience configurations from Mercury to Venus, Mars, and Uranus this weekend.

With the connection to Mars, we could feel energized, giving us the bandwidth to socialize. The only thing with this transit is that people tend to speak more directly, so some interactions could feel sharper than usual. However, if we need to stand up for ourselves, this will be helpful in giving us the courage not to let others walk all over us.

By the time we get to Saturday, Mercury will connect to Uranus, which could help us think outside the box.

A vibe like this is invigorating concerning our mindset, so if we are feeling mentally stagnant, this should offer a nice boost. Energetically, this could give us the urge to shake things up in areas of our lives that have fallen into ruts, especially on a social level.

Then, on October 1st, we get a harmonious transit between Mercury and Venus that could help us connect with our flirty side. Under this influence, the urge to engage in romance will be stronger than usual, so it could be a day of focusing on our love lives. With this pairing, it's easier to have a way with words and come across as more charming, leading to coming off very appealing.

Communication takes on a receptive tone, allowing for an even exchange when talking to others. We will have the urge to make sure things are running smoothly with all of our relationships since a pairing like this is all about making things easy for everyone.

10/1 Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus: Pumping Up Your Ego Through Being Outrageous

Hopefully, the connection of Mercury with Venus helps us de-escalate the potential situations that could occur on Sunday. This day will bring in two transits to Uranus that might rev up our reckless side.

The Sun will make a connection to Uranus that could bring out a side of us that needs to enjoy getting a reaction out of others, even if it's shocking.

Therefore, we might engage in attention-seeking behavior that's offbeat. In some ways, this could be entertaining because of some fun themes that come with this configuration. However, due to this being a complex configuration, we might experience sudden shifts in how people react to our persona, leading to feeling irritated.

Energetically, we might go through mood swings where our confidence soars then plummets.

As a result, it might lead to circumstances where we do impulsive things to regulate ourselves. Most plans may need to be shifted due to how disruptive this connection is to things or people’s attitudes, so situations may be subject to change.

Additionally, wafting levels of irritability will be present, making us feel pricklier than usual and resulting in arguments.

10/1 Mars Quincunx Uranus: Doing What’s Reckless To Seem Cool

On that same day, Mars will make a challenging aspect to Uranus, exacerbating the irritation of Sunday’s energies.

The benefit of Mars-Uranus alignments is that they give us the vigor to push through the day; however, try to avoid rushing because this could lead to clumsiness. Due to the overconfident energy of this configuration, people tend to underestimate situations and people, which could backfire.

Another issue with this alignment is that it results in a lack of patience and a low tolerance for people who move slowly. For this reason, we might become agitated if things or individuals aren’t moving at the pace we’d like.

Try to channel all of this weekend’s vibes into productive things to burn off some of this high-octane energy to get more favorable results than the abovementioned scenarios.

Vibes For The Week
Transits GraphPhoto bySirius Software

Due to the tone of these next 7 days, the vibes on the graph are an interesting mix.

Mental and romantic energy will be present throughout the entire week, going through moments where it will peak and valley. With the plethora of Mercury and Venus transits, our minds will feel sharper than usual, and our focus could go on where we want to be concerning our love lives.

Intersecting those tones through, the next 7 days will be solitude overlapping social vibes, along with emotional sensitivity. Then, solitude will intersect mental, emotional sensitivity, and romance over the weekend.

Because this week is a mixed bag, we could experience conflicting moments where our need to be social comes on suddenly, and then the urge to pull back might cause us to want some space. Also, there may be times when we feel more triggered than usual due to some of the complex energies occurring.

Transits For The Week

We’re leaving September with a bang and opening up October loudly.

Transits For September 25th to October 1st:

  • 9/25 Sun Quincunx Saturn: Things That Limit Your Ego
  • 9/25 Mercury Trine Jupiter: Higher Perspectives pt3
  • 9/27 Mercury Quincunx Chiron: Working On Self-Defeating Inner Dialog pt 3
  • 9/27 Venus Sextile Mars: Making Moves In Your Love Life
  • 9/29 Venus Square Uranus: The Urge To Bust Out Of A Stale Love Life Pt3
  • 9/29 Mercury Out Of Shadow: Back To Regular Transits
  • 9/30 Mercury Semisextile Mars: Socially Active
  • 9/30 Mercury Trine Uranus: Thinking Outside The Box
  • 10/1 Mercury Sextile Venus: Speaking With Flair
  • 10/1 Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus: Pumping Up Your Ego Through Being Outrageous
  • 10/1 Mars Quincunx Uranus: Doing What’s Reckless To Seem Cool

Use this week to make reasonable changes with the things you can control and wait for the right moment to shift the complex scenarios when appropriate.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!

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