This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For September 18th to 24th, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, Libra season begins, and there will be a bunch of retrograde transits that could help us reexamine if we’re on the right track.

We have an active week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Libra season begins, giving us the urge to work on our close relationships. Two significant retrograde alignments from Pluto and Neptune's regressive cycles will be present, leading to turning point moments. The Sun plus Mars will make the most connections these next 7 days, aiding us with the stamina to feel ambitious and allowing us to learn the art of balance concerning confidence.

9/19 Sun Oppose Neptune: Experiencing A Fog Around Your Persona

The Sun and Neptune will align, giving us a sense of uncertainty about who we are.

A transit like this marks the midpoint of Neptune's retrograde cycle, leading to a more potent experience than typical. So, this energy could feel like a turning point moment.

Since this is the halfway phase of Neptune’s regressive cycle, we might experience clarity about unconscious ego issues and unconstructive behavior.

Some of this could look like needing validation to affirm ourselves or masking other unfavorable qualities to gain approval. For this reason, we could get a reality check about our persona, leading to feeling deflated.

Another way this could show up is through seeing the truth about aspects of someone else's personality that might not be healthy for us. So, this will be a period to see things for what they are rather than an idealized image of a person.

Our ability to connect with extra sensory things will be more heightened than usual, so it could be a day of picking up on vibes we normally block out.

One of the best ways to navigate this transit is to ground your energy through music, meditation, journaling, and other activities that encourage constructive diversion. Of course, if issues arise, they are coming up to be addressed, but if you’re feeling this on a foggier level, then its a day to channel this transit productively.

And at least we've completed 50% of Neptune RX.

Neptune Retrograde Dates:

  • 3/9/23 Shifted into Pre-Shadow.
  • 6/30/23 Stations Retrograde.
  • 12/6/23 Out of Retrograde Motion.
  • 3/25/24 Exits Post Retrograde cycle.

9/19 Mars Quincunx Jupiter: A Lack Of Awareness Around Responsibilities

With Mars and Jupiter in a Quincunx, the energy is mixed with enjoyment and arrogance.

On the fun end, this alignment encourages moving so we could be in the mood to do something we’re typically not motivated to initiate. Also, it gives a person the confidence to take risks that could pay off; you just have to be realistic. A pairing like this promotes a sociable vibe and is excellent for getting out of the house and being active.

However, since this is a quincunx, it could show us where we lack insight about ourselves. Some of the ways this could show up are by addressing opinionated behavior, engaging in unhealthy competitiveness, entitlement, needing to one-up others, and temperament issues.

Another way this could manifest is through overpromising and underdelivering, along with careless behavior, avoidance, and a lack of responsibility.

9/21 Sun Trine Pluto: The Count Down To Pluto Direct

In just 20 days, Pluto will station out of retrograde, and before it does, it will make its second trine to the Sun in 2023.

Alignments like these occur when the Sun is in this configuration to outer planets and Mars on the other side of their retrogrades.

Therefore, this indicates that Pluto is slowing down and will end its retrograde motion in 3 weeks.

Under this influence, we get the urge to reflect on past events that have affected our ability to let go of old baggage. Hence, these next few weeks could be a phase to understand what’s holding us back and why it's time to transform unconstructive situations. Also, if we’ve been looking for an answer, it will finally be resolved through this stage of the retrograde.

So, our attention will be drawn to the areas of life that need to change so we can feel more confident and make progress toward the objectives.

Energetically, this alignment will enunciate the need to maintain a healthy balance between our ego and confidence. Another way this could manifest is by connecting with our inner power since this pairing encourages the positive aspects of our ego and aids in changing any barriers to self-expression.

9/22 Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn: Why Take Your Time When You Can Simply Rush Things?!

Mars and Saturn will align in a configuration that could have adverse effects if we're impatient.

We'll need to figure out the best ways to ground ourselves during this transit because we might feel tense.

Being overly demanding of others could cause delays with this kind of energy.

Therefore, it's not particularly wise to test other people's patience under any circumstance, but with a configuration of this caliber, it could backfire harshly. We learn to accept responsibility for our actions and deal with the consequences because of the nature of this transit. Thus, this might serve as a lesson in the importance of learning to accept delayed gratification.

On the other hand, we could be the ones putting our foot down and establishing better parameters, leading to punitive results for others pushing our limits.

9/23 Libra Season: How To Boost Your Confidence Through Harmonious Relationships

Happy Libra season!!

And happy birthday to all the Libras out there; it’s your time to shine.

Libra season occurs during the Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, where we hit the portion of the year of equal day and night.

Under this vibe, the urge to focus on harmony becomes more enunciated, so it could be a period where we are seeking out more balance in our lives. Through this energy, our egos get a substantial boost from social exchanges and sharing with those we’re close with, romantic or platonic.

During this time, the urge for romantic interactions intensifies, so this might be an opportunity to increase intimacy in a committed relationship. Dating situations might progress with an energy like this, leading to putting a label on a romantic situation. For singles, this might be a cycle to meet commitment-oriented types or decide you're ready for a committed partnership.

The urge for unity and peace in our relationships will seem more vital to us than winning an argument, so we become more receptive to compromise through Libra season.

Of course, there is a lower expression of ways this transit could manifest. Some of these themes include codependency, passive-aggressive behavior, or resentment due to bottling up our discomfort to keep the peace. In addition, being unable to make a decision because it would disrupt the course of events could be a problem.

In any case, let's take advantage of this opportunity to bask in the autumnal vibes of Libra and all the delectable pumpkin-flavored treats that accompany this season.

9/23 Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter: Leading With Grandiosity

As the Sun enters Libra, it will connect with Jupiter in a transit that gives us the urge to dive into indulgences of all kinds.

A vibe like this inflates the urge to go big or go home, so there is a higher chance than usual to overdo it. Another way this could show us is through hasty decisions and spending money on things that aren't necessary, so please be mindful of your finances. So, it's crucial to try our best to act responsibly and not operate on impulse or the need to have more, more, more.

Also, we must avoid arrogance because doing so amplifies our ego issues. As a result, we might start to believe we’re entitled to behave haughtily and that our actions are unaffected by consequences. Additionally, there’s a tendency to misrepresent the truth and misinterpret others' opinions, leading to bickering.

9/23 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto: Demanding Interactions PT 3

The energy of a complex Mercury-Pluto transit could result in argumentative interactions with others.

Now that Mercury is in its post-retrograde stage, we are getting the 3rd and last contact from this regressive cycle transit. The first hit was on August 8th, then September 6th, so now this connection should wrap up this energy.

With an edgy vibe like this, conversations veer off in unintended directions, leading to tense communication. Another way this might show up is through dealing with those who are pushy and attempt to dominate the conversation by talking over others.

Vibes like this might bring up awkward moments of oversharing or divulging other people's personal business. Also, we might overhear inappropriate things about a subject matter that’s incomprehensible due to the intense communicative nature of this transit.

9/23 Venus Trine Chiron: Seeing Progress In Yourself Regarding Love pt 3

A post-retrograde shadow transit will occur on Saturday between Venus and Chiron, giving us clarity about healthy relationships.

The last time we experienced this transit was on June 29th, when this planet was still in pre-shadow, then on August 13th, as this celestial body was in regressive motion.

Energetically, a configuration like this supports us in letting go of the painful memories of rejection and remarks that made us question our value. Because of this, we feel more at ease knowing that these views and incidences aren't a reflection of us, leading to feeling good about ourselves.

Through this alignment, we may feel the urge to repair our relationship with ourselves as it promotes developing self-respect and self-love. Additionally, we might experience higher confidence levels than usual, encouraging us to seize opportunities for financial gain.

9/24 Mars Oppose Chiron: How To Become Even Tempered

An alignment between Mars and Chiron could show us where we need to work on motivation, temperament, competitiveness, healthy assertion, and empowering ourselves.

Due to Mars’s orbit, we only get this transit about every two years. These celestial bodies last did this dance on October 1st, 2021, so we’re a few days shy of a couple of years for this transit.

Depending on how this manifests for an individual, it could point out where we lack the drive to get things going in our lives. With an alignment like this, one of the reasons why we might stall is by psyching ourselves out of initiating things due to fear of failure. Another reason why our ambitious nature may be low is due to a lack of encouragement. Thus, a transit like this enunciates the need to make changes in these areas so we can get in touch with our go-getter side.

On the other hand, this could show up as needing to heal the parts of us that are overly competitive and are seeking victory. Through this, we might see why being in constant go mode, toxic productivity, and grind culture could also be unhealthy and lead to burnout.

Under this influence, we get the nudge needed to work on asserting ourselves properly. Energetically, this could manifest as a need to work on our temperament and combative nature. Conversely, an alignment like this could be a turning point in learning how to stand up for ourselves when dealing with those who try to throw their weight around.

Lastly, a configuration of this caliber calls for us to stand in our personal power. In other words, this might be a phase to face the things we shudder from, become more self-assured, and learn constructive ways to empower ourselves. Also, this could serve as a time to lend our strength to others who need someone to advocate for them.

Vibes For The Week

With an active week like this, the vibes on the graph are absolutely reflective of that.

Psychic vibes will be the highest energy on the graph, intersecting social, family, and friends, plus mental acuity.

The 18th to the 20th will bring on aha moment concerning things we’ve felt instinctively, so it could serve as a time to solve things we were trying to work out in our minds. Also, it will be a period to work on some of our relationships and clear up misunderstandings that can’t be swept under the rug.

Mental energy will continue throughout the rest of the week while intersecting ambitious vibes. Over the second half of this week, our minds will feel sharper again, urging us to find strategies that will help us get back on track with our objectives.

Transits For The Week
Transits GraphPhoto bySirius Software

The 3rd week of September is turning out to be a dynamic one, but even with some of the harsher tones, we’ll be able to get the ball rolling on what needs our attention.

Transits For September 18th to 24:

  • 9/19 Sun Oppose Neptune: Experiencing A Fog Around Your Persona
  • 9/19 Mars Quincunx Jupiter: A Lack Of Awareness Around Responsibilities
  • 9/21 Sun Trine Pluto: The Count Down To Pluto Direct
  • 9/22 Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn: Why Take Your Time When You Can Simply Rush Things?!
  • 9/23 Libra Season: How To Boost Your Confidence Through Harmonious Relationships
  • 9/23 Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter: Leading With Grandiosity
  • 9/23 Venus Trine Chiron: Seeing Progress In Yourself Regarding Love pt 3
  • 9/23 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto: Demanding Interactions PT 3
  • 9/24 Mars Oppose Chiron: How To Become Even Tempered

Use this week to improve your motivation levels and confidence to get back on track with your aspirations.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!

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