This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For September 4th to 10th, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, Jupiter enters retrograde, giving us the opportunity to review if we’re on the right track in life.
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We have a busy week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Jupiter will retrograde, giving us the urge to reexamine if we’re on the right path. Mercury’s making a handful of regressive cycle transits, allowing us to resolve problematic communication issues. The Sun will make the most alignments over the next 7 days, giving us the opportunity to work on our sense of self and confidence.

9/4 Jupiter Retrograde: Revisiting How To Walk A Practical Path

All other planets on the other side of the asteroid belt have moved into their inverse phase since May in this particular order: Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, and Uranus.

Jupiter will be the last outer planet to go into its regressive cycle for the 2023 retrograde season.

In particular, Jupiter RX can be uncomfortable but isn't as harsh as other inverse cycles.

Under a retrograde like this, we review ways to be more reasonable, chase opportunities, learn the importance of optimism, travel, become interested in living a more dynamic life, and feel inspired to realize our full potential. Also, we tend to reevaluate the kind of path we’re on and if it aligns with the direction we would rather be on in life.

An inverse phase like this causes us to reexamine how to connect with higher perspectives, gain more knowledge, understand viewpoints, and learn universal truths. Another way this shows up is by allowing us to reconsider what is just and unfair.

Signs that will experience this regressive cycle deeper than others will be the fixed modality Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius between 5 to 15 degrees of these zodiac placements.

Jupiter Retrograde dates to remember:

  • Entered pre-shadow on 6/11/23.
  • Retrograde motion on 9/4/23.
  • Goes out of regressive motion on 12/30/23.
  • Leaves post-shadow phase on 3/23/24.

9/4 Mercury Trine Jupiter: Higher Perspectives PT. 2

Right out of the gate, Jupiter will make its first retrograde transit, which is part 2 of the Mercury RX cycle.

We last experienced this connection when Mercury and Jupiter were in the pre-shadow phase of their regressive cycle on August 9th.

Even though this is an inverse phase transit, an alignment like this promotes an upbeat atmosphere and is beneficial for things to go according to plan.

With this connection, enjoyable communication becomes easier, leading to a more playful tone in our interactions. Therefore, it's a period to spend the day having witty conversations with intriguing banter and social gatherings.

Mentally, we might feel sharper than typical and overflowing with fresh ideas when under this influence. Additionally, we become more inspired to make travel plans, come up with fun excursions we'd love to take or lose ourselves in a thought-provoking work of literature or a documentary.

We will experience this alignment again on September 4 due to Mercury's retrograde motion and then on September 25 as this planet enters its post-shadow.

9/5 Sun Semisextile Venus: How To Check Your Ego In Love Life Scenarios pt.2

A connection between the Sun and Venus could help us look at the need for validation concerning our love life and finances.

Since Venus is in the post-shadow period of its regressive cycle, it will help us move forward from the situation at the end of July. We last experienced this transit on July 21st, just days before Venus entered retrograde.

Paradoxical emotions are more prevalent with this transit, causing our moods to feel blissful and insecure the next. On the one hand, we can feel friendly, chatty, or flirtatious, so having fun and engaging in amorous exchanges will be vital.

Due to the nature of this transit, it could enunciate our entitled side, resulting in expecting more than others can give. Therefore, we might need to work on the need to get our ego stroked; otherwise, it causes problems in partnerships, leading to animosity or feelings of loneliness.

And with a configuration like this, expressing ourselves in romantic settings could make us feel awkward and self-conscious.

9/6 Sun and Mercury connecting with Sesquiquadrate Pluto: An Overpowering Ego

The 6th is a concentrated day of planetary transits with the Sun and Mercury in a harmonious transit while both planets are aspecting Pluto in a complex manner.

With the Sun and Pluto in a challenging transit, it might be a problematic day of dealing with strong personalities.

One of the ways this could manifest is through feeling superior or exhibiting attention-seeking theatrics because a vibe like this tends to produce a strong desire for others to focus on us.

As a result, this may lead to an excessive amount of competitive behavior as people try to outdo one another to gain attention. Of course, there's nothing wrong with wanting the spotlight, but it becomes a problem when we use it to boost our ego or step on other people's toes.

With the Mercury-Pluto transit, some of the conversation could take on a dominant tone. Communication-wise, we must be mindful of talking over others, inappropriate topics, and gossip.

The last one occurred on August 8th, when Mercury was in pre-shadow, and the final connection will occur on September 23rd during the post-shadow phase.

Try to channel this overconfident transit properly since it does carry beneficial tones. The best ways to focus our energy with this alignment include exercise, housework, studying disciplines like psychology, or doing research.

9/7 Mercury Semisextile Venus: Insincere Communication PT. 3

We may need to address communication problems in our romantic relationships with Mercury and Venus in a tense configuration.

As Venus is a few days into its direct phase and Mercury is moving retrograde, we will revisit scenarios that occurred on August 15th.

A vibe like this is excellent for having a playful tone in romance, so it could be a time of flirty banter in love life scenarios.

However, due to the surface nature of this energy, developing a genuine connection might feel more complicated since this transit is more about superficial hookups. For this reason, it might feel like a person is laying it on thick to achieve a goal.

Also, this could raise issues of not getting the kind of communication we crave regarding being validated. So, if we’re not getting the response or praise we demand from others, we might become irritable. Therefore, practicing mindfulness and learning to validate ourselves is imperative rather than seeking outside confirmation.

The next and final semi-sextile will happen on October 1st during the post-shadow phase.

9/8 Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus: A Case Of Reckless Behavior

Over the weekend, we’ll experience a mixed bag of energies.

Mars and Uranus will align in a challenging configuration that could inflate the reckless side of us.

For this reason, it might be hard to exercise patience, leading to impulsive actions and decision-making that backfire. Another way this could show up is through becoming aggravated with those who don’t move as fast as we do, which might cause us to rush others.

Under this influence, there may be moments where our rebellious side is enunciated more than typical, leading to an attitude of doing things that go against the grain. As a result, there might be issues if people feel as though others are trying to hold them back.

And because of the impetuous vibes from this transit, be aware of clumsiness.

9/8 Sun Trine Jupiter: Retrograde Cycle Vibes

At least we get another transit for the weekend that will help us turn stressful circumstances into something positive.

The Sun and Jupiter will connect harmoniously, giving us a much-needed boost to enjoy ourselves and shake off negative emotions.

Although the Sun trine Jupiter marks the beginning of this planet's retrograde cycle, it also brings in some much-needed luck and optimism. The Retrograde is actually put into motion by the Sun's trine to Jupiter, which also gives us a boost if we've been feeling down the past four days.

Energetically, there will be an inflated need for socializing, making it a weekend to participate in fun activities with friends or family. With this energy, travel of any kind usually goes off without too many problems. We will feel like doing something exhilarating after a long week of not-so-fun energy since this encourages us to be upbeat and participate in leisure.

And opportunities often arise when this energy is present despite the laxness of the transit, leading to fortunate and hopeful moments.

Vibes For The Week
Transit GraphPhoto bySirius Software

The vibes on the graph are a mixed bag, leading to 7 days of positive but complex moods.

Mental energy will be present from the 4th to the 6th, mixed in with good luck energy. With vibes like these, we could feel hopeful about the next steps in our journey.

By the time we get to the 7th to the 9, an abundant amount of good luck vibes will be mixed in with ambition, solitude, social and emotional sensitivity. Due to this being a varied week for energy, we will have moments where our moods are upbeat, and then at other times, we might feel edgy.

Transits For The Week

Even with some of the harsher transits of these next 7 days, the first full week of September has a hopeful tone.

Transits For September 4th to 10th:

  • 9/4 Jupiter Retrograde: Revisiting How To Walk A Practical Path
  • 9/4 Mercury Trine Jupiter: Higher Perspectives PT. 2
  • 9/5 Sun Semisextile Venus: How To Check Your Ego In Love Life Scenarios pt.2
  • 9/6 Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto: An Overpowering Ego
  • 9/6 Sun Conjunct Mercury: Mental Sharpness
  • 9/6 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto: Demanding Interactions pt 2
  • 9/7 Mercury Semisextile Venus: Insincere Communication PT. 3
  • 9/8 Sun Trine Jupiter: Retrograde Cycle Vibes
  • 9/8 Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus: A Case Of Reckless Behavior

Let’s use this week to seek better opportunities to help us level up in life.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!

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