The Sun Goes into Virgo On August 23rd, 2023

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Virgo Season begins the same day as Mercury retrograde in this sign; here’s what to expect from this transit.
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Welcome to Virgo Season 2023.

And Happy Birthday, Virgoans; it's your time to shine with pristine.

As we shift away from the bold plus extroverted nature of Leo, we move to a more modest and internalized approach.

Oh, and one thing to note, there will be a Mercury retrograde in Virgo just as the Sun is shifting to this zodiac placements season.

Mercury, the planet that rules Virgo, is currently in its natural pairing and serves as the Sun's depositor in this sign. Therefore, this suggests that the 2023 Season for this sign will seem more off-kilter than usual.

However, this doesn't mean we won’t be effective in our everyday life. As a matter of fact, this gives us the opportunity to go over things in our life that need to be refined. Another cool thing about this is we could reexamine ways to regain some sort of system and order.

Now, let's get back to the Virgo Transiting Sun!

Under this influence, we gain a healthy boost to our egos through being useful. In other words, a sign like Virgo encourages us to expend our energy effectively, be conscious of our regimen, understand why tidiness is vital, see all the critical details, and how we can lend a helping hand. So, improving things, circumstances, and even the people around us will help us feel more confident.

One of the key features of this energy is personal growth and understanding how to improve everything.

Due to the focused and detail-oriented nature of this pairing, we become more aware of our routine and wellness during these times. For this reason, we might get the urge to enhance ourselves by making specific adjustments to aspects of our habits that create issues and imbalances.

Cancer, Leo, and Virgo are summer signs that enunciate specific themes throughout the season. With the two zodiac placements preceding Virgo, we get to let our hair down, which may lead to overdoing summertime activities.

By the time we reach the closing sign of the season, Virgo, we may conclude that it's time to dial it back a bit, leading to the urge for self-improvement.

Therefore, our desire to be more prepared for the colder weather pops up, enunciating the need to be more organized, focus on work, make better decisions with our resources, and get back on a better regimen. Sometimes this could look like a lifestyle change that promotes healthier options and more movement throughout the day.

Continuing with improvement efforts during this transit, we might feel interested in making minor adjustments to the home, becoming more organized at work, or maintaining our appearance. The influence of Virgo may rev up the need to present ourselves spotlessly since this energy governs presenting ourselves in a polished way.

Let's face it, we occasionally veer off course, but with Virgo energy, we feel more motivated than typical to tune in and sort out disorganized chaos. Energetically, a vibe like this is great for getting back on track, especially with anything we've neglected for a while.

In terms of mindset, this is a sign that excels at paying attention to small details. Thus, if we have a challenging task, this energy will enable us to push through it with a sharper sense of detail. For this reason, if something needs proper scrutiny, we will notice the things that get past others easier than usual.

Another beneficial thing about this transit is our minds might feel sharper than usual. Virgo rules mental abilities, so this energy is excellent for picking up new information and comprehending details. With this kind of influence, we can remember what we’ve learned due to the repetitious nature of this sign; we’re able to retain info from constantly reviewing data points.

Naturally, any planet transiting a sign will have a negative expression.

Even though Virgo is all about enhancing things, it might lead to problematic situations when this energy's lower expression is manifesting. Over-improving something that’s already in excellent shape could cause unneeded stress. So, try to avoid giving in to the need for precision and being overly critical of yourself.

With a vibe like this, we might become disoriented by chaos if our routine is off or become overly fixated on living a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, try to take a step back when attempting to make everything 110% is getting in the way of good enough.

Another thing that tends to be more pronounced is nervous energy during this transit. Analysis paralysis can become more prevalent under this energy, so there might be moments of feeling mentally immobile, leading to not taking action. Also, with something like this, try to be balanced about going over everything with a fine-tooth comb due to this pairing's ability to get lost in the details.

Even though the Sun transiting this sign is a fantastic energy, a Mercury Retrograde in Virgo is occurring for 90% of this zodiac placements season, which might rev up the lower expression.

However, let's push through and make good use of the harmonious aspects of Virgo to tidy up the unpolished area of our lives.

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