Mercury Goes Retrograde In Virgo On August 23rd, 2023

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On Wednesday, Mercury will retrograde in Virgo; this is how it could give us the urge to create a more efficient lifestyle.
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Welcome to this summer's Mercury retro season.

Last year we experienced Mercury’s regressive phase in the sign of Virgo for a very short period, but now we’re here in 2023, and we’ll get a full ride through this zodiac placements energy. For this reason, we’ll get a longer stint to revise the scenarios in our lives that need a good polishing.

Mostly all the regressive cycles will be in the element of Earth; we had the Mercury RX in Taurus in the Spring and now this Virgo edition for the summer. Then once we shift into winter, this planet's final inverse phase for 2023 will spend a part of its time in Capricorn and a portion in Sagittarius.

So, the last inverse phase of the year will be a mix of fire and Earth sign energy.

But either way, this has been a year of retrogrades in the element that promotes improving our resources. Thus the urge to reevaluate how to gain tangible things, stability, and our finances becomes more potent.

The mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, between 6 and 22 degrees of these signs will experience this retrograde more potently than other zodiac placements.

Mercury Traveling Backwards Through Virgo
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Virgo’s an Earth Sign that marks the end of summer and is a member of the mutable modality. On an energetic level, Virgo deals with transitioning, getting ready for a new season, and letting go of things that aren't sustainable.

Also, this zodiac placement is the natural pairing for Mercury, so this retrograde period will feel more powerful than typical. Therefore, an inverse phase with a planet in its governing sign brings more impactful themes when they are in their zodiac combination.

And for this reason, we'll experience more classical Mercury RX scenarios like communication issues, glitchy tech, spotty internet, and problems with detailed-oriented things.

On August 3rd, this planet entered its shadow phase of the cycle. This gave us a few weeks to understand what sort of regressive cycle themes we could experience once Mercury shifts into retrograde motion.

So, think about what kind of Virgo themes were happening in your life.

Mercury RX Virgo edition themes:

  • Where were you trying to regain orderliness?
  • Have your plans been derailed by your need for perfection?
  • Is a lack of mindfulness preventing you from personal growth?
  • Have you looked into ways to prevent imposter syndrome from delaying your success?
  • Realizing you require better time management?
  • Trying to regain your focus after a period of experiencing burnout?
  • Learning that you've become dysregulated due to a lack of routine?
  • Understanding why you shouldn't be too rigid with your schedule?
  • Reevaluating your relationships to see where you give but don't get anything in return?
  • Starting to understand that you must invest more energy in yourself?
  • Are you learning to give yourself some wiggle room when things aren't going as you'd like them to?
  • Trying to strike a balance between your desire to help others and your need to look after yourself?
  • Recognizing that people will work on themselves when they're prepared?
  • Has this been a time to deal with poorly handled paperwork, agreements, social media posts, or subscriptions you impulsively purchased?

Virgo energy helps us examine every detail, even if it's unpleasant, so we can ensure everything in our lives passes the white glove test. With this scenario and Mercury being retrograde, we might look at extremes concerning polishing up unsightly habits.

Over this phase, we might get the nudge needed to review behavior that prevents us from living a sustainable life. So, this could be a turning point to clean up our acts, get more organized, and be more purposeful with life.

Another way this might show up is through needing to work on perfectionism. Therefore, if needing to be 110% is getting in the way of good enough or leading to not taking action because something isn't pristine enough, this is a phase to work through rigidity and negative self-talk.

Under this influence, we might reevaluate our daily habits to ensure it’s balanced. Following an effective routine is essential, but if our regimen tends to veer between two extremes, it could lead to feeling off-kilter. Therefore, it's a cycle to work on having no schedule at all vs. a strict one; a retrograde like this will give the push needed to resolve these scenarios.

Being meticulous is an excellent life skill, but sometimes we must curb the urge to go over every nook and cranny.

A huge Virgoan theme is our ability to scrutinize information and other stimuli to ensure we’re not missing important data. However, under this regressive cycle, we might have to work on getting so bogged down in the details that we miss the big picture and experience moments of analysis paralysis.

On the flip side of this retrograde, this will be a phase to ensure you’re going over important information with a fine-tooth comb. One of the ways this may show up is by providing that you’re reading the details of contracts, services, memberships, and other documents that require our attention. Also, for those who skim vital facts, this is a phase to see why skipping things we need to read is essential.

It doesn't always have to be a document; the problem could be minor rather than severe in Virgo; it's sometimes the little things that matter. In other words, it might be as minor as realizing that a subscription you purchased during the shadow period wasn't all that it seemed to be and that you now have to cancel the order.

Scrutinizing things to ensure they’re fit for us will also be a massive topic under this retrograde. Through this, we could learn why being overly picky about situations, people, or being judgmental of ourselves isn't healthy. Of course, this could show up as realizing the importance of discernment in our everyday life.

Acts of service go a long way under this energy, and since it’s an inverse phase, we will have to ensure we’re effectively being useful. There might be moments of realizing that we can’t keep expending energy on those who take advantage, being a fixer of everyone’s issues but not fixing our own or enabling the bad habits of others. Or we could reevaluate if we’re contributing concerning loved ones rather than never helping at all.

Even though this retrograde will have some uncomfortable moments, it could help us get back on track lifestyle-wise, along with other areas that need a revamp.

Mercury goes direct on September 15th, then out of shadow on September 29; let’s use this time to buff the rough edges in our life.

Have a very productive Mercury RX, everyone!!!

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo Dates:

  • Pre-Shadow August 3rd, 2023.
  • Stations Retrograde August 23rd, 2023.
  • Direct September 15th, 2023.
  • Out of its post-retrograde shadow, September 29th, 2023.

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