This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For August 21st to 27th, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, Virgo season will be underway, Mercury will shifts into retrograde motion, and Mars will enter Libra over the weekend.
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We have a transformative week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Virgo Season begins giving us the opportunity to boost our ego through being useful. Mercury will shift into retrograde, prompting us to reexamine the unsightly things in our lives that need to be improved. Mars will transit into Libra, which could encourage us to take actions that lead to fairness for others. And the Sun will make the most transits over the next 7 days giving us the nudge to work on obtaining a healthy sense of self.

8/21 Sun Quincunx Pluto: Projecting On To Others

The Sun is making a quincunx to Pluto, allowing us to work on where we lack self-awareness concerning our ego.

Under this influence, there could be scenarios with those who don’t look at their behavior and instead push their most disliked qualities about themselves onto others. So, it could be a day of dealing with folks who can’t see that they are the common denominator resulting in them accusing everyone else of unflattering things, which is their own behavior.

Also, with an energy like this, we could experience issues with those who lack insight into their need for control. So, it could be a day of dealing with dominant personalities more concerned with themselves rather than how they make others feel. Also, energy like this could also rev up issues with belittling others as well.

8/22 Venus Square Jupiter: Excessive Amounts Of Chocolate And Extravagant Spending pt 1

An alignment between Venus and Jupiter might inflate the need to scarf down a bag of candy more than typical.

Venus is currently in retrograde, and Jupiter is moving through its pre-shadow phase in preparation to enter regressive motion, so this will bring up scenarios we need to reexamine about our relationship to excess.

Therefore, we need to be mindful of these scenarios since things can get out of hand, leading to regret later on.

Anytime these celestial bodies come together in a complex configuration, the need to be festive becomes stronger than typical. So, this could be a time to engage in social activities, enjoy a few bottles of wine, gobbling down tasty food, and other party favors that put us in a spirited mood.

Another way this could show up is feeling like treating ourselves to a shopping spree because we’re in the mood to splurge. Sometimes, this could show up as the urge to take more risks regarding opportunities or playing games of chance, even if it isn't wise.

And because Venus governs romance, this might also manifest itself through over-the-top behavior in love-life scenarios.

And, of course, since both planets are in their regressive cycles, we will see this alignment again on September 16th, while Jupiter is a few weeks into its retrograde and Venus is in its post-shadow phase.

8/22 Mars Oppose Neptune: Being Unaware Of Your Temper

Mars and Neptune are in opposition, which may enunciate instances when we are foggy about taking action.

We could experience moments of feeling directionless, causing us to lack motivation. So, this might be a few days where we don’t have the drive we usually do to push through. Mars-Neptune transits often create scenarios of being off-kilter and drained concerning energy levels. For this reason, try to be mindful of what you’re taking in on all levels, so watch your portion sizes since we could do too much of something and aggravate an already unconstructive situation.

Since we are already unclear, it's not a good time to act on essential goals or something that seems too good to be true. Some of this could also translate into setting proper boundaries with those taking advantage of a situation.

Another way this might manifest is through nervousness, so there will be moments of needing to ground ourselves if we feel anxious or fearful. We also need to be mindful of tempers because a vibe like this tends to pronounce moments when we feel triggered out of nowhere.

8/23 Sun Enters Virgo: Shining Through Acts Of Service

Happy Virgo Season!!!

With the Sun transiting here, our egos can gain a considerable boost for being useful. In other words, Virgo energy is about rolling up our sleeves, taking care of our daily activities, and serving others.

Under this influence, we become interested in being the best versions of ourselves and consciously contribute rather than take, take, take. An energy like this encourages us to be more organized, so this might be a phase to get back on track, especially with things that have gone off the rails since the summer started.

For this reason, Virgo season gives us the much-needed boost to enhance our lives, establish a healthy routine, focus on what's important, take a logical approach, and fill our time with productive activities.

Some of the lower vibrations could show up as perfectionism, nitpicking, overanalyzing, and being our own worst critics under this transit of the Sun through this zodiac placement.

8/23 Mercury Retrograde In Virgo: Yeah, But Does It Pass The White Glove Test?!

Mercury will enter retrograde in the same zodiac sign on the same day the Sun transits into Virgo.

Mercury entered its pre-shadow phase on August 3rd, giving us 3 weeks to understand our themes concerning Virgo scenarios that have been out of balance throughout this month.

In other words, now that we’re in the retrograde motion of this regressive cycle, it could bring up situations regarding perfectionism, overthinking, or being our own worst critics, as well as the inappropriateness of passing judgment.

Under this influence, we will also review how overanalyzing prevents us from achieving our objectives. Also, a regressive cycle like this can shed light on how we’ve neglected our needs to assist others and the importance of doing the same for ourselves.

By the time we get to September 15th, Mercury will go out of its inverse motion and station direct, then around September 29th.

The mutable signs will experience feel this retrograde on a deeper level. So, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces between 7 to 22 degrees of these zodiac placements will feel this inverse phase more potent than others.

8/25 Mars Trine Pluto: Taking Control Of Your Circumstances

Mars and Pluto are aligned, encouraging us to take action on the situations we need to transform.

Energetically, a transit like this enables us to be assertive without being domineering. So, if there are scenarios that we need to be direct about, we could do it in a way that doesn't ruffle feathers and wins respect.

A vibe like this gives us a much-needed boost of focus our energy, allowing us to concentrate on our objectives better. So, if there is something we lack the motivation to go after or complete, this will rev us up in a good way. Overall, it helps us succeed at what we put our minds to.

Also, this is excellent for working on ways to detox from unconstructive patterns that need our attention. So, if there were something we needed to curb, it would be a period of feeling inspired to shift our patterns. We could also feel as though we’re rejuvenated after a period of feeling lethargic.

8/25 Venus Semisquare Mars: A Reckless Way To Approach Romance pt 2

Venus and Mars will connect in an alignment that could bring up fun and unconstructive relationship behavior.

Due to the edgy tone of this energy, interactions in unconstructive dating situations and committed unions might feel more pronounced than usual. Sometimes this could manifest as overthinking, retaliating, possessive feelings, or immaturity in our love life due to not resolving or moving forward from unhealthy romances.

Energetically, a vibe like this motivates us to work hard and increase our income, which is a good thing. On the harmful side, however, it might lead to us making unpopular snap decisions at work or stepping on others' toes to advance.

On the more fun end, a transit like this enunciates our desire for exhilarating moments in romantic situations, causing us to act more daringly than usual. Our need for intensity in love life scenarios will also be present, leading to passionate exchanges.

We had the last one in the form of a semisextile on August 12, 2023. This alignment will only make one contact, so it won't recur like the other Venus retrograde transits we're experiencing.

8/27 Mars in Libra: How To Take Actions That Ensures Fairness

Mars will leave Virgo and transit into Libra, giving us the urge to take action that leads to fairness.

Therefore, energy like this will enunciate the want to ensure things are working out harmoniously and that proper judgment is used when weighing things out.

Over these next 6 weeks, we'll take action on our love lives, close unions, friends, and networking partnerships. So, this is a time to become active participants in our social lives, especially our one-on-one relationships.

However, I need to get out of the way; even though Mars in this zodiac placement seeks fairness, this pairing runs into snags. The reason for this is that Aries, the opposite sign of Libra, is ruled by this planet.

But that doesn’t mean this won’t be an excellent Ingress to enjoy and go after what we want, love life-wise, career, or try to get the ball rolling when it comes to justice in our situations that need fairness.

So, with all that being said, do your best to channel the higher vibration of this energy.

8/27 Sun Oppose Saturn: The Halfway Point Of Saturn Retrograde

The annual transit of the Sun's opposition to Saturn will occur on Sunday, causing us to look at things from a sobering lens.

This configuration marks the halfway point of Saturn’s retrograde, so we are 50% to the finish line with this regressive cycle.

Due to the gloomy nature of this transit, we may experience feelings of emotional numbness, the need for solitude, or a lack of motivation.

There could be moments when we face issues with our ego that no longer serve us. So, it might be a day of understanding why seeking validation from the wrong sources isn't getting us to the next level.

We are forced to face reality and start to consider what is no longer practical, how to set boundaries, how to work hard to overcome obstacles, and where we need to accept responsibility.

Yes, this is a complicated energy; however, with Saturn, the effort we put in to overcome the challenges does lead to rewards later on and realizing our true potential.

8/27 Sun Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Learning To Be Confident In Who You Are

Another transit occurring that day will add to the tone of this Saturn energy.

The Sun will also connect with Chiron in a complex configuration that may pronounce moments of self-doubt.

A transit like this could rev up instances when we feel more self-conscious than typical, leading to being overly anxious. We might also feel less assured of ourselves if we aren't receiving validation from external sources.

One of the biggest things with Chiron energy is it gives us the nudge needed to heal the parts of ourselves that rely on approval. Therefore, a transit like this could be the catalyst for beginning a long healing journey concerning confidence and our sense of self.

Vibes For The Week
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The vibes for this week feature a variety of mixed-bagged energies.

There’s a steady stream of mental energy due to Mercury stationing into retrograde. Our minds could feel all over the place, creating moments when we're mentally sharp and other times, experiencing brain fog.

From the 21st to the 23rd, social, romantic, and psychic energy will be present. Even though there are some complex connections over these next 7 days, we could feel open to interacting with others and have moments when we're able to understand people intuitively.

Then from the 23rd to the 27th, there will be ambitious energy, romance, and solitude. We could still want space with a week like this, but we need quality time with someone special. Also, due to the nature of the weekend, we could feel more driven than usual to take care of important matters that need immediate attention.

Transits For The Week

With the variety of transits and planet-sign changes occurring over these next 7 days, this week will be anything but boring!

Transits For August 21st to 27th:

  • 8/21 Sun Quincunx Pluto: Projecting On To Others
  • 8/22 Venus Square Jupiter: Excessive Amounts Of Chocolate And Extravagant Spending pt 1
  • 8/22 Mars Oppose Neptune: Being Unaware Of Your Temper
  • 8/23 Sun Enters Virgo: Shining Through Acts Of Service
  • 8/23 Mercury Retrograde In Virgo: Yeah, But Does It Pass The White Glove Test?!
  • 8/25 Mars Trine Pluto: Taking Control Of Your Circumstances
  • 8/25 Venus Sesquiquadrate Mars: pt 2
  • 8/27 Mars in Libra: How To Take Actions That Ensures Fairness
  • 8/27 Sun Oppose Saturn: The Halfway Point Of Saturn Retrograde
  • 8/27 Sun Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Learning To Be Confident In Who You Are

Use this week to reexamine scenarios holding you back and take actions that lead to fairness in your life.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!

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