The New Moon In Leo Forecast For Your Zodiac Sign

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This summer’s Leo New Moon will be anything but boring; here’s how it will affect your zodiac sign.
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Let's examine how the zodiac signs will fare now that we know how this New Moon in Leo will affect us all as a whole.

Read this article according to your ascendant or big three to get the most accurate reading from this horoscope. Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign are your "big 3," which adds another level and more specificity to how this lunation will affect you.

If you’re unsure about what your personal horoscope data is, online sites like Astroseek, Astro Charts, and Astrodienst are some of the best websites to see your natal chart.

Once more, read this article in your preferred style; some people resonate more with their solar side, while others do so with their lunar vibes.

Our Four Nominees For The Best Theatrical Scene

The fixed signs have the best drama during this New Moon making for a lunar event that's anything but dull.


With a New Moon in your zodiac sign, you’re the lead actor of this story, causing you to feel the urge to begin your own personal journey that gets you what you want out of life.

Leo, this is a 6-month phase to put yourself first and start a new path that puts you back in the driver's seat. In other words, it's a time to do your own thing, prioritize your wants, and take action on goals you put on the back burner due to always focusing on other people's needs. Overall, it's a stage to become more self-motivated and ambitious about your trajectory.

Under this influence, you’ll find ways to work on co-dependency because you’re at a point where you need independence from relationships that hold you back. Through this period, you’ll seek ways to get back in alignment and find yourself again after losing your identity in a union.

Other ways this could show up is through working on your personal appearance and improving how people perceive you. Even though you don’t generally care what others think, this is still a phase to work on making an excellent first impression to get your foot in the door with a specific aspiration. Also, it could be a phase to update your wardrobe, hair, accessories, and other beauty treatments that make you feel luxurious.


A New Moon in Leo makes you the co-pilot for this lunar event causing your focus to go on relationships.

Aquarius, this is a stage to become more in tune with the people around you to build better connections. Therefore, this is a 6-month phase to work on your romantic union, relationships with family and friends, plus business and networking partners. Through this cycle, you’ll have the urge to prioritize these situations in a balanced way rather than thinking of yourself.

Over this period, you’ll get closer to the people who are worth your time in attention and even reconnect with those you’ve lost touch with. A vibe like this could enunciate the need for more harmony in your close-knit bonds and have more happy times with these individuals, so it could be a phase where you’ll be willing to make concessions.

Since you’ll be interested in fairness in all your relationships at this stage, it will also be a time to move forward from those who disrupt your peace. Therefore, it will be a time to weed out unions that cause nothing but drama, show a lack of respect, and who are unwilling to compromise.


A fresh lunar cycle in Leo will bring in the urge to improve your professional life.

Taurus, this is a phase to create something that will help you climb the ladder in your professional life. You’re at a point where you feel achievement-oriented, so these next 6 months will be all about accomplishing your objectives that will bring you material success. Through this time, you’ll put in the hard work necessary to get a promotion or scale your business/freelancing/side hustles if you’re self-employed.

With a vibe like this, it's a phase to market yourself better, which could look like updating your resume or portfolio to make a good impression. Some of this could look like updating your social media or getting a website to obtain a pristine public image.

Under this influence, you’ll also work on skills that could help you obtain mastery in your field. Therefore, this is a time to learn more about your occupation so you can be seen as an authority in your industry.


This New Moon in Leo will help you focus your energies on your personal life.

Scorpio, these next 6 months are a phase to make your life outside work more successful. You’re at a point where you’re seeking emotional security and a sense of consistency in your world. Hence, you’ll focus on scenarios with loved ones, ensuring your home is a sanctuary, and working on familial patterns.

A vibe like this will help you take action to ensure your relationships with those you live with our more supportive and offer up a sense of togetherness. Through this, you’ll also aim to improve relationships with your family and friends similar to relatives. Over this period, you’ll feel interested in updating your home to feel more like a sanctuary. Or it may be a phase to make a move to an abode that suits your vibes.

Also, this could be a stage to research past events about your family of origin to know more about your lineage. Under this influence, you’ll also work on generational things that need improvement or family patterns meant to be broken.

The Duo With Optimal Visual Effects

Capricorn and Pisces will gain the most from this lunar event by noticing things that aren't generally in their view of sight.


With a New Moon in Leo, you’ll gain insight into what prevents you from changing your finances, meaningful relationships, and personal transformation.

Capricorn, over these next 6 months, you’ll work on things that hinder your growth process on all levels. For this reason, it will be a stage to see things for what they are, understand truths that need to be identified and prepare yourself to shed unconstructive habits.

Throughout this cycle, you’ll get the urge to release yourself from unhealthy coping strategies holding you back. A vibe like this will give you the nudge needed to research ways to break patterns and how to implement a plan that improves your behavior. So, this will put you in a position to get to a better place with your inner psychology and find healthy ways to shine in your life. Also, this sort of self-examination will be helpful in learning how to commit to a profound romantic union and gradually let your wall down.

Over this time, you’ll understand what's causing issues with finances and look for ways to attempt to organize things to do with fixing your banking habits, debts, loans, and, if in a relationship, money that belongs to your spouse.


With a fresh lunar event in the sign of the Lion, you’ll gain an understanding of how to get back on track overall.

Pisces, over these next 6 months, it will be a time to see where your schedule hasn't allowed you to show up as the best version of yourself. In other words, this is a phase to understand what's throwing you off entirely and examine these things with a fine-tooth comb to be more radiant and efficient.

One way to gain awareness about what's creating imbalances will be examining your regimen to determine what needs to be tweaked. Some of this could be through improving your nutrition or physical fitness to get back on track. So, this might be the time to realize the importance of maintaining consistency with your general well-being.

In another scenario, you’ll fix your job/self-employment issues concerning a schedule, co-workers, contracts, how you come across, and workload. Also, this could be a period to develop specialized skills that will set you apart from others as an expert.

Best Indie Film Project

Cancer and Virgo have a more low-key role during this New Moon leading to reflecting on ways they can take action.


A Leo New Moon could help you take action on gaining security on all levels.

Cancer, these next 6 months will be a stage to work on having more reliable resources in your life. For this reason, you’ll examine ways to improve your income, put yourself in better positions to create a sense of security, and seek out more comfortable situations than usual.

Under this influence, you’ll invest in yourself more and other goals that help you meet your needs. Mindset-wise, it will be a stage to see what aligns with your values and understand the importance of doing the things that bring you fulfillment. Also, it could be a time to work on your self-respect and learn your worth.

And one of the things about this is you’ll take a more paced approach to obtain consistency allowing you to lean into a softer way of living. Therefore, this is when you will prefer a peaceful life rather than one that is turbulent. Through this period, you’ll also look for ways to experience more enjoyment, so it could be a cycle where you seek out indulgence and enjoy yourself.


A New Moon in Leo will allow you to work on your relationship with your higher self.

Virgo, these next 6 months are a phase to work on getting back into alignment with divine energy. In other words, it's a period to work on your vibes, get back into practices that help you spiritually, find ways to work on your beliefs, and regain faith in yourself. With this energy, you’ll get to a place where you’re able to tap into your metaphysical side. Also getting back into mystical things could also help you learn how to trust yourself again and take a less rigid approach.

Over the course of this stage, you’ll feel the need to get back into a flow state concerning your creative side. So, it will be when you’re feeling more inspired than typical, allowing you to start projects that will enable you to express yourself. Some of this could be through art, writing, music, or poetry.

Another way this could show up is through doing things that help you work through the mind. So, this might be a cycle to understand the things you do subconsciously; that way, you can eliminate self-sabotaging thoughts and habits holding you back. Hence, this will be a time to show yourself more compassion while taking action on behavior that stunts your personal growth.

Best Appearance By A Guest Star

Gemini and Libra will get some significant screen time during this lunar event allowing them to thrive regarding their scenes with others.


Because of this Leo New Moon, you’ll become curious about the scenarios that interest you in life.

Gemini, these next 6 months will be a time to seek out things that offer mental stimulation. In other words, you’ll feel the urge to be more inquisitive about subjects and life overall, allowing you to learn about the topics that you enjoy. Some of this could come in the form of learning about new facts and taking micro courses.

Another way this could show up is by being more social than normal since you’ll have the urge to mingle. Under this influence, you’ll build up better platonic relationships; some of this could be through neighbors, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, or friends who feel like siblings. Other ways you’ll sharpen your communication skills is through social media.

Additionally, you’ll take a more playful approach to life under this vibe. So, it’s a phase to find healthy ways to let off steam, return to the things that made you happy, and get back in touch with your youthful side. Also, it's a period to go out more plus explore your local scene and soak up all your city has to offer.


A fresh lunar cycle in this energy offers a new path toward obtaining better social circles.

Libra, over these next 6 months, you’ll work on gaining better circumstances regarding your platonic relationships. So, it's a stage to build the kinds of unions that will offer you support, long-term comradery, and interactions with those you share something in common with. One of the ways this could occur is through joining associations, memberships, or groups to interact with those who are into the same things as you.

Because of this, you’ll be interested in working on current friendships to ensure these relationships grow. It’s a time to make new friends as well, so you might find yourself cultivating platonic unions with people who will be long-term. And it might be when acquaintances or mutual friends become more important in your life.

Additionally, it will be a perfect time to let loose and engage in activities leading to more excitement. Energetically, you’ll be interested in breaking out of your comfort zone, so this is a cycle to add more novelty to your life. And it could be a fulfilling period for any hopes and wishes you’re trying to obtain.

Best Supporting Roles In A Summer Blockbuster

For fellow fire signs Aries and Sagittarius, they’ll gain on-screen time in a way that plays off the star of this New Moon.


A New Moon in a fellow fire sign will usher in a phase to feel a sense of aliveness in your life.

Aries, over these next 6 months, you’ll be interested in having a good time. Therefore, it's a phase for more recreation, participating in spirited activities, socializing, and hanging out at places with a bold atmosphere. So, it's your time to become more playful after a not-so-fun period because you deserve to let your hair down.

You'll also feel more inclined to take healthy risks, leading you to look for new adventure locations for an exhilarating experience. Also, this could lead to opportunities that help you put yourself on display for your creativity, leading to gaining the applause you deserve. If you've struggled with artistic block, it's a stage to tap into your talents and feel inspired finally.

Additionally, you'll feel more receptive to intimate interactions and romance. For this reason, it's a time to put yourself out there if you’re single and bring some much-needed fun to your dating life. For those already in a relationship, it's a period to take a playful approach to your union and experience more passionate exchanges.


With this lunar event happening in fellow fire sign Leo, you’ll feel wired and ready for new opportunities.

Sagittarius, these next 6 months are about becoming more optimistic. In other words, it will be a phase to see some momentum around better possibilities in your life, leading to a newfound sense of encouragement. One cool thing about this is that it will motivate you to take more risks concerning the aspirations you want to achieve.

Another way this could show up is by feeling more cheerful than usual. For this reason, you’ll feel interested in opening yourself up to new experiences, people, different perspectives and connecting with your humorous side. Over this cycle, you’ll participate in events, parties, or throwing get-togethers at your home. Also, you could become interested in expanding your horizons through education.

Additionally, this could be a time to explore things outside your immediate area, so you might become interested in traveling more. Or you could go on a journey to discover universal truths that lead to gaining more perspective about life. Energy like this could be about taking a trip through the mind through states of consciousness, books, documentaries, and other things that help you mentally travel.

Have a glorious Leo New Moon, everyone!!!

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