The New Moon In Leo Forecast August 16th, 2023

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On August 16th, there will be a Leo New Moon; here’s how it could show us the importance of incorporating playfulness into our lives.
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We have the New Moon at 23 degrees of Leo on August 16th at 2:37 am PST; 5:37 am EST. Check your local time to see when this lunar event occurs in your area.

Welcome to the second New Moon for the summer lunar event sessions of 2023.

Energetically, the tone for this lunation is mixed-bagged with moments that might feel triggering.

For this lunar event, the Sun is the chart ruler since it is the governing celestial body for Leo. And the cool thing is that this heavenly object is an active participant in this lunation since fresh lunar cycles are created when the Sun and Moon are in an alignment called a conjunction.

The Sun and Moon will connect to Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune in ways that could rev up the urge for impulsive behavior and make careless decisions due to clouded judgment. Also, we will need to be mindful of our tempers with a vibe like this since it tends to produce moments of irrationally reacting to others.

A 3 planet aspect pattern called a Yod will be present during this event, causing us to consider why we need to move past self-sabotaging behavior. The energies involved in this configuration will be the Sun and Moon, making a sextile to the South Node of the Moon with Neptune at the apex point. For this reason, it could show us how to release unrealistic behavior in relationships and why improving our confidence is crucial.

At least the Sun will be harmoniously connected in a Leo stellium to the Moon, Venus, North Node, and the asteroid Juno in a Leo stellium. Under these vibes, we will feel motivated to work on ways to commit ourselves to the right things in this new chapter of our lives; that way, we can align with goals that supports our souls.

Venus is currently retrograde, but since it is also in Leo, it’s being deposited favorably by the Sun and Moon during this lunation. For this reason, we could think of ways to begin a more constructive and fruitful path concerning our love life and financial situations.

Signs that will experience this lunar event stronger than others will be the fixed modality Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius between 20 to 29 degrees of these zodiac placements.

New Moon in Leo vibes
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The vibes for this New Moon are mostly harmonious.

There’s a steady stream of ambitious energy and solitude, giving us the urge to do things independently. In other words, we could take the next few days to work on our goals and cut unnecessary distractions.

Good luck, energy will be present to the 17th and then taper off into a more minimal vibe. Because of this, we could have more opportunities over the next 24 hours of this lunar event or begin something with ease due to this vibe.

Other vibes are in the low amounts category, which are mental, social, and emotional sensitivity. With these underlying energies, we could feel a light interest in interacting with others, engaging in activities to stimulate our minds, and experiencing low-key moments of anxiousness.

Leo New Moon Reflective Questions

The symbolism of a New Moon is to start something from scratch while utilizing the positive traits of the sign connected to the lunar cycle. Taking on these attributes helps us build something solid; that way, we can work these intentions to our advantage when we get to the Full Moon in the exact zodiac placement.

Consider your goals for the upcoming 6 months concerning Leo's energy.

Where would you like to see yourself by the time we get to the Full Moon in the sign of the lion on January 25th, 2024?

How to weigh your options in Leo:

  • At a point where you’re ready to work on self-expression?
  • Looking for ways to let your true personality shine?
  • Ready to embody a more regal persona?
  • Interested in becoming more courageous so you aren't missing out on the best opportunities in life?
  • Getting ready to take control of your life to ensure consistency?
  • Know that it’s time to build up self-assurance?
  • Are you prepared to express yourself creatively?
  • Interested in taking action that will help you to upgrade your circumstance?
  • Ready to carry yourself with dignity?
  • Realizing that an opaque life isn't for you?
  • In an era of your life where you want to be more active and adventurous?
  • Are you at a point where you’re ready to be open to taking more chances?
  • Do you desire a change of scenery where you are in the spotlight?
  • Ready to spice up your life with some positive drama and a fun sense of theater?
  • In a place where you’re ready to take action that will help you obtain opulent things?
  • Ready to draw your own devoted following and gain your claim to fame?
  • Realizing that keeping yourself small to make others comfortable is robbing you of your right to shine?
  • Seeing the trappings of being overly modest and ready to boast about your achievements unapologetically?
  • Ready to put yourself on display, stop blending in with the crowd and start showcasing your abilities?
  • Learning that you require more passion in relationships than just being with someone to fill the void?
  • You want to discipline yourself to only give your heart to those who deserve it, right?
  • At a place where you’re looking to raise your standards in romantic scenarios?
  • Interested in seeking ways to attract those who are just as loyal as you?

Living on the sunny side of life is one of the vital teachings of Leo energy.

With this Zodiac placement, we start to realize how crucial it is to inject playfulness into our daily activities; otherwise, everything becomes monotonous, severe, and robotic. Therefore, this sign is a great place to start if life has been boring and you're ready for something more exciting to happen in your world.

Bringing a sense of theater is another way to let our hair down, thanks to the energy of this sign. In other words, engaging in diva/divo ways to bring excitement to our lives, this sign calls for us to take an ordinary day into something bold and adventurous, leading to good drama.

Because this is an energy associated with romance, it calls for us to spice up our love lives, be more passionate in our connections, and add playfulness to our intimate moments.

Being a passenger in our lives is not an option with this energy. So, with Leo's help, we take a considerable risk, do things that align with our passions, use our creative talents, are confident, and have a healthy sense of pride.

Under this influence, we understand the value of living an extraordinary life that makes us stand out for being unique. Leo’s way of moving through life shows us the trappings of trying to fit in and why blending in with the crowd leads to a lack of self-expression. Therefore, we start to understand the importance of highlighting our best traits and standing out for who we are as an individual rather than getting lost in someone else's ideas and image.

Leo is a sign that emphasizes authenticity, so it's crucial to use this energy to follow our hearts. Others are drawn to this energy because it is so magnetic because of Leo's authenticity, regal bearing, and unabashed sense of humor. So, without apology, accept who you are.

Another positive attribute of this sign is leaning into a winning mentality.

Gaining more self-assurance in our abilities encourages us to act on our goals and also take more risks that will open up new opportunities for us. Being confident in our capabilities allows us to put them on display for the world to see; that way, we can gain much-deserved praise for our creativity.

Themes For The New Moon In Leo
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If you're prepared to roar, this fabulous New Moon will help motivate you to take bold steps in your life.

How to lean into Leo's energy checklist:

  • Finding your place in the Sun is essential, so don’t be afraid to bask in your own glory.
  • Prioritize your happiness and be authentic regardless of how others perceive you.
  • Try to take the lead role once in a while; you truly deserve to be center stage.
  • Set a good example for others by displaying both internal and external confidence.
  • Learn to accept praise from those who notice your brilliance.
  • Competing against yourself is better than focusing on other people's success.
  • Develop the self-assurance to accept what is truly yours.
  • Don't let the opportunity to enjoy life pass you by.
  • It's healthy to make time for leisure and other activities that allow you to let your hair down.
  • Bring a healthy sense of theater into your life.
  • Take the time out to enjoy romantic scenarios and be open to passionate exchanges.
  • Allow your magnetism to attract the things you want in life.
  • Tap into your creativity and put your original works on display.
  • Leveling up is a necessary part of life, so find ways to step into your regal energy.
  • Set yourself apart from the crowd; it's time to stop blending in with the flock.
  • Always remember that the people who value your awesomeness would never ask you to dim your light.

If you’re ready to create a healthy sense of self, this New Moon has you covered. So, use this time to level up your confidence, embrace your unique personality, and learn why you deserve abundance.

Have a wonderful New Moon, everyone.

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