This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For August 14th to 20th, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, Saturn will be in an alignment it has not made in 50 years, pronouncing the urge to work on inflexibility. And Mercury plus Venus will be in active retrograde transits allowing us to reexamine romantic situations that need our attention.
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We have a colorful week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Saturn will connect in a configuration that it hasn't done in 5 decades, producing the need to heal rigidity. Mercury’s making a few pre-shadow retrograde transits that could show us where we must work on our mindset and love life. Uranus will be active this week, giving us the opportunity to shake things up. And the Sun, along with Mercury, will make the most connections these next 7 days, causing the need to work on self-expression and communication skills.

8/14 Saturn Semisquare Chiron: Healing Rigidity

On Monday, Saturn’s connecting in a transit with Chiron that hasn’t occurred in 52 years.

Due to the slow orbits of these celestial bodies, the last time this aspect happened was on June 2nd, 1971.

At that time, Saturn was in Taurus, and Chiron was in Aries, as it is currently. Saturn is in Pisces when we’re getting this alignment, so it's not in the exact zodiac placement since it takes 29 ½ years for this planet to orbit around the Sun. Chiron takes 50 years to go through each zodiac sign, so it’s occurring in the same sign that this celestial body is traversing.

Since we don’t see this too often, it tends to have a more significant effect transit-wise because the less frequent the configuration, the more impactful its energy is on us.

With this being a semisquare, we will experience this more externally, but also, with an outer planet-to-celestial body connection, we can see this playing out collectively.

Under this influence, we could examine what needs to be resolved concerning issues of being too stringent or not having any self-control. We could also begin to see where we lack boundaries or have set too many limits on things in our lives.

Energetically, there can be moments when we feel demotivated because our hard work isn't giving us a return on investment.

A vibe like this can enunciate problems with how we cope emotionally. In other words, this could give us the nudge needed to work on the areas where we numb ourselves, diminish others, have a cold disposition, and a fear of vulnerability. Some of this could show up as realizing we act on impulse in order to fill a void we’re experiencing.

Due to both celestial bodies being retrograde, we will see this transit again on November 25th, 2023. Then we won’t get this particular transit again until August 11th, 2033, when Saturn is in Cancer and Chiron shifts into Gemini.

8/15 Mercury Semisextile Venus: Insincere Communication PT. 2

A pre-shadow of Mercury and Venus already in its retrograde could cause us to address communication issues in our romantic lives.

We last experienced this transit on July 8th, when Venus was in its pre-shadow. And now Mercury is in pre-shadow, so this configuration is tied to both regressive cycles.

A vibe like this produces a high likelihood of attracting flirtatious types, so it could feel like a day of fun romantic interactions. However, these exchanges have a superficial tone, so it may feel as if we’re not building a real relationship due to this energy's surface nature. Some of this might manifest as laying it on thick to achieve an end game due to the deceptive vibe of this transit.

Another way this might transpire is through feelings of irritability when we don't get the praise we're demanding from other people. Therefore, it's crucial to exercise mindfulness if we find ourselves wanting an ego boost or instant gratification.

The next hit will be on September 7th, as Mercury is in retrograde motion, and Venus is a few days into its direct phase. The last semi-sextile will be on October 1st while both planets are in their post-shadow stage.

8/16 New Moon in Leo: How To Take Pride In Yourself

On the 16th, there will be a New Moon in Leo, which will illuminate why we’re worthy of shining brightly.

New Moons are about starting something fresh in the sign associated with the lunar event. So, we could consider what intentions we want to set over the next six months under this regal zodiac placement.

Leo New Moons encourages us to consider ways to step into the spotlight and realize why we need to embrace our talented side. With the help of this sign, we learn the importance of having leisure time in our lives, taking pride in our appearance, and being creative. We also learn to increase our self-assurance and understand why expressing ourselves is vital.

The fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, between 20 and 29 degrees of these placements, will feel this New Moon more than other zodiac signs.

8/16 Sun Square Uranus: Unconstructive Ways To Display Your Personality

The Sun and Uranus will connect in a configuration that might enunciate unpredictability on Wednesday.

Uranus is going retrograde at the end of this month, causing this particular transit to feel more potent than typical. For this reason, electronics, gadgets, and other digital equipment could also be problematic because of Uranus' pre-shadow nature of this transit.

Energy-wise, we might feel hyper because it gives us more of a boost in a high-octane way, leading to experiencing moments of jitteriness. Some of the restlessness we feel in this configuration might also result in nervousness which could throw us off-kilter concerning our plans.

Communication-wise, a vibe like this could create moments where it's hard to express ourselves correctly, resulting in misunderstandings. So, there could be moments when something we convey doesn’t land right, leading others to respond unexpectedly.

Due to the nature of this transit, we might not be aware of how we’re coming off, causing others to view us as coming on too strong, off-color, or overly eccentric.

Another scenario in which this might manifest is dealing with those who do things for shock value, which can irritate our nerves. Further, people often lash out more to regulate their emotions and overcompensate for lacking confidence. With this vibe, individuals also tend to push others past their comfort zone; as a result, we could reach a breaking point, leading to more conflict.

One benefit of this transit is that it awakens our sense of adventure; however, we should exercise caution when engaging in risky behavior for quick thrills.

8/16 Mars Trine Uranus: Feeling Motivated To Improve Your Life

Luckily on that same day, Mars and Uranus will align, which motivates us to pursue our goals.

Considering this is occurring the same day the Sun is squaring Uranus try to make sure the risk you take isn't coming from an adrenaline state of mind. The good thing is this connection to Mars might mitigate some of the chances we’re taking concerning our aspirations.

Under this influence, we could feel encouraged to seek opportunities we usually wouldn't because a vibe like this promotes confidence and self-motivation. Generally, the actions we take with this transit can’t go wrong if we go after what we desire, but with the connection to Uranus, we should still ensure we’re chasing the right objectives.

Our determination will be stronger than usual and help us stay the course on critical scenarios we want to improve. With this, we’ll feel quick on our feet and take charge of situations that have gotten out of hand or have ones that have stalled, allowing us to get back on track. We could also reconnect with our innate ability to individuate.

One of the best things about this energy is it leads to excitement, making today anything but dull. Because a vibe like this promotes getting out of our comfort zone, we could feel the urge to get out and do something we usually wouldn't, so today could take on an adventurous tone.

Additionally, a transit of this nature is excellent for doing something out of the ordinary regarding romantic scenarios. Even though a Mars-Uranus configuration doesn't promote commitment-oriented things in our love life, it still gives us the boost needed for exhilarating and passionate exchanges regarding intimacy.

8/16 Mercury Quincunx Chiron: Working On Self-Defeating Inner Dialog pt 1

A tricky alignment involving Mercury and Chiron might cause us to reexamine past decisions we wish we had made differently.

Due to Mercury being in its pre-shadow retrograde stage, we will see this transit come up two more times. There will be a second connection on August 30th, then the last hit on September 27th once this planet is in the post-shadow regressive phase.

A vibe like this could bring about intrusive thoughts about things that aren't pleasant. So, we could find ourselves dwelling on things that are behind us, resulting in harsh inner dialog and being harder on ourselves than we need to be.

With an energy such as this, it's a reminder to heal things from the past that we’ve neglected, but we need to do it in a way that doesn't lead to being self-critical.

We must keep in mind that some things were meant to be and that beating ourselves up won't make the past go away if we direct our attention toward finding practical stress-reduction strategies.

Another way this could show up is through working on limiting thinking that keeps us in a fixed mindset. And this could also give us the nudge needed to work on a lack of awareness of how we communicate with others.

8/17 Moon in Virgo: A Strong Urge For Personal Growth

From the 17th to the 19th, the Moon will transit through Virgo, causing our moods to veer on the side of logic over these next 2 ½ days.

Virgo energy assists us in focusing our attention, eliminating pointless distractions, and making the best decisions possible. We feel the need to fill our time with worthwhile activities, make sure we follow a reliable routine, and consider how we can help others when this influence is present.

Therefore, the focus of the next two days will be on fixing the issues that make us ineffective.

8/20 Sun Quincunx Neptune: Unknowingly Doing Things That Zap Your Confidence

The Sun will align with Neptune, which could make us feel hazy about both ourselves and other people.

Energetically, we could experience a foggy sense of self and feel unsure about how others perceive us. Therefore, it could be a day where we might come off as vague or misrepresent who we are due to a lack of self-awareness about how we’re expressing ourselves. Also, our motivation and confidence are likely to be low, causing us to feel uncertain about the direction leading to feeling self-conscious.

With this configuration, we could also learn the importance of setting boundaries and why we must ground our moods.

Another way this could show up is by bringing to our attention that we need to relax. In other words, we could feel drained today and must listen to our bodies rather than constantly being in go-mode. Therefore, If we're feeling low on energy, it's best to find healthy ways to boost ourselves, which sometimes means taking the time out to rest is crucial.

Vibes For The Week
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The vibes this week are a mixed bag with some underlining energies.

There are low-grade amounts of romance, psychic, emotional sensitivity, and solitude. Since this is a week of more complex transits than usual, we’ll need to be more aware of the moods we’re experiencing since these background vibes tend to be about emotions we’re not dealing with.

Ambition and good luck will be present from the 14th to the 18th. Since this is a week of more complex alignments, it gives us the push to take action on things we generally shy away from, which could lead to stumbling on fortunate opportunities.

Also, Jupiter is not in exact alignment but is about 10 degrees away from Mercury, Mars, and Uranus in harmonious configurations resulting in this lucky energy.

Throughout these next 7 days, mental energy will peak and valley starting on the 14th, then picking back up from the 18th to the 20th. Mercury’s headed for retrograde motion next week, causing this planet to slow down. For this reason, our minds will be in overdrive leading to being in problem-solving mode.

Transits For The Week

With a dynamic week like this, we’ll feel driven to resolve complex situations that require our attention.

Transits For August 14th to 16th:

  • 8/15 Saturn Semisquare Chiron: Healing Rigidity
  • 8/15 Mercury Semisextile Venus: Insincere Communication pt 2
  • 8/16 New Moon in Leo: How To Take Pride In Yourself
  • 8/16 Sun Square Uranus: Unconstructive Ways To Display Your Personality
  • 8/16 Mars Trine Uranus: Feeling Motivated To Improve Your Life
  • 8/16 Mercury Quincunx Chiron: Working On Self-Defeating Inner Dialog pt 1
  • 8/17 Moon in Virgo: A Strong Urge For Personal Growth
  • 8/20 Sun Quincunx Neptune: Unknowingly Doing Things That Zap Your Confidence

Use this week to work on the areas of life where you need to build up more self-awareness and start your healing journey.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!

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