This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For August 7th to 13th, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, Mercury will make a few pre-retrograde transits allowing us to see what's no longer helpful in our lives.
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We have a mixed-bagged week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mercury will make a few pre-shadow retrograde transits causing us to see themes that will be important during its inverse cycle. The Sun will be active throughout these next 7 days to help us see why we need to let our authentic personality shine. And Venus is aligning with the most transits this week, giving us the opportunity to understand how to navigate love life and financial scenarios through its regressive cycle.

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8/7 Sun Square Jupiter: How To Pump Yourself Up At Other Peoples' Expense

Monday brings in an alignment that could inflate our confidence with the Sun and Jupiter.

Although this alignment might boost our self-assurance, we must be careful not to come across as arrogant. Therefore, a vibe like this tends to enunciate the need to act self-important leading to awkward interactions due to others not wanting to deal with our ego.

Another prominent issue with this transit is people who try to overshadow us to pump themselves up. For this reason, there can be scenarios where individuals try to ensure the spotlight’s on them.

And this tends to produce the urge to be frivolous, risky, and indulgent, so try to avoid careless behavior if possible.

8/9 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto: Demanding Interactions pt1

A complex Mercury-Pluto transit's energy could lead to contentious interactions with others.

Energetically this alignment carries an edgy tone leading to conversations going in a different direction than we intended. Communication may also become tense with those who try to dominate the conversation by talking over others due to the pushy nature of this configuration.

Under this influence, there might be moments of oversharing or revealing other people's private information. A pairing like this magnifies topics we don't typically think about or discuss, resulting in hearing something inappropriate because the subject matter might seem incomprehensible.

And because Mercury is in pre-shadow retrograde, we’ll see this alignment come up a few more times. The following transit date will be September 6th, when this planet is in retrograde motion, and the 3rd hit will occur during the post-shadow phase on September 23rd.

8/9 Venus Square Uranus: The Urge To Bust Out Of A Stale Love Life pt 2

Venus will align with Uranus in a complex transit that brings about unwanted surprises.

A vibe like this produces the need to leave behind confining circumstances or dull aspects of our lives, especially concerning love and professional scenarios. On the one hand, it makes us aware of how restricted we feel and the importance of changing things up.

However, if approached impulsively, this pairing can cause upheaval, so try to avoid making too many significant changes.

Please be cautious when making changes to your relationships, career, or appearance because a transit like this often results in the opposite of what we had hoped. In any case, try to resist the urge to break free if you have the option immediately.

Therefore, if you must make important decisions, make sure you have a proper exit strategy to ensure that you’re not burning bridges or putting yourself in an uncomfortable predicament.

Since Venus is in retrograde, we already experienced this one on July 2nd; then, this transit's final contact will be on September 29th while this planet is in post-shadow.

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8/10 Mercury Trine Jupiter: Higher Perspectives pt1

Mercury and Jupiter will connect in a harmonious alignment, which gives conversations a more optimistic tone.

A cheerful vibe like this is helpful for things going as planned.

Enjoyable communication is emphasized with this connection since it encourages us not to take things too seriously. For this reason, the playful side of our conversations becomes enunciated, so we may spend the day engaging in lively chats with humor and tones of intriguing banter. So, it could be a day for a lovely social session face-to-face or over the phone with the people whose company we enjoy.

Under this influence, our minds are typically big, sharp, and brimming with original thoughts.

Also, we gain the motivation to plan trips, think about cool excursions we would love to go on or get lost in something thought-provoking like a book or documentary.

Due to Mercury’s regressive motion, we will see this alignment again on September 4th and then receive the last one on September 25th while this planet is in its post-shadow.

8/11 Mars Quincunx Chiron: An Attitude Adjustment

Mars and Chiron will be in a complex connection that could show us where we lack insight regarding our temper.

One way this could show up is through needing to address the issues we suppress concerning resentment. A vibe like this serves as a reminder to heal these parts of ourselves because it's imperative to address deeply ingrained irritation with others before it becomes problematic.

Continuing with the trend of healthy assertion, this gives us the nudge needed to stand our ground rather than let other people walk all over us. Hence, it's a phase to speak up rather than avoid a problem that needs to be solved. The importance of empowering ourselves is crucial; by doing this, we gain the courage to be direct and put our foot down constructively.

On the more agitated end, this might manifest in a way that encourages us to address our anger problems. For this reason, we might feel triggered and react to what is upsetting but exaggeratedly, resulting in negative repercussions.

8/12 Sun Trine Chiron: A Healthy Way To Level Up Your Ego

The Sun and Chiron will align in a harmonious configuration that’s healing for our egos.

A trine between the Sun and Chiron plus the other outer planets denotes the beginning and end of a regressive cycle. Since Chiron RX is just getting started, this opening transit may help us understand what needs to be healed regarding our sense of self.

Under this influence, we get the nudge needed to develop healthy ways to boost our ego, so it could be a day of discovering more beneficial ways to validate ourselves. With a transit like this, we get the urge to worth through situations that undermine our self-esteem leading to letting go of things that zap our confidence.

Another thing this aids in is working on becoming more self-assured so we can take more chances on goals we want to achieve. Because of this, we might feel more willing to take more risks that we typically shy away from due to fear.

8/13 Venus Semisextile Mars: A Reckless Way To Approach Romance pt 1

Venus and Mars will align in a way that could result in dramatic, exciting love and financial scenarios.

Energetically, a transit like this awakens our desire for adventure in romantic situations, leading to acting more daring than typical. We might also feel ultra passionate, which may enunciate the need to expend energy on bedroom-related activities.

In dating situations and committed relationships, this enunciates an edgy tone in conversations, so it might rev up conflict in unions that already exhibit unhealthy patterns. Because of the nature of this alignment, misbehaving with a romantic partner tends to come easier than usual due to overanalyzing issues, possessive feelings, or immaturity.

Under this influence, we'll feel energized to work hard and earn more money, which is a good thing. On the unhealthy side, though, it might result in us stepping on others' toes in an effort to advance or making snap judgments that are unpopular at work.

There will only be one contact with this alignment, so it won’t come back around like the other retrograde transits of Venus we’re experiencing.

8/13 Sun, Venus, and Chiron: Gaining Your Confidence Back Regarding Dating Situations PT 1

Venus is aligned with the Sun and Chiron harmoniously, offering us the opportunity to heal love and financial situations.

With the conjunction the Sun is making to Venus, we’ll feel encouraged to raise our standards concerning love life and career scenarios.

One of the cool features of this transit is its a special conjunction known as a Cazimi. The last one we had was on October 22nd, 2022, and now we're getting it in the form of a retrograde.

An alignment like this brings out our playful side in romantic and social situations.

So, today might be a good day to go out, hang out with friends, and have a good time. Due to the intense passion and flirtatious atmosphere, romance will be in full force. We’re only getting one of these connections, so this conjunction won’t have a repeating configuration.

With the Venus-Chiron connection, we gain clarity on the importance of healthy relationships.

Energetically, it helps us let go of the unpleasant memories of rejection and comments that made us doubt our worth. Because of this, we gain a sense of comfort through understanding that these opinions plus scenarios aren't indicators of our value, allowing us to think highly of ourselves.

Under this influence, we feel compelled to mend our relationship with ourselves because practicing self-respect and self-love is essential. Also, we could feel more confident than typical leading to taking action on opportunities concerning financial gain.

We last saw this transit on June 29th, when this planet was still in pre-regressive motion. And we will see this pairing again on September 23rd when Venus will be in its post-retrograde shadow.

Vibes For The Week
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The vibes are more potent through the first few days of this week with a cluster of overlapping energies.

From the 7th to the 10th social, romantic, emotional sensitivity, mental, and solitude will be present. The social tone is minimal, and considering some of the other vibes, we might have moments when we’re overthinking things and feel more triggered than usual. As a result, we could want some time to ourselves to process emotions.

Then when we get to the 12th to the 13th emotional sensitivity, family, and friends will be present. With the tone of the weekend, we will interact with loved ones and feel a need to get out due to the need to curb anxious feelings.

Transits For The Week

The second week of August begins with a rough around edges tone but then shifts to a more jolly vibe, so we’re saving all the fun stuff for the weekend.

Transits For August 7th to 13th:

  • 8/7 Sun Square Jupiter: How To Pump Yourself Up At Other Peoples' Expense
  • 8/9 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto: Demanding Interactions pt1
  • 8/9 Venus Square Uranus: The Urge To Bust Out Of A Stale Love Life pt 2
  • 8/10 Mercury Trine Jupiter: Higher Perspectives pt1
  • 8/11 Mars Quincunx Chiron: An Attitude Adjustment
  • 8/12 Sun Trine Chiron: A Healthy Way To Level Up Your Ego
  • 8/13 Venus Trine Chiron: Seeing Progress In Yourself Regarding Love pt 1
  • 8/13 Venus Semisextile Mars: A Reckless Way To Approach Romance pt 1
  • 8/13 Sun Conjunct Venus: Gaining Your Confidence Back Regarding Dating Situations pt 1

Use this week to pump up your confidence healthily and understand the importance of having better standards for yourself.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!

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