The Venus Retrograde Horoscope Forecast For Zodiac Signs

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Venus is transiting its retrograde in Leo; this is how it could affect your zodiac sign.
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Venus has been retrograded for a week, and we still have another month to go through this regressive cycle. Therefore, let's examine how this inverse phase affects your zodiac sign.

Please remember that your rising sign should be considered when viewing this scope for the best results. I also advise using your Big 3—your Sun, Moon, and Rising—to understand better how this will affect you.

You can also use online chart calculators to find this information if you need further clarification on what your Big 3 are.

Astrodienst, Astroseek, and Astro Charts are excellent websites for discovering your natal horoscope. The best apps to download are Timepassages, Sanctuary, and Astromatrix if you'd rather use your phone to get birth chart data.

You can read this article however you like; if Sun Sign astrology resonates more with you and helps you understand yourself better, do so. You could also use your moon sign if you feel more like a lunar type.

The Leading Performers For This Retrograde

Because this regressive cycle is occurring in Leo, the fixed signs are the stars of this astrological event and will experience the most transformation from this retrograde phase.


You’re the star of this retrograde, Leo, causing this to be an essential period for reinventing yourself.

Leo, this regressive event might cause you to review things concerning self-motivation and appearance.

Some of this could translate to changing up your aesthetics, so you might consider ways to revamp your style. It will be a phase to revisit something you’ve put off concerning your personal image or a time to plan for drastic changes in this area of life. Therefore, anything to do with wardrobe, skincare regimen, and hairstyle will be reexamined.

Under this influence, you’ll have the urge to work on ways to gain back your independence and identity again. In other words, this is a phase to step back into who you were before losing yourself concerning others overly depending on you. The need to do your own thing and not allow others to project or hold you back will be enunciated through this inverse period.

And it’s a phase to reevaluate how you approach ambition, so it's a stage to tweak goals. You’ll also feel like it’s time to return to the part of you that enjoyed taking healthy risks. Therefore, it’s a phase to regain confidence in yourself to go after what you want, even if it seems too bold.


Because this retrograde is occurring in your opposite sign, you’re the co-star of this inverse phase.

Aquarius, an inverse phase like this is a time to review your tight-knit unions because it's a period to revamp these relationships to ensure fairness. With a vibe like this, it's a period to rework the close relationships and compromise with those willing to meet you halfway. During this phase, you'll be motivated to give these unions your undivided attention.

It will also be a time to reconnect with various associates, so if you’ve lost touch with specific people, it’s a phase to revisit these unions to see if they can fit into your life. On a platonic level, it could be close friends coming back to resolve something or picking up where you left off.

Romantically, it could be a time to resolve issues with people you’ve dated in the past. So, this might look like revisiting a relationship that needs a second look since the two of you are ready to rekindle or end a chapter with an individual, you’re ready to move on from. Another way this could show up is by reviewing already established unions that don’t offer reciprocity. So, this is a cycle to move forward from a current relationship where there is a lack of fairness.


With your ruling planet going into retrograde, this will be a potent period to revamp personal life scenarios.

Taurus, this is a regressive cycle to review things preventing you from experiencing a sense of bliss in your relationships. Over this retrograde, you’ll want to make changes to things that don’t lead to emotional satisfaction. You’re in a phase of your life where it's essential to have consistency in all your scenarios rather than turbulence that throws you off-kilter.

With a regressive cycle like this, you’ll take bold steps to ensure you level up your quality of life. So, raising your standards regarding circumstances in your home and those you live with will be crucial. Some ways this could show up is by clearing the energy in your digs, ensuring you’re getting along with people you share space with, or revamping the aesthetics to make it feel like a sanctuary. Or it might be a phase to research better living quarters so that you end up with the abode of your dreams.

Over this period, it’s a time to review issues involving family, those who live with you, or friends similar to your relatives. For this reason, you’ll work on rebuilding these relationships, seeing what can be done to improve them, or walking away from unconstructive unions.


Venus is currently retrograde in the part of your chart to do with acknowledgment for your hard work and other professional goals you’re attempting to accomplish.

Scorpio, this is your opportunity to review things that block you career-wise so you can get to the next level. Therefore, this inverse cycle will show the importance of focusing on the right goals. That way, you can get into a field that's aligned with your energy and purpose.

Over this phase, it’s a regressive cycle to see if the current place you work for will offer you more in terms of earning potential. Also, with a vibe like this, you’ll reexamine old goals you’ve put on the back burner concerning your occupation. So, this will be a time to focus on a job you wanted but couldn't do for various reasons. Some of these principles apply if you’re self-employed, but it's also a phase to review better ways to level up your practice to gain better contracts or clientele.

Also, it could be a time to revamp your image, portfolio, and reputation regarding your credentials. Additionally, it might be a period to hear back from a place that seemed as though it would not pan out because there was no response concerning being hired.

Recognizing What Dulls Your Ability To Shine

For Capricorn and Pisces, this phase is to review what you need to work on to be the best version of yourself.


This Venus RX will traverse the area of your chart to do with deeper understandings, inner psychology, and the funds of others.

Capricorn, with a regressive cycle like this, you’ll be focused on working on old baggage that's limiting your self-esteem. In other words, it's a phase to develop a plan to move forward from past situations by dealing with what was repressed and finding healthier coping strategies.

Over this period, you’ll review scenarios to do with vulnerability in deep relationships or, if you’re single, taking steps to be open to commitment. Therefore, it will be a time to discover ways to open up in romantic unions because you see how keeping your walls up no longer serves you.

Concerning funds, this is a cycle to work on situations with banking, loans, debt, or a spouse's income. So, this period will usher in a time to take care of financial situations, work on debt, and come to a compromise if dealing with a partner’s money.


With Venus retrograding through the section of your chart concerning daily routines, it will be a phase to revamp situations preventing you from growth.

Pisces, a regressive cycle like this will cause you to reevaluate habits in your everyday life that have left you feeling off-kilter. Therefore, it's a time to tweak your regime, schedule, and other practices that need a tune-up. For this reason, you could research ways to adopt a better wellness plan that will improve your mind-body connection.

Another thing to consider is understanding how overthinking has created extra stressors that prevent you from taking action while leading to feeling scattered. Through this period, you’ll take steps to quiet your mind as much as you can in order to restore balance back.

And this is a phase to resolve issues regarding work duties and things to do with colleagues. Through this period, you’ll look for solutions to improving relationships with co-workers and make adjustments to job responsibilities that are overworking you.

Behind The Scenes Retro Action

For Cancer and Virgo, this regressive phase is happening more in the background, causing you to review and research ways for internal growth that you can take action on after this retrograde is over.


A retrograde Venus will travel through the portion of your chart dealing with resources and comfort, giving you the opportunity to work on consistency.

Cancer, a regressive cycle such as this, will have you researching ways to level up your earning potential. So, this can be a time to reconsider old opportunities on the back burner, which will offer a better chance at financial stability. Or it could be developing a way to take action on goals in terms of new employment.

Material possessions could come up for review under this influence, which will cause you to work on spending patterns. For this reason, you might begin to understand the root cause of impulse purchases. Conversely, this may be a revealing time to see why you have difficulty splurging on yourself.

Through this phase, it’s a period for creating strategies to ensure you engage with those who value you and offer tranquility and consistency in your life. Another area you’ll be interested in redeveloping is improving your sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Also, it will be a time to reconsider what brings value to your life.


Venus will retrograde through the part of your horoscope related to metaphysics and creative inspiration.

Virgo, you’ll reevaluate ways to get back into practices that align with your energy over this regressive phase. Some of this could be due to returning to solid beliefs, spiritual objectives, meditation, energy healing, and other forms of mystical work that help you reach higher vibrations.

Through this cycle, you could begin realizing why certain habits are coming at a cost to you. In other words, this is a phase to understand self-sabotage so you can move past these patterns. For this reason, it will be a period to move away from escapism and other behaviors that became an unhealthy crutch.

With a regressive cycle like this, you’ll also revisit your creative side. In other words, it could be a time to get back into a flow state and break through blocks that prevent you from doing original work. Therefore, if you’ve gone through artistic stagnation, it will be a phase to return to writing, crafts, music, and other creative endeavors.

This Regressive Cycles Supporting Cast

For the air signs, this retrograde will offer you the opportunity to retune your platonic connections.


The Venus inverse phase will transit through the sector of your chart dealing with your local scene, communication, and immediate family.

Gemini, this is a phase to review your surroundings to understand the best ways to capitalize on them and alter what isn't working. Through this stage, you can rediscover ways to fall back in love with your city and do some much-needed exploring. Or it could be a period to reassess if the town you’re residing in is a good fit for you.

Energetically, it's a time to work on miscommunication with the people in your immediate surroundings. So, through this cycle, you could go back to interactions that need mending, clarify things that were misconstrued, and recheck the facts on a document that needs to be fixed.

Because this is occurring in the section of your chart dealing with specific family members, it might be a time to reconnect with siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, or friends similar to relatives. Through this phase, it could be crucial to work through issues but also walk away from unconstructive behavior in these unions.


Due to Venus’s regressive cycle, your focus will go on friendships, social groups, and ways to obtain what you hoped for in life.

One thing to note is that this is your governing planet, so you’ll feel these retrograde effects potently.

Libra, this is a phase to revisit friendships that might have been out of reach due to schedules, long distances, or just falling out of touch. So, it could be a cycle to reconnect with old pals and reestablish these relationships. It might also be a time to move forward from unhealthy platonic connections.

Over this phase, you’ll review situations dealing with groups, so it could be a stint to see if joining an association with those of the same interest is worth your time. It could also be a phase to back out of a membership that isn't offering you the substance you need.

Through this retrograde, you’ll understand the importance of connecting with the right people to achieve your vision. In other words, if you have dreams of making one of your goals a reality, it might be a time to ensure you’re aligned with the right individuals.

The Inverse Phase Special Guest Stars

Since this retrograde is in Leo, fellow fire signs Aries and Sagittarius will revisit ways to better their lives.


Venus will move through its regressive cycle in the sector of your chart concerning creativity, romance, and standing out for your magnetic aura.

Aries, through this phase, you’ll reevaluate your love life situations to ensure you get only the best out of these scenarios. It's a time to raise your standards and understand why you deserve a healthy union with someone who could appreciate you.

A retrograde like this could help you focus on returning to your originality. In other words, any talents you’ve put on the back burner due to life circumstances will come back up so you can revisit these skills. So, it could be a phase to connect with your inspirational side and start creating things to put out into the world. Over this phase, you’ll also review ways to stand out for these aptitudes.

Also, this could be a period to do with children, which could look like helping close relatives. If it’s not assisting others with their kids, it may be a phase of rethinking having your own family. Or this could be a time to revisit your past so you can heal by doing inner child work.


Last but not least, Sagittarius.

A Venus retrograde in Leo will traverse the portion of your chart concerning broadening your horizons, travel, and enthusiasm.

For this reason, you’ll be interested in reviewing your perspectives, allowing you to see the world differently. This could be a phase to take a more daring approach to seeking out opportunities, so you’ll reevaluate the importance of going for the gold rather than letting something promising to pass you by.

It could also be a time to educate yourself on big concepts, return to school, take courses, or attend university. Another thing this could cause you to do is retrace journeys of the mind so it could be a period to engage with healthy escapes through books, documentaries, or other forms of consciousness.

Physical travel plans might be on hold during this time, but it will allow you to research better alternatives. For this reason, you might find something more adventurous to explore when you resume your trips. And it could be a phase to rethink making a long-distance move to a city, state, or country where you would rather reside.

Have a productive retrograde, everyone.

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