The Full Moon in Aquarius Horoscopes Forecast For Zodiac Signs

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Here’s the Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius horoscope for your zodiac sign.
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We now have a better understanding of how this Aquarian Full Moon will affect us all as a whole, so let's take a closer look at your zodiac signs.

I always advise basing this horoscope off your Rising Sign to get the most accuracy out of your reading. To learn more about how this lunation will affect you specifically, I also suggest using your Big 3: your Sun, Moon, and Rising.

Of course, take your preferred approach when reading this article. This can be interpreted as a sun sign horoscope if you're more in touch with your solar side. You could also use your Moon Sign if you're more of a lunar type.

Additionally, online chart calculators can help you find that information if you need clarification on your Big 3. Astrodienst, Astroseek, and Astro Charts are a few of the best websites to find your chart information. However, I advise downloading Timepassages, Sanctuary, and Astromatrix if you prefer using a mobile device.

Having A Breakthrough Moment

For the fixed signs, this lunar event will be about discovering inventive ways to enhance their lives.


This Full Moon is taking place in your sign, making you the pivotal member of this zodiac group.

Aquarius, over these last 6 months, you’ve worked on ways to become more self-motivated. So, this was a phase to bust out of ruts that slowed your progress on all levels. Therefore, it’s a phase to become more ambitious, make alterations to promising goals, and let go of objectives that are stagnating your progress.

Now that we’re at the peak of this cycle, your next steps are ensuring you’re authentic because it was a time to embrace your persona no matter what others thought. Also, this was a time to gain the stamina needed to be more ambitious toward your goals.

Another important thing about this phase was focusing on updating your appearance. So, this might have been a period when you stepped into your authenticity by revamping your style to fit the kind of look you want to achieve. Also, this could have been a cycle to get back on track with your physical fitness objectives.


Because this Full Moon is in your opposite sign, you’re the assistant coach of this team.

Leo, this lunar event is all about the progress you're attempting to make concerning your close unions. Therefore, over these last 6 months, finding a balanced approach to your romantic relationships, close friendships, networking contacts, and business partnerships was crucial.

Fairness in these close-knit bonds is vital, so it's a phase to ensure you receive as much as you give. Therefore, it will be time to return the same energy if you’ve seen some effort on other parts concerning balance. However, if not, this is a phase to distance yourself from those who aren’t reciprocal.

Under this influence, you’ll feel motivated to ensure that the people in your life offer peace, so building harmonious relationships will be crucial. With energy like this, it’s a phase to interact with others who provide fun and easy social and romantic exchanges.


With a Full Moon in a fellow fixed sign, you’ll focus on professional goals.

Taurus, energy like this could prepare you to take the following steps toward making your career goals a reality. It could also be a phase to polish up things that might not be ready to present, such as a resume or portfolio. Or it could be a period of realization that you’re in a place where it's time to create a game plan to move forward from a dead-end job.

Under this influence, it's a phase to look for opportunities to help you rise to the top of your profession or finally act to ensure you're in the position you deserve at work. So, you could be in an era where you want to hold a position of authority in your industry.

If you’re self-employed, it’s a phase to take action on your objectives, launch a better marketing strategy, and eliminate things that stunt your growth as a freelancer. With energy like this, you’ll be ready to work on your public face.


A Full Moon in Aquarius marks a peak period for your personal life.

Scorpio, this is your time to consider ways to improve existing situations, keep a steady pace on what's working, or remove things that are no longer a good fit for your private life. Therefore, you’re in a position where you know exactly what you want and are ready to level up your quality of life.

Some of this could include making a sacred place in your digs for you to feel grounded and relaxed. It could be a time to raise the vibration of your abode so you feel at peace with the energy. Or it could be a phase to consider other places of residence that will feel more like home.

Under this influence, you’ll address family issues and generational themes, so it could be a phase to carry on traditions that work or to release unconstructive themes. It could also be a time to create emotional security with those you live with.

Seeing What Slows Your Progress

For Cancer and Virgo, this Full Moon could help shed light on specific areas that require their attention in order to achieve growth.


With this Aquarius Full Moon, you’ll work on your inner psychology.

Cancer is a time to recognize where you need healthy control vs. unconstructive ways to manage things. Therefore, it will be a period to ensure you’re stepping into your personal power, not allowing others to dominate you, and getting a handle on things that need your attention.

Under this influence, you’ll experience a period of enlightenment that could reveal things that had previously seemed hidden from you. For this reason, it's an excellent time to heal from suppressed emotions.

Energetically, you’ll examine what needs to shift for you to have more profound relationships, so it can be a phase of opening up to the right people for deeper connections. Also, the financial situation involving the funds of others or getting back on track monetarily will also be a huge theme.


The peak of this lunar cycle will help you see more details about how to improve your overall regimen.

Virgo, a lunar event like this could show you ways to keep up the good work with your routine, modify other wellness things, or eliminate stuff that makes your schedule off-kilter. And during this time, you might experience a breakthrough in restoring harmony to your mind-body connection.

Through this period, you’ll assess job-related situations that are throwing you off balanced so you can get back on track with your workload. Some of this could look like not taking on more than you can handle and applying your energy to useful tasks. Also, this could be an excellent time to strengthen relationships among coworkers.

For self-employed people, it's a time to understand the value of delegation. In other words, this is a phase to ensure you feel less overwhelmed by changing your schedule; that way, it becomes effortless.

Advancing Inwardly

For Capricorn and Pisces, this lunar event will show them the importance of inner growth that leads to external progress.


With this Aquarius Full Moon, you’ll focus on ways to put personal growth into practice.

Capricorn, even though most wouldn't think you’re introspective, you tend to be a profound thinker, which is why these last 6 months have been a phase of significant discovery. One of the ways this could show up is by getting back to practices that have helped you in terms of spiritual growth.

Another focus during this Full Moon will be on stepping away from self-sabotaging habits that keep you stuck. Some of this could include letting others' opinions affect you, escapism, and avoidance. Therefore, you could feel ready at this point to begin letting go of behaviors that no longer serve you.

Energetically, it's also a cycle to express your creative side through writing, music, and other artistic endeavors. Therefore, you could feel inspired to start a project or hobby that allows you to tap into your right-brained side.


A Full Moon in Aquarius will cause you to consider improving your life's reliability.

Pisces, this is a time to make it concrete because you’ve reflected on the best ways to build resources, understand what’s needed to be comfortable, and other ways to earn more income. Now that you’re at this point of the journey concerning having dependable sources, you can move forward with goals, tweak plans that need a tune-up, and eliminate wasteful things.

Under this influence, you’ve always considered ways to be surrounded by trustworthy people because you require security in your relationships. Also, it's been a phase to think about raising your sense of worth, so now that you’re at the peak of this cycle, it’s time to execute a plan to value yourself more and boost your self-esteem.

And because you’ve worked hard behind the scenes, you’ll feel more prepared to step forward concerning how you earn money. Therefore, it's a period to stop blending in because you deserve recognition just as much as anyone else.

Connecting With Those On The Same Wavelength

For the fire signs Aries and Sagittarius, a lunar event like this will be about taking the next steps in finding a sense of community.


A lunar event like this will pronounce the urge to make changes to revitalize your social life.

Aries, these last 6 months were a phase to bring a sense of camaraderie back into your life because it's so needed at this point. So now that we’re at the peak of this cycle, you’ll feel more energized to take action on these unions, make modifications, and cut loose the relationships that aren't working.

Through this cycle, it's your time to get in with suitable types of friendships, affiliations, memberships, and groups. Luckily, you’re at a place where you’ll gain more opportunities to connect with people who share your interests.

Another thing about this vibe is you’re at a place where you are open to getting out of your comfort zone on all levels, so it's a phase-to-end patterns that make you stuck. For this reason, you’ll experience breakthrough moments with stagnant situations and see the importance of acting on the things you hope for to make your dreams a reality.


A Full Moon in Aquarius will be all about finding ways to live a carefree life.

Sagittarius, these last 6 months were about finding ways to be more involved in your local scene, engaging with your intellectual side, and allowing your curiosity to run wild. Therefore, this is a period to assess how to move forward on these scenarios, rework a few things, and step away from situations that aren't stimulating.

Socially, it's a time to take action concerning building stronger ties with one's immediate family, such as siblings or friends who are similar to sisters or brothers. Another way you’ll interact is through connecting with friends who you consider family.

Additionally, now is the perfect time to consider inventive approaches to adding variety to your life and avoiding putting all your eggs in one basket. Having more sources of supply will always allow you to have enough, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Upgrading Your Life With Ease

For fellow air signs, Gemini and Libra, this lunation will seem like a smoother ride making it simpler to level up in their lives.


This Aquarius Full Moon will be a motivating time to go for the gold in your life.

Gemini, over these last 6 months, you’ve considered ways to take action on opportunities because you’re ready to get out of the stagnant phase that prevents you from progressing. Therefore, this is your time to start believing in yourself, altering promising goals, and letting go of old ideals that hinder you from being expansive.

A vibe like this will also enunciate the urge to let go of rigid thinking in favor of a more flexible outlook with new perspectives. After a long period of feeling pessimistic, you’re ready to be your happy-go-lucky self again, so an energy like this could help you seek out ways to become enthusiastic again.

Energetically, you might feel drawn to embark on a trip outside of your immediate area, so the urge to research ways to travel more will be vital. Also, if it's not a physical voyage, this is a time to take journeys of the mind through enhancing your knowledge, spiritual practices, and exposure to new experiences.


This Full moon in Aquarius is a time to connect with your creative flair.

Libra, this is a phase to show off your skills because you have many cool ideas that must be displayed. These last 6 months were a time to recognize why you deserve attention for your talent. For this reason, you’ll work on putting yourself out there more, modify things almost ready to be published, and let go of things that limit your visibility.

Under this influence, you’ll also feel ready to do more exhilarating activities because you’re prepared to break up the monotony in your life. Some of this could show up through picking up exciting hobbies, getting out more, and becoming more active on a physical level.

Romantic scenarios will also be on your mind, so it could be a phase to connect on a compelling level with someone. If you're single, now might be the perfect time to break out of a stale dating situation so that you can meet more suitable people. For those in already established unions, it's a phase to bring more spontaneity into your partnership.

Have a fantastic Full Moon, everyone!

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