This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For July to August 6th, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, there will be a Full Moon in Aquarius that could pronounce the need to leave our comfort zone. And Mercury enters pre-shadow due to its upcoming retrograde at the end of August.
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We have a fascinating week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mercury shifts into pre-shadow in preparation for its upcoming retrograde on August 23rd. There’s an Aquarius Full Moon occurring on Tuesday that should enable us to see how far we’ve come regarding upgrading our lives. Mars will make a decent amount of transits aiding us in motivation and the ability to stand up for ourselves. And it’s yet another 7 days where Mercury will make most of the transits, which could help us understand why we need to be less harsh on ourselves and others.

8/1 New Moon in Aquarius: The Importance Of Marching To Your Own Beat

Because of the Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius, we might feel the need to change things that have become stale in our lives.

Complete lunar cycles are about taking stock of the foundation we created, making the necessary adjustments, and letting go of unconstructive situations. Therefore, it’s a time to reflect on the intentions we set 6 months prior when there was a New Moon in this sign.

A vibe like this will enable us to consider why we must take steps to progress in our lives. Aquarius encourages us to accept who we are, regardless of other people's opinions. In this sign, we examine the areas of our lives that require updating and seek ways to push ourselves outside our comfort zones.

So, this could be when you're revolutionizing your life and ultimately seeing why it’s crucial to march to your own beat.

The fixed signs between 9 and 19 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, will experience this lunar event more than other zodiac placements.

8/1 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Learning To Speak Kindly With Yourself

Mercury will align with Chiron in a complex manner making this a day to work on being our own worst critics.

For this reason, we could be harder on ourselves than usual if something isn't going as planned or if we’ve experienced an awkward interaction. With a vibe like this, communication may be off-kilter, leading to misunderstandings and strong emotions.

Energetically, this transit pronounces overanalyzing and dwelling on the past, so it could be a day of ruminating on things that happened a while ago. Therefore, it’s a day of replaying uncomfortable situations in our heads that we’re struggling to move forward due to a lack of closure or embarrassment.

Do your best to research ways to work through these types of scenarios and look for the best coping strategies to help you move forward.

8/1 Mars Trine Jupiter: Feeling A Sense Of Encouragement

Mars and Jupiter are forming a favorable alignment that actually encourages us to pursue our goals in love, career, and even education.

A configuration like this enunciates ambition and self-assurance to make quick but good decisions on our goals.

Under this influence, we feel inspired to pursue opportunities we generally dillydally on due to fear of rejection, but this gives us a boost to take advantage of rare opportunities. For this reason, we’ll feel a sense of encouragement to go for the gold and look at prospects that could help us level up.

The same confident vibe also applies to romantic scenarios with this transit. In other words, this nudges us to stop overthinking and put ourselves out there dating-wise. For those in committed unions, it could be a time to indulge in intimacy and be more adventurous.

Another lovely thing about this alignment is that it helps us loosen up and seek out fun things to participate in, so it could be a day of seeking excitement.

8/2 Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto: Acting Irrationally

Mars and Pluto are forming a problematic connection that may push us to work through uncomfortable situations that we'd rather not deal with.

Unresolved angst could surface brutally and unpleasantly since Pluto has the ability to uncover things we thought were dealt with but still festering due to repressing our emotions. Hence, it could be a few days of sorting out things we thought we moved past that need a resolution or dealing with the truth in a situation we must face.

Under this influence, we deal with themes involving pushy behavior, making it simpler to become agitated with others, so it's crucial to be aware of temperament. Because of this, we must examine how we express our rage and our need for control.

Romantically, a vibe like this intensifies intimacy and passion, so it could be an intense day concerning bedroom antics. However, with the nature of this transit, it may prompt us to consider toxic behavior in relationships that needs to be addressed.

Even though this alignment has a harsh tone, it can be motivating.

Try to use your energy constructively by working out, concentrating on complex tasks, or engaging in research that demands your full attention. Mars and Pluto together help us focus our energy on complicated things if appropriately used, so if channeled effectively, it may aid in getting things done.

8/2 Mercury Oppose Saturn: Talking Down To Others

Our interactions might feel minimized due to Mercury and Saturn being in a complex transit, producing the need to downplay situations.

Under this vibe, interactions with people who lack empathy can be more prominent than typical. So, it could be a day of interacting with those who are diminishing and even talking down to others because they feel superior.

Our attitudes may change from being irritated, uninspired, anxious, insecure, and voided due to our minds being heavy. For this reason, communication during an alignment like this tends to produce the need to be to ourselves due to feeling gloomier than usual.

With this Transit, reality checks are frequently given, so this situation might require accountability. Additionally, it's essential to carefully review any paperwork or contracts to ensure we're getting a fair deal or not making mistakes on a document.

8/3 Mercury Enters Pre-Retrograde: Summer 2023 Regressive Cycle Of Mercury

Mercury shifts into its pre-shadow phase on Thursday.

Because this planet will retrograde through Virgo, it might raise issues with overthinking, perfectionism, routines, wellness, work duties, being harsh on ourselves, and judgmental toward others. Also, we could learn why being there for others is crucial but not at the expense of neglecting ourselves.

Pay attention to themes involving Virgo from now until August 23rd because these scenarios will come up during the regressive motion of this planet.

Signs that will feel this retrograde more than others will be the mutable modality, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, between 6 to 22 degrees of these zodiac placements.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo Dates:

  • Pre-Shadow August 3rd, 2023.
  • Stations Retrograde August 23rd, 2023.
  • Direct September 15th, 2023.
  • Exits the post-retro shadow September 29th, 2023.

8/4 Moon in Aries: An Action-Oriented Tone

Friday brings in an action-packed tone with the Moon transiting through Aries.

Since this energy indicates initiative, we will feel motivated to get things moving when it is present. It may be a day when we have the urge to be active and sociable, so unlike the middle of the week, we’ll feel interested in interacting with others.

Putting ourselves first may be facilitated by the influence of Aries and lunar energy. In other words, if we were overly selfless during the Moon's transit through Pisces from the 2nd to the 4th, now might be the time to focus on our needs rather than being constantly available for others.

This moon will make challenging alignments with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus. During the day and most of the evening, there could be issues with problematic communication, tense romantic scenarios, overindulging, and doing things for shock value.

However, by 10 pm PST, it will form a more beneficial transit to Venus, so this could aid in rounding the night out harmoniously. With a configuration like this, we’ll be in the mood to be social, seek out romantic experiences, and lose ourselves in the things we enjoy.

8/5 Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune: When Self-Doubt Washes Over You

Due to the Sun and Neptune's complicated transit, we may feel sleepier and less sure of ourselves than usual.

Our energy levels could feel like they’re fluctuating under a vibe like this, so there could be moments of feeling drowsy. Because of the way this transit functions, there may be times when you feel disoriented and find it challenging to comprehend complicated concepts.

For this reason, our confidence levels may drop due to feeling conflicted. In other words, there may be times when you feel uncertain about the best course of action for specific circumstances in your life. Also, things might seem out of our reach, causing us to feel directionless.

Vibes For The Week
Transits GraphPhoto bySirius Software

With the transits we’re experiencing this week, the vibes on the graph are very reflective of these energies.

From the 31st to the 3rd, ambition, good luck, solitude, and romance will be present. Because the solitude will reach its highest while intersecting those other vibes on the 2nd, we could need space to do our own thing.

Then as we get to the 4th to the 5th psychic vibes will intersect a smidge of social energy. Over the weekend, we might feel more extra sensory than typical resulting in being more in tune with our gut instincts. Also, this may be when our dreams our extremely vivid, so we could wake up feeling a sense of intuition from the experience.

Transits For The Week

We’re leaving July with a bang and entering August in the same fashion giving us the opportunity to take care of important matters.

Transits For July 31st to August 5th:

  • 8/1 New Moon in Aquarius: The Importance Of Marching To Your Own Beat
  • 8/1 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Learning To Speak Kindly With Yourself
  • 8/1 Mars Trine Jupiter: Feeling A Sense Of Encouragement
  • 8/2 Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto: Acting Irrationally
  • 8/2 Mercury Oppose Saturn: Talking Down To Others
  • 8/3 Mercury Enters Pre-Retrograde: Summer 2023 Regressive Cycle Of Mercury
  • 8/4 Moon in Pisces then Aries: From Introspective To Action Oriented
  • 8/5 Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune: When Self-Doubt Washes Over You

Use this week to work on self-doubt that’s preventing you from making progress.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!!!

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