The Full Moon in Aquarius Forecast August 1st, 2023

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There will be a Super Moon on August 1st in Aquarius; here’s how it could show us the importance of being ourselves.
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We have the Full Moon at 9 degrees of Aquarius on August 1st at 11:31 am PST; 2:31 pm EST. Check your local time to see when this lunar event is occurring for you.

August will have two peak lunar events offering us this Sturgeon Moon and a Blue Moon on the 30th.

This is the 2nd of 3 supermoons for the summer lunar event sessions of 2023. The reason we get these larger-looking lunations known as perigee is because the Moon’s orbit isn’t perfectly circular, causing specific rotations to appear closer to Earth.

These lunar types are highly energetic and draw attention to various life areas that need improvement, modification, or resolution.

Also, August’s Full lunar event is called a Sturgeon Moon.

The reason this Moon became associated with this fish is due to the observations of Native Tribes/Early People who noticed a plethora of these fish in lakes and rivers during this season of the year. For tribes and those residing in these areas at the time, it was comparable to gathering a sizable bounty of fish during this peak period.

In a spiritual sense, this might be when opportunities are more accessible for you to seize. In other words, if you've been waiting for something to happen, this could be the phase to receive more than anticipated because of the accumulated interest.

Since this is a Full Moon, we have more than one chart ruler, Saturn and Uranus for Aquarius and the Sun for Leo. These peak cycle events always occur when the Moon is in the opposing sign from the Sun, and since this is Leo season, we get a Full Moon in the sign of the water bearer.

Saturn was the ancient governing planet for Aquarius before Uranus was discovered and will align with Mercury and Mars in a way that can enunciate problems with our mindset plus communication. So, over these next few days, we’ll have to be mindful of thinking negatively and feeling so triggered we react argumentatively.

A 3-planet aspect pattern called a T square will form from the Sun and Moon connected to Jupiter at the apex point. With a vibe like this, situations where we’ve been avoidant could feel more pronounced than usual, prompting us to take care of our responsibilities.

Uranus is connected in a complex transit to Venus, which could produce unexpected issues in love life and money issues. Another thing about this is Venus is in retrograde, so it could be a moment to go over deal breakers concerning romantic scenarios and professional situations.

However, Uranus is in a harmonious configuration with Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto. With energy like this, we could get the much-needed enthusiasm to ensure we’re going after the right opportunities and having the sudden urge to work on transforming behavior that prevents us from thriving.

Zodiac Signs that will feel this Full Moon on a deeper level than others will be Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius between 9 to 19 degrees of these placements.

Aquarius Full Moon Vibes
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With the massive amount of transits occurring, the vibes over the next 3 days of this lunar event are jammed-packed.

Ambition, good luck, and romance will be present until the 3rd. For this reason, we could have the stamina to work on our goals concerning finances, opportunities, and love life scenarios.

Solitude will intersect most of these energies and be at the highest point on the 3rd. For this reason, we may need personal space to ensure we are capitalizing on something that could go in our favor. It’s more of a time to clear our minds and create a better game plan for what we want to achieve.

Reflective Questions for the Aquarius Full Moon

During Full Moons, we look back on the work we’ve done 6 months prior when we had a New Moon in the exact zodiac placement.

Therefore, if we’ve set intentions back then to adopt the positive qualities of that sign, this is our period to assess our progress and determine things that have become solid, what needs adjustment, or the situations we must move forward from.

Think about what you’ve tried to accomplish since January 21st, 2023. What sort of Aquarius principles were you attempting to apply to your life?

Aquarius ways of being:

  • Learning the art of healthy detachment?
  • Looking at inventive ways to make alterations to your life?
  • At a point where it's time to upgrade your circumstances?
  • Finally, seeing ways to get out of stale periods?
  • Seeing why change is necessary to grow as a person?
  • Are you beginning to see how convention keeps you in a life of monotony?
  • Realizing that it’s okay to take healthy risks?
  • Ready to understand higher concepts in life?
  • Have you gradually begun taking more chances?
  • Trying to make more progress than you have in years?
  • Have you thought about the type of inner reform you’ve gone through?
  • Learning to accept who you are, regardless of what people may think?
  • Seeing the importance of marching to your own beat rather than taking steps meant for others?
  • Understanding that being yourself builds more sincere relationships?
  • Are you working on forming connections with people who share your interests and accept you completely?
  • Are you attempting to be a better team player?
  • Realizing the value of networking with the appropriate individuals rather than just anyone?
  • Do you establish meaningful connections with people who possess higher minds?
  • Have you thought about how you can assist others during this time?
  • Seeing why it's time to create your own support system?
  • Have you mastered the art of maintaining a healthy distance in your relationships?

Aquarius's creative thinking helps us push ourselves outside of our self-imposed limits.

Under this influence, the primary goal is to change our ingrained habits since this energy shows up when we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. As a result, we begin to feel motivated to progress from stagnant circumstances.

The energy of Aquarius encourages us to re-examine our comfort zone and take calculated risks that will improve our situation. With this vibe, we return to the things put on hold because life got in the way.

Also, it’s an energy to begin looking for ways to pursue goals we previously believed were unattainable. In this energy, breakthroughs occasionally happen, so this could have been a phase to experience “Aha moments.”

A zodiac placement like this helps us re-establish our connection to the authentic selves we had suppressed to appease others. We also discover how being self-conscious about our persona has limited us from feeling comfortable in our own skin. Therefore, this could have been a time when you learned to love and accept yourself for who you are without apology.

With this energy, we learn the value of networking and cultivating a close-knit union and why we need to connect with those on the same wavelength.

And with this enthusiasm, we consider how we can contribute to and assist one another in improving the world. Since Aquarius is about improving society, this could have been a time to volunteer, support a worthwhile cause, or assist others.

Aquarius Full Moon Themes
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The theme of Aquarius is how to let go of things in our lives that are no longer serving us so we can upgrade to something that ensures progress.

A list of helpful Aquarius subjects is provided below:

  • Make connections with people who share your values because having a group of like-minded individuals is essential.
  • Rekindle connections with people you've lost touch with, such as your friends and those you regard as members of your soul family.
  • Some people are ready to embrace you for your uniqueness, so know there is a place for you in the collective.
  • Make a decision based on facts if you have watched events before acting.
  • Move forward if the data supports it but abandon it if the results are faulty.
  • Work on what's making you disassociate at this time.
  • Sometimes we must move past the trappings of our comfort zone because it’s turned into a rut.
  • Work on freeing yourself from the burden of caring about others’ opinions of you.
  • Don't compromise or become smaller so that people will accept you.
  • Be authentic rather than losing yourself in what others believe you should be.
  • Sure, it's simpler to fit in, but you get to live an epic life when you don’t succumb to convention.
  • Always connect with your visionary side, even if others aren’t ready for your innovation.
  • Keep in touch with your higher perspectives and inner genius.
  • Learn to remain composed and objective in situations where being emotional is counterproductive.
  • Take a moment to enjoy a short, enjoyable side quest now that you've finished a lengthy journey.

It’s essential to march to your own beat instead of being like everyone else; use this Full Moon to continue your authenticity journey.

Have a wonderful Full Moon, everyone!!!

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