Mercury Goes Into Virgo On July 28th, 2023

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Mercury will transit into Virgo for longer than usual due to its upcoming retrograde in August.
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“Sometimes you have to narrow your focus to ensure accuracy.”

As we leave Mercury's bold and excitement-seeking energy in Leo, we shift to a more modest, contained communication method and thinking style.

But one thing to note before proceeding with our regularly scheduled article about this sign change is that Mercury will retrograde on August 23rd, 2023.

So, just like in 2022, we’ll have a Mercury retrograde in its home sign of Virgo; the only difference for this one is that it will stay in this zodiac placement fully, unlike last year's.

At least we’ll get this planet in its regular format for a few days and, of course, when it exits the post-retrograde shadow. In the meantime, let's relish in this pairing because it helps us strengthen our analytical skills.

With this combination, we gain the stamina to concentrate and clear our minds. Because this sign is excellent at focusing on the details, our attention spans become revved up, allowing us to take care of tedious tasks and use our fine motor skills to fix the small things.

Mentally, complexities become solvable with more precision, allowing us to tweak things until they’re perfect. Therefore, a Mercury in Virgo transit is an excellent phase to polish anything that needs a tune-up. And for this reason, we’re able to refine unsightly things.

Virgo has an eye for detail that can examine the little things that get past most people, causing our powers of observation to be strong. Therefore, this will be helpful in whatever we’re trying to fix, create, and use better judgment about situations or our personal life.

Discernment is crucial in life, not just with people but in other circumstances.

Virgo's ability to sift through what’s satisfactory from unsatisfactory will be helpful in making proper decisions. Therefore, if something needs to be examined with a fine-tooth comb, we can distinguish between what’s worth our time and the unsightly things that could be a problem down the line.

Under this influence, stuff that typically gets past us won't be an issue because we’ll have a stronger urge to scrutinize things until they pass the white glove test. Therefore, if we have something that requires us to go through everything with a fine-tooth comb, we’ll have the determination to do so.

Another cool thing about this ingress is it helps us see facts and patterns efficiently. With this energy, creating a plan that brings us through the best route to ensure effectiveness leads to a successful outcome is easier.

Stimulation-wise, we’ll crave more profound experiences and have the urge to fill our minds with data and be of use to feel fulfilled. In other words, Mercury in Virgo needs mental activities due to the left-brained nature of this pairing, so this is not the kind of vibe that promotes a vedged-out state of consciousness.

Research mode will be a total mood during this transit because we gain a boost through learning, gathering information, problem-solving, doing detail-oriented things, and acts of service. For this reason, it's a fantastic time to work on your craft and become sharper at what you do.

Virgo is a sign of routine and being intentional with our lives, so our urge to be on a schedule or get back on a regimen will be stronger than typical. As a result, we gain the patience to create a plan we can stick to for the long haul.

Energetically, we’ll feel motivated to work on self-improvement; it will be a phase to enhance our situations in a way that leads to personal growth.

In this energy, we get pleasure in smoothing out the rough edges. Generally, Virgo times help us notice what needs polishing so tolerance becomes low for unsightliness, so refining the janky things is crucial.

It's easier to tweak our habits under this influence because of the ability to take what's useful and discard the unacceptable. In other words, if we've been looking for a way to gain control over unhealthy patterns that hold us back, energy like this offers us the drive to take our overall wellness seriously.

Socially, people tend to come across as more refined, so communication-wise, individuals tend to be more mannerly within this energy.

Now, this is not to say others won't get out of pocket, but Virgo energy helps us mind our manners. This energy helps us be more concerned with presenting ourselves properly while being deliberate about how we speak to others.

Conversations become more purposeful because this is an intentional sign that thinks about how it’s impacting everything and everyone. Hence, we become more concerned with bringing value to others than making everything about ourselves.

Although this pairing is fantastic for improving our lives, it still carries a lower expression.

Try to be aware of falling into the trappings of perfectionism because, under this energy, the need to be flawless gets in the way of good enough effort, projects, and other work. We connect with our type A personality overall; therefore, if something's not 110%, please don’t beat yourself up.

Over-analyzing could be an issue with this energy; for this reason, we need to find ways to ground anxiousness. The need to adhere to a schedule can become problematic if it's not done in moderation. In other words, if our routine isn't on track, we could also feel out of sorts, so try to be aware of becoming too compulsive about a healthy lifestyle.

Imposter syndrome might be a massive issue through this transit because our inner dialogue becomes harsh, leading to becoming our own worst critics. Another thing with this is we need to remember not to neglect our own needs since this sign is excellent for uplifting others but not always great at considering itself.

Even though the lower expression can be challenging mentally, this pairing still carries valuable attributes that ultimately outweigh the complex.

Let’s stay balanced, so we can capitalize on all the positive qualities Mercury in Virgo has to offer.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo Dates:

  • Pre-Shadow August 3rd, 2023
  • Stations Retrograde August 23rd, 2023
  • Direct September 15th, 2023
  • Exits Post-Retro Shadow September 29th, 2023

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