This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For May 29th to June 4th, 2023

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Mercury exits the post-shadow phase in this week's astrology, allowing us to wrap up any remaining baggage from the retrograde. Additionally, a Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius will make it easier to decide what goals to aim for in our lives.
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We have a colorful week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mercury leaves its post-shadow retrograde, allowing us to finalize residual situations leftover by the inverse cycle. There will be a Full Moon in Sagittarius, which should help us see the progress we’ve made on opportunities since November. Saturn’s connecting to a bunch of transits this week that could create a sense of seriousness in the air. And Mercury will align with the most planets over these next 7 days allowing us to work on our thought processes and communication.

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5/29 Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn: Shutting Down In Romantic Scenarios

Venus interacting with Saturn in a complex transit may reveal the reason why a relationship or employment situation has been unsatisfactory.

Vibes like this pronounce the urge to examine the areas in our relationships where a spouse or we are overly distant or shut down. Therefore, it enables us to see things in romantic partnerships that create feelings of emptiness.

An arrangement of this nature highlights where our intimate needs are unmet. As a result, it allows us to realize that we are no longer interested in continuing with a dead-end romantic situation. We could feel numb and have the urge to shut down as a coping mechanism due to feeling disappointed emotionally in a union. Both of these occurrences could help us begin the process of moving forward from a stale and unfulfilling relationship.

Also, this may draw attention to the aspects of our jobs that make us unhappy. Therefore, we might experience pressure to update our resumes and begin the application process for a profession that will be more lucrative for our careers.

As I always say, when complex transits exist, energy like this is a nudge to move in the right direction, so these aren’t overnight turnovers. Use this as a signal to create a proper strategy to move forward from stalled situations.

5/29 Sun Square Saturn: Feeling Less Optimistic Than Usual

The Sun and Saturn are in a challenging transit, which could make us feel less confident than typical.

Our self-assurance tends to take a nosedive under this influence, so there could be moments of self-doubt. This is due to how this transit increases the sensation of not being where you should be in your personal and professional life at this time.

Energetically, this could pronounce overthinking about how there have been delays and when things will finally land in your lap. Sometimes these feelings could come from comparing ourselves to someone else’s success or feeling like others tend to be validated for their hard work while ours isn’t acknowledged.

Please do your best to avoid comparing yourself to others because sometimes things are just for show and not based on reality, even if it seems like someone else has it easier.

Luckily, the comforting aspect of this configuration is that it will pass, and if you've worked diligently to improve your circumstances, it will pay off. Saturn governs rewards for persistent effort, so know that there is a payoff later.

5/29 Mercury Semisquare Neptune: Misinterpreting The Way Something Was Said

As we are two days away from Mercury leaving its post-shadow retrograde, it will connect with Neptune in a way that enunciates foggy thoughts and communication.

Ensure you’re speaking with others clearly because a vibe like this makes it simpler to come off as misunderstood or misinterpret what someone is conveying. Some of this could occur due to a text message inflecting the wrong tone or not paying attention to what someone is trying to say.

As a result, it could lead to irritation, embarrassment, or coming off as if we weren’t listening. The best course of action is to wait until you’re clear-minded to give a response; that way, you’re ensuring your present in the conversation.

Also, take your time; if you rush, you might be off-balance and unable to make a wise decision. And if you have important work stuff, documents, or subscriptions you’re signing up for that require you to read the details, try to do this in a clear-minded state.

5/31 Mercury Exits Post Retrograde Shadow: Toodaloo To The Spring Mercury RX Series

Whelp, that was a long cycle, wasn’t it?!

We started this regressive cycle on April 7th due to Mercury going into its pre-shadow, but now we’re done with this planet’s retrograde shenanigans for another 3 months.

The Zodiac placements that experienced this inverse cycle more than others were Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, between 4 and 16 degrees of these fixed signs.

The Spring Mercury RX Series Dates:

  • 4/7 Mercury enters Pre-Shadow.
  • 4/21 Stations into Retrograde.
  • 5/15 Mercury Stations Direct.
  • 5/31 Leaves Post-Shadow.

6/1 Mars Quincunx Saturn: How Impulsivity Causes Setbacks

Mars and Saturn will be in an alignment that could help us see where rushing things really causes us to stall.

On the one hand, this is beneficial for gaining motivation to complete the task we put off.

Hence, this transit is fantastic for accomplishing goals, concentrating on the present situation, and feeling pumped up. Also, hard work tends to pay off under this energy.

However, we must be on the lookout for being easily irritated by others if we aren’t getting our way fast enough.

Because this is a quincunx, it reveals where we lack awareness about our behavior and complicated things; we’re unaware of. So, checking our reactions to not getting our way is essential. Some ways this could manifest is through acting edgy because we can’t wait and have a lower threshold for slow-moving individuals, which may cause us to come off as rude and bossy.

Another issue is the propensity to speak or react angrily over minor setbacks. So, it’s crucial to be mindful of temperament and take a moment to give ourselves adult time outs because Mars-Saturn transits come with consequences for wrong actions.

6/2 Venus Trine Neptune: Bringing A Sense Of Mysticism To Your Love Life

Venus and Neptune will be in a lovely transit that infuses the atmosphere with a sense of fantasy.

An alignment like this gives off an incredibly romantic undertone along with an upbeat and enjoyable feel because of how well these two celestial bodies get along.

Under this influence, the urge for more magic in our lives becomes potent, so today might feel like a good day to take a break from reality in a healthy way. So, we could seek beneficial escape through music, film, or losing ourselves in a documentary. Energetically, it might inspire us to engage in creative activities like attending a poetry reading, visiting art galleries, or engrossing ourselves in other forms of culture.

There may be a stronger-than-usual urge to mingle with the people we’re there’s an unexplainable vibe to. So, this could result in meeting individuals on a platonic or romantic level with a mystical connection between you and them. For those in established relationships, this could bring a more romantic and intimate tone to your union on this day.

The main thing to watch with this transit is your spending because you might think you have more resources than you actually do, which could result in depleting funds.

6/3 Full moon In Sagittarius: Aiming Your Arrow At The Possibilities

The Super Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius may help us overcome our limitations.

A full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle, where we examine how far we’ve come since the New Moon in the exact sign associated with this event. Through these phases, we look at what’s blossomed, things that need to be tweaked, and what's no longer serving us.

So, during this lunation, we will see how much progress we have made concerning the positive traits of Sagittarius. An energy like this calls for us to be more upbeat, seize opportunities, seek ways to improve our lives, and be more receptive to things beyond our horizons.

This Full Moon will significantly impact Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces between 13 to 23 degrees of these zodiac placements.

6/3 Mercury Semisextile Chiron: Getting Off A Negative Loop Of Thoughts

Mercury will connect to Chiron, which may cause you to reflect on previous mishaps.

Under this transit, we tend to get stuck on a negative loop of thoughts from thinking about past situations where things didn't go as planned, resulting in feeling more emotional than usual.

If you're feeling this energy, remember that it's essential to be kind to yourself, try to reframe your thoughts when you feel off balance, and learn coping mechanisms.

6/4 Mercury Conjunct Uranus: Leveling Up Your Mental Game

Mercury will be conjunct with Uranus, which could bring about a day of feeling mentally wired.

Under this influence, we’ll crave mental stimulation. A vibe like this promotes intellectual sharpness, so if we have a complex subject to learn or a test to take, this could be when information comes naturally. With the help of this transit, we have a breakthrough regarding the issues we could resolve, enabling us to emerge from long-standing ruts.

Communication-wise, it brings in a busy time for social exchanges. Therefore, it’s the perfect energy to connect with those on the same wavelength as us. Also, it could be a day of receiving contact from people we didn’t expect to hear from, which could be welcomed or shocking.

Technologically and scientifically, it could feel like a day of advancement because energy like this is excellent for breakthroughs resulting in hearing about the latest findings. We could find ourselves playing around with gadgets and surfing the internet more than typical during this transit because it promotes engaging with electronic devices. Also, we might have moments where tech is glitchy due to this pairing.

Because of the wired nature of this alignment, we will feel more energetic than usual, which has its benefits and also difficult moments. Some of this could include a day of having an overactive mind, then transfer into being mentally alert when it's time to go to sleep resulting in insomnia.

Also, we could feel edgy due to this transit's jitteriness and excitable due to the nature of this transit. For that reason, it’s easier than usual to feel nervous, hyper, and even irritable.

Try to be aware of reacting impulsively or being overly risky due to being sick of waiting if things have been delayed. Energy like this could also bring about a pressure cooker-like quality resulting in things bubbling over that have been building up for some time.

Vibes For The Week
Transits GraphPhoto bySirius Software

The vibes on the chart are a varying mix of easy and problematic.

From the 28th-30th good luck and solitude will be the highest energies intersecting psychic, imagination and confusion, romance plus social vibes.

Given the mix-bagged transits, we’ll have moments when we feel optimistic, then periods of gloominess, causing conflicting emotions. So, there could be moments when we need space from others but then experience times of not wanting to be by ourselves.

The steady stream of psychic and social energy will continue to the 2nd intersecting solitude, romance, and emotional sensitivity. Feelings of conflictiveness continue throughout this week, along with feeling more sensitive to vibes than usual. We could be in social and romantic situations where we’re picking up on other people's moods and energies, causing us to feel triggered and off-kilter. So, it will be when we need to take a moment to ground ourselves.

By the 3rd, there’s a smidge of mental energy, so by this point, we will feel ready to move on from the heaviness of this week.

Transits For The Week

We’re ending the month of May the same way we started, full of dynamic energy.

Transits For May 29th to June 5th:

  • 5/29 Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn: Shutting Down In Romantic Scenarios
  • 5/29 Sun Square Saturn: Feeling Less Optimistic Than Usual
  • 5/29 Mercury Semisquare Neptune: Misinterpreting The Way Something Was Said
  • 5/31 Mercury Exits Post Retrograde Shadow: Toodaloo To The Spring Mercury RX Series
  • 6/1 Mars Quincunx Saturn: How Impulsivity Causes Setbacks
  • 6/2 Venus Trine Neptune: Bringing A Sense Of Mysticism To Your Love Life
  • 6/3 Full moon In Sagittarius: Aiming Your Arrow At The Possibilities
  • 6/3 Mercury Semisextile Chiron: Getting Off A Negative Loop Of Thoughts
  • 6/4 Mercury Conjunct Uranus: Leveling Up Your Mental Game

Use this week to keep going on your goals and push through obstacles like a pro.

Have a wonderful week!!!

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