This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For May 21st to 27th, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, the planetary aspect pattern continues allowing us to see the importance of getting out of ruts.
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We have another jammed packed week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, the aspect pattern continues causing us to look at work through the areas of life where we’ve been stuck. There’s a few connections with Chiron that could cause us to heal the areas of life we’re no longer comfortable with. And the sun will make the most connections causing us to work on our sense of self and ego issues.

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5/22 Mars Square Jupiter, Pluto, and the Lunar Nodes: The Grand Fixed Cross Reaches A Peak

A few weeks ago, in the May 7th horoscope, I mentioned a planetary aspect pattern called a Grand Fixed Cross that was forming for the next month. So, now that we’re closing out May, all celestial bodies are at their exact points for this configuration.

Looking at some of the alignments individually should help us see how some of the following scenarios will develop.

One potential problem with Mars and Jupiter is that we could take on more than we could handle, resulting in feeling inundated.

So, we’ll have to be aware of burning ourselves out but also overpromising things we can't deliver because it ultimately falls short of expectations. Another thing that could occur is temperament issues, so we’ll need to be mindful of how we respond to others. Also, with this energy, acting careless and abandoning responsibilities is effortless because we would rather have fun than dealing with hard things.

Regarding the connection between Jupiter and Pluto, we must address issues about arrogance and taking more than our share of the pie. Also, this pronounces the need to throw our weight around, so it could result in power struggles with those who believe others are below them.

With this aspect between Mars and Pluto, things can get uncomfortable regarding controlling issues, so there could be pressure to deal with dominant individuals because it's time to stand up for ourselves.

Anger tends to develop this kind of alignment, creating moments where things get ultra triggery concerning temper flare-ups. People tend to be more confrontational, so do your best to stay clear until they become reasonable. Old resentment comes up with this transit, or on the flip side; we may deal with someone bringing up petty situations that have long been resolved.

Because the Lunar Nodes are connected in this alignment, we will have to let go of the lower vibrations of Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto. Therefore, this is a period to let go of situations that leave us stuck and in a place of turbulence in favor of forward movement that brings us peace and dependability in our lives.

Although it could feel uncomfortable, the good thing about problematic aspects is that they motivate you to finish something and take charge of the areas of your life that need major transformation.

5/22 Sun Sextile Mars: Taking Action With Flair

With the Sun and Mars in a harmonious alignment, we’ll feel energized and confident to take action on a daunting task.

And considering we’ll still have that aspect pattern occurring, vibes like this will help mitigate some of the harsher energies of that Grand Fixed Cross.

An alignment such as this enables us to emerge from ruts, connect with our true potential, and lean into the courageous side of us. As a result, we might be able to act on something we previously lacked confidence about because we’re feeling self-assured. A vibe like this is a fantastic way to win others over so we might get in the favor of those who could offer opportunities.

Energetically, we can feel pumped and like our old selves again due to the motivational vibes of this transit. The nature of this configuration enunciates the urge to take chances or seize opportunities that will enable us to accomplish our objectives in the best possible way.

We may feel more inclined to mingle with others because an energy like this promotes socializing. It might be a day to have an exhilarating get-together or get in touch with our adventurous side allowing us to engage in excitement-seeking behavior with our friends healthily.

And this ignites our romantic side, so we’ll feel more passionate about our love lives than typical. Under this influence, we could feel more magnetic than usual and draw attention flirtatiously. Also, energy like this promotes revved-up levels of bedroom antics, so intimacy will be more intense than usual.

5/22 Sun Semisextile Jupiter: How Arrogance Paints You Into A Corner

With the Sun and Jupiter in a complex transit, we could feel more overconfident than usual.

Energetically, a transit like this is mixed-bagged because it produces an upbeat tone that allows us to feel motivated and confident. So, we could feel jovial, causing us to feel interested in socializing and going on an adventure. Also, this promotes enthusiasm about education, so it could be a day to go on a learning binge.

However, the lower expression of this transit could inflate our entitled side and cause high levels of arrogance to form in the air. So, we’ll have to be aware of believing we can do no wrong because this planetary alignment could result in accidents brought on by an overinflated ego.

And we tend to feel like luck is on our side with an energy like this, so we might have moments of taking big risks. However, be mindful of this because, with a complex Sun-Jupiter connection, some of those risks could backfire.

5/24 Sun Semisquare Chiron: Having A Hard Time With Self-Expression

The Sun and Chiron will make an uncomfortable configuration with one another that could cause us to experience ego deflation.

Under this influence, we could feel as if we’re not coming off correctly, resulting in being overly harsh on ourselves. Because of this, we might overthink concerning how we come off to others leading to feeling self-conscious about the way we express ourselves and becoming preoccupied with our appearance.

So, when these feelings arise, try to improve your self-esteem in healthy ways and research the best strategies that will aid you in not caring what others think and accepting who you are unapologetically.

5/24 Venus Square Chiron: The Importance Of Being In Healthy Relationships

On that same day, Venus will also connect with Chiron in a jarring alignment that might give us the nudge needed to work on disappointment concerning our love lives.

Energetically, an aspect like this makes it easier to understand how giving too much of ourselves in relationships affects our time and self-worth. Therefore, it emphasizes the need to stop prioritizing relationships over our needs and to start loving ourselves more.

Because this alignment articulates these feelings of doubt in romantic scenarios, uncertainty about an unconstructive relationship may cause anxiety to surface. We might begin to doubt our abilities and feel self-conscious due to how our love life has been thus far.

No matter how difficult it may be, avoid taking responsibility for the actions of others because it's crucial not to shoulder the blame for someone else’s missteps.

Give yourself some grace instead of being hard on yourself for sticking around in an unhealthy union. It's never simple to see things clearly, but this gives you the push needed to begin removing yourself from problematic relationship situations.

5/25 Sun Semisquare Venus: Needing Validation

The next day the Sun will still be connected to Chiron in that complex alignment, but it is also coming to an exact transit with Venus which could enunciate the need for validation.

Even though this transit is lighter than the last two transits connected to the Sun, it still comes with some things.

Contradictory emotions may surface because of this combination's propensity to cause our sense of self to fluctuate. We might feel approachable, gregarious, or flirtatious on the one hand. On the other hand, expressing ourselves in romantic circumstances may make us feel uncomfortable and self-conscious.

Due to the transit's nature, we may feel entitled and expect more from others than they can provide. So, it could be a day of expecting validation and then getting annoyed when we don’t get our ego stroked. Also, we could pronounce feelings of resentment or loneliness in unfulfilling unions that offer no value to us.

5/26 Venus Sextile Uranus: Seeing What Needs An Upgrade In your love life

Friday brings us a much-needed connection with Venus and Uranus which could help us look at ways to level up our love lives and finances.

We will be motivated to carry out our professional and romantic objectives.

Under this influence, we gain the self-assurance needed to take the initiative, be enthusiastic about life, look for better ways to make money, and attract favorable circumstances and people to ourselves.

There may be an urgent need to make changes to your love life that will benefit you in the long run.

When Venus and Uranus align in this way, it encourages the desire to put ourselves back in the dating pool and break out of a rut for singles. A vibe like this helps us revamp the way we approach love-life scenarios to ensure we’re looking at all possible alternatives that will help us meet better romantic potentials.

For those in already established unions, this will promote the need to alter your relationship healthily by revitalizing it. As a result, it could be a period to try new things with one another, cause spontaneity, and bring some excitement to your date nights by going on more exhilarating ones.

A transit like this could also encourage revamping our appearance because a much-needed update is in order. Sometimes an energy like this could be the catalyst for a new fashion trend, so it could be a time of cutting-edge style. But either way, it enunciates the desire to update our hairstyles, outfits, and other accessories, so this is a time to doll ourselves up uniquely.

Regarding our careers, we might experience pressure to take more considerable risks and put ourselves out there. Therefore, it’s a period to reevaluate if a current position will lead to progress and find a solution about how to improve the circumstance at a job. Alternatively, it might be a phase to do research on companies that will help you get to the next level of your profession.

Additionally, Uranus, a celestial body associated with expecting the unexpected, combined with Venus, the planet that rules money, might create moments of sudden luck. So, this could result in an instance where there is an abrupt financial gain.

5/27 Moon In Virgo: Getting Back On Track With Your Routines

Over the rest of the weekend, a Moon in Virgo will be present, allowing us to see what needs to be tweaked to get back on track.

Virgo energy helps us narrow our options and clear away unnecessary distractions that prevent us from being the best versions of ourselves. Under this influence, we get the urge to spend our time on useful things, ensure we’re on a solid routine, and see where we can serve others.

So, these next two days will be about clearing up things that cause us to be inefficient.

On Saturday, this Moon will make complex transits to Venus and Saturn, causing us to see where we need to address disappointment to commitments that are throwing us off course.

But the Moon will harmoniously connect with Mercury and Jupiter, making us mentally sharper than usual. Energy like this could help us understand how to solve things that leave us feeling off-kilter while also giving us a dose of enthusiasm to push through obstacles. And we could also feel the need to be social on this day.

Sunday continues with the Moon in Virgo, bringing in a different tone.

This Moon will connect with Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune in uneasy alignments that could cause our emotions to fluctuate. There could be moments when we’re feeling irritable, have the urge to avoid our problems, and have moments of fog.

Luckily, the Moon will make harmonious connections to Mercury, Venus, and Uranus, giving us the extra boost needed to find alternate solutions that keep us stuck.

Vibes For The Week
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This week's vibes have a variety to them, making these next 7 days a mixed bag of harmonious and uncomfortable transits.

From the 22nd-25th, a steady stream of ambitious vibes will be present because of the higher levels of harsher energies. All of this ambitious energy will help us clear up some of the slumps we’ve been in, allowing us to clear the way for something better.

There will be low-grade amounts of solitude through the week mixed in with good luck, mental vibes until the 24th. With this being a week of mixed-bagged transits, we will have moments of being in our heads, resulting in wanting time to process our thoughts. But these periods of taking a break from others could help us research ways to improve our circumstances leading to better opportunities.

As we get to the 25th emotional sensitivity, romance, mental vibes will appear mixed in with small amounts of good luck and social vibes. It’s a weekend of feeling more triggered than usual, but some bright spots could help us improve finances, luck, mingling with others, and love life scenarios.

Transits For The Week

As I stated at the beginning of this month, May will be anything but boring with all of the dynamic transits occurring. At least it's giving us the motivation needed to break out of the funks we’ve been in.

Transits For May 22nd to 28th:

  • 5/22 Mars Square Jupiter, Pluto, and the Lunar Nodes: The Grand Fixed Cross Reaches A Peak
  • 5/22 Sun Sextile Mars: Taking Action With Flair
  • 5/22 Sun Semisextile Jupiter: How Arrogance Paints You Into A Corner
  • 5/24 Sun Semisquare Chiron: Ego Deflation
  • 5/24 Venus Square Chiron: The Importance Of Being In Healthy Relationships
  • 5/25 Sun Semisquare Venus: Needing Validation
  • 5/26 Venus Sextile Uranus: Seeing What Needs An Upgrade In your love life
  • 5/27 Moon In Virgo: Getting Back On Track With Your Routines

Use this week to take action on the things that bog you down in life.

Have a wonderful week!!!

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