This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For May 14th to 20th, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, Mercury goes out of retrograde, Jupiter enters Taurus for the first time in a decade, A New Moon in Taurus, Mars will transit into Leo, and Gemini Season begins.
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We have a jammed packed and ultra-transformative week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mercury goes out of retrograde, allowing us to review stalled situations since April 7th. Jupiter will transit into Taurus this week, permitting us to take a practical approach to opportunities. Mars will be at the last degree of Cancer, causing us to take action on accumulating circumstances that need a resolution. Jupiter’s making a rare connection to Pluto that could show us why we need to curb entitlement. There will be a Taurus New Moon that will encourage us to seek a path that leads to stability. Mars will enter Leo causing us to feel motivated about going after our passions. Gemini Season will begin allowing us to boost our confidence through intellectual things. And we have a week of harmonious Neptune connections that will aid us in taking a spiritual approach to our lives.

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5/15 Mercury Direct: Seeing The Valuable Lesson From Mercury Retrograde In Taurus

Monday kicks off with Mercury stationing out of its backward motion, allowing us to stop momentarily and review the occurrences since April.

Mercury went into its pre-shadow retrograde on April 7th, then entered its reverse state on April 21st, so this will help us look at the scenarios regarding Taurus themes.

Mercury governs our thoughts, daily interactions, and problem-solving techniques.

When Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, it forces us to reevaluate what isn't providing us with stability and consider how we might improve our attitude toward earning money. This is due to the Taurean focus on comfort and security regarding our resources. Therefore, this was a time to find a solution if anything in these areas was unstable.

Other areas we examined during this retrograde were learning how to break out of mental ruts, why we need to calm our minds, step away from drama, and see the trappings of staying in a comfort zone. Or perhaps this is the time to stand by our position without letting outside influences impact us.

And this could have been a period of working on issues concerning our values, indulgences, relationships, and self-esteem.

Mercury will be in its post-shadow phase until May 31st, so over the next few weeks, we’ll go over these topics again, but this time with more clarity.

Signs that felt this regressive cycle more than others were the fixed modality between 4 and 16 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

5/15 Mars Trine Neptune: How To Take Initiative On Your Hopes

Thanks to Mars and Neptune, Tuesday brings in positive energy that can help us take action on our whims.

Generally, Mars gets sidetracked when aligned with Neptune, but since this is a harmonious connection, it’s easier to take the initiative. Therefore, we might find ourselves pursuing the things that initially seemed like a pipe dream.

Under this influence, we gain the energy needed to work toward the goals we've been daydreaming about. So the urge to channel our wants into something tangibly leads to turning a dream into a reality.

We feel inspired to feed our soul with a transit like this, so it encourages us to work toward our metaphysical objectives. Therefore, if you've been looking for motivation to devote more time to spiritual pursuits, this transit provides just that.

And because Mars is associated with taking action romantically, we could feel ultra passionate about our love life with this vibe. If you're single and looking, this might help you draw in people with whom you truly connect spiritually. And this aspect is fantastic for deepening passion and adventure for those in an already established relationship.

5/16 Jupiter enters Taurus: How To Scale Up Your Resources

Hopefully, all of you were able to capitalize on Jupiter’s transit through Aries because this planet won't be back in that sign until April 21st, 2034.

But the show must go on because Jupiter will traverse Taurus for the following year. Under this ingress, we will be less action-oriented as we were with Aries and take a mellower approach to opportunities, beliefs, philosophy, travel, and overall expansion.

Over the next 12 months, we will take a more deliberate and less risky approach to the path we’re on, so this could be a time of slow but steady progress toward our aspirations. And the good thing about that is even though it will take us time to achieve our outcome; it will be long-lasting.

We will crave comfort, tranquil experiences, the need to boost our self-esteem and understand what we value massively. Also, this will amplify our need for better resources, so things like our income and material possessions will be more important to us than typical.

The only thing we need to be aware of is over-consuming since Taurus energy is about what we take in, so be mindful of overindulging in food, drink, and other forms of excess.

5/17 Jupiter Square Pluto: An Inflated Sense Of Greed And Over Consumption

A not-so-frequent alignment will form between Jupiter and Pluto, creating scenarios where we must be mindful of entitlement issues.

The last time Jupiter and Pluto made a Square to one another was on August 4th, 2017.

In other words, we could have scenarios where we don’t react appropriately when we’re not getting our way. There could be an inflated sense of arrogance because this transit highlights an I'm better and more powerful than you sort of mentality.

As a result, we could be confronted for coming off as greedy and immature for not accepting that we can’t have what we want all the time. Some of this could put us in a position where we have to deal with people who are opportunists.

One of the good things is this could help give us the boost needed to be ambitious and go after our objective relentlessly. Because we’re feeling self-assured, we could take more considerable risks than usual, which could go awesomely or backfire due to this being in a complex transit.

However, since this can be something of a bitey alignment, we might do this in a pushy manner.

Jupiter and Pluto in an alignment like this enunciate issues with those who throw their weight around and use their Klout for special favors. With this configuration, those who try to dominate others or abuse their authority could face backlash.

Also, because we’re dealing with Pluto, there could be moments when something is brought to light in a big way. So it can be a day of uncovering what was previously hidden.

Because these are slower-moving planets, we will feel this for about 3 weeks or so. And this connection is also participating in an aspect pattern called a Grand Cross that will occur between Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and the Lunar nodes.

5/18 Sun Sextile Neptune: Gaining A Sense Of Self Through Metaphysical Fun

A more spiritual vibe permeates the atmosphere with a harmonious transit from the Sun and Neptune.

Sun-Neptune alignments uplift our spirits and inspire us to look for the positive in everything. So even if things aren't turning out as we had hoped, there might be a bright side. Also, this should help us regain faith in our abilities and other outcomes because a configuration like this amplifies optimism.

In terms of creativity, this aids in getting back on track regarding artistic or writer's block. This kind of alignment can also assist in discovering hidden abilities and creative talents.

On a fun activities level, this is excellent for seeing a good movie, visiting art galleries, attending a poetry reading, or listening to live music. Therefore, if you need to unwind after a stressful week, now is the time to do something fun and expressive.

With this arrangement, we experience a stronger urge to look after our spiritual well-being by engaging in mysticism. So, this could be a day to get into metaphysical happenings such as crystals, meditation, tarot, and other forms of new-age activities.

5/18 Mars at 29 degrees of Cancer: An Overspilling Of Emotions

That same day we have Mars at the 29th degree of Cancer as it gears up to Leo. Critical

Degrees in Signs can cause us to experience a pin and needles feeling.

So, the next couple of days could feel edgy regarding your emotions and being extra sensitive to what others say. With Mars still in a Quincunx with Jupiter, things can get blown out of proportion, so others might overreact and behave impulsively.

At the end of Cancer, stuck emotions from the past could get brought up. If there has been a disappointment from long ago or petty feelings that have been suppressed, they could get drudged up. And committed relationships that aren’t stable could have some things to address.

5/19 New Moon in Taurus: Starting A New Path That Leads To Comfort

Friday brings in the first New Moon in Taurus that’s not an eclipse in almost 2 years. So, we’re getting a fresh lunar cycle without the complexities of the others we’ve had in this sign.

New Moons are about adopting the positive attributes of a sign and setting our intentions; that way, by the time we get to the Full Moon under the exact zodiac placement, we can see the fruits of our labor,

Taurus shows us the importance of treating ourselves because we deserve it. We will feel more inclined to do the things that make us feel comfortable, look for ways to bring tranquility to our lives, and see why we need to be gentler on ourselves.

Our focus is on having better resources, so it’s a period to look at ways to earn more and gain material possessions. We also look at ways to feel steadier, our values, self-worth, and raise our standards under this energy.

Signs that will feel this New Moon more than others will be the fixed modality, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, between 23 to 29 degrees of these placements.

5/19 Mercury Sextile Saturn: Constructive Communication pt. 2

We have our first post-retrograde shadow transit with Mercury positively connecting with Saturn in an alignment that helps us strengthen communication.

As a result, we can behave responsibly and pick and choose which issues to fight about. Because it promotes positive interaction and behavior, this influence makes it simpler to engage with dramatic people.

We could revisit fruitful conversations and finalize goals we wanted to accomplish during the Retrograde. This could bring in a time when you’re finally getting positive feedback from others about the hard work you’ve put into something.

Also, this might be a time to resolve a contractual situation that’s been in the works since April.

5/20 Mars Enters Leo: Taking Action In A Regal Way

Over the weekend, we’ll get a fresh sign change as Mars leaves Cancer and enters Leo.

Mars in Leo is motivational, which gives us the strength to go after what we’re passionate about and take action in our lives. So, under this influence, we could feel driven to go after what we want persistently because, with Mars in Leo, it’s easier to stay the course for desired things without losing steam.

Also, we’ll feel pumped about putting ourselves out there instead of hiding in the background.

This would be a good transit for finally stepping forward professionally and creatively.

Romantically, Mars in Leo brings us an abundance of passionate exchanges and fun antics in love life scenarios. Whether you’re single or in a committed union and have been looking to be more playful, daring, magnetic, or have the urge to treat dating like a sport, a pairing like this has you covered!

5/21 Sun in Gemini: Gaining An Ego Boost Through Your Intelligence

Welcome to Gemini Season 2023!!!

And happy birthday to all of the Gemini’s out there; it’s your turn to shine for your incredible wit.

With the Sun entering clever Gemini on Sunday, we could take an intellectual approach to boosting our confidence. In other words, a pairing like this promotes gaining a sense of self through logic, objectivity, and engaging in a learning fest.

We could feel more social again, upbeat, and need constant stimulation to feed our curiosity.

Some of the ways we could do this are through exploring our local scene with those we’re close with for a fun-filled adventure.

This Sign helps us reconnect with our younger selves, so this could be a good time to rediscover our old hobbies and get in touch with our inner teenager. And as a result, we feel more carefree and ready not to sweat the small stuff.

Vibes For The Week
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Interestingly the vibes over these next 7 days are mixed bag throughout the week.

Mental energy and solitude will be present the entire week, causing us to be more introspective and need moments to be in our heads. On top of that, psychic energy will peak and valley through this week, so along with the other vibes, we could feel more sensitive to energies, and our gut instincts might feel razor-sharp.

Romance, emotional sensitivity, ambition, and a smidge of good luck will intersect all the other vibes the entire week, so our focus on these areas could feel more pronounced.

Transits For The Week

The middle of May is a dynamic time with a lot of shifting energy, so try to stay as grounded as possible.

Transits For May 14 to 21st:

  • 5/15 Mercury Direct: Seeing The Valuable Lesson From Mercury Retrograde In Taurus
  • 5/15 Mars Trine Neptune: How To Take Initiative On Your Hopes
  • 5/16 Jupiter enters Taurus: How To Scale Up Your Resources
  • 5/17 Jupiter Square Pluto: An Inflated Sense Of Greed And Over Consumption
  • 5/18 Sun Sextile Neptune: Gaining A Sense Of Self Through Metaphysical Fun
  • 5/18 Mars at 29 degrees of Cancer: An Overspilling Of Emotions
  • 5/19 New Moon in Taurus: Starting A New Path That Leads To Comfort
  • 5/19 Mercury Sextile Saturn: Constructive Communication pt. 2
  • 5/20 Mars Enters Leo: Taking Action In A Regal Way
  • 5/21 Sun in Gemini: Gaining An Ego Boost Through Your Intelligence

Use this week to make a reliable game plan that allows you to bring serenity to your life.

Have a wonderful week.

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