This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For May 7th to 13th, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, Venus will transit into Cancer, giving us the opportunity to be more sentimental in love life situations. Jupiter will be in Aries for one more week, allowing us to put the finishing touches on the adventure we’ve been on.
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We have a colorful week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Venus will transit into Cancer, giving us the opportunity to take a more sentimental tone in our romantic lives. Jupiter will wrap up its last week in Aries, which might ramp up our impulsive side. An aspect pattern involving Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and the Lunar Nodes will form in a rare alignment called a Fixed Cross, causing us to examine what's been stagnant in our lives. Additionally, Mercury and Venus are making the most alignments this week, causing us to crave communication and ensure our love lives and careers are more consistent.

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5/7 Venus Enters Cancer: Bringing A Sense Of Nostalgia To Love Life Scenarios

Over the course of the next month, we could get the urge for more sentiment in our love life with Venus’s transit through Cancer.

Under this influence, our need for emotional security, comfort, and a connection that enlivens our spirits will be more pronounced.

A pairing like this encourages us to show affection for the people we love by doing sweet things for them. For this reason, we might find putting our hearts on our sleeves simpler since this energy helps us get in touch with our vulnerable side.

We could feel more motivated to pursue opportunities that offer more stability due to this Ingress.

Because Venus is also associated with how we earn money, this might also be a period to ensure material security. Some of this could be looking for ways to move up in our careers or looking into other income streams. We could also feel the need put money away since this energy ramps up the desire for having a financial cushion.

One thing to note, try to manage your feelings regarding love and money because a combination like this deals with fluctuations due to Cancer being ruled by the Moon, which goes through the waxing and waning phase.

Otherwise, this is a pleasant planet sign pairing.

5/8 Sun Semisextile Chiron: Healing The Self-Conscious Parts Of Ourselves

A challenging transit between the Sun and Chiron may highlight our propensity to be harsh on ourselves.

Energy like this tends to rev up overthinking about perceived flaws, so we might become preoccupied with our appearance causing moments where our confidence plummets.

A vibe like this could also show us where we’ve lost our sense of self trying to gain the approval of others. We might feel like the need to learn how to form our own identity rather than taking on one just to fit in with others. Therefore, this will give us the nudge needed that it’s time to pump ourselves up rather than waiting on everyone else to provide us with that confidence boost.

Try to improve your self-esteem healthily; that way, you'll be able to accept who you are and feel at ease in your own skin in this way.

5/9 Sun Conjunct Uranus: A Sudden Ego Boost

Unlike yesterday's energies, we will have a sudden dose of self-assurance.

Wednesday brings in an upbeat and energetic tone, with the Sun and Uranus connecting harmoniously.

Thanks to this energy, we will feel like ourselves again, shake off self-doubt, and feel comfortable unapologetically being who we are. We could feel enough confidence and self-validation, allowing us not to need our ego stroked by others.

An alignment like this enables us to comprehend the importance of shining for our unconventionality and being at peace with who we are.

So, this could be a day when you’re expressing yourself without worrying about what people think. And the beautiful thing about this configuration is that others perceive us nicely for being authentic.

There is a propensity to feel more risk-taking than usual, which is fine as long as it doesn't become impulsive. So, if we’ve been in a comfort zone for too long or have fallen into a slump, this could be a day to break out of old routines and move forward from stagnation.

Under this influence, we could feel more social than typical, giving us the much-needed energy to mingle with others.

Energetically, we might feel mentally alert when our intuition is more potent than usual. Because of this, it’s easier to think and express ourselves in original ways and see where trends are headed. Also, this alignment is excellent for generating buzz about cutting-edge products, technologies, and fields of study.

5/10 The Final Days Of Jupiter in Aries: Closing And Episodic Saga

Next week, Mars will leave Aries and transit into Jupiter, but we could see more inflated themes occurring while we’re in the last 48 hours of this pairing.

The last few degrees of a planet in a sign is called an Anaretic degree in Astrology and is known as a critical zone for a celestial body to traverse. Because this heavenly body is moving toward the 29th degree, it marks a point of wrapping things up in this energy.

To top that off, these last few degrees are in a cardinal sign which can bring a sense of edge. So, this being in Aries, we could see an amplification of themes as this planet concludes in this sign.

Under this influence, we felt more motivated, even to the point of being overly enthusiastic, so this was a time to begin a new quest. We could have sought out meaning in our lives, embarked on a new adventure, considered the best course for us to take, and made room for growth in our lives.

Jupiter in Aries is about creating something exciting, taking courageous actions to put ourselves out there, and being willing to let go of anything that prevents us from moving forward. So now that we’re at the ending point of this, we could find ourselves feeling edgier than usual to ensure these things are completed.

Throughout this last week, we could see some of the lower vibrations of this energy being more inflated, so be mindful of making impulsive decisions, blowing things out of proportion, reckless behavior, temperament, competitiveness, and immaturity.

And this planet will go over the points of the Aries Solar Eclipse of 2023. So, themes from that April eclipse will come up for another round to close out something that needs to end before starting a new journey.

Jupiter won’t be back in Aries again until April 21st, 2034, so hopefully, all of you were able to capitalize on the harmonious aspects of this pairing.

5/11 Venus Semisquare Uranus: Unexpected Reactions In Relationships

Venus and Uranus are making a connection that could ramp up impulsivity concerning love and money.

The limitations of our current relationships or employment situations may feel pronounced due to this transit leading to making hasty decisions if we feel anxious about needing change.

However, try to avoid making any abrupt adjustments in your love life or financial situation because it could backfire.

It is sometimes best to put off deciding until you are not feeling as tense. Of course, there are times when you have to make a split decision, but it’s never a good idea to do things abruptly.

Always ensure your side of the street is spotless because if something goes wrong, at least you can say you did things the clean and fair way. Create a proper exit strategy if you're still feeling that way when you're less tense to avoid havoc or stepping on anyone's toes.

5/12 Aspect Pattern Vibes: The Grand Fixed Cross Configuration Of 2023

May is a month chock full of celestial activity, and as I mentioned in the monthly horoscope for zodiac signs, we have a configuration forming.

An aspect pattern called a Grand Fixed cross between Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and the Lunar Nodes will be present for the next 4 weeks. This will start as another configuration called a T-Square, then become a 4-planet pattern including the Nodal Axis.

Because Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are Fixed Zodiac Signs, which are associated with this pattern, we may feel that something stagnant is now releasing.

The next few weeks might feel like we need to work on accumulated circumstances, so vibe-wise, there will be pressure to change what we've put off for a while, finally.

We will feel this sense of urgency to bust out of a comfort zone that’s become a trap, understand how pride has painted us into a corner, look at how turbulence keeps us on a negative loop, and examine why rigid thinking is preventing us from progressing.

This pattern will dissipate as we get to the early part of June, so we have a few weeks in this energy.

5/12 Mercury Sextile Saturn: Constructive Communication pt1

Mercury will positively transit Saturn, which will aid us in improving our relationships.

Even though this is a Mercury retrograde transit, this allows us to maneuver through life and are conversations cautiously but healthily. As a result, we can act responsibly, along with picking and choosing our battles.

Under this influence, it’s easier to interact with dramatic people because it encourages positive communication and behavior.

Energetically, this gives us a nice push to reach objectives through productive conversations with others. So, giving or receiving feedback will be received more positively than usual during this transit because it is also conducive to accepting constructive criticism.

With energy like this, situations tend to go as planned because things fall into place easier, and people are more responsible than usual. While we're on the subject of planning, Mercury in a sextile to Saturn is excellent for thinking about long-term goals and focusing on an effective plan for the future.

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5/13 Mercury Sextile Venus: Flattering Chats pt 1

With Mercury and Venus harmoniously aligned, it produces the ability to communicate in our romantic and financial relationships effectively.

And this is yet another Mercury Retrograde transit, but it’s a very constructive one, just like the alignment to Saturn.

Energetically this transit generates a ton of positive energy concerning mingling with others. So, this could be an upbeat day of socializing because we have the mental bandwidth to exchange with everyone. After all, we’re in a great mood and craving interaction. For this reason, we could have the urge to reach out if we’ve been antisocial or hear from others through text, calls, or social media.

Romantically, this vibe makes it easier to be more charming in our approach and flirtier than usual. So, it could be a day of pouring our energy into passionate talks, going on cute dates, and being more sentimental than usual.

Under this influence, we also feel mentally sharp and develop inspiring ideas to make our lives more beautiful. For this reason, we could experience a day of brilliant ideas that can bring harmony to our lives. Also, if we’re experiencing a creative block, it could be a day of finding a muse to motivate us.

And on a financial level, this is excellent for thinking of ways to increase income and doing the work necessary to make it happen. Likewise, this makes negotiating with higher-ups and things to do with working towards receiving a raise easier. Contractual things also fall into place with energy like this, which is beneficial if you need to sign something or are self-employed.

5/13 Venus Trine Saturn: Valuing Emotional Security And Commitment-Oriented People

We round out the weekend with stabilizing yet fun vibes.

Venus and Saturn will align, creating a calming energy, which may encourage us to look for more stable relationships and financial situations.

Entering a worthwhile commitment comes easier under this transit.

In other words, this is an excellent way for singles to meet those looking for something long-lasting. If you're dating, now might be the best time to formalize your relationship so you can stop just seeing each other and start making commitments. For already established relationships, this could be a good time for couples who are happy with their union.

Continuing with commitment is an excellent energy for signing contracts or committing to a long-term project.

Vibes For The Week
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Despite having some harmonious alignments this week, the vibes are edgy due to that planetary aspect pattern.

Mental energy will be present throughout these next 7 days; it will be low Monday thru Tuesday and peak over the rest of the week. With Mercury being one of the more active planets, we will feel like our minds are sharp, allowing us to work through complex things quickly.

Solitude will appear on the 9th and stay with us the rest of the week, and while it’s doing that, this vibe will intersect with emotional sensitivity.

For this reason, we might experience moments of feeling triggered and needing space to sort out our emotions and thoughts. Even though there are transits that support socializing, there might be periods throughout the weekend when we need a moment or two for ourselves to sort out our feelings.

Transits For The Week

With a week like this, we’ll have fun moments to let our hair down; however, we'll have to sort out some underlining issues in the background.

Transits For May 1st to 6th:

  • 5/7 Venus Enters Cancer: Bringing A Sense Of Nostalgia To Love Life Scenarios
  • 5/8 Sun Semisextile Chiron: Healing The Self-Conscious Parts Of Ourselves
  • 5/9 Sun Conjunct Uranus: A Sudden Ego Boost
  • 5/10 The Final Days Of Jupiter in Aries: Closing And Episodic Saga
  • 5/11 Venus Semisquare Uranus: Unexpected Reactions In Relationships
  • 5/12 Aspect Pattern Vibes: The Grand Fixed Cross Configuration Of 2023
  • 5/12 Mercury Sextile Saturn: Constructive Communication pt 1
  • 5/13 Mercury Sextile Venus: Flattering Chats pt 1
  • 5/13 Venus Trine Saturn: Valuing Emotional Security And Commitment-Oriented People

Use this week to clear up issues that leave you stagnant but don’t forget to take the edge off with fun antics.

Have a wonderful week!!!

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