The Sun Goes Into Taurus On April 20th, 2023.

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On April 19, the Sun will enter Taurus, giving us more incentive to put our needs first and embrace a more orderly way of life.
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“Let’s take a moment to stop and smell the roses because we’ve earned it.

Happy Taurus Season 2023!

And happy birthday to all Tauruses; it’s your turn to shine luxuriously.

As we transition from Aries' quick-fire approach to getting things done, we shift to Taurus' deliberate and methodical pace for tackling life. During Aries season, we get a considerable boost from being ambitious, bold and participating in sensation-seeking behavior.

However, in Taurus, our ego needs are met by feel-good things like unwinding, tranquility, and enjoying stability. So, while the Sun transits Taurus, we gain more self-assuredness through peace and predictability with this Sign configuration.

The theme of this archetype is looking for solace, so during Taurus Season; there will be a strong desire to make ourselves comfortable.

A significant theme in Taurus is choosing a gentler way of life over being a workaholic. Our culture praises the hustle and bustle lifestyle, which of course, we need to be that way because it ensures we achieve goals and keep our bank account filled.

Since we’re so consumed with the grind, we often forget that we deserve to take a break and the importance of caring for ourselves. Being motivated can be addicting, so taking time to rest occasionally can feel awkward and somewhat scary.

But, eventually, we all need a moment to relax; otherwise, burnout sets in, which happens when we don’t stop for a moment and listen to our bodies. Taurus teaches us to take care of our needs and not push ourselves at an erratic pace, which is just one of its many positive qualities.

Therefore, to achieve a work-life balance and prevent burnout, now might be a good time to consider balancing your high-octane and calm sides.

Taurus energy is the remedy for that because this sign has to do with the enjoyment of being in the body and stopping to smell the roses once in a while. So, under this influence, the urge to treat ourselves occasionally will feel potent. With energy like this, we find it simpler to take a quick nap, chow down on some comfort food, and have a nice soak in a luxurious bath.

The sign of the bull’s season is all about enjoying the advantages of feeling great and acquiring the best possessions. Since this sign governs bodily stimulation, we yearn for pleasant experiences, lovely aromas, cozy clothes, or a fine cigar. Or doing things like having a scalp massage while getting a deep conditioning treatment at the salon is another way to pamper ourselves under these sensory vibes.

Energetically, Taurus vibes make it easier for us to splurge, which is so needed because treating ourselves shouldn't feel like a sin. The fear of spending money or the anxiousness of taking care of ourselves, even if it's free, is due to our money noise.

So, using this Taurus season as a way to be compassionate and buy something nice could help us break out of the fear of treating ourselves. Taurus energy understands that you have earned that $10 cup of coffee, a brand-new mud mask, that beauty haul from Sephora, or stylish pair of jeans.

Enjoying nature's beauty is another pleasant aspect of Taurus's energy. Therefore, an outdoorsy excursion is an excellent way to capitalize on these effortless vibes.

We could do this by visiting a botanical garden or park with floral aesthetics because Taurus is all about flowers and gardens. Since we’re coming to the peak of spring, this is an excuse to savor the aromas of nature, take in the views, and immerse ourselves in greenery.

Under this influence, we could feel the urge to start our own garden, whether that's in our yard or on a patio, and the need for greenery in our homes becomes pronounced. During this time of year in the northern hemisphere, most people are prepared to plant herbs, vegetables, fruits, or flowers at the peak of spring. For this reason, if you want to create a lush garden that’s sustainable, Taurus season is an ideal time to do so.

Venus rules Taurus, so we feel compelled to engage in more Venusian activities like visiting galleries, appreciating works of art, participating in cultural activities, and even dining at a restaurant serving international cuisines. Therefore, the Sun's transit through this sign could give us a good excuse to develop an appreciation for creative aesthetics.

One of this Ingress's best features is its craving for dependability and consistency.

Under Taurus energy, we do things slowly; however, it's simpler to maintain the pace allowing us to endure long tasks that require patience without burning ourselves out. So, this vibe helps us keep momentum and embody the motto that slow but steady progress always wins the race.

Having internal validation is just as important as receiving external confirmation. Since Taurus is all about feeling good, our confidence is also strongly influenced by this. We could concentrate on finding strategies for enhancing self-worth and ensuring our environment encourages it.

One of the lovely things about this influence is that Taurus teaches us the value of self-respect.

Many of us accept unhealthy conditions because we don't realize how valuable we are. Knowing your worth entails rejecting disrespect, declining a romantic relationship with a suspicious person, and settling for a demeaning job. We understand that using this energy to move past circumstances that undermine our inner confidence is essential.

Naturally, we have a positive expression and lower vibration whenever a sign changes.

As stated earlier, this is a slower-moving energy, and for that reason, it can be cumbersome in some situations. Sure, it's a good idea to take your time and be methodical, but if you have a crucial deadline to meet, this could present a problem.

Another area for improvement with this Ingress could be arrogance and believing that your way is best. Although this can go wrong, I applaud Taurus for taking matters into their own hands to better themselves.

However, we can't always believe our approach is the only one available.

Sometimes in life, we should allow others to lend a hand or even listen to constructive advice occasionally. When we’re in a bind, it’s a blessing to have the support of others who will offer their assistance with no strings attached. Some people just want to pay it forward, and by refusing it, we take away the gift of giving.

Continuing with the rigid nature of this combination, we may paint ourselves into a corner if we resist change.

Keeping things the same can become dull, resulting in dissatisfaction with our lifestyle. Also, this could lead to being stuck in a rut because things have become stagnant due to resisting change.

With the lower vibration of this transit, it carries themes similar to the sunk cost fallacy.

In other words, it's a situation into which we've invested a lot of energy, but it's not working and has outworn its usefulness, yet we refuse to let go due to our investment. This puts us in a predicament of holding on to something stale, a useless idea, or a bad relationship causing us to waste time on an unwinnable battle.

Therefore, try to remain adaptable and move past the issues that need improvement.

But, despite the problematic scenarios that could show up in Taurus energy, it’s an excellent time to take a softer approach to life. Let's use this Taurus season to refocus and maintain our commitment to the lovely things we are trying to build for ourselves.

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