This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For March 27th to April 2nd, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, Mercury will make the most alignments allowing us to focus on our mindset and resolving challenging communication with others.
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We have a colorful week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mars will be active, motivating us to feel more revved up and ready to take action. Mercury will be the most dynamic planet over the next 7 days causing us to focus on our mindset, communication issues, and how we understand data. And Venus will also make the majority of the transits this week, aiding us in working on love life and financial scenarios.

Monday brings in a continued trend with Mercury connecting to Uranus and Saturn in a way that could cause our minds to be active one moment and then deflated the next.

3/27 Mercury Semisextile Uranus: Convos That Lead To A Shocked Reaction

With Mercury in a complex transit to Uranus, we could have a day where communication takes unexpected turns.

An alignment like this could pronounce situations with others who say odd things because they crave attention. Also, this tends to bring out the antagonistic side in individuals who enjoy getting a rise out of others. As a result, this could lead to bickering due to feeling annoyed by those who say things for shock value.

Due to the nervous energy, we will need to find ways to ground ourselves; otherwise, we might feel like we’re on pins and needles. With energy like this, things also tend not to go as planned, so we could feel like our schedule is off track and nothing is going as expected.

3/27 Mercury Semisquare Saturn: Needing Alone Time To Be With Your Thoughts

Even with the nervy energy of Mercury connecting to Uranus that day we might have some contradictory moments.

Because Mercury will connect with Saturn in a problematic alignment, we may experience doubt one minute and look for excitement the next to numb the pain.

Under this influence, communication can feel difficult because we won't have the mental bandwidth to deal with others. So, this could be a day where we’re not interested in chatting because our minds are focused on serious matters and negative things, causing us not to want to speak.

For this reason, we could experience a lack of follow-through from others communication-wise due to needing time to process the heavy nature of this configuration. Also, this energy pronounces judgmental vibes, sometimes with ourselves, the need to critique others, or dealing with nitpicky individuals.

3/28 Mercury Conjunct Jupiter: Philosophical Chats

Mercury and Jupiter will align harmoniously, which could help us bring a more enjoyable air to our mindset.

An alignment like this could bring back a sense of optimism and the need to think more positively. Our minds also seem sharper than usual, enabling us to have original thoughts, think more philosophically, and experience sudden flashes of understanding.

Under this transit, we feel as though our mental bandwidth to socialize with others is receptive, so this could be a day to mingle and have fun conversations.

Because this transit promotes jolly exchanges, we could have lively experiences in our relationships.

Energetically, this is also great for getting back in touch with those you haven’t spoken to for a while, so this could be a day to reconnect with friends. So, if our unions needed revitalization, energy like this could boost these relational ties.

And things tend to go as planned with a transit like this as well as signing contracts or getting through essential documents.

3/28 Mars Semisquare Uranus: Taking Unnecessary Risk

Mars and Uranus will connect in a problematic transit that could cause us to feel like taking more risks than usual.

On the positive end, we could find doing activities outside our comfort zone simpler.

However, with the Mercury-Jupiter connection on the same day, we’ll be in the mood to seek adventure, so adding this Mars-Uranus transit could kick that need for excitement up a few notches.

So, all of these energies combined could pronounce the urge to be more reckless than usual because we’re bored and need to add some thrill-seeking antics to our lives.

People tend to assert themselves if they sense others are trying to dominate them during a vibe like this. Complicated Mars-Uranus transits help us become aware of restrictions we need to break out of because having autonomy is crucial.

But if something or someone slows us down, we could feel more rebellious than usual, resulting in acting out and confrontational behavior.

Taking risks is essential; however, those go-for-the-gold moments could backfire with a transit like this. We tend to act on impulse with an influence of this nature, so try to go slow and wait until you’re more grounded before shooting your shot.

3/29 Venus Semisextile Chiron: Why You Can't Keep Breaking Your Own Heart In Love

With Venus and Chiron in harmony, old emotions from our romantic past may surface.

Our minds might linger on issues that need our attention regarding our love lives and why it’s time to move forward. Therefore, we might conclude that certain relationships are not worth it because of the way they make us feel about ourselves.

Examining our triggers and being conscious that we don't have to compromise or put other people's needs before our own is critical with this alignment.

Venus-Chiron transits like this help us see why we can’t continue to break our own hearts by repeating old patterns in our love life, so this could give the nudge needed to shift how we approach relationships.

3/30 Mars Trine Saturn: Taking Constructive Action On Your Long-term Aspirations

If the Mars Retrograde impacted you months ago, this transit could aid in getting back on track with objectives. So, if we’ve squandered our energy on less essential things, this could help us regain our focus on vital issues.

When Mars and Saturn are in a supportive alignment, they encourage us to act in a way that creates a solid foundation to improve our lives. Therefore, this is the turning point in seeing momentum on delayed goals or things that have seemed to slip by.

With an influence like this, we have the bandwidth to do what's complicated. This is because our minds can manage technical circumstances expertly.

Hence, things usually go well as you move closer to realizing your objectives or bringing other dreams to life. An alignment like this encourages us to take advantage of opportunities because it gives us the drive to focus on the right goals.

Also, because Mars rules intimacy, this can be an excellent time to ensure you commit to the correct partnerships.

3/30 Venus Conjunct Uranus: Shaking Things Up In Your Love Life Healthily

With Venus and Uranus conjunct, we get the urge to shake things up regarding love and money.

So, this will be a day when we desire more adventure than usual because an aspect like this motivates us to get out and have fun.

With this configuration, we feel the impulse to change our lifestyle. Hence, this period could be devoted to updating the things in our lives. Energy like this gets us exploring ways to switch things up in our love life, work, social scene, and even with our wardrobe.

Another benefit of this combo is that it encourages us to use fresh dating strategies and break out of our comfort zones.

As a result, we might be more receptive to meeting new types of people in terms of romance. Long-term partners may spice things up by trying out new places for date night and developing more inventiveness regarding intimacy.

Finance-wise, this can prompt us to consider creative ways to raise our income. Or we can begin looking for a career that aligns with us authentically. Also, because of the nature of Venus and Uranus in harmony, this could also bring in unexpected funds.

4/1 Venus Semisquare Mars: Seeking Romantic Thrills

Thrill-seeking continues on Saturday and Sunday with Venus alignments.

Venus and Mars will make a complicated transit that has ups and downs.

On the fun end, this aspect is excellent for igniting passion in healthy partnerships, so this might be a day when intimacy is out of this world.

Unfortunately, this alignment tends to exaggerate the more dramatic aspects of relationships, so we could feel more agitated if there are disagreements.

This might intensify some of those toxic conditions in already dysfunctional relationships.

4/2 Venus Semisextile Jupiter: Overboard Antics In Our Love Life

The need to be extra will wash over us on Sunday with an exhilarating transit between Venus and Jupiter.

We tend to overindulge in everything when Venus and Jupiter form a problematic combination.

Thus, when we feel fantastic, it's simple to take a laid-back attitude toward going too far. We can feel the temptation to gorge on food, spend money like it's going out of style, or have four too many beverages.

Enjoy this aspect's upbeat energy but be mindful of your actions because Venus-Jupiter can lead to a tummy ache and a lower bank account balance.

Vibes For The Week
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The vibes for the week are more loaded than usual due to the significant shift we've gone through this month.

Every single vibe intersects one another, causing us to feel like our moods are vacillating from jolly to neutral to stress.

Mental energy will peak from the 27th-28th then drop off until the 31st to the 1st. Because this is a week chock full of Mercury Transits, our minds will be in overdrive, so those dates above could be about pulling ourselves out of analysis paralysis.

Romantic energy will peak and valley through the entire week.

Since Venus will play a dominant role around the second half of the week, it will be a time to bring a dose of passion to our dating and relationship scenarios. Also, we could find an excuse to do something exhilarating, love life-wise.

Social vibes show up from the 27th-28th then become low-grade for the entire week. Usually, most wouldn't associate the beginning of the week with get-togethers, but we might have the urge to be playful and mingle with others.

Despite the social energies, we might feel conflicted due to solitary vibes.

Emotional sensitivity appears up and down from the 28th to the 31st. This is also intersected by imagination and confusion. Of course, this could add to the conflict of needing social exchanges but also wanting space to deal with complex feelings. Also, we might experience moments of haze, resulting in needing time to decipher muddled situations.

There's a steady stream of ambition throughout the next 7 days. Due to the complexities of this week's Transits, the urge to get ahead of our goals and other essential things will be vital.

And good luck vibes occur from the 27th-1st. Because of a few fortunate transits mixed in with everything else, we might be able to pick ourselves back up and stumble upon cool opportunities that will aid us in moving forward.

Transits For The Week

We're not leaving March quietly, but that's to be expected due to all of the rare planetary events we've experienced this month.

Transits For March 27th to April 2nd:

  • 3/27 Mercury Semisextile Uranus: Convos That Lead To A Shocked Reaction
  • 3/27 Mercury Semisquare Saturn: Needing Alone Time To Be With Your Thoughts
  • 3/28 Mercury Conjunct Jupiter: Philosophical Chats
  • 3/28 Mars Semisquare Uranus: Taking Unnecessary Risk
  • 3/29 Venus Semisextile Chiron: Why You Can't Keep Braking Your Own Heart In Love
  • 3/30 Venus Conjunct Uranus: Shaking Things Up In Your Love Life Healthily
  • 3/30 Mars Trine Saturn: Taking Constructive Action On Your Long-term Aspirations
  • 4/1 Venus Semisquare Mars: Seeking Romantic Thrills
  • 4/2 Venus Semisextile Jupiter: Overboard Antics In Our Love Life

Use this week to work on mindset complexities that are weighing you down and make time to enjoy the fun vibes of the weekend.

Have a wonderful week!!!

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