Mars Enters Cancer On March 25th, 2023

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On March 25th, Mars leaves Gemini and transits into Cancer which might motivate us to take action in our personal lives.
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After 7 ½ months, Mars is finally leaving Gemini and entering Cancer.

Mars has been in Gemini since August 19th, 2022, due to its retrograde cycle, which prolonged its stint in the sign of the twins. And while in Gemini, our mental game was the best way to get things done.

But now that this planet is entering Cancer, we can lead with our feelings instead of a cerebral approach to taking action.

Therefore, the fiery nature of Mars paired with a water sign like Cancer will genuinely feel like we’re entering new territory after 7 ½ months of intellectualizing everything.

Under this influence, we could feel more driven by our emotions to act on what we want. Our motivation will come from caring about other people's needs and seeking out ways to feel emotionally secure.

Even though this is the Mars combination voted least likely to compete, it doesn't mean our vying side won’t surface occasionally. But, our ambition is more hung back, so even if we need to be competitive or want to chase goals, we might wait until our emotions move us.

And one thing to note is that Mars happens to be in its fall position in Cancer. So, this planet can run into some snags while in this placement because the energies are very different.

Essential dignities is a system in Astrology used to determine how planets work with Zodiac pairings. Through this methodology, some combinations work marvelously due to their commonality, while others might experience hiccups since their natures are vastly different.

Cancerian energy is about nurturing others, comfort, domestic things, and emotional security. A sign like this promotes taking a more reflective approach, being thoughtful, thinking of others, along with focusing on our personal and private lives.

Mars governs temperament, how we assert ourselves, self-motivation, and going after what we desire. A planet like this is about channeling our inner gladiator, seeking victory, and living a busy life. Also, Mars is the ruler of Aries, a sign that isn’t worried about waiting around for others and takes immediate action regardless of feelings.

On top of that, Mars is exalted in Capricorn, Cancer's opposite sign, which is one of the other reasons why there’s some discomfort with this combination. Mars performs very well in Capricorn because it's not as concerned with the emotional side allowing it to focus on accomplishing goals and triumphs.

As a result, we might have moments when we’re experiencing more internal conflict about how we take action. And because of the sensitive nature of Cancer, we might feel off-kilter when having to express anger.

Now, this doesn’t mean this transit through Cancer will be an awful time because there are benefits.

Because Mars represents our enthusiasm and how we go after what we want, it can take an exciting turn in Cancer. Generally, the home life isn't a huge goal for most people since our society is focused on career ambition, finances, or going on a wild adventure. Still, in this energy, we turn that toward our personal life.

One of the great things about this pairing is we use our energy on the essential areas of our life. We feel passionate in the pursuit but in a reactive way.

With Mars in Cancer, we feel more compelled to exert energy into the home. So, we could feel like it's time to look at how we can take action on private matters, improve our relationships, and chase emotional stability. An energy like this causes us to lean into our protective side as well, so ensuring all things domestic are taken care of and safe will be vital under this influence.

We feel more compelled to work on these things and ensure we have more than monetary security. To truly have outward success is also essential, but having a stable foundation behind the scenes is crucial too.

Otherwise, we become empty, which does trickle down to our other goals. Sometimes we lose sight of how meaningful our personal lives are, but luckily, this combo helps us work on these situations.

Fighting for a better home environment becomes crucial in this energy.

Taking steps that lead to emotional security will feel vital under this influence. Over the next 6 weeks of Mars transiting through Cancer, we could take action on fostering an environment and relationships that promote feelings of well-being and stability.

Some of this could be through actively working on old baggage that makes us feel off-kilter, breaking generational patterns, and doing activities that promote feeling comfortable with our emotions.

Also, we might look at the relationships that are depleting us and figure out ways to set healthier boundaries or cut those unions off if necessary. So, this could be when we're channeling our driven side into improving domestic happenings.

With energy like this, we will feel more inclined to do activities with relatives or people we consider family to ensure our personal life is more fulfilling.

A pairing like this promotes exerting energy at home; we could have the urge to spring clean or make alterations to our abode, so it’s more like a sanctuary. The need to burn off energy in our domicile could also result in being active by working out there instead of exercising at the gym.

Even though some prefer a trip to the gym, this could be when you’re over it regarding dealing with the crowds and might be interested in setting up a workout area at your domicile. Or, for those who are just starting a fitness journey, exercising at your own digs might bring comfort.

Due to the family-oriented nature, we might also pour our energy into activities with those we’re related to or friends who are like relatives. So, this could be an action-packed time of setting up get-togethers like having a party or inviting loved ones over for dinner. Also, it could be a time of exhilarating outings with those you consider family.

Because Cancer rules the past, we could be driven by nostalgic and sentimental things. A passion for historical data could wash over us during this transit, so the need to search archives, research timelines from the past, watch documentaries, or go thrifting and antique shopping will feel fulfilling.

Since Mars rules our bedroom stamina, this could be a time when intimacy is more passionate. Therefore, paired with a more emotional sign like Cancer, we might become more amorous and crave more profound affection. Because Cancer is very receptive, it could enunciate the need for more thoughtful intimacy.

If you’re single, this could be when you’re taking actions to ensure the relationship you’ll eventually settle down into will offer up emotional security. Mars in Cancer could also enunciate an attraction to commitment-oriented types in your dating life.

For established unions, things could be more connective in terms of intimacy for those in committed partnerships. This could lead to being a more thoughtful partner in the bedroom rather than just thinking about your needs.

Of course, there's a lower expression regarding this energy because every sign change has a more complex side.

Because Cancer energy deals with the phases of the Moon and fluctuations, we could experience changes regarding our moods which could come out more argumentative than usual. Since there’s a tendency to bottle up emotions, some of that could manifest into feeling out of whack due to not releasing pent-up feelings. Also, since Mars deals with our energy levels, we might experience fluctuations regarding motivation and vitality.

With Mars in this combination, we must be aware of our emotions because there could be moments of reacting impulsively due to how we’re feeling. Another issue is that we might become triggered easily, leading to being overreactionatory because we feel extra sensitive.

Since Mars governs our temper and Cancerian energy is about seeking comfort, there could be issues with confrontation.

In other words, the nature of Cancer is to keep things manageable, resulting in not addressing problems and trying to save face. The problem with this is the issues never go away; instead, it becomes bottled-up anger, so there’s a tendency to react like a bursting pressure cooker that’s reached its maximum.

Mars transiting through Cancer can inflate drama in our domestic environment, so familial disputes become more enhanced than typical under this energy.

Also, there might be uncomfortable scenarios where being overly protective backfires or having to address resentfulness that’s bubbled up to the surface due to always being there for others but not getting the same nurturing in return.

Even with the lower expression, it's nice to see Mars finally out of its retrograde cycle and back to traversing the rest of the Zodiac again.

Let’s use this Mars in Cancer transit to take action on our domestic needs and personal lives.

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