The New Moon In Aries Forecast March 21st, 2023

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The first New Moon of the spring will occur on March 21st under the sign of the ram, allowing us to see the importance of focusing on ourselves for a change.
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We have the New Moon on March 21st at 00 Degrees of Aries at 10:22 am PST, which is 1:22 PM EST. Check your local time to see when this lunar event is occurring for you.

In Astrology, the sign of Aries marks the beginning of the Zodiac and is the commencement of the Zodiacal year. Aries starts a new cycle, ushering us out of the cold and into a new season.

And welcome to the first of two New Moons in Aries.

That’s right, we have another fresh lunar phase under this placement, occurring on April 19th, but the second lunation will be in the form of a solar eclipse.

There’s a big Aries Stellium with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Chiron, making the influence of this sign very potent. Also, this Moon is happening at something called an anaretic degree in Astrology, meaning it is at a critical point.

Celestial bodies at 00 or 29 degrees of a sign mark turning points where we need to take action.

Since this is at the very beginning of Aries, a New Moon in this zodiac placement will be about starting something fresh that we’ve never initiated before. So, this will give us the urge to embark on something we’ve hesitated on but know instinctively it’s time to get things going.

However, since there will be a second New Moon in Aries also at an anaretic degree, we might have to end something before we start a fresh phase.

The chart ruler is Mars, the governing planet for Aries, and it is also at a critical point degree-wise. Even though New Moons are about beginnings, the chart ruler being within one degree of 29 could have us wrapping something up.

Mars will make complicated transits to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, and Pluto.

During this lunar event, our moods could be all over the place, causing us not to understand where someone is coming from and then lash out. Try to be mindful of your temper and the need to control situations because this could also cause flare-ups due to these complex transits.

However, this planet will connect with Saturn in a harmonious transit that could motivate us to take care of essential matters. Energy like this will help us move past some of the gloomier alignments and feel like there is at least a bright side to even the most daunting situations.

The Moon will aspect the Sun as it does during New Moons, but it's also aligning Saturn and Uranus under challenging transits. We could feel at a tug of war between keeping things the same vs. making the necessary updates to our lives, leading to frustration. With energy like this, it's good to look for balance and not make changes too fast but recognize what's outworn its usefulness in your life.

However, it is harmoniously connected to Mercury, Neptune, and Pluto, which could get us back on track. With these alignments, we could feel like we’re finally gaining a moment of clarity, feel inspired to heal the toxic things in our lives, and transform unfortunate circumstances in our favor.

Signs that will experience this lunar event stronger than others are the cardinal modality. Therefore, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 0 to 10 degrees of these placements will be the most affected.

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Vibes Of The Full Moon In Aries
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For being such a loaded New Moon, there are only 3 vibes on the graph.

Solitude will appear from the 22nd to the 23rd, which could pronounce the urge for space from others. Mental vibes will also be present, so we might feel like we need to take a moment to recharge our batteries and get some quiet time with our thoughts.

Also, social vibes appear from the 21st to the 23rd.

Considering that social vibes are higher than solitude, we might get a chance to shake off the gloominess from the harder alignments. This entertaining energy allows us to get out of our heads so we can let off some steam in a fun way.

Aries New Moon Reflective Questions

Aside from the energies occurring now, this is an excellent place to start if you want to integrate more Aries energy. A New moon is about starting something under this fresh cycle, creating what you want to improve on, and including the best qualities of that sign.

Where would you like to see yourself regarding Aries’s positive traits by the time we get to the Full Moon in this sign on September 29th of this year?

Take charge of your life through these Aries questions:

  • Are you ready to find yourself again?
  • Let go of co-dependent behaviors?
  • Do you want to lead a bolder existence?
  • Are you ready to let go of the things that prevent you from becoming independent?
  • Want to develop ways to stop second-guessing yourself?
  • Are you prepared to speak up more and find your voice?
  • Looking to be more competitive with yourself in a healthy manner?
  • Seeing why you need to focus on your own aims rather than stop comparing yourself to others?
  • Wanting to find ways to develop a more ambitious mindset and drive?
  • Ready to boost your confidence and put an end to self-doubt?
  • Understanding the importance of being self-motivated?
  • Ready to be more spontaneous?
  • Feeling done with just sitting around and are craving a more active way of life?
  • Looking to become stronger, healthier and work on your physical fitness??
  • At a point where you are looking for a more thrilling and adventurous life?
  • Recognizing that you need to develop your main character energy?
  • Understanding the importance of being open to experience?
  • Know it's time to carve out your own path?
  • Ready to gain more endurance intimacy-wise so you can have a more passionate and thrilling experience?
  • At a point where you know it's time to take charge of your love life?

Aries is a passionate, pioneering sign that requires the freedom to follow its dreams in order to be content. Because of this, the sign of the ram is a great energy to integrate if you want to learn how to be confident and chase your aspirations.

Under this influence, we feel encouraged to consider what we can do to take control of our life.

Energetically, this is a self-assured zodiac placement; thus, this quality may help us not second guess ourselves and take decisive action. As a result, you can be motivated to put yourself out there, whatever that may entail.

Because this is a Mars-ruled sign, it deals with our bedroom stamina, so this might be a time to improve that area allowing you to have a better intimate life.

Or perhaps you needed a little more encouragement to return to the dating scene after a long absence. Energy like this gives us the edge needed to put ourselves back out there, so working on this could aid you in getting out of the passenger seat of your love life.

The sign of Aries is all about our independence and ability to strike out on our own. With this, we might feel more comfortable doing our own thing without waiting on everyone else. As a result, channeling this energy allows for us to be more self-sufficient.

We also understand the importance of seeking a more exhilarating existence and why we must be active. So, this is excellent for reigniting a sense of aliveness back into your life that gets you eager to try new things, be more social, and go on incredible adventures.

Vibes like this also give us the urge to put ourselves first, especially after being co-dependent. So, this energy is excellent for recognizing where we might have lost ourselves trying to be everything to everyone but not filling up our own cups.

Spend some time considering your goals for the upcoming six months so you can capitalize on this daring energy.

Themes for the Aries New Moon
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Thanks to this New Moon in Aries, we might feel inspired to take our life in the direction that sets us on an adventurous path. Let's look at this checklist to see how we can take action to further ourselves.

How to capitalize on Aries's positive traits:

  • It’s time to move forward from individuals who obstruct your growth.
  • Use the independent spirit of an Aries to be self-determined.
  • Don’t let fear rule your life because it’s preventing you from feeling a sense of aliveness.
  • Learn to be brave and confident in your own abilities.
  • Focus on your own goals rather than comparing yourself to what everyone else is doing.
  • It’s not cocky to have a winning attitude; own that part of yourself and be victorious.
  • Take a break from what others want for you and do you for a change.
  • Find yourself again after being lost and gain your sense of adventure once again.
  • If done healthily, it's okay to do things on impulse because overthinking rather than acting leads to stagnation.
  • Live in your truth and own who you are.
  • Take every chance you are presented with and maximize your blessings.
  • Authenticity is everything, so try to find ways to present that to the world.
  • Align yourself with those who are the “What you see is what you get” types; that way, you always know where you stand with them.
  • Embark on a new journey that leads you to something promising and thrilling.
  • Create your own definition of athletics; if you have physical fitness aspirations, now is the time to plan to achieve them.
  • It's time for you to be mighty and summon your inner gladiator or warrior.

Figure out what you’d like to achieve over this period; that way, you can be victorious in whatever goals you’re chasing.

Have a wonderful New Moon!!!

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