Mercury Goes Into Aries On March 19, 2023

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On March 19th, Mercury will transit into Aries, enhancing the need to speak confidently and take decisive action on our goals.
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“Sugarcoating is not my style.”

We’re on another round of Aries energy.

As we switch from the vague communication style of Pisces, we shift to Aries’s direct approach to speaking.

Mercury, the planet of communication and rationality, allows us to be more alert in the sign of the ram. Things won't be hazy or unclear, which is a comfort, unlike our vibe with this planet in Pisces. Instead, complexities are more evident, and conversations are likely to be straightforward.

Since Aries is an energetic sign, our minds will feel invigorated through this transit. Although quick and to the point, a combination such as this helps us see things from new angles regarding what we hear, think, and comprehend.

Because this is a mentally sharp energy, it's easier to absorb information quickly in this setup. So, if you need to learn something but happen to be on a time crunch, this energy is excellent for getting the mechanics of a topic, so you’re able to apply it.

What’s cool about that is if you’ve wanted to take up a subject but don’t have the time to sit through the general stuff, this allows us to skim while still learning the meat and potatoes of an area of study.

Another benefit of this is it helps us act without overthinking things or hesitating, which makes it easier for us to make decisions. Mercury in Aries pushes us to make quick determinations, so we will make rapid-fire choices if something requires a yes or no.

Frankness won't be a problem with this setup, either.

With this type of Mercury, passive aggression vanishes, allowing us to tell it like it is because we’re less concerned about how we come across to others. Of course, that can get problematic, but on the positive end, conversations take a “What you see is what you get” tone.

A refreshing thing about this pairing is we have the capacity to express ourselves genuinely. With this alignment, it should be simpler to communicate openly with others, address subjects we might otherwise find too harsh, and feel at ease being ourselves.

Keeping an open dialog lets others know where they stand with us and vice versa; that way, no one is in the dark about our intentions. A combination like this is also fantastic for getting honest with ourselves about things we can no longer sugarcoat and seeing situations for what they are, even if it's uncomfortable.

If you need to express something, this ingress might make asking for what you want easier. The pairing of Mercury in Aries stands by the saying, “Closed mouths don’t get fed,” so with this energy, we will gain more by speaking up for what we desire.

Mercury in Aries is also fantastic for talking confidently, not being scared to ask for what you want, and speaking up for those who are voiceless. So, this can be useful for apprehensive types who need a nudge to stand up for themselves.

Our minds could be filled with ideas for taking action to pursue the things we are passionate about ultimately. Aries is a pioneering, energetic sign that must follow its passions to be happy.

Independent thinking becomes more accessible in this combination. Because Aries is a self-focused sign concerned with its own agenda, on the positive end, it helps us form our own opinions. So, with this energy, we will feel more confident using our own judgment rather than relying on others to show us how to think.

Socially, we will crave adventure and engage in exhilarating exchanges. Aries, which is associated with adventure, must do something entertaining and risky.

Therefore, this pairing will help us experience a rapid upsurge in communication and exciting activities. As a result, the need to be social will be revved up. We may find ourselves texting and chattering since our minds will feel alert and eager to interact with others.

In this vibe, we often find the courage to be more flirtatious but in a humorous manner.

So, it should come naturally to express your playful side with someone that grabs your attention. Mercury in Aries boosts the confidence to be flirty, so if you were hesitant to convey your feelings to someone you admire, this could give you the extra push you need to do so.

Stimulation-wise, we will need something that excites our minds.

Energetically, we could feel mentally quenched by creativity, thrilling brain games, strategy, comedy, and sporting events. In addition to seeking knowledge, we'll also look for joy, laughter, and excitement to make us feel alive. Also, our minds get stimulated through athletic happenings, so we could feel more inclined to work out or do activities that cause us to break a sweat.

A neutral expression of this ingress is that Aries is a swift energy that moves through things rapidly, resulting in not retaining long-term information. This is not to say the things you learn quickly will be lost, but there tends to be a need to get things done fast, resulting in missing vital info.

Mostly, the vibes of Mercury in Aries are great for completing something you don't mind retaining every detail about. Therefore, this is fantastic for an exam on a subject you will probably never use again, for having that quick answer, for comprehending something swiftly, or for both.

Also, because of the tendency to move on quickly, this is the kind of energy where we can get mad at something or someone and then be over it 15 minutes later.

Naturally, for every positive vibe to a sign change, we always have to look at the lower vibration of this expression.

Since this is a lively configuration, we may occasionally feel jittery or speak too quickly, which might result in jumping from topic to topic.

Also, due to Aries's impatience, we could try to rush through conversations and things that are too general because we can't be bothered. As a result, you could become frustrated if you have to study or comprehend something too broad.

Another issue with this fast-paced vibe is that we could get impatient with people who speak slowly or don’t act on things as speedy as we need them to do in the moment.

Sarcasm is prevalent in this energy, good, bad, or indifferent leading to misunderstandings.

Because of the direct nature of this arrangement, we need to be aware of our tone because it might come across as rude. Mercury in Aries is the definition of “It's not what you say but how you say it,” so we need to be aware of how we convey a message.

Due to the self-focused nature of this energy, we also might have moments when we’re not considering others. Because Aries is a sign associated with our personal journey, we tend not to think about how individuals might be affected by our words and actions.

So, it’s essential to be mindful and take the moment to think about how something we’re doing might make someone else feel.

Under this alignment, tempers flare up rapidly, making it easier to become enraged quickly. Also, because of Aries’s conquering nature and cheeky personality, we need to be aware of acting bossy or coming on too strong.

But even with this ingress's harsher manifestation, we'll still have a wonderful time and accomplish much.

Use this transit to become mentally alert again and communicate confidently.

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