Venus Goes Into Taurus On March 16th, 2023

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With Venus entering Taurus in mid-March, we will have more of an urge to treat ourselves and not feel guilty about it.
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“Depriving ourselves causes us to miss out on life’s pleasures!”

Venus is entering its native sign of the Bull, which could cause us to crave a softer approach to our relationships and finances.

As we leave the relentless approach to our love life with Aries, we shift to a more tranquil methodology regarding romance.

Taurus season might be a little over 4 weeks away, but we’re about to get a sampler of this sign's lovely notes. And this expression is so needed, given some of the harsh energies occurring right now.

Taurean energy is about chillaxing and relaxing while savoring the finer things in life.

On top of that, Venus has traveled through 6 zodiacal zones to reach its governing sign finally. Libra is the other zodiac placement ruled by this planet, and when this celestial body is transiting here, it can make magic happen.

Fortunately, Venus stopped in Pisces, another sign this planet enjoys being in, before traveling through Aries, where it is in the term known as Detriment. Venus in Aries has some restrictions, but that doesn't make for a bad experience.

With all the Aries energy in the skies right now, we need the easygoing nature of Taurus. Being proactive and a go-getter is fantastic, but it's also crucial to unwind occasionally. So, it will be simpler to slow down regarding our passions. Not that we won't be ambitious, but we'll go a little easier on ourselves.

But let’s face it; life is more splendid when we’re in a place where we can shine. So, now Venus can relax in its own space and focus on what it does best.

Venus is the planet that rules our relationships, money, social interactions, how we let our hair down, and fashion. In Taurus, we seek an uncomplicated approach to these situations and feel less guilty about taking our time and relishing in the moment.

A Taurean approach allows us to feel more at ease, crave comfort, dependability, plus take deliberate steps to treat ourselves to proper self-care. One of the many reasons this combination works impeccably is because it lets us focus on our well-being.

With an influence like this, embracing our sensual side is simpler, whether through romance, receiving a massage, or using essential oils that leave our skin soft. This is because Taurus is associated with feel-good things, especially bodily sensations.

Our senses are in overdrive during Taurus times, allowing us to appreciate aromas, taste food more fully, and enjoy wine like a connoisseur or sommelier. We can also benefit from this combination's guilt-free attitude by satisfying urges to spoil ourselves.

In this energy, taking care of our needs comes first; therefore, we'll be more concerned with pampering ourselves. This could be achieved by eating delicious cuisine, relaxing, scheduling pleasurable activities, and setting aside time to care for our appearance.

Romance-wise, this can be when you prefer quality relationships to quick thrills. The great thing about Taurus is that it shows us the importance of having better standards.

Because of the nature of this sign, it’s fantastic for understanding our non-negotiables, so this could be when you’re ensuring the person you’re interested in meets your standards. Venus in Taurus shows us why we need to be comfortable in our unions and not settle for anything less than quality.

For single people, this combination makes it simpler to draw in reliable types who are interested in a real relationship and not just a cheap night. Also, because this is a slower-moving energy, this might be when you meet those who take their time, but once it gains momentum, things are very steady and consistent.

And if you’re in a committed relationship, Venus in Taurus could pronounce the urge to treat one another and indulge in life’s finer things. Because this combination promotes our senses, this could be a period of going on dates that allow for sensory overload. Also, a vibe like this is excellent for being more sensual and relishing in passionate moments.

Socially, it's not only about dining out, but that’s also on the agenda. A pairing like this is about bodily stimulations because Taurus and Venus deal with the 5 senses. Our need to mingle with others could give us the urge to dine at some of the greatest establishments, or instead of bar hopping; it’s a time to participate in a food crawl.

Also, since this is a sign associated with enthralling ourselves in nature, it’s an excellent excuse to get outside, weather permitting, of course. But, if you’re residing in a warm place, simply going on walks, hiking in the woods, or visiting a luscious botanical garden will give a considerable boost.

If the great outdoors isn’t in the cards, enjoying live music is another way to capitalize on this energy. Music and Taurus go hand in hand because it is about taking in life’s lovely melodies. Our enthusiasm for attending concerts and playing music with high-quality audio will be potent.

As stated earlier, Taurus is about having standards for ourselves in order to enhance our self-esteem.

We examine what or who is edifying us so that we can make the appropriate adjustments with those we let into our zone. In this energy, we recognize how critical it is to surround ourselves with people who value and respect us. Also, this could be a time to clear up self-worth issues so you’re feeling better about yourself internally.

Under this influence, our financial comfort is given more consideration than usual.

Taurus is an Earth sign concerned with increasing its monetary worth, so we might feel more fixated on ensuring we’re accruing reliable sources of income.

Fast money becomes less appealing in this energy. Venus in Taurus is about finding something dependable, even if it takes time, rather than acquiring money as quickly as possible. So, this could rev up the need to search for something job-wise that generates more money and has long-term potential.

How we spend money and adorn ourselves is associated with Venus, and because this planet’s in Taurus, we’ll be geared towards quality.

Regarding beauty purchases, this could ramp up the urge to buy clothes that create a sensory experience, like silks or comfy materials. Or, getting a deep conditioning in our hair to promote softness and because it feels incredible to quench our tresses. And, of course, splurging on higher quality foods because, in this energy, the need to snack on the best treats is strong.

Naturally, this combination has a lower vibration like any other Sign change when planetary energies shift.

Venus's shadow aspects in Taurus could enhance our ravenous side, leading to unquenchable moments with the things we consume. These overindulgences could be on food and other comforting activities we want to savor.

Also, this could translate to money in terms of spending or behaving greedily about our resources. This could also exaggerate our materialistic tendencies and awaken our inner snob, leading to overspending and criticizing those who aren't as fancy.

In relationships, stubbornness, and possessive issues might become problematic. Therefore, this energy could enunciate a quandary about not compromising with a spouse because we want things our way. Or this could show up as needing to control things since we’re only concerned with our comfort.

Also, due to the high standards of this placement, we might feel choosier than usual. There's nothing wrong with disqualifying someone because they aren’t of caliber, but there is an unhealthy end, so try to be balanced in your picking process. Also, try not to be too closed off if returning to the dating game is outside your comfort zone.

Overly high standards could also affect us professionally in this energy. Consequently, there may be times when we feel we are too qualified for a position in our careers. Although it's crucial to recognize your value and avoid settling, this is more of an extreme case when entitlement is displayed.

Even with the lower vibes of this pairing, it still helps us take the opportunity to take advantage of feel-good things.

So, use it to raise the bar in your life healthily and occasionally treat yourself.

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