The Full Moon in Virgo Forecast For Zodiac Signs

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Here’s your Virgo Full Moon Horoscope.
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Now that the Full Moon in Virgo is underway, what does that mean for your Zodiac placement?!

Since this is Virgo energy, we will focus on making our lives more efficient through our daily routines.

Full Moons mark the culmination of the lunar cycle and allow us to witness the results of our efforts since the New Moon in the zodiac that corresponds with the completion cycle.

Under this influence, we work on being useful, discernment, perfectionism, how to be of service, our analytical abilities, being more refined, and job performance. Also, Virgo’s energy is about developing skills that will help us become an expert in our chosen craft.

The best way to read this article is by utilizing your rising sign or big three to receive the most accuracy from this horoscope. Your Sun, Moon, and rising sign are your "big 3," which adds another level and greater specificity to how this lunation will affect you.

I suggest using an online calculator or apps if you don't know these placements in your natal chart.

Astrodienst, Astroseek, and Astro Charts are the websites I recommend. Or if you’re a mobile app kind of person, then Timepassages, Sanctuary, and Astro Matrix are the best choices.

And I totally get it; some people resonate more with their solar side, while others do with their lunar vibes. So, if you'd rather read this as you do with a Sun sign horoscope, then that’s okay too.

Team Self-Improvement

The Mutable signs will feel this lunar event more than others allowing them to work on what needs to be refined from the last 6 months.


A lunar event in your sign makes you the head overseer of this Full Moon.

During this period, it’s a time to examine how you’ve refined things regarding being the main character in your story.

In other words, this was a period to get back in the driver's seat of your life and go after what you desired. So now that you’re at this peak of the cycle, this should be when you’re ready to embark on a path that allows you to be the protagonist in your story.

Also, this was a period to adopt better habits to improve your stamina and your appearance.

And because you’ve put your needs aside in favor of being useful, this is a time for you to choose yourself for a change. Therefore, take this time to return to things you placed on the shelf because your focus wasn’t on you.


With a Moon occurring in your opposite sign, you’re the co-pilot in this story.

Pisces, this is a period to understand how your meaningful relationships have improved over the last 6 months.

You’re at a point where something needs to shift in your close unions to ensure things are reciprocal. In other words, this is about ensuring the partnerships in your life offer mutual respect and thoughtfulness.

Energetically, this is your time to guarantee you are getting fairness from all of your situations and creating a harmonious life. And to make sure you’re developing further, this phase could have been about doing shadow work to reconnect with the parts of you that have been lost.


A Virgo Full Moon will help you look at what you’ve improved regarding personal life issues that were creating imbalances in your life.

Gemini, this is a period to see what’s working, what needs to be tweaked, and wastefulness regarding your home life. Therefore, this is a time to make sure that nothing is disrupting the flow of your abode, such as relationships, comfort, privacy, and making your home a sanctuary.

Also, this is a period to make sure you’re inner security needs are being met. So, if anything was creating an imbalance regarding emotional security, you should be able to pinpoint what has caused things to be off-kilter.


Energetically, this Full Moon will cause you to examine things to do with leveling up professionally.

Sagittarius, this is a lunar event to look at what you started 6 months ago about enhancing your career. So, if you’ve worked to build up a good portfolio, this could finally be the time to apply for a dream job. Or this could have been a period about creating a long-term plan for financial security.

With a lunar event like this, let go of things that waste your time and focus on what will maximize your results. And this could have been a period to start you on the road to being masterful in your chosen field.

The Importance Of Organization

For Aries and Aquarius, this lunar event will help you see the blind spots preventing system and order in your life.


For you, Aries, this lunar event will be about learning to focus on the small things that are throwing off your daily life.

The last 6 months were a time to become more aware of the things you’ve overlooked that are causing issues with your schedule. In other words, your ability to be efficient and how you feel regarding energy levels could have been depleted by something you swept under the rug.

For this reason, you could finally be more aware of why letting certain things slide comes at a cost to you in more ways than one.


A Full Moon in the sign of Virgo will allow you to refine the areas of your life that need to transform.

Aquarius, you’re at the peak of a cycle regarding letting go of what no longer serves you and make a significant shift toward things that will benefit you. So, if something was unhealthy, like a habit or coping mechanism, this is a period to overhaul these systems that didn’t work.

Because this event is happening in the sector of your chart regarding monetary situations, connecting deeply in a relationship, and coping skills, these are the areas where you need to be more observant.

Analyzing What Needs Refinement

The Virgo Full Moon will be a time of introspection for Leo and Libra to step back and see what needs to be polished.


At this lunar event, you will focus on improving the things that bring you comfort.

Leo, this is a time to contemplate how to build up your self-esteem. Even though most believe you’re self-assured, something has been zapping your confidence for a bit, causing you to no longer feel like yourself.

How you earn money will also be something you’re attempting to improve. So, this is when you’re ready to put a plan into action in these areas of life to ensure your resources offer you financial security.

Another situation to consider is looking at what brings you value and what is a total time suck. So, this will help you focus on worthwhile concerns that align with your spirit.


For you, Libra, this event will cause you to focus on becoming more connected to your mystical side.

A lunation like this is a time to see how far you’ve come on a spiritual journey.

Energetically, this was a time to get back on track or to start a healing path that reconnects you with your soul. Now that we’re in this phase, you could take action on ways to ground yourself and connect with your higher self.

Since the New Moon in this sign 6 months ago, this was a time to become more in tune with faith, beliefs, and esoteric knowledge. And at this phase in the Virgoan lunar cycle, you could feel more in touch with your intuition, allowing you to follow your gut instincts better.

Persistence Pays Off

Cancer and Scorpio, this lunation will aid you in enhancing the projects you’ve been persistent on over these last 6 months.


With a lunar event in a sign like Virgo, this will help you see how versatility has paid off in the last 6 months.

Cancer, this was a period to become more flexible and learn the importance of variety.

Over this cycle, it was a time to get comfortable with not putting your eggs in one basket since its limits you from taking fantastic opportunities. At this Full Moon, you could be ready to add more options to your life, so you aren’t as limited.

Also, this should have helped in becoming curious about exploring more places in your city rather than the same old spots you frequent.


Because of how this lunar event is aspecting your chart, this is a time to consider what you built regarding platonic relationships.

Now that we’re at the Full Moon, this is a period to see what's working regarding friendships, groups, and any other memberships. This could be a time to see if these things can flourish by meeting people on the same wavelength as you and establishing beneficial connections.

And because you planted the seeds of intention regarding hopes and wishes, this lunar phase should help you achieve that without too many obstacles.

Using Your Time Productively

For Taurus and Capricorn, this Full Moon will be a more down-to-earth period for your signs.


Since this lunation aligns with you in a way that affects what makes you shine, this is a time to focus on dazzling.

Taurus, a lunation like this will help you look at what you’ve built regarding creativity and showing your talents. In other words, if you’ve developed some of your skills over these last 6 months, you could see that others are reacting positively. This should get eyes on the creations you put out into the world.

Another thing with this lunar event is that it emphasizes taking time to do leisurely activities and dating. So, this could be when you’re finally letting your hair down, going out more, and making room for romance in your life.


And last but never ever least, Capricorn!!

A lunar event in the sign of Virgo will help you see how far you’ve come regarding your philosophies in life.

For you, this is a time to use this knowledge to take more risks and be more optimistic instead of being limited in your viewpoints. In other words, this is a time to be less restrictive with your actions and shoot your shot at the opportunities you want in your life.

And this is a phase to explore uncharted territory rather than staying in ideals that have left you stuck. So, this will aid you in making plans to explore more and go on adventures that expand your mind.

Have a fantastic Virgo Full Moon, everyone.

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