This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For March 6th to 12th, 2023

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In this week’s Astrology, Saturn enters Pisces after two decades allowing us to use our spiritual and logical side to create stability in our lives.
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We have a significant and transformative week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Saturn exits Aquarius and moves into Pisces for the next 2 1/2 years allowing us to blend our spiritual side with logical methodologies. There will be a Full Moon in Virgo that could help us learn the art of refinement. Jupiter will make a connection to Chiron that hasn't occurred in 14 years, which will aid us in restoring optimism back in our lives. And Mercury will make the majority of the transits over these next 7 days, enunciating the need to work on communication issues and level up our way of thinking.

3/6 Sun Sextile Uranus: A Sudden Confidence Booster

Monday brings in pleasant surprises with the Sun and Uranus in a harmonious connection.

With the aid of this transit, circumstances that were on hold suddenly gain momentum. Because of this, obstacles should be lessened if you have any constraints in your life, mainly if a lack of confidence is limiting your potential. Also, this helps us feel independent, and like we can do things with less codependency.

Sun-Uranus alignments motivate us to take action toward our objectives; as a result, today can bring out our tenacious side.

We will also crave interaction with those on the same wavelength as us.

On a social level, this is excellent for drawing those who might later become friends. Individuals we haven't spoken to in a while might seem more open to catching up. Also, we may seek out and long for an adventure since it inspires us to take a risk and try something exciting.

3/7 Full Moon in Virgo: How To Become More Refined

The Full Worm Moon occurs in the sign of Virgo on Tuesday, allowing us to look at the seeds we planted since the new moon in this zodiac placement.

Full Moons are about reviewing what we’ve worked on over the last 6 months. So, during these lunar events, it’s a time to assess what’s going as planned, the things that need to be tweaked, and why it's essential to let go of things that no longer serve us.

In Virgo, we examine what needs to be polished regarding our routine, health, how we perform our jobs, skills we need to build, self-improvement, how to live an intentional life, and the importance of being useful.

Signs that will feel this lunar event more than others are the mutable modality Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces between 16 to 26 degrees of these placements.

3/7 Saturn Enters Pisces: Turning Hopes Into Concrete Scenarios

Tuesday brings in a fresh sign change that has been long overdue.

Saturn will leave Aquarius after 2 1/2 years and transit into Pisces until February 13th, 2026.

A pairing like this will enunciate our need to link with our mystical side but in a concrete way. In other words, we will be interested in connecting to spirituality and the unseen but in a logical and down-to-earth manner.

An ingress like this could help us in terms of testing beliefs that have no merit while seeing why some practices work because there’s something to them. So, this will be a period to research and test specific theories, philosophies, and other unquantifiable happenings to see if they can be proven.

Under this influence, we could feel more responsible for others, ushering in a period of compassion and assistance with helping our fellow humans.

Through this ingress, some heavier issues could occur, such as feeling like we’re not as imaginative, losing faith, and needing to balance our need for solitude. We might also experience a period where we must balance numbness vs. being overly sensitive. And there could be anxious feelings about things that have no structure.

Over this 2 ½ year period, specific signs will be more affected than others which will be the Mutable modality. Therefore, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will be the Zodiac placements with the most profound experience under this influence.

3/10 Mercury Semisextile Jupiter: How To Stretch The Truth

Friday and Saturday usher in a massive amount of Mercury aspects, causing communication to be more elevated than typical.

Mercury will make a complex transit to Jupiter, causing conversations to feel more inflated than usual. Because it could cause us to irritate others, we need to avoid acting egocentrically. Therefore, we could deal with those who are boastful, which leads to feelings of annoyance.

Also, some conversations might seem overembellished under this influence.

An alignment like this tends to lead to chats with others who stretch the truth to make their talking points sound grander than they are, so try to take some people with a grain of salt.

3/11 Mercury Semisextile Chiron: When Making Things Up In Your Mind Leads To Stress

On the same day, Mercury will make a connection to Chiron, which could lead to thinking about past snafus. With a transit like this, we can begin to reflect on situations that didn't turn out as we had intended, which might make us feel more emotional than usual.

If you're experiencing this energy, keep in mind that it's essential to be patient with yourself, attempt to reframe your thoughts when you feel off balance, and learn coping mechanisms that allow you to speak kindlier with yourself.

3/11 Mercury Semisquare Pluto: And This Is Why Talking At People Backfires

Continuing with the edgy vibes, Mercury and Pluto will form a complex alignment on Saturday, heightening conflict in our conversations.

Communication may feel more tense than usual during this transit since it produces a need to throw our weight around.

Another way to put it is that we might encounter individuals who prefer to talk over others and don't let anyone have a chance to get a word in edge-wise. As a result, there could be an argumentative tone due to power struggles with people who believe their talking points are more important than everyone else in social settings.

3/11 Mercury Sextile Uranus: A Nice Mental Reboot

Luckily, the Mercury transit happening later in the day could help us have a sudden turn of events regarding social situations and our thought processes.

With Mercury in a harmonious transit to Uranus, we could feel like we’re getting a nice reboot for the day.

Our hangouts won't be dull because this transit is excellent for social interaction and energizing conversations with others. Unexpected communication from people you want to hear from should also occur, as well as unanticipated news that is favorable.

With a transit like this, we will want to indulge in mentally engaging conversations or pursue a personal quest for knowledge. So, we can feel the impulse to go on a learning binge and be able to take in more information than usual.

This is also excellent for discovering the latest details regarding anything novel or fresh technological innovations.

3/11 Venus Sextile Mars: Feeling Enthusiastic About Your Love Life pt. 3

A lovely transit between Venus and Mars will help us round the day off with fun, thrills, and romance.

Even though Mars is out of retrograde, we’re still in the post-shadow period, so this connection is associated with the inverse cycle. We’ve experienced this in the form of trines and are now closing things out with this last aspect with Mars and Venus as a sextile.

4 more days until Mars leaves its post shadow, yay!!

We will feel inspired to take action to achieve our romantic and professional goals.

Under this influence, we could feel self-assurance to take the lead, initiate action, and feel passionate about life.

There could be an urge to end your romantic slump if you're single, along with changing how you approach dating overall.

So, we might feel compelled to improve our love life in a way that will benefit us in the long run. For couples already devoted to each other, this will rev up the urge to revitalize the union through intimacy and schedule more exciting dates.

Also, we feel the impulse to give our hair, clothing, and other personal embellishments a much-needed makeover.

Concerning our careers, we can experience a strong desire to market ourselves and take a more substantial risk to increase our chance of getting noticed. Hence, this might be a time to look into leveling up at an existing place of employment and search for a job more in line with who you’ve become.

3/12 Jupiter Conjunct Chiron: Healing From A Lack Of Hope

Sunday brings in a connection between Jupiter and Chiron that has not occurred in 14 years.

Back on December 7th, 2009, these slower-moving celestial bodies met up while both planets were in Aquarius. So, think back to what was occurring in your life regarding hope?!

Now that they’re in Aries, this brand new cycle will mark a new turning point in how we heal hope that seems lost.

A rare alignment like this will help us look at the areas where we’ve put too much stock into something and have concluded that it was overhyped. However, we might feel at a standstill because we’re afraid to let go of this belief due to being committed to the time we’ve invested into the situation.

Some of these topics could be around spiritual practices, a quest for knowledge we embarked on, or a philosophy we adopted thats no longer viable. So, this could be uncomfortable due to feeling let down and knowing we must relinquish a particular ideal eventually.

Another way this could show up is restoring hope after a period of things not going how you wanted bodily. This could look like coming to a place of healing from unsavory habits, health issues, fitness, and other body goals that never manifested.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron is a time to heal from a loss of belief in ourselves or other scenarios. Therefore, this could start a period when you’re on the road to shedding nihilism in favor of getting hope back.

Working through this energy will help in restoring optimism in our lives again so we can be open to hopeful possibilities.

3/12 Venus Semisextile Neptune: Unclear Romantic Cues.

A bit of haze could fill the air in romantic and financial situations, with Venus and Neptune connecting in a complex aspect.

With an alignment like this, we might misinterpret cues someone is trying to give us. In some cases, it might be flirty scenarios we don't understand, and in others, it could be situations where we shouldn't bother with someone in a romantic way.

This could be a day of awkward truths and chilly conversations due to the nature of this transit, so you can conclude that someone or a situation isn’t worth your attention.

A circumstance that has become unavoidable due to our refusal to embrace the truth in relationships is shown by an alignment like this. This alignment lets us see things clearly and gives us the nudge to start the process of ending destructive relationships.

Also, when it comes to financial matters, this may make it more straightforward why we must develop a strategy for ourselves that enables us to earn money realistically. Or we might take this as an opportunity to examine the significance of establishing appropriate limits at work.

Vibes For The Week
Transits GraphPhoto bySirius Software

The vibes these next 7 days are pretty mellow, with the exception of one in the middle of the week.

Social energy shows up on Monday while intersecting mental vibes. Even though this is the beginning of the week, we could have the urge to go out and engage with people. Also, this might be a day when texting others is heavier than usual.

Emotional sensitivity will occur from the 7th to the 9th. With some of the transits at that time, we will feel edgier than usual, so there might be moments when conversations lead to feeling triggered.

Mental energy will be continuous though this entire week due to all the Mercury transits happening over the next 7 days. With all of the changes occurring in the next 7 days and the alignments, we will be in our heads trying to make sense of things and figuring out how to solve complex problems.

And we have a massive amount of romantic vibes over the weekend. With the Venus and Mars transit, Saturday and Sunday will have a passionate tone, giving us the urge to be flirtier than usual.

Transits For The Week

What a week!!

Having a Full Moon, Jupiter making a connection it has not done in over a decade, along with Saturn going into Pisces after 29 ½ years, is a pretty massive energy shift.

Transits For March 6th to 12th:

  • 3/6 Sun Sextile Uranus: A Sudden Confidence Booster
  • 3/7 Full Moon in Virgo: How To Become More Refined
  • 3/7 Saturn Enters Pisces: Turning Hopes Into Concrete Scenarios
  • 3/10 Mercury Semisextile Jupiter: How To Stretch The Truth
  • 3/11 Mercury Semisextile Chiron: When Making Things Up In Your Mind Leads To Stress
  • 3/11 Mercury Semisquare Pluto: And This Is Why Talking At People Backfires
  • 3/11 Mercury Sextile Uranus: A Nice Mental Reboot
  • 3/11 Venus Sextile Mars: Feeling Enthusiastic About Your Love Life pt. 3
  • 3/12 Jupiter Conjunct Chiron: Healing From A Lack Of Hope
  • 3/12 Venus Semisextile Neptune: Unclear Romantic Cues

Use this week to create new structures in your life and restore faith back into yourself.

Have a wonderful week!!!

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