March 2023 Horoscope For Zodiac Signs

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Here’s the March forecast for your zodiac sign.
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We’re kicking off a fresh Month filled with significant shifts.

There are 7 crucial occurrences in March that will help us feel like we're moving into new territory in our lives.

Every sign in the zodiac will see a month full of action because there is a good distribution of each modality—the cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs—in the sky. As a result, everyone ought to have an exciting four weeks.

Of course, to receive the most accurate reading from this horoscope, I suggest looking at your rising sign. Also, using your big 3 will help with gaining more details from this forecast.

Your Sun, Moon, and rising signs make up your "big 3, so utilizing these parts of your chart will add to a more in-depth experience. If you only know your Sun sign, I recommend using an online calculator or app to see your natal chart's makeup.

For those who prefer websites, the best ones are Astrodienst, Astroseek, and Astro-Charts. Or, if you’re more of a mobile user, the best apps are Timepassages, Sanctuary, and Astromatrix.

But as always, read this in your favorite style; for example, if you identify more with your solar vibes, read this as a horoscope for your Sun sign. Or, to further understand the relationship with your lunar energy, consider this from the viewpoint of your Moon sign.

Mutable Signs

For Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, this is an active month considering all of the planets that will transit the constellation of the tethered fish. In other words, the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune will all be in Pisces, causing the Mutable modality to experience changeability.


March brings in a month of significant shifts for you, Gemini, regarding first impressions, scaling up, career, and more action in your social life.

Gemini, this is a month to ensure that your impressions of others are clear and to show off your intelligence. With Saturn transiting into the part of your chart that deals with climbing the ladder, this will be a 2 ½ year cycle to ensure you are leveling up in your profession. Over this period, the things you hoped to accomplish career-wise will seem as though they're becoming more concrete.

Pluto will connect with the sector of your chart that deals with education, travel, culture, publishing, and overall expansion in your life. So, this will begin a period of transformation in the given areas and is about building up these topics for years to come.

Socially, this is a month that's more action-packed than usual. Thus, there will be a need to get out and do something exhilarating. You could find yourself in spontaneous situations, so an impromptu adventure might be on the table.

Romance-wise, this month is when you're getting more attention than average. You could also meet someone new through groups or memberships. For those in relationships, it's a time to reconnect like friends but also do something outside the norm romance-wise.

Also, due to some of the transits affecting you this month, you could have more stamina than typical regarding intimacy.


These next 4 weeks bring in topics regarding taking action on career goals, your romantic life, embarking on a transformative routine and coping skills.

Career scenarios will be at the forefront through March, so it's a time to act on what you've wanted for a while. Therefore, if you’ve put professional goals on the shelf since the Fall of 2022, this is your green light to get the ball rolling again.

With Pluto entering your house of daily duties for the next 20 years so you could find yourself ready to let go of what no longer serves you health and routine-wise. Therefore, this is a time to eliminate things that clog your system or let go of habits that contribute to an off-kilter schedule. Also, this is a period to start working on better-coping mechanisms, so you're able to take control of your life.

Saturn will enter the relationship sector in your chart for the next 2 ½ years, allowing you to build harmonious solid unions. Romance-wise, this can be a period of seeing that some of your whims could actually become a reality. To put it another way, the things you desire romantically might be more obtainable because you’re able to attract the types you’re drawn to love life-wise.

For committed relationships, this could be a time to have storybook moments and cement your union. Also, this could be when you notice more of a spiritual connection and can lose yourself in the partnership.


A month like this will feel like you're making progress regarding your personal life, transforming how you communicate, and doing fun activities boldly and courageously.

Saturn will enter your chart's personal life sector, allowing you to focus on private matters.

So, this is a month to work on some of your relationships with those you live with, close relatives, or friends who are like family. Home will also be crucial for you as this is a period to ensure everything is correct regarding your living space. This could promote doing a spiritual cleansing in your domicile or looking into better locations to live that fit your vibe.

Pluto will transit into the sector of your chart that involves communication and your immediate environment for the next two decades. So, this will put you in the mood for changes and upgrades to your current location. Therefore, this is a period to transform how you interact with your local scene. Or it could be all about finding a new one; in other words, this might be a period when you consider a big move out of your area.

Over this time, you'll be interested in taking bold steps to do something you felt was risky. Thus, this could be in terms of partaking in exhilarating activities, participating in something theatrical, burning off excess energy through workouts, or channeling this into something creative.

Romance-wise, this is a busy period, and you could find yourself attracting intellectually sharp types. Also, there will be more opportunities to take the initiative regarding communication, or you could see more of an effort from others. For those in committed relationships, you'll feel more open-minded and consider ways to add variety to your intimacy. You’ll also receive a nice boost to communication allowing you and your partner to connect more deeply.


The 3rd month of the year will be anything but dull with all the happenings going on for you, Pisces.

We’re midway into your signs Zodiac season, so this will be your time to shine. March will be a period to focus on transforming your social life, working on your appearance, taking care of family situations, and understanding what's worth your time.

Because Pluto will enter your house of spirituality, dreams, hidden things from the subconscious, and inspiration, this will kick off a long period of deeply tapping into your intuition. You will begin a long-term process of transforming issues that have led to self-sabotage and becoming more in tune with your psychic abilities.

Saturn will transit the portion of your chart to do with your individual expression, so this will be a 2 ½ year period to consider how to be more solid in who you are as a person. There seems to be an interest in revamping your appearance to a more crafted image that makes you feel glamorous. So, you might feel drawn to items that create an ethereal look or brings a bit of alluring mystery.

Romance-wise, you will be focused on the types that bring value to your life if you’re single. So, this will kick off a period where your attracting better-quality individuals who boost your self-esteem. For those in a committed relationship, this is a time to indulge in luxurious activities. Also, you and your person's senses will be more heightened, pronouncing the need for more pleasure in the union.

Cardinal Signs

Your modality has a busy period ahead with a plethora of planets in the sign of the ram, the Astrological New Year, which kicks off Aries Season, and Mars entering Cancer on March 25th. For the Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, this is an action-packed 4 weeks that will allow you to initiate your plans.


With a gaggle of planets in your sign and Aries Season occurring by the 20th, this is an excellent starting point for you.

Aries, this month will be revitalizing, social, about having fun in your city, and a chance to transform your spiritual side.

With a massive stellium in your sign, you could feel reinvigorated and ready to do things on your own terms. Since January, you might have felt sluggish and as if specific situations have been out of your control, but this month allows for you to take charge once again on all levels. So, this is your time to regain focus on how to be back in the driver’s seat of your life. You also feel more open again and ready to engage socially with others.

Interestingly, even though you’re ready to get back out there in the world, this is also a time of stabilizing the inner workings of your mind. Saturn will transit your house of the unconscious and mystical happenings for the next 2 ½ years, so your interest in these areas will become more concrete. Therefore, you’ll have a period of introspection that leads to unlocking ways to connect with your higher mind to feel spiritually grounded.

Returning to social happenings, you could feel chattier than usual over this period and open to engaging with people in your neighborhood. To put it another way, there’s a high chance of being more open to other locals in your city or neighbors in general. Also, this is a busy time to connect with siblings and other immediate family.

Transformation regarding friendships, memberships, and groups will hit a starting point as Pluto transits the sector of your chart regarding associations. For the next two decades, you could find ways to connect with those on the same wavelength as you in a profound way.

Romance-wise, you could attract those who are lively and others who take on a more grounded approach. So, you have an even mix to suit your multifaceted tase in dating options, so this is a period to enjoy some variety. For those in committed relationships, this is a time to be more daring and enjoy bold moments together. And due to the varying energies, this will be a time to connect more sensually in your union.


March will be a month where major shifts occur regarding financial transformation, making hopes and wishes more concrete, getting out of your comfort zone, and taking action on your career.

With Pluto entering a specific sector of your chart, this is a period to work on repressed things, assets, inherited traits or items, profound research, and deep intimacy.

This is a time to work on anything to do with finances, especially funds tied to others like spouses, businesses, and other institutions that handle money. So, over this period, you might work on saving up, dealing with a partner's income, paying things off, or looking into loans.

If you've had a hard time of believing things could go your way, now’s the time to make them concrete. Because Saturn will transit the part of your chart that deals with hope, opportunities, and chasing lofty goals, this will be a 2 ½ year period to make it real.

Career-wise, you will feel motivated to go after aims with how this Aries stellium affects your chart. This could be a period to initiate something that sets you on a career path that aligns with your passion.

Over these next 4 weeks, you’ll be able to hit your stride dating-wise, so if you’re single, things could suddenly feel like they're moving in a better direction. This could be a time to meet people different from your usual type, but there’s a spiritual connection with them. For those in committed relationships, this is a time to do something out of the ordinary and connect mystically.


March brings in a month of social activities, relationship scenarios, getting back on track, and travel plans.

Libra, the relationship sectors of your chart are very active right now, so this is a period to work on close unions and love life scenarios. Therefore, you might be more open to going out with those you have tight-knit relationships with. Or this could be about getting adventurous in a committed relationship that's long overdue for excitement.

Pluto will enter the sector of your chart dealing with romance, creativity, talent, risk-taking, standing out, and children, which will help you transform these ideals in your life.

Another shift in March will be about how you approach your routine. This is a time to start making profound changes to your schedule, revamp your health regimen, and look at ways to enhance your life through self-improvement.

And this could be a period when you research travel. In other words, you need to get out more and see something beyond your own backyard, so this might be a period to make getting out of town more of a priority finally.

For single people, this could be a period to level up by getting out of a stagnant period. You’re ready to transform your love like, so this month is a starting point for long-term success in your dating life.


Over the next 4 weeks, there will be a need to work on your earnings, considering your long game, improving personal life and home matters, and working on having some fun.

Pluto will enter the part of your chart that deals with how you earn money, self-worth, resources, possessions, what you consume, and values. So, this will kick off a transformative period for those topics over the next 2 decades. Capricorn, this month will help you focus on how to upgrade your earning potential. It’s not to say it will happen instantly, but this will be the beginning stages of focusing your energy on ways to level up financially.

Because you’re at a point where you must ensure you’re getting the stability you need from your environment, you could also be in long-term planning mode. Saturn will enter the sector of your chart dealing with siblings, local environment, communication, thoughts, intellect, and ensuring you have variety in your life, so this will mark a 2 ½ year period of creating something solid in these areas.

March is a time to get things going regarding family and your personal life overall. Also, this could be when you finally bring some liveliness to your home.

Love life-wise; you could meet new potentials through friends or just hang in your local environment if you’re single. For those in committed unions, this could be a time for better communication and trying things outside your norm.

Fixed Signs

Just when you thought your modality would get some downtime, Pluto will enter Aquarius, which will bring the most transformation for your Zodiac placements more than the other signs. On top of that, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes are still connecting with your charts, enunciating the need to break out of ruts in your lives.


March opens the door for working on career goals, spiritual happenings, establishing solid friendships, and attracting lovely situations just for being yourself.

Taurus, this is a period where you’ll kickstart a new path regarding the chosen field you’re wanting to master.

This is because Pluto is entering a portion of your chart that involves leveling up professionally, boosting your status, and making a name for yourself. Over these next 20 years, you’ll develop ways to stand out and create something solid in your career.

Even though you have a dynamic period ahead, this is also a time to take moments to focus on your vibes. In other words, you’ll need some space to recharge and start a new way to connect with your spiritual side.

You’re at a point where you need to establish better bonds with others that have substance because you’re over flaky associations. March kicks off a time when you’ll connect with those on the same wavelength as you who offer solid friendships.

By the time we get to the middle of this month, love life scenarios open up for you, Taurus. If you’re single, this is when you’ll be more magnetic than usual, attracting more prospects. For those in unions, this is a period where you’ll be admiring one another and feel physically revved up regarding intimacy.


March ushers in a month of shifts regarding close relationships, fairness, breaking patterns, social happenings, and embarking on an excursion.

Leo, this month kicks off a significant transformation regarding your tight-knit bonds, whether romantic, platonic, or collaborations with others. This is because Pluto will enter the relationship portion of your chart and be there for 20 years. Therefore, the next two decades are about developing healthy unions and leaving behind partnerships that lack fairness.

Also, this month will start a 2 ½ year period of breaking patterns that hold you back with Saturn entering your house of transformation. With the planet of structure in this position, you’ll feel motivated to work on coping skills, old baggage, intimacy, commitment in serious relationships, and financial matters.

Socially, this is a busy and fun time to engage in various activities with friends. From now until the 25th, your schedule should be active with plans you and your pals put together. This could be a time of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new hangout spots in your community to shake things up in your social life.

Romantically, this could be an adventurous time for singles looking to add some passion to their love lives. This is a period of meeting those who have different outlooks and are cultured. This could be a time to plan trips and connect insatiably for those in committed relationships.


This month opens the door to altering your personal life and home, finding stability through creativity, job performance, and focusing on relationship scenarios.

Scorpio, your modern ruling planet Pluto, will enter the sector of your chart that deals with your origins, family, how you close things out, and private life situations. Therefore, you’ll experience a significant transformation in these areas for the next 2 decades.

Over the next 4 weeks, your work life will also be at the forefront, causing you to take more initiative regarding performance and situations with coworkers.

Saturn will transit into the sector of your chart that involves standing out for your talents for the next 2 ½ years. With a planet about structure entering this area of life, this will allow you to capitalize on your unique skills and turn them into something solid. And since this is considered the house of children, this could be about working with your inner child or deciding if you want to have a kid of your own.

Love life-wise, this is a time to focus on meeting those who are less turbulent and have a more easygoing spirit about them if you’re single. For those in committed relationships, this is a period to create a harmonious setting in your union.


And last but never least, Aquarius!!

You have a huge month and a few decades ahead of you, with Pluto entering one of the most crucial houses of your chart regarding identity, appearance, independence, the impression you make, self-motivation, your view of the world, and how you take action on desired goals.

Pluto will enter the portion of your chart involving yourself and the impression you leave on others for the next 2 decades. For this reason, you will be focused on personal transformation, feel motivated to become more independent, make updates to your appearance, and work on your vitality levels. Also, the mark you leave on others could feel potent through these next two decades.

Saturn will enter your monetary area of the chart, giving you a 2 ½ year period to create financial stability. Because this is a planet about sustainability in your life, your focus will go on ways to earn money that won't slip through your fingers easily. You could also be focused on self-esteem and worth through this time.

Speaking of income, you could feel pulled in a multitude of directions regarding work-life balance. This is a time to find ways to solve complexities at home so things in your personal life flow smoothly while ensuring professional matters don't overflow into your abode.

Love life-wise, if you’re single, this is a time to look at your options and only spend time with those who stimulate your mind. Also, you could attract types who are on the intellectual side. And for those in committed unions, this is a period to connect by chatting it up more, bringing variety to your life with fun activities, and clicking through passionate exchanges.

March will be one heck of a month for all 12 signs; have a fantastic next 4 weeks, folks!!!

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