Mercury Goes Into Pisces On March 2nd, 2023

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When Mercury enters Pisces, it will be simpler to communicate with our more ethereal side.
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"Living life abstractly enables us to view situations from several perspectives."

As Mercury leaves Aquarius, we shift from a cerebral tone to a more perceptive approach.

Mercury, in the sign of Pisces, allows us to take a more theoretical methodology regarding communication and reasoning.

But one thing to note, Mercury tends to run into a few snafus in this sign.

Essential Dignities is a method used in Astrology to determine how groupings work with one another. Because there are so many distinct Astrological pairings, some are harmonious, while others might be problematic when a heavenly body is in a given Zodiac Sign.

This Ingress may create particular challenges as Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo, the opposite sign of Pisces. For this reason, we could run into some hiccups under this influence.

Virgo is associated with narrowing things down, focusing the mind, facts, conventional thinking, and practicality. Mercury rules this sign and is all about examining the fine details of a situation and relying on our analytical skills.

Pisces is a Neptune-ruled sign that is all about large-scale thinking with no limits. This sign also governs poetry, intuition, faith, creativity, music, and things we can’t quantify with the naked eye.

As a result, Pisces, connected to a planet that is only interested in linear systems of operation, may occasionally enunciate foggy moments regarding our thoughts and communication.

Now, does this imply that this transit will be terrible?!

Not at all! One of the cool things about this ingress is it enables us to see things from a unique angle.

Under the sway of Pisces, we feel free to communicate and think less restrictively.

Therefore, instead of forcing ourselves into analysis paralysis, we can let our minds wander from one subject to another. Our thoughts and communication become more easygoing while Mercury is in Pisces.

Because of the nature of this sign, we can easily be swept away in our thoughts. This is when we find ourselves fantasizing more than usual and taking a nice break from our regular mental Olympics.

Piscean energy allows us time to be more introspective and indulge in some much-needed solitude. In other words, we tend to withdraw and need more time to unwind after social occasions.

Although spending time alone will be something we crave, that doesn't imply socializing is off the table.

Responding to others tends to be laxer with this transit, so we might not feel compelled to reply to text messages immediately. Therefore, taking a more passive approach to chatting can feel like a nice break from feeling like we must answer right away to everyone.

Another benefit of Mercury in Pisces is that it gives us a new perspective on how to solve issues.

Under this influence, we typically use intuition to solve problems rather than follow a data-driven process.

Given the wide range of intelligence in the world, it is advantageous to use a variety of frameworks in daily life. Even if rationality is crucial, there are times when we also need to follow our gut.

Mercury in Pisces may enable us to tackle difficulties through perception since our gut instincts allow us to recognize scenarios we typically overlook because they’re unquantifiable. So, this energy provides us with a new way to perceive and how to handle daily problems using a mystical methodology.

A significant theme for Pisces is empathy, so this pairing could make it easier for us to interact with others more compassionately.

People are more likely to listen and be understanding because a grouping like this is less self-centered. Instead of focusing on our own needs and desires, we begin to worry about the wants and emotions of other individuals.

We also tend to absorb energy from other people because this connection opens up our sensory abilities. Therefore, we’re like a sponge regarding the vibes of our environment and individuals around us.

Because Pisces is a sign that focuses on spirituality, our thoughts may be more inclined to think spiritually in this configuration. The Sun and Mercury being here will make these themes more pronounced. Also, Saturn will enter Pisces for the next 2 1/2 years, amplifying the desire for enlightenment.

This kind of in-depth research is best suited for subjects like Astrology, new age literature, the meanings of crystals and gemstones, and Tarot.

Also, Pisces is ruled by Neptune, whose theme is projection; therefore, activities like movies and capturing visuals work magically with this pairing.

Even though it may seem weird to associate the topics of performing and cinema with this sign, the retention of creativity should also be easier with this alignment. To put it another way, it might be a good idea to study about art, music, poetry, writing, photography, film, and acting so you can use them for your future artistic endeavors.

And now, for the not-so-fun stuff, the lower vibration of this grouping.

Anytime a planet changes signs, we always experience the shadow expression as well.

Mercury in Pisces can occasionally enunciate scenarios of untrustworthy behavior due to omissions and bending of the truth. We must be careful when communicating to avoid seeming too vague or being dishonest out of consideration for others' feelings.

Our ability to see the details and facts of a situation tends to be hazier through this transit. Therefore, if something seems off, don’t dive into the situation; instead, take your time and be observant. A combination like this lends itself to gullibility, so if something sounds too good to be true, double-check everything to ensure it’s legit.

Communication becomes fuzzy in this energy, so things conveyed by text or DM may appear unclear. Also, due to the passive nature of this ingress, people tend to be flakier than typical, so we could see more delayed responses from others.

When Mercury is in Pisces, it's easy to tumble into undesirable habits because we tend to feel overly carefree and swept away.

An alignment such as this could pronounce the need to relax and unwind more often, which isn’t a bad thing if it’s monitored. However, through the lower expression of this influence, we might avoid dealing with issues by finding distractions, enabling us to shut out responsibilities to flee from stress.

Another hiccup that could come from this transit is making up complexities in our minds that don’t exist.

In other words, we need to be mindful not to scare ourselves into thinking we’ve developed a problem we don’t possess, causing us to believe we’ve come down with something. This could also result in us reading into something small but making it a massive problem regarding things we’ve observed or communication-wise with others.

We might also experience a sense of being overcome by other people's energies.

Pisces energy can be lovely because we’re receptive to individuals; however, it has its intense side. So, we must learn to distinguish between other people's feelings vs. what vibes belong to us and disregard stress that isn't our own. Practicing spiritual hygiene, such as doing an energy cleanse with sage or using palo santo to screen your vibes, is advisable because others tend to project more on us.

Even with the lower vibrations, Mercury in Pisces will allow us to think more mystically.

Use this to solve life complexities from an intuitive lens.

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