The New Moon In Pisces Forecast For Zodiac Signs

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Here’s how the Pisces New Moon will affect your Zodiac placements.
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After reading about the New Moon in Pisces and all its happenings, you’ve got to wonder how it will affect your Zodiac sign?!

Because this is a fresh Moon cycle, it’s about creating something new in the sign associated with this lunar event.

Since this is in the sign of the tethered fish, we will look at how each sign can maximize the benefits of this new moon and how they can incorporate Pisces’s energy into their lives. With dreamy energy like this, we could find it easier to be more imaginative about what we are at this point.

For the most part, this Moon will be a mixed bag in terms of energies and affect the Mutable signs more than other placements.

And, of course, I recommend reading this through your rising sign to get the most accuracy. Or by looking over this horoscope by utilizing your big 3, i.e., Sun, Moon, and rising to gain more details on how this event will play out for you.

As always, read this in your own fashion, so if you prefer sun sign style or a Moon placement horoscope approach, go for it. Some people identify with solar vibes, while others connect better with their lunar energy.

If you don’t know your big 3, I recommend using an online calculator or apps. My recommendations for websites are Astrodienst, Astroseek, and Astro Charts. For those who prefer a mobile app, the best ones are Timepassages, Sanctuary, and Astro Matrix.

The Dream Team

Regarding the mutable signs, your modality should feel this lunation potently.

Out of all of the zodiac placements, this lunar event will create scenarios that call you to action. But, even though there are complex transits present at the time of this lunation, there are still some sweet spots for your signs.


Hey, Pisces, this fresh lunar cycle is your time to shine!!

A New Moon in your sign means this is a time to think about what you would like to improve upon regarding focusing on yourself, working on body goals, and taking more initiative so you can achieve and learning how to do your own thing.

If you’ve wanted to start working on your appearance, this could be a period of finally taking action on ways to look your best according to your personal standards. Body goals are different for everyone, so this will be a time when you focus on your own image of what is beautiful.

Another thing that could come up over the next 6 months is working on how you take action on your goals. Therefore, this is an opportunity to become self-motivated, so you’re no longer sitting on the sidelines regarding your aims.

And, even though you’re the type that needs their alone time, this could usher in a phase when you’re tired of waiting around on others, so you initiate ways to do things on your own.

In other words, you’re always accommodating to others and waiting on them rather than tending to your needs. Therefore, this will help you begin the process of looking out for yourself more.


A lunar event in your opposing sign opens the door to fresh starts regarding close relationships, fairness, and incorporating more temperate conditions in your life.

Virgo, this is a time of fresh starts regarding unions. In other words, it will be essential for you to cultivate tight-knit bonds with people who are already in your life and to add some new individuals who will become a big part of your universe. These will include friendships, networking partners, and opening the door for a serious relationship.

Fairness is also something that you will work on because it's finally time for you to incorporate more balance in your life.

Over this period, your focus goes on ways to have more peace in your life. In other words, you’ll be determined to distance yourself from things, situations, or people who create discord in your world. So, creating harmony will be a must for you.


For you, Gemini, this New Moon marks a period where your focus goes on your career, reputation, and having more authority in your life.

The way this lunar event connects with you, it's a time to take the steps necessary to shine in your chosen field. Through this period, you will feel more energized than ever to build something solid regarding your career.

Because this Moon is activating your ambitious side, you’ll also be concerned about how you’re seen in terms of Klout. So, this could be a period to ensure your portfolio is polished; that way, you show off the skills you mastered.

Also, this is an excellent time to build up a good reputation. So, this could look like revamping your social media to create a pristine public image. Additionally, you might build up a better rep at work by taking on task that get your foot in the door or lending a helping hand in a way that wins everyone over.


Sagittarius, this is a period to start a better cycle regarding your home, personal life, and familial relations, which comes up as a result of this Pisces New Moon.

With the way this lunation is aspecting you, it's a period to start a new phase of ensuring your personal life is rock solid. This could be when you’re more concerned with making sure you’re just as secure in your career as you are with emotions and the people you're close with.

Creating a better living space will also be important to you. So, some of your focus will go on beautifying your home and ensuring the vibes are excellent. Or, it could be a time to look at a new place because the abode you’re currently living in doesn't give you a sense of sanctuary.

For you, Sagittarius, this is a time to take the necessary steps to ensure your life is set up in a way that offers you inner security. Hence, this will also be a time to create an environment that fosters secure emotions.

False Awakening Dreams

For Leo and Libra, your new start might seem blurry initially, but eventually, you’ll find your way. The key to creating something fresh in this energy is moving past blind spots that prevent you from forward movement.


A New Moon in the sign of the tethered fish will allow you to kickstart things regarding financial matters, deepen a close union, and understand complex knowledge.

Even though this Moon is connecting with you in a way where you might not feel as clear, you’ll still get to where you need to regarding forward movement. This could be a time to build your finances back up after a stressful time and get back on track with paying things off.

Over this time, you’ll feel more focused on connecting deeply in a romantic relationship. So, if you’re single, this could be when you’re meeting someone who has substance and also wants something committed. For those in a relationship, this will allow you to deepen intimacy and affirm commitments.

Because of how this lunar event is aligned with you, it's also a period to gain a deeper understanding of your own psychology. So, you could use this time to heal from things that prevented transformation in your life. Also, you might find solace in learning something intricate and researching fascinating topics.


Libra, this fresh lunar cycle will help you start a period of growth with work, perfecting your skills and your regimen.

Although you might not know where to begin and feel like you’re at a shaky starting point, you’ve got this, Libra. This is your time to get things moving for you regarding your job, so it will be a period to make progress with work that leads to better opportunities.

Over this period, you’ll incorporate practices that allow you to hone your skills, so you can become more of an expert in a specific niche.

And this is a time to get back on track routine-wise. Even if it seems like a scattered start, don’t stop trying until you get to a place where your schedule is back on track because it will pay off. As a result, you’ll be able to fix your regimen and start feeling less sluggish.

Abstract REM Scenarios

Aries and Aquarius, this lunar event will seem like it's more passive, causing you to go to the deepest parts of your subconscious to find the best way to take action.


A Pisces New Moon will help you start something fresh by connecting with your intuition, learning to believe in yourself again, and working on what you’d like to manifest.

Aries, this is a time for you to be more introspective, allowing you to pay attention to what's going on in your inner world. By doing this, you’ll be able to focus on your intuitive side, which will help you build up better psychic abilities.

Even though most put your sign in the category of being overly self-assured, your confidence in your abilities has fluctuated. So, this will be a period to focus inwardly to heal the situations causing a lack of faith in yourself.

Once the two items above are back on track, you’ll be able to focus your intentions on the life you want to manifest for yourself.


For you, Aquarius, this opening lunar cycle in Pisces will allow you to contemplate how to work on your earnings, build up self-worth, and ensure your life is less turbulent.

Although you will see results later, this is an opportunity to formulate an action plan about your earnings that you can initiate down the line. In other words, through this period, you’ll be looking at ways to increase your income and other alternatives in terms of your career.

You happen to be another sign that most associate with self-assurance, but there have been scenarios causing you to have more doubt than typical. So, this will be a time to get back to where you were regarding your self-esteem. Also, the activities you’ll be participating in through this phase will bring back your sense of worthiness and about receiving validation of your value.

And you’re at a point where you need things to be easier, so you’ll be taking a more harmonious stance because you’re over tumultuous behavior from others.

Cool Lucid Dreams

The Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn could parlay this New Moon into something magical for themselves. Your signs can move through some of these energies easily, and feel motivated to kick off a New Pisces phase in your life.


Taurus, this fresh lunation in Pisces offers you a new start regarding friendships, getting out of your comfort zone, plus pursuing something you’ve been hoping for, such as aspirations.

Because of how this Moon aligns with your chart, you’ll feel ready to open up a fresh chapter regarding friendships. So, this could be a time to connect with the people who offer true camaraderie. Also, this could usher in a time when you’re making connections with those who will become good friends one day.

If you’ve wanted to shake things up healthily, this could be when you take steps to get out of a stale period. So, you develop innovative new ways to get out of dry spells, start being more active, and see your social situations become livelier.

Speaking of being active, this will also be a period to become more pursuitful regarding the things you dream about. In other words, some of the hopes and wishes you fixate on might become a reality because you’re ready to start acting on these aims.


A lunar event such as this offers you a new start regarding connecting with your youthful side, communicating, and soaking up what your city has to offer.

Although your sign gets lumped into an overly serious category, you guys know how to have a good time. So, this could be a period where you’re reconnecting with your inner teenager and returning to things that brought you joy and tons of laughs.

A lunation like this is connecting to a social part of your chart, so this will be a period of being chattier than typical. You could be interested in becoming more gregarious because you’re wanting to be out there more, connect with friends, and establish new relationships.

And because this is a time to let your adventurous and curious side run wild, you’ll feel more down than typical to explore your city.

A Day Dreamers Experience

Water signs, your active imagination should help you dream up the perfect path for yourselves. This fresh Piscean cycle will allow you to set intentions that blossom into something extraordinary for yourselves.


For you, Cancer, this lunation will help you kickstart something fresh regarding broadening your perspective, travel, and shooting your shot.

With this lunar event happening in the higher intellect portion of your chart, this could be a time to explore different perspectives. In other words, you’ll feel more open than typical to understand broad topics and things that go beyond your own scope of the world.

Another cool thing is that this opens your mind up to the possibilities of travel. So, this could be when you’re looking at ways to get out of your element more, see new places, and make it a habit to visit faraway destinations. If physical travel isn't in the plans, you could explore through journeys of the mind, like escaping through books and immersive docuseries.

And this will connect you with your more optimistic side allowing you to take more chances and go after things you usually hesitate about.


And last but never least, Scorpio.

A lunar event in Pisces will be just what you need to kick off something new regarding tapping into your creativity, romance and leading a more leisurely life.

Because of how this Moon aligns in your chart, you’ll feel more tapped into your talents. As a result, you could uncover some hidden skills and creativity that have been dormant.

A lunar event like this could usher in dreamy romantic experiences. So, if you’re single, this could be a period of meeting those with whom you have a spiritual connection and amorous individuals. For those in relationships, this could be a time of connecting on a soul level, experiencing intimacy that seems otherworldly, and escaping healthily with one another.

Lastly, Scorpio, you require some fun and antics. So, this is a time to get out more, do something active, and look for exhilarating things to take part in.

Have a wonderful Pisces New Moon, everyone!!!

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