The Sun Goes Into Pisces On February 18th, 2023

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On February 18th, the Sun will enter Pisces, allowing us to connect with our mystical side and feel more inspired.
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“There are times when life resembles a fairy tale.”

Welcome to the 2023 Pisces Season!!!

Also, happy birthday to all the Pisces out there; it's your time to dazzle ethereally!

As we leave the cerebral method of Aquarius, the Sun shifts into a more intuitive energy as it enters Pisces.

And we will head for some considerable Pisces energy soon! Venus is still in this sign, Mercury will follow a few weeks later, and the most significant transition will be when Saturn enters the sign of the tethered fish.

Pisces Season adds a dose of compassion to the air, and with the massive number of planets in this sign, empathetic levels will immediately be noticeable.

In Pisces, acting morally, taking care of others, and developing empathy feeds our egos. Therefore, individuals come across kindlier than usual during this period. On top of that, we could also develop the ability to be gentler to ourselves.

Pisces is a highly sensitive sign that encourages us to embrace our giving nature.

Under this influence, we feel compelled to help others without anticipating a reward. Therefore, this could be a period where we run into those wanting to pay it forward, or we could be the ones in the given spirit. Even though it's difficult to believe some individuals wish to offer up generosity sincerely, there are still those who exist that give from the heart.

With the Sun transiting Pisces, inspiration often appears out of nowhere. Our confidence will soar from creating something so vivid it feels as if it was pulled from a dream.

As a result, our ability to feel attuned to our creative side will be potent. We could experience intuitive hits that allow us to channel a beautiful masterpiece. Since this combines with the Sun, we will get an ego boost to make something artsy.

So, if you’ve felt like you were blocked creatively, this could be a revitalizing period for coming up with ideas. Over the Pisces season, inspiration for your next project will seem abundant, whether it be a painting or, if art isn't your thing, poetry or other kinds of writing.

Therefore, this might be when we start to get lightbulb moments related to anything we love to produce.

Over this period, our intuition will be more in tune and incredibly vivid. The effects of this are that we could feel more psychic, have dreams that appear more prescient, or experience bursts of insight. Keep a dream journal; that way, you can record your intuitive experiences.

We often forget the details of our dreams; therefore, it's helpful to keep a record so you can refer to them later if you need additional information or something materializes. Also, acquire a dream dictionary to assist you in deciphering the symbolism of what happened to you while you were asleep.

While the Sun is in this Sign, we'll be more aware of our emotions, making it simpler to connect with the intense feelings we tend to ignore.

Even while the idea of being more open to our own and others' emotions could sound annoying, it's important to process what we suppressed. By becoming in tune with our feelings, we can better comprehend our fundamental needs and avoid being mentally and physically stagnant.

The Sun's transit through Pisces will further highlight our need for spiritual understanding. As a result, we could find ourselves exploring the unknown at this time, looking at the newest tarot deck, researching energy healing, and learning more about astrology.

Manifesting also becomes something our interest turns to, so if there is something we’ve wanted to attract, this might be the ideal moment. We could have the urge to create a vision board to aid in manifesting.

Socially, this energy is more internal; nevertheless, that doesn't mean we won't go out and enjoy ourselves.

We may feel more reserved than average, causing us to prefer more one-on-one interactions or very chill social environments. The tendency to be in our heads is more enunciated since introspection is a massive feature of Pisces. So, this could be a moment when you keep your circle small because Pisces is a sign of connecting spiritually.

During this moment, our imagination will be in overdrive.

On the one hand, getting in touch with your visionary side is beneficial, so this is a neutral expression. If we do this in a balanced manner, it helps us look at life more colorfully, offering us a lot of hope and fantasy in our world.

However, we want to ensure our imagination isn’t taking the wheel resulting in a ticket to the land of make-believe. Therefore, we need to be aware of the slippery slope where reality and fiction become muddled.

Of course, this has a lesser vibration of this transit as we always experience when there’s a sign change.

Haziness tends to be a prominent feature in this energy, so try to ensure you’re practicing critical thinking. Also, if you’re feeling foggy about details, wait until you’re clear-minded before working on complex items.

Continuing with the unclear nature of this energy, we must be aware of gullibility due to the pronounced vibe of individuals who stretch the truth. Pisces inflates the trusting side that wants to give others the benefit of the doubt, leading to overlooking discrepancies.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not silly to give people the benefit of the doubt, but we must be selective when doing so. Otherwise, it could become a problem down the line with untrustworthy types.

Conversely, we must be aware of fibbing in this energy because we tend to stretch the truth innocently. Mostly, it's due to being afraid of disappointing other people, so telling a small lie might seem like a good idea, but if found out, it can become a bigger deal leading to mistrust.

During Pisces Season, there is a tendency for escapism, so you want to be careful not to use coping techniques that allow you to check out.

Sometimes we need a healthy distraction from reality, but with an influence like this, we could find ourselves down a rabbit hole. As a result, we won’t make progress needed due to avoidance.

Luckily, the Sun's transit here doesn’t mean this period will be a complete blur. The Pisces season has a lot to offer, so let's use it to explore our deeper spiritual selves.

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