Full Moon In Leo Horoscope For Zodiac Signs

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Here’s how your Zodiac sign will experience the Leo Full Moon.

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Now that we know how this Full Snow Moon in Leo will affect us collectively let’s look at how the Zodiac signs will fair.

Full Moons are the peak of the lunar cycle allowing us to see how our hard work has blossomed since the New Moon in the sign associated with the full phase. Since this is Leo's energy, we highlight what makes us stand out, so this is a time to shine for our unique talents.

This horoscope will show off some of the best features of each zodiac sign.

During this lunar event, an aspect pattern will be linked to the Moon called a grand fixed cross.

Because of this, we will be more aware of challenges that have accumulated that needed to be released since the end of July. For this reason, we will work on resolving objectives that have been backlogged since that time.

My advice for getting the most accuracy out of this horoscope is to read your rising sign or big 3. Your big 3 are your Sun, Moon, and rising sign; this gives an additional layer and more detail on how this lunation will affect you.

Again, read in the style you enjoy; some people feel more aligned with their solar side, while others resonate more with their lunar vibes.

So, if you prefer to read this like a Sun sign scope, then that’s okay too.

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A spotlight will be on the fixed modality, which is Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, so this will feel like a blockbuster of a time. There will be an urge to take action on things in your life that are ready to take off, what needs to be polished up, and what needs to go.


A Full Moon in your sign will shed light on you vs. constantly compromising with no receptivity.

In other words, this is a time to tweak situations that take up too much of your time and offer nothing in return. This could be with relationships and other problems that have become one-sided.

Especially with how this Moon connects to your chart, it's essential to focus on yourself again. So, this will be a time to pour energy back into yourself, do the things you love, express who you are, and be creative with your appearance.

You're at a completion cycle, so this is your opportunity to step forward, get the recognition you deserve, and take pride in yourself once again.

And due to an alignment the Moon is making with the lunar nodes; this is a time to break away from old patterns that prevent you from getting to the top and being successful.


With a Full Moon occurring in your chart's relationships sector, this will be a full circle period with all of your close unions.

Now that you're at a cycle of completion, it's time to look at your love life situation, close relatives or friends, and those you do one-on-one business with to see if there's growth potential.

This could be a time of keeping individuals in your life that support you, making compromises, or distancing yourself from anyone who brings unfairness to your life. Therefore, a lunar event like this could shed light on how to move forward to better unions that are harmonious and fair.

And due to the configuration with the Lunar Nodes at this event, this will be a time to avoid others holding you back from work goals and other success you're chasing.


With this lunation, your focus will be on maintaining a work-life balance while ensuring you're still pursuing your career goals.

Scorpio, these last 6 months have been crucial for making success a priority while still providing a stable foundation at home. So, this will be a full circle moment where you can see your hard work pay off, allowing you to double down on what's working and minimize situations that give you no return on investment.

Due to the way this Moon is connecting to the Lunar Nodes, this is a time to get out of a stagnant period with your close unions and find harmonious ways to compromise with those you care about.


For you, Taurus, this lunar event will highlight things to do with home, family, and the past.

Because this is happening in the personal life sector of your chart, it will be a time to ensure things are solid. This is a full-circle moment to understand your origins and break generational patterns that leave you stagnant.

Over this period, you could finally be at a point where you're ready to work on family ties and ensure the relationships are offering emotional fulfillment.

Since this Moon is connecting to the Lunar Nodes, this is a time to let go of unhealthy coping mechanisms in relationships in favor of focusing on your own needs.

Best Special Effects

Capricorn and Pisces have experienced a unique set of challenges, yet you continually persevere. However, you’re at the peak of a cycle, so this is a Full Moon to let go of what's getting in the way of your true potential.


A Full Moon in Leo means you're at the peak of the cycle regarding finances, deep connections, and transformation in your life.

Capricorn, this could be a time when you're actively working on getting your finances in order and are finally seeing the effort pay off. Through this full circle moment, you could also be in a place where you're ready to commit to a deeper romantic relationship instead and can slowly let your wall down.

You've been doing the hard work to transform unhealthy coping mechanisms so you can shake loose the things that have held you back.

Because this Moon will align with the Lunar Nodes, this could be a time to let go of self-focused behavior in favor of being a team player and getting out of stagnation with friendships.


For you, Pisces, this is the peak of a cycle for getting back on track with a better routine, regimen, and how to interact with work.

You're now in a place where you've looked at what's working with your health regimen and schedule, how you can improve it, and what needs to be nixed. So, this could be when you have an aha moment about staying consistent with your overall well-being.

With work, this could be a time of seeing progress and getting the attention you earned from hard work, along with experiencing support from co-workers.

Due to the Lunar Nodes aligning with this Moon, this will be a time to get out of a stagnant period regarding your social habits and distance yourself from individuals who behave in a flaky manner.

Best Screen Play

Even though you’re behind the scenes during this lunation, your role is vital. For Cancer and Virgo, this is a lunation that will help you take the things you’ve been internalizing and channel them into something concrete.


Since this is the peak of the lunar cycle, things finally become solidified regarding your earning power, the things you value, and comfort.

Cancer this is a lunar event that will help you see what's worth your time regarding finances. This could be a period to finally see what resources are bringing in something tangible and what you can no longer afford to spend energy on.

At this time, you will be in tune with what you value. Because of this, you'll be able to align with the things that represent who you are as a person. Also, this will be when you seek a soft life rather than accepting turbulence.

Because of the Lunar Nodes connecting with the Moon, this will be about letting loose and getting out of a stagnant period regarding romance while letting go of lackluster relationships.


At this part of the lunar cycle, you will be ready to restore faith again and let go of rigidity.

Virgo, this has been a period of getting your belief system back in yourself, people, and other situations where you experienced diminished hope. For you, it will be a time to release the things that prevent you from feeling optimistic. So, you will get confidence back in who you are and see that there are still reliable people and situations to place your faith in.

Also, this is a period to tap into your creative side and become grounded through spiritual avenues.

Since the lunar nodes are connecting with this Moon, it will be a time to expand your horizons and see something more than just your backyard.

Best Supporting Roles

Gemini and Libra will receive motivating vibes from this lunation, so this will be a time to get excited about what lies ahead. For the air signs, this completion cycle will give them the edge needed to take action on what they've built.


For you, Gemini, this is a Moon that will help in terms of feeling like you can shine in your local environment, things to do with intellect, and letting your curiosity run wild.

This is a period to show off your talents through communication and social media. You've been developing your own methodology, so it will help you stand out for your skills. Also, this could be a time to step out more in your local area and be seen.

However, this might be a full circle moment to move to an environment where you can truly shine. This is also a time to seek intellectual pursuits, get curious about stimulating topics, and just have fun. Also, you could re-engage with your youthful side to help you feel lighter again.

Because of the lunar nodes connected to this Moon, you'll be at a point where you’re letting go of overanalyzing things in favor of being easy breezy.


At this Moon, you’re at a point where you require socializing and doing something bold because you’re craving excitement.

Libra, this lunar event could feel like a cycle of completion regarding friendships, groups, or memberships. Therefore, you may be at a point where you’re ready to be more present in platonic relationships you’ve been cultivating because they’re becoming solid.

This is also a time to let your hair down and do something that brings about thrilling scenarios in your life. Because of this, you’ll be more open to trying new hangout spots and take this moment to do something bold and go on adventurous dates.

And with the way this Moon is connected to the lunar nodes, you’ll be more open to transforming things healthily rather than always staying in your comfort zone.

Best Soundtrack

Out of the bunch, Aries and Sagittarius have some of the best scores throughout this lunar event. Everyone needs their own hype music and this Full Moon has you covered. This Full Moon should make it easier to finish out this cycle of completion with an upbeat tone.


You’ve been ready for some action after a slower period than usual, so during this lunation, you’ll get that opportunity.

Aries, this is a time to go out and do some much-needed recreating. You’ll feel drawn to healthily taking more risks, which will open the door to seeking out new adventure spots for an exhilarating experience. Also, you’ll feel more open to romantic exchanges and intimacy.

If you’ve experienced creative limitations, this could be a time when you can finally tap into your talents and breakthrough artistic block.

Due to an alignment with the Moon and the lunar nodes, you’ll be more interested in letting go of chaotic behavior in favor of something tranquil in your life.


A lunar event like this will help you feel like you’re getting the skip back in your step.

Sagittarius, this is a time to experience renewed optimism and, like you, have more opportunities to go after your goals. At the peak of this cycle, you’ll feel like all of the big plans to expand your life are finally opening up.

This is a time to explore everything so you can feel open to getting out locally or making travel plans for a nice getaway.

Since this Moon is connecting to the lunar nodes, this could be a time to be less open to everything and set better boundaries with others.

I hope you all have an incredible Leo Full Moon!!!

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