The Full Moon In Leo Forecast February 5th, 2023

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A Full Snow Moon happens in Leo on February 5th, which will help us work on expressing ourselves creatively.
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We have the Full Moon at 16 degrees of Leo on February 5th, around 10:28 am PST. That would be 1:28 pm EST. Check your local time to see when this lunation occurs in your area.

This particular lunar occurrence is a Snow Moon.

Native and ancient societies gave Snow Moons their name since February is a busy month for flurries, blizzards, and squalls. If you reside in a cold-weather city, February is undoubtedly the most wintery month for your town because it's one of those months when we get more snow than usual. As a result, this Moon's name is highly literal, which occasionally happens with these lunations.

On a spiritual level, this might be when you reach the peak of a difficult task that still takes patience, but you will finally emerge from this chilly period. Even though things are difficult, Spring will soon arrive; therefore, there is eventually light at the end of the tunnel.

Energetically, this Full Moon has very dynamic.

The Chart rulers are the Sun for Leo and Saturn, along with Uranus for Aquarius since it has two governing planets.

Uranus, the modern ruler, is connected with the Sun, Moon, and the lunar nodes. As a result, we’re getting an aspect pattern called a Grand Cross, which is formed by celestial bodies or points creating a square shape.

We experienced this energy at the end of July 2022, so this could bring up scenarios from the summer. This might be regarding stagnant situations that have been accumulating, so something needs to give. As a result, we could finally reach a release point with unmovable things or goals we had to put on the back burner.

Leo will be deposited by the Sun, which is in a complex alignment with the Moon since this is a full lunar event. Even though this celestial body is connected to that grand fixed cross, it makes harmonious connections with Mars.

Because of the Sun-Mars alignment, we will feel energized and ready to get things moving in our lives. This will motivate us to move past obstacles and get things back in a motion that was on hold for months. Also, this will reignite the fun side of us, giving us the urge to let our hair down.

Zodiac Signs that will feel this lunation more than others will be the fixed placements Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius between 10 to 26 degrees of this modality.

Stay tuned for the Full Moon Horoscope For Zodiac Signs.

Vibes For The Full Moon In Leo
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We only have a few uncomfortable vibes during this lunation which is interesting considering the transits.

There’s a smidge of solitude on the 6th, mixed in with psychic energy plus imagination and confusion. Because of the alignments occurring, we could feel more intuitive than typical, causing us to have dreams that feel prophetic. But because of the extrasensory feelings, we could need moments to process what we’re picking up, so personal space from others might be in order.

Intersecting those energies are romance, social along with family and friends. Getting space to ourselves might be difficult under some of these vibes, so if you’re unable to get alone time, you’ll want to ensure you can distinguish between your own vibes vs. other people’s energies.

Leo Full Moon Reflective Questions

The 6-month cycle of the Full Moon is when we take stock of the things we've accomplished in a specific sign.

Once we get to the peak of this cycle, it’s a time to evaluate what we've learned, the best practices we've created, situations that need alterations, and the unhealthy habits that need to be released.

So now that we’re here at the Leo Full Moon, consider the projects you have been working on since the New Moon in this sign 6 months ago.

How have you’ve grown under this zodiac placements influence since July 28th, 2022?

Here are some reflective Leo questions to think about:

  • Are you seeing the importance of allowing your talents to shine through?
  • Seeing why it’s crucial to put yourself first for a change?
  • Understanding that wanting to level up in life and to have nice things doesn’t make you selfish?
  • Have you learned to carry yourself more regally?
  • Worked on your sense of self so you can experience a healthy ego?
  • Understanding the importance of expressing yourself?
  • Found ways to validate yourself while accepting praise from others to increase your confidence?
  • Realizing you need to take credit for your creativity in the world?
  • Seeing why blending in with others doesn’t suit you because it's time to shine for your uniqueness?
  • Realize that it's time for you to take up space in the world just like everyone else?
  • Have you gradually developed the courage to display your extraordinary talents to the public?
  • Learning that it's necessary to take pride in everything you do and yourself?
  • Recognized that you don’t always have to be so humble?
  • Tapped into your creative side?
  • Developed your skills in self-expression?
  • Have you learned to accept compliments from others and realize you’re deserving of attention?
  • Recognized that you need trustworthy individuals in your existence and made efforts to weed out the unreliable ones?
  • Learned to give your heart to people who deserve it selectively?
  • Realized you deserve a little luxury in your life to make you feel opulent?
  • Understanding it’s okay to want the spotlight because you deserve your place in the Sun?

With Leo's enthusiasm, you want to be noticed for being unique and valued for your skills. Therefore, if you've worked on Leo themes in your life during the past six months, you should better understand what endeavors are worthwhile.

We understand the value of living an extraordinary life where we stand out for being unique in this sign. Leo demonstrates the drawbacks of blending in with the crowd and why showing off our vibrant side is vital.

Doing this helps with confidently expressing ourselves because we know it will be appreciated by those who want to celebrate us, offer praise, and admire our inventiveness.

With this Zodiac Sign, we start to see the value of incorporating playfulness into our daily activities.

Otherwise, things would become monotonous, robotic, and overly severe. By including boldness in your life, you can achieve that sense of aliveness. Making time for hijinks and humorous antics brings a sense of healthy theatrics into your world.

Thus, if you’ve worked on making time to be more leisurely, romantc, and attract positive drama into your life, this should be when you’re experiencing a more vivid period.

Being a passenger in our life is not an option while experiencing this energy. Leo encourages us to take significant risks, participate in activities that align with our passions, use our creative talents, be self-assured, and to develop a healthy ego.

We lead with authenticity in this sign and actively work to be ourselves to experience a healthy sense of pride.

So, if you’ve connected with this sign's characteristics since the New Moon in Leo, you’ll feel ready to follow your heart and step into your regal energy.

Themes Of The Full Moon In Leo
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The sign of the lion is about discovering what makes you unique and basking in the glow of all your greatness. If you’re coming full circle with this energy, this is your time to move forward with all things Leo in your life.

To fully experience this regal energy, consider the following themes and methods:

  • Remember that attending to your needs is crucial so try to avoid losing yourself to other people's ambitions.
  • Know that it's acceptable to speak up when you don't get the credit you deserve.
  • Improve your style both within and externally to feel at ease plus confident in your overall appearance.
  • Avoid letting others take the attention away from you since you deserve to shine.
  • Reclaim your voice by getting in touch with your bold, expressive side.
  • Learn to be playful, incorporate some adventure in your life, and adopt a carefree spirit.
  • It's time to allow your imagination to run wild and get motivated to pursue your interests.
  • Realize it's crucial to stand out for your originality.
  • Take a reasonable risk that will pay off, adopt a winning mindset, and let go of passivity.
  • It's time to inject some comedy and lightheartedness into your life if things have been too severe.
  • There’s nothing wrong with having standards used this time to develop a healthy sense of pride.
  • Only those who have earned a place in your heart and deserve your allegiance should receive it.
  • Leveling up is a necessary part of life; don’t let others project their fears of obtaining success stop you from going for the gold.
  • Energetically, this is a time to be magnetic, work on prosperity, and connect with your lavish side.
  • It’s better to compete with yourself than focusing on others’ accomplishments.
  • Upgrade your confidence and take your rightful place in the winner’s circle.

Use the Leo Full Moon to continue developing a healthy sense of self and know you’re capable of becoming a star in your own right.

Have a fantastic Full Moon!!!

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