February 2023 Horoscope For Zodiac Signs

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Here’s the February forecast for your zodiac sign.

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We’re kicking off a new month retrograde-free and ready to get things moving in our lives.

February has 6 essential events to help us feel like we’re making more progress.

This will be an action-packed month for each Zodiac placement because there is a decent distribution in each modality, i.e., the cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs. Therefore, everyone should have an exhilarating 4 weeks.

Of course, I recommend looking at your rising sign to get the most accuracy out of this horoscope. Also, using your big 3 gives you deeper insight into this forecast. Your big 3 are your Sun, Moon, and rising signs.

Again, read this in your preferred method, so if you identify more with your solar energy, take it in like a Sun sign horoscope. Or, if you relate more to your lunar vibes, look at this from your Moon sign’s perspective.

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Fixed Signs

For the fixed signs, this is a month full of transition and feeling as though you’re ready to get back on track.

The Sun is halfway through its trip in Aquarius, Mercury will be in this Sign for 3 weeks, and we still have Saturn transiting through its last days in the water bearer’s zone. All of these events should help with feeling energized and like things are finally moving in your lives.

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February will be a month with a variety of happenings to focus on for you, Taurus.

Through this month, you’ll be making alterations to relationships that bog you down in favor of focusing on yourself. Even if these situations may have felt like a comfort zone, it’s left you stagnant, so this is your opportunity to shake things up and claim your independence.

Speaking of comfort, this could also be a time to take action on financial goals.

One of the main focuses will be on seeking dependable resources, so you feel stable regarding material things. This month could also be about focusing on your career and doing the hard work necessary for recognition.

Love life-wise, there will be opportunities to meet the types where there's an instant connection that could feel like there's a spiritual element. This could be a period of being more social and looking for ways to let your hair down with friends. Also, this ushers in the potential to meet someone who starts off platonic but becomes something more.


You have a big month ahead with a Full Moon in your sign and other events that will help you feel invigorated again.

Through this period, you will tweak your routine to ensure you’re taking in the right things. Your focus will be on creating harmony in your relationships and your environment so you can heal from stressful situations.

Career-wise, this is a period to look for better alternatives so you can feel fulfilled.

Love life-wise, you could seek something more profound because superficial relationships aren’t cutting it for you. For those in a committed union, this could be a time when the connection develops into something more profound.

And this will be a time to get together with friends, do something bold, go out more, and try something outside your norm in terms of adventurous activities.


A month like this will bring a dose of social exchanges for you, Scorpio.

With the energy occurring in February, this is a time to focus on the relationships in your life that are worth your time. So, this is a period to build things with others and give an excellent reboot to a healthy relationship that needs nurturing.

Your mind could feel focused this month, causing you to be more detail-oriented than typical. Also, this might be a period to bust out of mental ruts. This is when you’ll also feel like you’re motivated again, so you can start taking action on goals that help you get your finances in order.

Romance-wise, this will be a period to meet people with dating potential because there’s an immediate connection and an intense attraction. For those in committed relationships, this will be a time to get adventurous and experience intimacy with a storybook vibe.


We’re still in your season Aquarius for most of February, giving your sign a massive boost this month.

Even if most wouldn't associate you with domestic happenings, this is a time to focus on your home life.

February is a month to gain a work-life balance and heal from burnout from a current job. This may be when you make alterations to your living situation. Or it might be a time to consider making a big move from your current abode.

This could be when you’re more focused on your appearance and ready to make substantial changes that boost your confidence. Also, you could leave a lasting impression on others that causes individuals to see you as an authentic and intelligent person.

At this time, you’ll be concocting plans to attract better opportunities, especially regarding how you earn a living.

Love life-wise, this is an action-oriented time where you’ll meet those who can match energy with you. You could feel more magnetic than typical and find yourself attracting witty types of people. For those who are in committed situations, this could be a period of revved-up attraction that leads to steamy exchanges.

Mutable Signs

For the mutable modality, this month will be active in terms of love and finance. This is due to Venus transiting Pisces until the 19th also; we enter Pisces season starting around that same day. Likewise, there’s a Pisces New Moon this month, which will be helpful for connecting with higher vibes.

Mars is still in Gemini and its post-retrograde shadow, so your modality will feel this more than other placements. Also, Neptune in Pisces will lead to many spiritual occurrences for your grouping.


February will feel like a month when you’re finally gaining some traction after feeling as if those things have been off-kilter for the last couple of months.

One of your main focuses will be on recovering after feeling like your body’s been out of sync. So, this is a time to regain your stamina and heal things that caused discomfort.

As you’re feeling like yourself again, this could be when you finally pursue things to do with your career. Or it could be a period to work on your portfolio so you build a solid reputation one day.

This will be a time to find ways to calm your mind after a period of serious overthinking. Some of the energies this month could help you feel like you’re experiencing a mental upgrade. This might also be when you feel like your mind can focus on intellectual pursuits like studying, researching, or taking education courses.

Love life-wise, this may be a period of attracting chatty people. One of the good things about this is it helps you weed out those who aren't on your level conversation-wise. Also, some connections will be more about hanging for the moment rather than the long term.

For those in romantic relationships, this is a time dialog improves, and you’re able to be more lighthearted plus playful with one another.


This month will cause you to let go of things that keep you small; that way, you can experience growth, expand your horizons, and be open to better opportunities.

Virgo, this is a month to take advantage of the possibilities in front of you and make them a reality. Throughout February is a time to be active again regarding ambitious pursuits that were put on the back burner career-wise.

Work scenarios will finally become more manageable, which could also be a time to adjust things to do with an off-kiltered schedule. You’ll also feel like it's time to tweak things that are throwing you off bodily-wise.

February won't be all work and no play because this is also a time when you can see more action in terms of events and other social happenings.

Love life-wise, this could be a dreamy time for you where you’re meeting charming types who aren't afraid to show their romantic and sensitive side. For those in committed relationships, this could be a time to be vulnerable and experience over-the-top romantic exchanges.


February is a month to focus on your life's social aspects and ensure everything is in check.

In other words, this is a time to work on various types of connections which has to do with family, friendships, co-workers, and romantic relationships.

With co-workers, this could be a time to work on making these exchanges more pleasant and manageable. This will also tie in with finances. Therefore, this might be when you narrow down your options allowing you to double down on the things that can increase your income and let go of time wasters.

Family-wise, this is a time to bring in some much-needed harmony and to have more events that are enjoyable rather than feeling like a task. Friendships can also be included in as family, so this could be a period of connecting with them for fun and deep conversations.

Romance-wise this is a time to be over the top and just have fun with new potential. Even though most of these connections will burn out fast, it will be an exciting and incredible experience. For those in committed unions, this is a time to make big plans with one another, like travel or other adventurous excursions.


The 2nd month of the year could be an opportunity for you to alleviate yourself of overwhelming scenarios in favor of something that’s more streamlined to make your life easier.

Pisces, this is a time to focus on yourself for a change rather than always being the one who makes all of the sacrifices. This will be a period of doing what makes you feel good, treating yourself, doing things that uplift your self-esteem, and boosting your appearance.

Financially you might have big ideas about how to increase your income and some luck in the area of how you earn money. Be mindful, however, of getting too carried away on either side of the spectrum because it can result in overspending or being afraid to make purchases.

Home life situations will seem as though they’re becoming active again. In other words, if things need to be done around your house, it is time to take care of them. Also, this could be a period to patch up things with close relatives or friends who are like family.

Love-life-wise, this is a month to let your hair down and just be yourself, and you will attract the types that are better suited for you. For those in serious relationships, this is a period to plan a bunch of romantic dates and reconnect with the dreamy side of your union.

Cardinal Signs

Mercury will leave post shadow on Feb 7th, giving your modality some much-needed reprieve after being the placements most affected by that regressive cycle.

The Cardinal signs will really rev up around the 20th with 3 celestial bodies in Aries, which are Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron. And Pluto will be at the last degree of Capricorn, making the end of February a dynamic time for this modality.


During the second month of 2023, you’ll experience a period that seems high octane regarding finances, love, social life, and career.

Aries, this could also feel like a transformative time where you’re breaking away from your comfort zone in favor of transforming stagnant circumstances.

Socially, this is a period of getting back into events happening around your local area. This could also be a time to connect with close friends or immediate relatives like siblings or cousins. Also, you’ll feel more open to communicating because you’re feeling like your old social self again.

You happen to be going through a healing process regarding who you are, your sense of identity, and being able to exert your bold nature. This could be a period of finding yourself again after feeling like you weren’t being true to who you are as an individual.

Career-wise you could finally feel energized enough to create a long-term plan that will lead to stability.

Romance-wise, this is a time to look for fulfilling relationships on all levels, especially to a spiritual degree. Also, by the end of this month, it will be easier than usual to attract others. And for those in relationships, this is a time to grow together spiritually while bringing some excitement back into your union.


This month is a time to rejuvenate yourself after a very transformative period.

Over this month, some of your focus will be on making more meaningful connections rather than ones that feel surface-level.

Since Mercury Retrograded over the relationship sector of your chart last month, you’re now seeing how some of your close unions were not balanced. In other words, this is when you understand which relationships are built on a solid foundation of fairness versus one-sided relationships.

For this reason, you’ll make conscious choices to stick with those who don’t drain you.

Even with some setbacks you might have felt regarding career advancement, this could be when you’re feeling motivated again to go after what you desire. This could also shift in a way where you’re considering carving out your own path and working independently.

Love life-wise, this could be a time for expansion and allowing yourself to be open to different types of people. So, rather than you being the usual type, this month could usher in a period when you're exploring something different because why not have more possibilities?

For those in a committed union, this will be a time to be open to trying things outside your scope. To put it another way, this month is a period to plan excursions with one another, do fun cultural items, and even get out of the area for a romantic getaway.


Over the month of February, your focus will be on a multitude of relationships in your life but also on looking at ways to decompress.

Libra, this is a time to look at your close unions and anything to do with family scenarios.

Through this month, you might seek ways to move past hiccups with those you have tight-knit bonds in favor of having fun with them again. When it comes to relatives, this might be the time to clear the air or finally come to a better understanding with one another.

One of the cool things about this month is that you’ll feel like you’re starting to progress on goals put on the back burner regarding travel, working on anything to do with publishing, scaling your financial situation, or education. This could also be when you’re experiencing more pleasant conditions at work.

Love life-wise, this may be a period when you feel more magnetic than typical and attract the types of people looking for something solid. And for those in committed relationships, this could be a time to do something dramatic in terms of dates and intimacy.


For you, Capricorn, this has been a busy few months, so as we go into February, you’ll still have a lot of activity but differently.

This is when things become more lighthearted for you, so even though you are busy, at least it will feel like you’re making progress.

February is a time to revamp how you approach amusement so you’re finding joy in your life. Doing this will get you out of your head and allow you to balance the all-work and no-play mentality.

Because you’ve worked out some of the kinks regarding bodily things, this could be when you feel like you have more stamina. Also, if you were making tweaks to your image, you could finally feel satisfied with the results.

Work will also feel as though things are starting to run seamlessly. This will be a time to see some of your hard work paying off, resulting in boosting your self-esteem and opening up opportunities to earn more.

Regarding personal life, this opens up a period of healing and becoming more optimistic.

Love life-wise, this will be a time to get out and enjoy your local area, which will give you opportunities to meet a variety of romantic potentials. For those in committed relationships, this could be a chatty time and a period of letting your curiosity run wild.

Here’s to a beautiful and productive February, everyone!!!

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