This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For January 30th to February 5th, 2023

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In this week's astrology, there will be a full moon in Leo, which helps us realize how crucial it is to avoid dimming our light appease other people. And our moods might fluctuate because the Moon will make most of the transits.
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We have a mixed-bagged week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, there will be a Full Moon in Leo, allowing us to see how far we’ve come since August regarding our ability to stand out. This will be an active week for the Sun and Venus giving us the opportunity to work on our confidence and how we approach love life scenarios. And the Moon will make the most connections over the next 7 days, causing us to seek emotional security.

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1/30 Venus Semisextile Jupiter: Gotta Have It!

Venus and Jupiter will come together in a configuration that may increase our want to indulge.

Monday is filled with excitable energy, so today might feel like the perfect excuse to lose yourself extravagantly. The fantastic thing is how cheery this transit makes the atmosphere feel, so we tend to be more positive and feel like nothing can harsh our mellow.

However, when Venus and Jupiter form a problematic connection, we have the propensity to overindulge in everything. Consequently, when we feel fantastic, it's simple to approach going too far in a carefree manner.

We could feel the impulse to overindulge in any form of eating or drinking or to spend money like it's going out of style.

Of course, have fun with this aspect since it's upbeat, but try to make wise decisions because, with Venus-Jupiter, there is a fine line between a few scoops of ice cream and a whole tub of rocky road.

1/30 Mercury Trine Uranus: Sudden Strokes Of Genius pt 3

Monday brings in a Mercury post-shadow retrograde alignment to Uranus that could help us have an aha moment.

Because this alignment occurred on Jan 8th and December 17th, we could revisit things from these periods.

Under this alignment, our thinking may seem sharper than usual, making challenging situations easier to comprehend.

With this transit, sudden epiphanies frequently happen.

As a result, we often experience breakthroughs more readily with this alignment, so if you've been stuck on something, you might suddenly find a solution. This combo will significantly enhance our intellectual abilities, which can result in a day when we feel creative and cognitively alert.

A transit like this gives us the urge to engage in activities that advance our scholarly levels.

Therefore, this can be an exceptional time to perform anything that builds up intellectual dexterity, making today an excellent time to lose oneself in mental activities like strategy games.

Additionally, communication will be exciting, so the need to socialize and catch up with friends will be pronounced. And this is wonderful for setting goals, taking reasonable risks, and even attempting something novel.

1/31 Moon in Gemini: Intellectualizing Your Emotions Rather Than Feeling Your Feels

Logical vibes continue on Tuesday with the Moon transiting through cerebral Gemini.

The Moon in Astrology governs our emotions, inner world, moods, and how we nurture ourselves.

With our natural satellite connecting to Gemini, we will have the urge to nurture ourselves through intellectual pursuits, witty banter, being playful, feeling in tune with our inner teenager, and letting our curiosity run wild. So, this could be a day where you’re grounding your emotions through those activities.

This Gemini Moon will make aspects to Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and Pluto that could be challenging, causing us to question our emotions. Because of this, we might bypass and detach from our emotions and only look at the data points rather than understanding our feelings.

However, it will be in configurations with Mars and Saturn. With these alignments, we could take action on the things that cause our moods to feel off-kilter and seek healthy coping mechanisms rather than bypassing our feelings.

2/1 Sun Sextile Chiron: Regaining Your Stride

Wednesday brings in a Sun-Chiron configuration that promotes healing our ego so we can have a healthy sense of self and confidence.

A Transit like this one is excellent for identifying ways to boost our self-esteem. So, if you’ve been in a slump confidence-wise, this will be excellent for feeling energized and like your old self again.

The Sun and Chiron in this alignment helps us rediscover talents we possess that have been on the shelf due to feeling unsure about ourselves and demotivated. Therefore, if you’ve been experiencing a creative block, this could be a time to feel inspired.

Additionally, this encourages us to help people who might not feel good about themselves by paying it forward. So today can be a day when you give friends, family members, or coworkers a motivational pep talk to help them realize that they bring something to the table.

2/2 Moon in Cancer: Taking Care Of Your Personal Life

Over the next few days, the Moon will be in Cancer, allowing us to get in touch with our emotions.

The Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer, so it does well here, and even though there are some problematic transits ahead, this is a lovely combination.

A Cancerian Moon urges us to seek comfort, focus on our personal life and the home environment, look for ways to fulfill our emotional needs and be nostalgic. So, this could be a day of nurturing ourselves through these things while ensuring we can relax in our sanctuary.

We might feel like our moods fluctuate throughout this day because the Moon will connect in complex transits to Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Chiron.

At least this Moon will connect with Venus in a harmonious alignment which could mitigate the harsh vibes. With this kind of energy, we could feel like treating ourselves through shopping and comfort food. Also, this could bring in a day of romance with the vibes of Venus.

2/3 Moon in Cancer pt 2: The Need For Emotional Security

Friday, the Moon continues to make its rounds through the sign of the Crab. So, we will experience some carry-over from yesterday regarding Cancerian themes.

Now that the Moon has progressed through this sign, Venus will be in a harsh alignment with it, plus Saturn and Pluto. For this reason, we might feel off-kilter about love life situations, things to do with individuals who lack empathy and dealing with those who need the upper hand.

Luckily this Moon will be in a harmonious connection to Uranus and Neptune, which will aid us in experiencing emotional breakthroughs. So, this could be a day to let go of turbulent emotions while also allowing us to find healthy ways to destress through creativity and spiritual practices.

2/4 Sun Square Uranus: Shock Value Antics For Funsies

Saturday will usher in an alignment from the Sun and Uranus, which might bring on a day of unpredictable happenings.

So, we might experience a day of being thrown off our agenda because things rarely go as planned with complex transits to Uranus.

We might try to express ourselves but get an unexpected reaction from others. So this could result in misunderstandings because people are taking you the wrong way.

Sometimes this occurs because we’re coming off as abrasive or off-color, so try to be aware since we could come across as annoying and overly forceful.

Another way this could show up is in dealing with people who intentionally express themselves in a polarizing manner to get a reaction out of others. This could result in more conflict due to feeling pushed passed our limit. Also, individuals tend to lash out more as a way to regulate themselves and overcompensate for lack of confidence.

With energy like this, boredom could increase the urge to engage in risky behavior.

One of the good things about this transit is it brings out our adventurous side; however, you just want to be mindful of doing edgy things for cheap thrills. As a result, some of the risks taken could backfire.

Energetically, we could feel hyper under this ingress since it tends to boost us in a high-octane manner, resulting in feeling jittery. Some of the antsiness we experience during this configuration could also lead to feeling nervous and anxious.

And due to Uranus being in post retrograde shadow and the nature of this transit, electronics, gadgets, and other digital equipment may be buggy.

2/5 Full Moon in Leo: Making Yourself A Priority

On Sunday, there will be a Full Snow Moon in Leo, which should help us realize that it's alright to prioritize our needs for a change.

Full Moons are the peak of the lunar cycle, where we revisit what we initiated 6 months prior under the New Moon in a particular sign. So, under this energy, we will review what themes we have incorporated in our life since the beginning of August 2022 regarding Leo methodologies.

Leo is about standing out for your talents and shining brightly. Under this energy, we learn the importance of not dimming our light to make others comfortable. During this lunation, we will also examine our dating habits, social interactions, and the importance of getting the attention we deserve.

Signs that will experience this more than others will be the fixed modality Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius between 10 to 26 degrees of these placements.

Stay tuned for the Full Moon Horoscope For Zodiac Signs.

2/5 Venus Square Mars: Working Through Relationship Drama Part 3

Mars will make post-shadow transit on Sunday, causing us to deal with our love life scenarios.

The first time we had this one was on September 16th when Venus was in Virgo. Then this happened in the form of an opposition while this planet was in Sagittarius on November 30th. And today, we hit the other square now that Venus is traversing Pisces.

Due to Venus and Mars in a complex alignment, there may be a resurgence of passion on either end of the spectrum.

Energetically, this could be a day of flirtation and fun because Venus and Mars promote deepening our connections and engaging in daring activities.

So, this will bring out the exciting aspect of dating and serious partnerships. This day may be marked by intense attraction and intimacy because passion becomes more enunciated in romantic settings.

With this Transit, it's simpler to rekindle lost desire and affection; this pronounces exuberance for romantic exhilaration in a relationship that needs the spark reignited.

In terms of social interaction, we will seek out novelty and excitement. Now would be an excellent time to experience the thrill of doing something risky or exploring new places to hang out that you usually wouldn’t because you’re craving adventure.

However, if there is already stress in an unhealthy love relationship, unsolved concerns may bubble to the surface.

Conflict may arise in romantic and dating relationships with a more combative tone. The temptation to get overexcited and go off the deep end will be very pronounced with this energy, so we need to be mindful if all we’re looking for is thrill-seeking antics.

Arguments emerge from this alignment because people tend to overreact and make accusations rapidly.

Check the facts first to ensure a clear understanding; even if you're right, your reaction could cause you to be in the wrong. Additionally, because it is evident that someone needs their ego stroked, attention-seeking conduct may result in drama.

Vibes For The Week
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With a mixed week like this, the vibes will vary.

From the 30th to the 3rd, solitude will be present, mixed in with emotional sensitivity, ambition, and some good luck.

Even with some of the more challenging energies, we will have some sweet spots that will help motivate us. So, some of the complexities of the week will give us the nudge needed to take care of business.

Social plus family and friends’ energy appear from the 3rd to 5th, along with an abundance of romance. Once we get to the weekend, some exciting vibes that will cause us to feel adventurous and be open to amorous exchanges.

Transits For The Week

We’re leaving January the way we entered it, gently. However, the beginning of February is opening with a cosmic storm. But as I always say, the harder transits push us to get things done, so if there are issues that require our attention, at least we’ll check them off our list.

Transits For January 30th to February 5th:

  • 1/30 Mercury Trine Uranus: Sudden Strokes Of Genius pt 3
  • 1/30 Venus Semisextile Jupiter: Gotta Have It!
  • 1/31 Moon in Gemini: Intellectualizing Your Emotions Rather Than Feeling Your Feels
  • 2/1 Sun Sextile Chiron: Regaining Your Stride
  • 2/2 Moon in Cancer: Taking Care Of Your Personal Life
  • 2/3 Moon in Cancer pt. 2: The Need For Emotional Security
  • 2/4 Sun Square Uranus: Shock Value Antics For Funsies
  • 2/5 Full Moon in Leo: Making Yourself A Priority
  • 2/5 Venus Square Mars: Working Through Relationship Drama Part 3

Use this week to explore ways to take center stage in your life.

Have a wonderful week!!!

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