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Here’s how this Aquarius New Moon will affect your Zodiac sign.
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Now that we know how this Aquarian New Moon will affect us collectively, here’s a closer look at your Zodiac placements.

New Moons are about starting something fresh in the energy of a sign a lunar event is under, so this lunation will be all about kicking off new things in Aquarius. Hence, this marks a brand new cycle of 6 months to build something uniquely yours in the sign of the water bearer.

Due to the Moon's intricate passage of the Lunar Nodes, an aspect pattern known as a t-square is developing. Therefore, each zodiac sign will have this connection with them in various forms. Because we’re dealing with the Lunar Nodes, there will be an emphasis on letting go of unhealthy behavior to make room for greener pastures.

That sounds like a cool trade-off, right?!

As always, I recommend going off your Rising Sign to get the most accuracy out of your reading. Another thing I recommend is using your Big 3, which are your Sun, Moon, and Rising to gain additional information on how this lunation will affect you personally.

Of course, approach this article in a preferred manner. If you’re more connected to your solar side, read this like a Sun Sign Horoscope. Or, if you’re more of a lunar type, you can always base this on your Moon Sign.

And, if you don’t know your Big 3, online chart calculators can help you find that info. Some of the best sites to find your chart data are Astrodienst, Astroseek, and Astro Charts. But if you’re more of a mobile person, I suggest apps like Timepassages, Sanctuary, and Astromatrix.

For a more in-depth look at this Moon collectively, check out the Aquarius New Moon Forecast.

The 4 Major Players Of This Lunation

During this New Moon, the Fixed signs will feel this lunar event more potently than others. Because this fresh lunar event is making complicated connections to Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and, of course, Aquarius, these signs will have more significant breakthroughs in their lives.


We’re now in your season, Aquarius, so this New Moon is occurring in your placement.

Because New Moons are about starting something fresh, this will be a period to kick off a new error regarding doing you for a change.

Some areas where there could be new beginnings are connecting with your ambitious side and the impression you leave on others. Also, your concentration could be on refreshing your appearance. This lunation also marks a new phase for getting back on track with the body goals you want to achieve.

Due to the Lunar Nodes connecting with this Moon, this will be about relinquishing control in job scenarios that don’t allow a work-like balance. So, this is a time for you to get back on track regarding your personal life.


The way this New Moon will affect you, Leo, deals with a fresh start regarding relationship dynamics.

A fresh lunation in this Sign marks a period where you need a new approach to your love life, close relationships, networking pals, and partnerships to do with business. And because this creates a new cycle for you, it’s about finding balances in these unions.

Therefore, this will allow you to ensure you receive as much as you’re pouring into others. Fairness will play a huge role for you over the next 6 months regarding this area of life.

Because this Moon is connected with a pattern of letting go of what no longer serves us in favor of something better, this will be a period to release personal life patterns that prevent you from career success.


For you, Scorpio, this is a period to create a fresh start regarding your personal life.

A New Moon in the sign of the water bearer will give you the nudge needed to work on familial situations and generational themes. Therefore, this is a new cycle where you focus on creating a fresh start regarding healthier patterns rather than things that were passed down.

Another theme over this Aquarian phase will be ensuring you’re making a sacred space in your home and uncovering things from the past.

And because of this Moon's connection to the Lunar Nodes, this is a time to focus more on building solid unions rather than just going at it alone.


At this New lunar phase, your mind will be on kickstarting things to do with building a better career.

Taurus, this is when your mind will be on creating a long-term plan to get to the top of your field or finally taking action to ensure you’re in the role you deserve job-wise. If you haven't laid down a solid foundation to step into a higher position, now is the time to build up your portfolio so one day, you can be an authority in your niche.

Over this fresh Aquarian phase, you will also build on your financial situation to ensure you’re setting yourself up to be comfortable in the long term.

The way this Moon connects to the Lunar Nodes will lead you on the path of making yourself a priority rather than being held back by others.

Working On Your Blind Spots To Clear Roadblocks

For Virgo and Cancer, this New Moon is about working on things that hinder you from having significant breakthroughs in your life. The Aquarius lunation will help you gain more awareness of behaviors that keep you stuck.


For you, Virgo, this lunation will help you understand habits that throw off your routine on all levels.

The Aquarius New Moon will be about starting a fresh cycle with on-the-job scenarios. This could be a time to switch up how many work task you’re taking on and learn the importance of delegating so you’re less overwhelmed. Likewise, this might be a period to improve co-worker relations.

Also, this could be a time to start a new regimen that gets your health back on track. And through this period, you could have a breakthrough on how to get back in sync with your mind-body connection.

Because of how this Moon connects to the Lunar Nodes, this will be a time to change your perspective from a narrowed scope so you’re seeing the big picture.


At the Aquarius New Moon, your mind will be about detoxing things that prevent you from transforming in your life.

During this Moon, your focus will be on gaining control back healthily. You’ll start a new phase of finally shedding light on things that seemed hidden from you. So, this could be a period of healing from repressed things.

An event like this will help you examine what needs to change to have deeper relationships. Also, this could be a time of shifting financial circumstances that have gotten out of hand.

Due to a contact, this New Moon is making your mind will be on improving your social life and letting go of self-focused behavior.

Introspection Leads To Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone

For Capricorn and Pisces, the Aquarius New Moon will aid in having a breakthrough on the things you’ve been internalizing. Therefore, this will lead to finding solutions to the unsolvable problems in your mind.


Around this lunar event, your concentration will be on creating something you can depend on.

In other words, this New Moon involves financial security, your resources, what brings you comfort, and the things you value.

Capricorn, this will be your opportunity to start a new cycle about ensuring you have reliable people around you because you’re craving security on all levels. Also, this is a period to consider boosting your self-esteem and self-worth.

Because of another transit occurring during this New Moon, themes about stepping forward and showing off your uniqueness will be vital. Therefore, this can be a new start about no longer fading into the background because you deserve your accolades just as much as everyone else.


You’re no stranger to introspection, so with this lunar event, you’ll be able to use those superpowers to have a significant breakthrough.

During this New Moon, your mind will concentrate on letting go of self-sabotaging situations. So, this could be a time to release things that have stifled you from leveling up in life. One way you might go about this is by finding a spiritual practice that aligns with your energy.

Also, this new start could be about connecting with your creative side through art, music, writing, and other inventive outlets.

Due to another aspect, this Moon is making your concentration will be on developing ways to let things roll off your back rather than taking opinions and actions too seriously.

Energized And Ready To Make Progress

Aries and Sagittarius, this lunation is about finally feeling like you have the stamina to make progress on your goals. If you’ve felt burnt out, this is an opportunity to gain traction and feel like you’re experiencing strokes of genius that lead to advancement.


If you feel as though your social life needs revitalization, this is the time when you’ll feel motivated to make improvements to it.

Aries, this is a New start for you regarding friendships, memberships, groups, and other ways to meet up with those on the same wavelength as you.

This could also be a period of taking action on the things you hope for so they can become real one day. In other words, if you’ve been fantasizing about your goals, this could be when you’re having a breakthrough that gives you a solution on how to make your aspirations a reality.

Due to an alignment affecting this lunar event, you might break free from unhealthy patterns and negativity that's left you in a rut.


A New Moon in Aquarius will kick off a fresh start that allows you to experience life in an easy breezy way, Sagittarius.

During this lunation, some ways you’ll start fresh involve being more active in your local scene, connecting with your intellectual side, and letting your curiosity run wild. Another area that could be highlighted during this fresh phase is building a better relationship with immediate families, such as siblings or friends who are like sisters/brothers.

Also, this will be a time to look at new ways to have more variety in your life and not put all your eggs in one basket. So, this is an opportunity to have more sources of things, so you always have enough.

Because of this Moons connection to the Lunar Nodes, this is a time to work on poor boundaries and set better parameters.

How To Level Up With Ease

Gemini and Libra, you have the easiest energies out of the bunch during this New Moon. Thus, if you’ve been waiting for things to be seamless in order to advance in your life, this lunation has you covered.


For this fresh lunar cycle, your mind will be on creating ways to shoot your shot at goals.

During this Aquarius New Moon, you could feel a pull towards starting a new journey beyond your backyard, expanding your knowledge, spiritual practices, and cultural events.

Also, this could be when you’re finally believing in yourself again, resulting in going after opportunities because you’re confident they’ll work out. An alignment occurring around this could be a period of letting go of rigid thinking in favor of a more go-with-the-flow mindset.

Due to an alignment, this Moon is making it to the Lunar Nodes; this is a time to work on perfectionism in favor of going with the flow.


This fresh Aquarius Moon could kick off a new cycle for you regarding creativity.

In other words, this is a time to set out on a path that allows you to take center stage through your skills. This could be when your focus goes on being more leisurely and getting into cool hobbies.

Also, romance might be on your mind, so this will be a time to work on your love life.

If you’re single, this could be a time to break out of a dating rut which will open the door to better-suited individuals. For those in committed or dating situations, this could mark an improved period for romance and intimacy.

Due to an alignment happening at this New Moon, you could be more interested in letting go of superficial things in favor of more profound situations and connections in your life.

Aquarius New Moons are exciting times when we find inventive ways to kickstart a better chapter in our lives.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Moon!!

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