The Sun Goes Into Aquarius On January 20th, 2023

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Aquarius Season begins on January 20th, causing us to have the urge to do something fun and outside the box.
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“At some point, we must look at the alternatives to prevent getting stuck on a problem!”

Welcome to Aquarius Season 2023

And Happy Birthday to all of the Aquarians out there; it’s your turn to let your originality shine!

As we shift from doing things the standard way of Capricorn, we learn to deviate from the norm in Aquarius.

Because we’re dealing with the transiting Sun through this sign, we will gain an ego boost by being outside of the Rubix Cube. In other words, Aquarius energy is about embracing your outside-of-the-box qualities, so the urge to stand out for your eccentric side will be stronger than usual.

One thing to note before we continue with this article, the Sun happens to be in a term called Detriment when it is transiting Aquarius. Each celestial body combined with a Zodiac Sign will have its place where it shines or has an uncomfortable experience.

Some pairings flow harmoniously, but certain combinations just don’t blend well. Essential Dignities in Astrology allows us to see which signs operate seamlessly or have a bit of friction in certain planets.

Astrologically, the Sun represents the self and how we shine as an individual.

Leo, the polar opposite of Aquarius, is ruled by the Sun, which is why this combination has conflicting moments. In the sign of the lion, this celestial energy is free to seek the spotlight and shine for being itself.

Being a polar sign to Leo, Aquarius’s expression is about finding your identity through a membership along with friends and shining as a group. In Aquarius, it’s about bringing others with you and not keeping the spotlight all to yourself; through this sign, we all share success together.

For this reason, this placement can have a few conflicting moments. However, this does not mean we can’t at least channel the higher frequencies of this Sign.

Aquarius is fun energy because it helps us shake things up.

So, through this ingress, we will have the urge to try things we’re usually too skeptical about trying. In other words, if you’ve needed some adventure in your life, this energy will give you the boost to get started.

With Aquarius, we find an inventive way to get out of our comfort zone and focus on moving beyond our old routines. This could be a time when you decide to finally try a new eatery, gym, places to shop, new activities to try, or other adventurous happenings.

Daring to do something out of the ordinary doesn’t have to be wild; it could simply be switching things up.

Even though repetition can be comforting, it can also become a trap. Aquarius offers us an alternative to what’s become monotonous so we can experience life to the fullest. Also, changing up your routine and places you venture to helps build new neural pathways.

Shaking things up can be as simple as shopping at a new supermarket, plaza, or mall instead of the same places you buy goods at all the time. Or, instead of eating at the same restaurant or rotating food items, why not try an alternative to the typical eats?

Due to this sign’s representation as an archetype of restlessness to constraints, the urge for advancement becomes pronounced in this Zodiac placement. Aquarius Season happens a month after the holiday haze, so after a much-needed hiatus, we’re finally getting back to doing non-family-oriented things.

People tend to feel stagnant this time of year, so once we get to Aquarius, we are more than willing to change things up and just let our hair down.
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Also, this could be applied to the cold months. Since this is a Fixed Sign, we get its energy in the middle of a season. Aquarius occurs at the peak of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, which is right on time for cabin fever.

Those who live in cold weather cities know this feeling all too well, so around the end of January going into February, individuals are ready to feel less confined.

And with the Sun in this Sign, we will feel more determined to get out of the house and mingle.

Socially, this could be great for getting together with friends. Aquarius Season brings in the need to gather, so this is when things get busy on a social level. Our friends tend to emerge from their hibernation and get back in the swing of things.

Since we’re craving something more epic, we’ll feel more of an urge to have exciting playdates with our pals. We could feel more open to making plans, attending concerts, or having a game night. Also, making new friends is another social happening that is pronounced in this energy.

If you’re not going out to all the things but need a dose of social fun, this could be about connecting through calls, facetime, or Zoom. Doing this fills our urge to communicate with those on the same wavelength as us.

Another awesome thing that happens with the Sun in Aquarius is people tend to be all about aiding others. Aquarius is the energy of making things better for society, so there could be more situations where individuals are helping others more than typical.

Ingenuity is another huge feature of this archetype. In Aquarius energy, we connect to our inventive side, so this could be a period of experiencing eureka moments. This could be a time of finally putting something out there in the world that shows off your originality and other cutting-edge skills you possess. Also, we discover solutions to what seemed to be unsolvable.

Of course, there's always a lower vibration to these sign changes.

Even though Aquarius is fun energy, there’s more emphasis on being detached. Therefore, we can experience more aloofness from others during this time. Because this sign leads with their mind, we can be more cerebral than heart-centered in our approach, which could come off less empathetic to others.

Even though this is a sign of friendship and socialization, the extreme end is alienating ourselves. We also must work on isolating feelings like thinking we’re too eccentric for anyone to comprehend.

Our need for change in a fast manner can backfire if we try to rush things over a lack of patience. Also, boredom could lead to creating upheaval to satisfy our need for change.

The rebellious side of us becomes more pronounced in this energy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for going against the grain, but this lower vibration can enunciate the urge to shake things up to get a reaction out of others to seem edgy.

Other than that, this is an excellent time to make progress after feeling bogged down by seasonal things.

Use this Aquarius Season to bust out of your rut and create a better future for yourself.

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