This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For January 9th to 15th, 2023

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Following two and a half months of traveling backward, Mars stations direct in this week's astrology, allowing us to gain momentum gradually. We should focus on striking a balance between our love and financial life this week because Venus will be in charge of most of the transits.
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We have a transformative week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mars stations direct after 2 ½ months of retrograde motion allowing us to gain momentum again slowly. Venus will make most of the transits this week, causing us to focus on creating balance in our love life and financial situations. And Mercury, along with the Sun, will make an even amount of aspects which might rev up communication and cause us to focus on our sense of self.

Monday brings in a few Venus transits that are very different from one another.

1/9 Venus Semisquare Neptune: Having A Hard Time Accepting The Truth In Unhealthy Love Scenarios

Neptune and Venus will align in a way that might make us look at what we’ve been in denial about regarding love and finances.

Alignments like this enunciate situations we know aren't healthy for us but haven't addressed the elephant in the room due to not wanting to deal with the inconvenience of the truth.

Therefore, we might passively react because we’re too anxious to confront the reality of a disappointing situation. However, an alignment like this gives us the nudge to address unfair behavior and to move forward from unsatisfactory relationships eventually.

1/9 Venus Trine Mars: Feeling Enthusiastic About Your Love Life pt. 2

The 9th brings in a Mars Retrograde transit with Venus.

Contrasting the previous alignment, we have one that’s harmonious. Venus and Mars together in a configuration like his highlights the steamy side of relationships.

This is a Mars Retrograde transit that last occurred on October 18th, so it could bring up themes about working toward a more stable and passionate love life. Also, we could have used this alignment to reassess how to take action on financial goals.

Configurations between these celestial bodies are like a cheesy pick-up line that surprisingly works when they are together because they pronounce our flirty side.

If you're single, this might be the ideal time to break your dry spell romance-wise. Due to this being a retrograde transit, this could have helped you reconsider your dating approach so you can tweak a method that doesn’t work. Also, this might be a period where you’re more magnetic than typical, resulting in getting attention from those who are attracted to you.

For healthy relationships, this aspect is outstanding for defusing drama. Therefore, if there has been any turmoil in a love relationship, this is excellent for patching things up and moving on. Venus and Mars in this alignment might have helped boost intimacy, plus take a more playful approach to romance in your union.

And we might have felt motivated to take action to fulfill our career goals. This provides us the self-assurance we need to take the initiative, be upbeat about job prospects, look for better ways to make money, and attract the right opportunities.

The following transit in this series will come on March 11, 2023, in the form of a sextile.

1/11 Mercury Square Chiron: Self-Conscious About Communication pt. 2

Tuesday brings in an alignment that could cause us to feel stifled communication-wise.

Truth be told, there are moments when you just don't want to talk to anyone. A configuration like this pronounces the need for personal space to handle life complexities. Try to anchor your energy if you're feeling on pins and needles during the coming days because the air may get tense.

Due to the energetic difficulty of expressing yourself under the influence of this transit, you may not feel as though you are coming across as you planned.

Being excessively judgmental of others and oneself may also become more enunciated in this energy. Additionally, these vibes might feel extra stressful if we’re leaning into our perfectionistic side.

Our need to come off polished might result in not getting anything done. This configuration highlights the areas where perfectionism has prevented us from moving forward due to comparing ourselves to others.

Lastly, allow yourself some leeway while going over unpleasant memories in your thoughts because this alignment causes unnecessary guilt and embarrassment over the past.

The last time this happened was on December 14th, so it will bring up these themes from that period. We will see this transit again when Mercury is in post-shadow retrograde on Jan 27th.

1/12 Mars Goes Out Of Retrograde Motion: Reviewing Where You Don’t Open Your Options Or Take Action

One retro down, two more to go.

January is an intriguing month for retrogrades because now that Mars is stationing out of its inverse motion, we will only have two planets left in reverse phases.

Mercury and Uranus are the remaining celestial bodies in regressive cycles, but they will exit their backward movements next week. And the best news about this is once these planets go direct will be in the clear until the end of April for retrogrades, yay!!

Okay, now for all of the Mars stuff.

Mars will be still for a few weeks causing it to stay at 8 degrees until January 24th, then move one degree every 5 days until Feb 14th, when it finally picks up speed.

Because this is a rare and long retrograde, we tend to feel more tense than typical. Mars is the planet that controls our drive, temperament, ability to assert ourselves, zeal, bedroom passion, and willingness to take chances. Therefore, during its regressive cycle, we work through issues if we aren’t balanced in these areas.

Since this was a Mars RX in Gemini, it could have felt like an overextended Mercury Retrograde. So, this gave us two months of a sense of urgency, communication issues, edginess, and more glitches than typical.

Also, this combination could have revved up issues with multitasking, our local area, travel, comprehension, knowledge, and immediate family during this regressive cycle.

The Mutable Mode of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces between 5 and 27 degrees of these zodiac signs was more affected by this retrograde than other placements. Check out Mars RX for your sign to review how this cycle played out for you

Mars will exit its post-shadow RX on March 15, 2023.

Important Dates To Remember:

  • Ingressed into Gemini on August 19th, 2022
  • Moved into Pre-Shadow on September 3rd, 2022
  • Entered Retrograde October 30th, 2022
  • Stations out of Retrograde January 12th, 2023
  • Leaves Post Shadow RX March 15th, 2023
  • Transits out of Gemini on March 25th, 2023

1/12 Mercury Semisextile Venus: Insincere Flattery pt. 1

On the 12th, Mercury will make a semisquare to Venus, which could improve amorous encounters.

This is the first connection like this for Mercury and Venus since they have been traveling closely for the last 2 ½ months.

Sugarcoating might be an issue with this energy. Therefore, scenarios where others attempt to communicate in a way that makes something seem more admirable than it actually can feel inflated with this transit. Sometimes this could manifest into speaking about a complex topic in a nicer way not to offend anyone.

Other situations could be about sugarcoating as a way to butter a person up.

With this Transit, there is a significant likelihood of receiving unexpected social media messages or comments from past love interests who want attention. People tend to be overly flirtatious under this aspect, so exchanges could appear like someone is laying it on thick.

And this produces the need for validation which could result in disappointment or irritation if you're not getting the desired reassurance.

1/12 Venus Sextile Chiron: Actively Working To Heal Your Love Life

Venus will transit the asteroid Chiron on Thursday, allowing us to see why we need to balance our need to be selfless.

Such an alignment promotes us to value the importance of loving ourselves more. Therefore, we could look at ways to make ourselves a priority for a change.

This arrangement brings up the parts of our romantic lives where we are looking for other people's love and approval. Hence, it could give us the nudge to create our own confidence and learn to validate ourselves to boost self-esteem.

In relationships, it's crucial to be authentic because when you are, the ideal person will find you.

Venus and Chiron tend to make us examine our emotional well-being and the areas of our love lives that need to be healed. With the help of a transit like this, we can work on our self-worth and discover who we are independent of our relationships.

Additionally, this may help us comprehend why we undervalue ourselves and fail to pursue the careers we deserve regarding money and jobs.

1/13 Sun Sesquiquadrate Mars: Overcompensating For Low Confidence By Bossing Others Around pt. 2

Levels of unjustified confidence will be present on the 13th due to a Sun-Mars alignment. Hopefully, the transit with Neptune and the Sun will mitigate this one since this promotes superiority.

The last time this transit occurred was on November 2nd, 2022, so it might bring up themes involving an unhealthy sense of self.

With this alignment, we might need to keep our egos in check because it tends to inflate us arrogantly. We may be peacocking to make ourselves seem important even while we feel insignificant inside for various reasons, some of which stem from feelings of insecurity.

Boastful behavior backfires under this alignment resulting in being called out for our antics, which might be a blow to our ego. Consequently, we learn why vying for other people's attention is the worst way to build our confidence.

During this transit, avoid letting your anger get the best of you because this configuration inflates aggressiveness. If we aren’t mindful of our temper, this could result in unnecessary arguing.

1/13 Sun Sextile Neptune: Feeling Purposeful Through Spiritual Pursuits

With the Sun's sextile to Neptune, there should be a spiritual vibe in the air.

Hopefully, this auspicious Transit softens the impact of some of this week’s energy. This is the ideal alignment for seeking out feel-good things, dancing to your favorite music, and writing.

Sun-Neptune alignments help us feel more positive and encourage us to see the good in everything. So, even if things aren’t going as you hoped, you might find a silver lining.

Creativity-wise, this might be a time to get back on track and feel so inspired you can bust out of artistic or inventive blocks. Also, an alignment like this can help with discovering dormant skills and creative talents.

Taking in a good film, gallery hopping, going to a poetry night, or live music is also a feature of this transit. So, if you need to decompress from the week, this is the perfect opportunity to let your hair down through expressive things.

With this arrangement, we feel a stronger impulse to take care of ourselves spiritually by doing things like getting a reading from a Tarot or oracle deck.

If you don't have a deck, you can also channel your inner techie and use a Tarot app on your smartphone. Additionally, today is ideal for burning sage or other types of healing incense to raise the vibration of the air.

Energetically, this should restore some of our faith in ourselves and other scenarios because it gives us an instinctive sense that things will turn out for the best.

1/14 Sun Semisextile Saturn: Pushing Past Your Limits

Unlike the 13th, Saturday brings in complicated alignments that might rev up self-doubt and impulsive behavior.

The Sun and Saturn will connect in a way that causes us to feel like our confidence is diminished.

A configuration like this puts a harsher spin on things, as it tends to trigger the sense that you’re treading water. Therefore, it might cause us to concentrate on what isn't going as we had hoped, which could make us feel unmotivated. On that day, try to be kind to yourself and practice as much self-care as possible.

And don’t give up because this is the kind of aspect that rewards you later for going hard as Saturn does.

1/15 Venus Square Uranus: The Sudden Need To Bust Out Of Restrictive Relationships

The 15th invites us to break free of constrictive habits in our relationships, sense of style, and finances.

Try to reframe from making major overhauls until you have a clear action plan. Take your time making changes to your relationships, career, and appearance because this transit results in the opposite of what you had hoped.

So, we tend to see unintended results that lead to consequences if we act impetuously.

1/15 Mercury Semisextile Saturn: A Lack Of Warmth In Communication pt. 3

Due to Mercury and Saturn's second ongoing connections for this retrograde, we will see a constant theme of harsh inner and outward communication.

The semisextile between these planets first occurred on December 23rd, then on January 3rd, so we could see themes from those days pop up to be resolved.

In a challenging alignment like this, our minds feel heavier than usual, so try to be compassionate to yourself if you’re inner critic is in overdrive since this inflates harsh internal dialog.

As a result, this could also make us less receptive to discussion. Some of our conversations with others today may come off as aloof because we're currently feeling down. We might come across as detached as a result which might make our loved ones feel like we’re being uncaring.

The final transit for this will be on February 3rd, 2023.

Vibes For The Week

Over the next 7 days, the vibes will be mainly fair.

A considerable amount of romance will show up on the 9th, then peak up over the weekend. Mental energy will appear from the 9th to the 11th while intersecting romance. This will be a week of focusing on relationship situations and what we want for our love life in the long run. Also, this will rev up flirtation and intimacy.

Psychic and ambitious energy will appear from the 12th to the 14th. We could feel intuitively guided to go after our goals. In other words, vibes like these help us take action on our aims because we can trust in our psychic inclinings about our next steps.

And emotional sensitivity comes up over the weekend mixed in with romance. Due to the complex transits Friday thru Sunday, we could feel like we’re on pins and needles about love life situations that are bogging us down.

Transits For The Week

Indeed, this is a weird week chocked full of mixed-bagged energy. Thus, we might feel as though our moods are going through highs and lows due to the variety of transits over the next 7 days.

But like I said earlier, we are one retrograde down and two more to go out of the regression, so that’s something to look forward to this month.

Transits For January 9th to 15th:

  • 1/9 Venus Semisquare Neptune: Having A Hard Time Accepting The Truth In Unhealthy Love Scenarios
  • 1/9 Venus Trine Mars: Feeling Enthusiastic About Your Love Life pt. 2
  • 1/11 Mercury Square Chiron: Self-Conscious About Communication
  • 1/12 Mars Goes Out Of Retrograde Motion: Reviewing Where You Don’t Open Your Options Or Take Action
  • 1/12 Mercury Semisextile Venus: Insincere Flattery
  • 1/12 Venus Sextile Chiron: Actively Working To Heal Your Love Life
  • 1/13 Sun Sextile Neptune: Feeling Purposeful Through Spiritual Pursuits
  • 1/13 Sun Sesquiquadrate Mars: Overcompensating For Low Confidence By Bossing Others Around pt. 2
  • 1/14 Sun Semisextile Saturn: Pushing Past Your Limits
  • 1/15 Venus Square Uranus: The Sudden Need To Bust Out Of Restrictive Relationships
  • 1/15 Mercury Semisextile Saturn: A Lack Of Warmth In Communication pt. 3

Use this week to build up your self-esteem and recognize your worth in your love life plus career situations.

Have a wonderful week!!!

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