The Full Moon in Cancer Forecast January 6th, 2023

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The first Full Moon in Cancer of the year will occur on January 6. This moon event may inspire us to make changes to ensure a happier personal life.
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We have the Full Wolf Moon at 16 degrees of Cancer, occurring on January 6th at 3:07 pm PST, which is 6:07 pm Eastern. Check your local time to see when this lunation is happening in the place you reside.

Welcome to the first lunar event of 2023!

Also, the first Full Moon of the year is referred to as a Wolf Moon because, in ancient times, there were more wolves out and about, making loud noises. This resulted from the wolves howling out of hunger during the winter due to a lack of food. Since winter is typically a dry season, it seems reasonable that food was in short supply then.

Spiritually, it's a good idea to list everything that makes you feel comfortable because Full Moons are the spiritual high point of the lunar cycle, and this one is linked to need. Setting boundaries with those who or things that drain your limited energy is crucial.

For this lunar event, the chart rulers are the Moon for Cancer and Saturn, which governs Capricorn. During full lunations, we look at both rulers because the Sun and Moon are in opposing signs, giving us insight into how this event will play out.

Saturn is coming off a square to Uranus but will be in a challenging aspect to Neptune.

We will feel the urge to get our priorities in order and break stuck patterns. The Saturn-Uranus connection teaches us to balance the side of us that’s afraid of change and the part that needs an overhaul.

With the connection to Neptune, we understand the importance of establishing boundaries with others to avoid feeling physically and spiritually exhausted. We will also examine why we need to find a middle ground about gullibility vs. over-skepticism in this setup.

The Moon is in complicated transits with the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto. This might bring about issues with strong personalities that need to dominate conversations. Also, our minds might experience fluctuations in our confidence because we need to transform matters to do with our ego.

However, this Moon harmoniously connects with Uranus and Neptune, which will mitigate some of the transits it makes with Saturn.

The transits to Neptune will promote healing on an energetic and emotional level. This should give us the push needed to heal the areas of our lives that have become too harsh. Also, this is the perfect time to reconnect with spiritual ideals.

And with the aspects to Uranus, we might experience a breakthrough about our emotional state, and why we need to get out of the funk we’ve been in mood-wise. An alignment like this can help us identify ways to move past emotions that have left us stagnant, resulting in feeling liberated from harsh feelings about our personal life.

The Cardinal modality Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 10 to 20 degrees of these Zodiac placements will experience this lunar event more than others.

Vibes For this Full Moon
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The vibes of the Moon are moderate compared to what we’ve experienced in the last few lunar events.

Solitude will be present and intersecting mental energy.

Throughout this lunation, we will feel more in touch with our inner world causing us to contemplate our emotional needs. This could lead to wanting privacy to sort out our thoughts and emotions.

That solitude eventually tapers off, leaving us with more harmonious energy. Romantic and mental vibes will also intersect over the next few days. Our minds will be more focused on our love life and the importance of only accepting reciprocity in matters of the heart.

Full Moon Reflective Questions

During the New Moon, we look at the positive attributes of a sign and learn how to incorporate them into our world.

Then by the time we get to the Full moons, we hit a period of culmination where we consider what we can carry forward with us, the situations that need alterations, and what is no longer functional.

So, think back to what kind of Cancerian attributes you wanted to bring into your life since the New Moon 6 months ago in this sign back on June 28th, 2022.

  • How has your quest for emotional support progressed thus far?
  • Has this been a time you actively worked on making your life more comfortable?
  • Are you letting go of unsatisfactory connections that don't provide inner security?
  • Are you moving toward a more emotionally satisfying life?
  • Realize you need more consistency in your life so you’re emotions feel stable?
  • Have you taken your focus away from circumstances that cause your moods to fluctuate?
  • Has this been a time to consider who deserves to be in your inner circle?
  • During these last 6 months, have you weeded out those who make you feel emotionally out of control?
  • Has this been a time when you became more private?
  • Learned that you’re not required to share or overexplain everything to others?
  • Recognizing you don’t want to be overexposed and post personal life stuff on social media?
  • Finally, seeing why what you hold sacred doesn’t need to be known to everyone?
  • Learned to make your personal life a massive priority?
  • Has this been a time for you to redefine family and end unproductive cycles?
  • Are you currently in a healing phase following previous disappointments with family members?
  • Was this a period when you went deep into your family's history?
  • Concluded its importance of nurturing yourself and those who’ve earned it?
  • Have you begun to recognize the importance of healthily protecting your emotions?
  • Are you trying to find a place where you can feel at home, even if it involves moving?
  • Realizing you need to have greater faith in your instincts rather than having doubts about them?

If you work toward these goals, you will achieve the stability you seek. Cancer is related to comfort, family, personal life, home environment, and what gives us emotional security.

This Zodiac Sign highlights the importance of internal security, so we learn the importance of having stable emotions. Cancer also emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with those who will look out for our interests and prevent us from going off the rails.

In this energy, we recognize why supporting others and being surrounded by those who foster a safe environment is crucial.

To safeguard what is sacred, we should practice the divine art of concealment daily.

Privacy is a huge theme in this energy because we understand the importance of protecting holy things. One of the reasons is that you need something that’s just yours and a personal haven. Another in this sign is to protect your energy. In other words, Cancer teaches us that not everyone needs to know what they have in their home because it promotes envy.

It's crucial to learn to prioritize personal life and the home environment. Cancerian energy is about finding comfort in your sanctuary and having a house filled with harmonious vibes.

And Cancerian energy promotes feeling at home with ourselves, so we feel at peace and stay connected to our inner world.

Checklist For The Cancer Full Moon
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Cancerian energy brings comfort and emotional security to our lives; here’s a list of how to work with this sign’s qualities.

Themes for all things Cancerian:

  • It's time to strike a balance between keeping your energy safe and totally cutting yourself off from other people.
  • Get in touch with your emotions, sensory abilities, and maternal energy.
  • It's time to heal ancestral stigmas so you can start a healthier generational pattern.
  • Sometimes, the family we forge is the one with whom we grow the closest
  • Create a space that promotes destressing.
  • You don't need to try to win the approval of a family that refuses to be constructive.
  • Please devise a strategy to avoid letting other people emotionally dump their turmoil on you.
  • Nourish your soul by meeting your needs for a change rather than pouring energy into other people's wants.
  • Show gratitude to people who show you affection. Now is the moment to embrace only reciprocal partnerships.
  • Keep what's crucial in your personal life and eliminate what makes you feel weighed down.
  • As long as you are not acquiring pointless items, it is acceptable to maintain nostalgic objects that are significant.
  • Keep engaging in activities that give you mental stability and security.
  • Because it never leads you astray, trust your gut feeling.
  • In a relationship, strike a healthy balance between being present and being overpowering.
  • Make a place that reflects your personality and feels like home.
  • Permit yourself to connect with your emotional body.
  • Get rid of the items you've accumulated that limit your movement, whether they are physical, emotional, or material goods.
  • Let go of anything from the past that is causing your emotions to be trapped by returning to your roots.
  • Don't compromise your ethics or principles to be with someone.
  • Recognize your deservingness of the relationship security you seek.
  • Integrate the Cancerian ability to be both a warrior and a nurturer.
  • It's time to gravitate toward natural and compassionate settings.

Use this Cancerian lunation to make the proper adjustments in your personal life. That way, you can gain much-deserved emotional security in your world.

Have a wonderful Full Moon!!!

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