Venus Goes Into Aquarius January 2nd, 2023

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Venus finally enters Aquarius on January 2nd, igniting the need to improve our love and professional life.
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We’re starting 2023 right with Venus entering Aquarius because this combination helps us shake things up in a good way.

As we leave the cautious approach of Venus in Capricorn, we shift to a more progress-oriented method.

Aquarius energy is about advancement, finding solutions to long-standing complexities, and looking at life from a different angle. So combined with the planet that governs enjoyment, love, finances, what we value, and self-worth, we will approach these areas with inventive flare.

We can get out of ruts more easily thanks to Aquarius energy, which is one of its advantages.

Making improvements to the aspects of our lives that have grown monotonous is the theme of Venus in Aquarius. If you wanted to redesign your world to improve your style, sense of fun, work, or love life, this ingress aids us in taking that course of action.

A combination like this helps us have a eureka moment and make necessary adjustments to the stagnant parts of our love lives. We take an inventive approach to all things Venusian in this energy.

Dating-wise, old habits that have held us back could be broken, and the impulse to try something new will be potent. So, this could look like finally putting yourself out there again after being closed off to dating. Or, if you’ve only been with a particular type and see it's not working for you, this could be when you become open to the alternatives.

Venus in Aquarius encourages us to take a novel approach to romantic relationships, so we can discover that our previous strategy wasn't effective in the first place. And this gives us more prospects for love if we are more willing to try new things rather than sticking to our standard style of person or dating.

One of the best things about an Aquarius Venus is that it makes us take our time and not show our emotions too much.

Now, hear me out; this isn’t a bad thing because when you’re just getting to know someone, it's better to hang back rather than putting your feelings out there immediately. Hence, with this combination, you can give attention and show interest in someone without emotionally accelerating things too soon.

Also, with Venus transiting through Aquarius, it helps us require less validation than usual from romantic prospects. Therefore, if you're single, this can be when you feel like you're finally in control of your attachment style.

In this combination, we could find it easier to entertain the notion of being with someone rather than just diving in and committing ourselves romantically. This is not to say you couldn’t get into a serious union under this ingress, but it will help in being more hang-loose if you’re not prepared to enter into a committed relationship.

Thus, this will inspire you to keep your alternatives open. As a result, you might be less interested in finding a lasting partner and more engaged in having fun with friends.

Energetically, this combination makes meeting others on the same wavelength as us more accessible. Also, intellectual types seem more prevalent in this setup. Therefore, in terms of meeting people, this could up your chances of attracting someone who’s something of a brainiac.

For those in committed relationships, this could be a period of trying new things with one another.

Energetically, this promotes the urge to have more adventure in your union, which could help in going on unique excursions together. So, if you’ve gone on the same types of dates, this could be a time to step outside of your comfort zone. Also, this aids in leveling up the intimacy in your relationship.

Even though Venus is more associated with love, this is the planet that governs our close one-on-one relationships, which includes friendships. And considering Aquarius is a friend-oriented sign, our focus is primarily on gatherings with our buddies.

Socially, this could be when you are establishing new friends or getting back in touch with old ones because Venus in Aquarius gives us the desire to seek out fellowship. We will be more open to hanging out with our pals to do something fun, like concerts, going out for drinks, or perhaps a weekend adventure.

Joining groups, memberships, networks, and associations gets a considerable boost under this energy. Therefore, this could be when you finally enter or subscribe to a membership because you’re interested in being part of a group that enjoys the same activities.
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Because Aquarius is mentally oriented, we could find ourselves valuing inventive people. Energy like this can also translate our own self-worth by re-engaging with our intellectual pursuits. One of the ways we can boost our self-esteem is also by being validated about our cutting-edge personality.

Trend hopping happens within this energy, so the need to buy the latest thing might be more substantial than usual.

Venus governs how we splurge and what we adorn ourselves in regarding our dress style, so some of our shopping might feel impulsive in Aquarius. This is an inventive sign, so combined with Venus; we could have the urge to upgrade our attire and do a much-needed revamp of hair and accessories. We could also have the desire to buy more techie things under this transit.

Money-wise we will want to do something that allows us to be free.

In other words, the urge for independence at work is potent in Aquarius energy because this is the sign of having autonomy. This might be a period of finally dipping your toe into freelancing. With the symbol of the Water Bearer's independent spirit connected to Venus, which governs money, this ingress promotes the urge to earn on your own terms.

Therefore, if you've been considering side businesses and independent contracting, now might be the time for you to finally take steps toward achieving your professional objective of having more freedom.

Additionally, there is usually a lesser vibration which happens when planets change signs.

The ability to maintain emotional distance makes Aquarius energy low maintenance, so neediness and validation seeking aren’t a huge issue. However, this may enunciate disproportionate levels of aloofness, causing loved ones to feel pushed away or resulting in experiencing isolation.

So, try to avoid disengaging with others when you do not want to deal with emotions. Healthy detachment is acceptable, but we must be careful since we risk becoming distant from our connections.

Because this energy needs to be unrestricted, it could bring in more uncommitted types.

Due to the high levels of independence that come with this combination, it's easier to run into those looking for something steady but casual. Depending on your dating style, this can be seen as a neutral or lower expression. Therefore, if you’re the type that requires someone more involved, this might be a time when those individuals seem scarce.

Sudden changes are associated with Aquarius, which can also translate to our love life and finances. It’s perfectly fine to make alterations; however, try to make changes without creating unnecessary upheaval.

The need for something more exciting can be problematic in this energy resulting in breaking free from commitments. Generally, this happens in restrictive relationships; however, ensuring you end things cleanly rather than abruptly is essential.

Other than that, Venus transiting through Aquarius should help us shake things up and bring some much-needed excitement to our love lives and careers.

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