This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For January 2nd to 8th, 2023

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This week's astrology opens the new year with Venus entering Aquarius, inspiring us to improve our romantic and financial situations. A Full Moon in Cancer will also occur, which may motivate us to prioritize our emotional health.
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We have a fascinating week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Venus transits into Aquarius, enunciating the need to revamp our love life and career scenarios. Saturn will connect with Neptune in an uncommon alignment which will help us get real about where we need to have better boundaries. The Cancer Full Moon will happen over the weekend, giving us a much-needed review regarding our personal life. And the Sun will make most of the configurations over the next 7 days producing the need to improve our sense of self.

1/2 Mercury Semisextile Saturn: A Lack Of Warmth In Communication pt.2

Mercury and Saturn will form their second alignment for this Retrograde, making it challenging to address communication issues from December 23rd.

Try to show yourself the same kindness you give to others because this transit triggers heavy thoughts. Also, we might feel less open to discussion due to our minds being more melancholy than usual. Because we're feeling despondent, some of our communication with others today may come off as cold.

As a result, it could create a day where we’re acting in a detached manner because we would rather be to ourselves and don’t have the bandwidth to cater to others’ emotions. So, we could come off indifferent, which might make loved ones feel as though we aren’t considerate.

Another issue with this aspect is it comes with an overly critical tone, resulting in more encounters with judgmental individuals.

On January 14th, 2023, the next round of this transit will take place. After, we will get the final connection on February 8th as Mercury leaves its post-retro shadow.

1/2 Sun Square Chiron: A Shaky Sense Of Self

On that same day, the Sun and Chiron will make a complicated transit that will pronounce feelings of insufficiency.

We tend to reflect on events that turned out differently than we had hoped under this transit. Therefore, our tendency to dwell on would of, should have, and could have will feel more enunciated than typical.

Energetically, this produces a need to look for approval from others to bolster our ego. This leads us to seek self-esteem from others rather than ourselves. Consequently, we don’t get the confidence boost or pep talk we’re looking for under this configuration, which further inflates the feeling of not being seen.

Try to use this day to build yourself up through your efforts. An alignment like this gives us the nudge needed to seek out healthy confidence from within through external validation. And to forgive ourselves for past mishaps.

1/2 Venus enters Aquarius: How To Upgrade Your Love Life

Venus leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius producing a need to upgrade our circumstances in love and career.

With brand-new Venusian energy, our outlook goes into a more progress-oriented tone. A combination like this should assist us in breaking out of our dating ruts or revitalizing a solid relationship that is becoming stale and needs a change of pace.

Venus in Aquarius pushes us to approach our relationships from a fresh angle to learn that our previous technique wasn't working in the first place. And by being open to new experiences rather than adhering to our tried-and-true dating methods, we can increase our chances of finding true love.

Socially, this could be the time to make new contacts or reconnect with existing ones because Venus in Aquarius causes us to need platonic exchanges. We'll be more willing to hang out with our friends and do something enjoyable, like head out to concerts, go for drinks, or take a road trip for a weekend excursion.

In terms of money, we'll desire to accomplish something that gives us freedom. The desire for independence at work is vital in Aquarius energy since the sign is associated with having sovereignty. Therefore, this could be a period to do research or finally take action on side hustles, freelancing, or starting your own business.

1/4 Venus Sextile Jupiter: Open To The Possibilities In Love

Wednesday brings in an enthusiastic transit between Venus and Jupiter.

When these celestial bodies get together harmoniously, it creates an atmosphere that promotes feel-good things in a big way. Jupiter and Venus make it simpler to let loose, socialize, feel open to romance, and feel like luck is on our side.

Love life-wise, this creates a very affectionate tone. Therefore, being more expressive and flirtatious with a mutual crush, someone you are seeing, or a committed relationship will be easier.

Platonic relationships get a boost from this, so if you want fun social exchanges with friends, this alignment has you covered.

And, because this brings in fortunate energy, this could be helpful for all kinds of luck, including financial situations.

1/5 Sun Trine Uranus: A Sudden Burst Of Confidence

As Uranus begins to slow down and go out of its retrograde motion in the next 3 weeks, it will connect harmoniously with the Sun.

With the Sun and Uranus, it will be simpler to inflate our egos healthily and intelligently.

We may enhance our confidence by recognizing our genius qualities and the ability to solve sophisticated problems. Thus, seeing ourselves in this light will raise our self-assurance.

Another wonderful thing about this transit is that individuals don't take themselves as seriously as they usually do, making social interactions easier. An auspicious orientation between the Sun and Uranus makes it easy to embrace our eccentric side and feel shameless about being who we are and owning our off-beat personality.

A planetary aspect like this also brings on social interactions laced with unconventional comedy. Mood-wise, we will want to break away from daily routines and embark on an adventure or side quest because the Sun trine Uranus helps us build confidence through novelty.

1/6 Saturn Semisextile Neptune: The Reality Of Setting Boundaries

Friday brings in an alignment between Saturn and Neptune that has been off and on from 2021 thru 2022. And now we have another to kick off 2023.

In this final cycle, Saturn and Neptune aid us in understanding how skepticism and outdated ideas have restricted us.

With this Transit, we feel the need to overcome our habits, develop self-confidence, become more grounded, and let go of what is eroding.

Additionally, we start to comprehend the value of setting boundaries with others so that we don't feel physically and spiritually worn out. In this configuration, we examine our tendency toward gullibility or over-skepticism so that they don't become obstacles.

A situation like this aligns us, so we’re prepared to enter a better and newer phase down the line. So, here’s to restoring faith in ourselves, learning to have better parameters, and establishing stability.

1/6 Full Moon in Cancer: The Importance Of A Solid Personal Life

The Full Wolf Moon occurs in Cancer on Friday.

Lunar phases like this represent a completion cycle, so this could be a time when you’ve created a solid foundation. Full moons are when we look at something we’ve worked on that still needs to be tweaked before it's ready to be revealed. Also, these lunations are when we let go of things that waste our time.

Because this is in Cancer, we will review the goals we set back in June of 2022.

Cancerian energy is about our comfort, relationships, personal lives, stability at home, and the things that keep us emotionally stable. Moreover, if things aren't going as you had hoped, now can be the ideal time to let go of anything that no longer supports you in the spirit of Cancer.

The Cardinal modality will experience this lunation more than others. Therefore, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 10 to 20 degrees of these Zodiac placements will feel these themes more potently.

1/7 Sun Conjunct Mercury: Self-Assurance And Mental Clarity

Saturday brings in more optimism and clear thinking, with the Sun in Mercury making an easy alignment. Even though Mercury is well into its retrograde, this transit promotes cheerfulness and mental sharpness.

With its alignment centered in the middle of the Sun, Mercury will be in an exceptional Conjunction known as a Cazimi. We feel more energized and focused than usual during this transit since it promotes our mental and physical well-being.

Energetically, this provides us with comfort despite Mercury being retrograde. Therefore, we could gain a good pick-me-up and relief from feeling off-kilter or mentally exhausted. With this alignment, multitasking comes naturally, making it easier to finish many tasks rapidly. We also desire to test our ideas and develop fresh solutions to improve them.

And we frequently perceive ourselves more favorably. We can feel confident when speaking, making plans, having epiphanies, and engaging with others. Therefore, this transit could bring us an energized yet cognitively and socially stimulating day.

1/8 Mercury Trine Uranus: Sudden Strokes Of Genius pt. 2

If you couldn't get enough of an easy connection to Uranus, then you’re in luck because Mercury is connecting to this planet in a lovely way.

This is yet another retrograde transit; however, it can get us unstuck. We last experienced this on December 17th, so it could bring up scenarios from that period that require mental agility.

Our thinking may feel sharper than usual under this alignment, making demanding situations that require concentration seem more manageable.

Sudden epiphanies frequently occur with this transit. Therefore, we tend to experience breakthroughs easier with this alignment, so you might finally get a solution if you've been stuck on something. Our intellectual talents will benefit significantly from this combination which could lead to a day of feeling mentally sharp and innovative.

Activities-wise, this could be a day to engage with things that help you level up in terms of your intellect. So, this might be a time to do something that builds new neural pathways making this a Sunday to lose yourself in strategy and other mind-boosting endeavors.

Communication will also be prevalent, so it’s a day to catch up with friends and socialize. And this is fantastic for establishing objectives, taking calculated chances, and even trying something outside our norm.

Vibes For The Week
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The vibes over the next 7 days are very reflective of this week.

At the beginning of the week, solitude and a smidge of psychic vibes, confusion, and mental will be present.

The solitude and emotional sensitivity will peak and valley throughout the week, so we could have some triggery moments. This is a mixed-bag bunch of days, so there might be times when we just need space to process our own stuff.

Luckily, good luck energy is mixed in with some social and mental promoting the need for optimism. And by the weekend, there's a smidge of romance and mental energy, which could lead to flirty exchanges along with a ton of intellectual stimulation.

Transits For The Week

The first week of January starts with a kick but ends on a sweet note, so at least we’ll have some joyful moments.

Transits For The Week Of January 2nd to 8th:

  • 1/2 Mercury Semisextile Saturn: A Lack Of Warmth In Communication pt.2
  • 1/2 Sun Square Chiron: A Shaky Sense Of Self
  • 1/3 Venus enters Aquarius: How To Upgrade Your Love Life
  • 1/4 Venus Sextile Jupiter: Open To The Possibilities In Love
  • 1/5 Sun Trine Uranus: A Sudden Burst Of Confidence
  • 1/6 Saturn Semisextile Neptune: The Reality Of Setting Boundaries
  • 1/7 Full Moon in Cancer: The Importance Of A Solid Personal Life
  • 1/7 Sun Conjunct Mercury: Self-Assurance And Mental Clarity
  • 1/8 Mercury Trine Uranus: Sudden Strokes Of Genius pt. 2

Use this week to improve your confidence and ensure your boundaries are rock solid.

Have a wonderful week!!!

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