Mercury Retrograde Forecast For Zodiac Signs

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Let's examine how your zodiac sign placements will be impacted by Mercury RX in Capricorn now that we have a better understanding of how we will all experience it.
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Mercury’s Retrograde in Capricorn, and now that we know the themes of this inverse cycle, let’s see how it will affect your Zodiac placement.

One of the best ways to assess your horoscope accurately is to look at your rising sign/ascendant because that will show the precise area of your chart this retrograde will affect. Also, this is how we Astrologers look at events involving the Zodiac.

However, you can still use your Sun sign if you identify with your solar energy the most or your Moon sign. Another way to get a good layering effect is by looking at all three, the Sun, Moon, and rising, which could give you more information about how this retrograde unfolds.

Suppose you don’t know your rising sign, then I recommend using a chart calculator online. The best ones to use are Astrodienst, Astroseek, and Astro Charts. And if you prefer apps, I recommend AstroMatrix, Sanctuary, or TimePassages.

The Main Characters Of This Story

For this retrograde, the Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 6 to 26 degrees will experience this retrograde more potently than others. So, if you have any planets or essential chart points in these signs, this inverse period will feel more dynamic for you.


The star for this opener and concluder of 2022 to 2023 is Capricorn.

A retrograde like this is about bringing your focus back on you; as responsible as you are when it comes to others, this is a time to pour that same amount of energy back into yourself.

With planets like Venus and Pluto playing a role in your regressive cycle, you’ll have a few other concerns to address. For this reason, the retrograde will be a transformative time, so you might come out of this with accelerated growth in your life.

Due to both planets being in a vital position in your chart, this could be a time to consider making changes to your appearance. However, wait for the retrograde to be over; that way, you’re happy with the results and won’t suffer retro-remorse.

Because Venus is connecting to the retrograde, you’ll need to stand your ground in relationships that don’t allow you to be yourself. And this could be a time to release unhealthy patterns and individuals preventing you from evolving.


Relationships will be a focal theme for you during this retrograde.

This could be a period of voicing things you were bottling up to keep the peace within your close relationships. Through this Mercury Retrograde, the urge to bring fairness to your unions will be vital.

Love life-wise, if you’re single, this might be a period of rethinking the way you approach dating because you’re ready for a significant overhaul in the people you choose. If you’re in a relationship, this could be a time to review what needs to change to make this a solid commitment.

Also, this might be when you’re finally talking about things you held in to prevent discord in your relationships.

Therefore, this is a time to address feelings of resentment due to a lack of reciprocity from those you are close to in your personal life. So, through this period, you’ll release unpleasant feelings and show others that relationships need to be reciprocal; otherwise, it won't work.


Considering your ruling planet, Mars is in its regressive cycle, and you’re also getting complex alignments from Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, this is a significant time for you.

Job matters will come to the forefront of this regressive cycle. During this time, you could be reexamining how to pivot in your career. So, this could be a period of researching how to transition to a better-suited job for who you’ve become.

You could also be more interested in revamping your presence in the world during this time. In other words, you might update your public standing or find ways to change your social media to suit the image you want to project. This could also be a time to work on reputation.

Mentally, your mind will be on creating strategies that will result in consistency and financial security in your life.


Home matters might be one of the areas you’re more focused on during this regressive cycle. So, this could bring up concerns that need to be addressed in your abode. Or it could deal with family issues that require a resolution.

There could be scenarios regarding improving your personal life so you feel more fulfilled. At this point, you’re done with inconsistent behavior and need your needs met; therefore, this is a time to build emotional security so your focus will be on gaining internal stability.

Through this regressive cycle, you might go back and do some research on lineage to recognize familial patterns. Therefore, it's an excellent time to learn more about your family background and understand the quirks of relatives.

Also, this could be a period of releasing generational baggage. So, if you’re looking to move past familial conduct by examining strategies to break out of handed-down behavior, this could give you the extra push needed to heal from stuck patterns.

Getting To The Bottom Of Things

For Gemini and Leo, you guys have situations that require considerable attention to detail. These areas could be about releasing unnecessary things that bog you down. Also, this is an excellent time to transform your habits.


Through this regressive phase, you could be focused on clearing up matters involving funds belonging to others, the repressed things, the truth, and deep commitments.

During this retrograde, you’ll have the urge to uncover things that might have been obscured from you, either intentionally or unintentionally, by others. So, this could be a time when you’re finally able to solve something elusive.

With this regressive phase, you might be considering how to build things back up in terms of money. Mostly, this could be about improving debt, working on your bank account so it’s balanced, or something to do with a significant other's financial situation.

And this could be a period to transform the way you engage in a deep relationship, so this could be a time to recommit yourself to someone.


During Mercury’s retro through Capricorn, you’ll be focused on shifting your routine with everything and everyone.

Leo, this could be a time to resolve things with your regimen, so you feel like your vibrant self again. In other words, if there have been fluctuations in your energy levels and overall well-being, this regressive cycle gives you a nudge to tweak what’s bogging you down.

Your everyday tasks might need some modifying, so you’re performing them effectively. Therefore, you could alter how you’re going about your day; that way, you’ll get back on track with daily tasks.

And this is a time to take extra things off your plate in terms of always being readily available for everyone. Of course, it’s great to be helpful, but this is a period to narrow down how much others are gaining from you.

Being Introspective About Internal Conflict

Mercury’s inverse cycle could feel more reflective than outward for Sagittarian and Aquarian placements. In other words, this could be when you’re in your head about what needs to be reconsidered in your life. This is not to say there won’t be moments when you’re taking outward action because that can happen, but this one will seem more internalized.


Throughout this retrograde, your focus might shift to income, self-worth, self-esteem, and what you truly value in life.

Mercury’s retrograde will help you reevaluate your finances, so this could be about looking at better job opportunities that pay more than you currently earn. Alternatively, this might be when you’re seeing if it’s possible to start your own thing or use some of your free time to make money from side hustles.

With this regressive cycle, you will want to find things that make you feel assured. Generally, Sagittarius placements are certain about themselves, but this might be a time when what you once valued is no longer building your self-esteem.

But, even with some of these issues occurring, you will restore your confidence back. Therefore, this regressive period will be about boosting your circumstances, causing you to feel sure of yourself again.


Even though you’re already the kind of person that ponders a lot, this retrograde will further enunciate that tendency.

Aquarius, this could be when you’re reexamining your relationship to mysticism, the divine, and other belief systems. So, this will be a time to get back to spiritual practices that you couldn’t keep up with due to life’s circumstances.

Through this period, you could have the urge to heal the areas of your life that have been neglected. In other words, if there were situations you were avoiding because you weren’t ready to deal with them, this could be your time to change that, find better ways to cope, and shed what no longer serves you. That way, you have less baggage in your life.

And this might be when you’re dream world is more vivid than usual, causing you to feel more intuitive than average.

Redirecting Your Energy In Your Unions

For Pisces and Scorpio, this will be a period to work through your platonic relationships.

Except for two other signs, you guys have a bit more of a lighter retrograde in terms of things being less complex. This could be when you’re making better progress in your relationships than expected.


For you, Pisces, this could be a period of reexamining your place in the group.

In other words, this retrograde will help you understand your role in friendships and other affiliations you participate in, such as memberships and communities.

Around this time, you could feel like you need more from friendships than you’ve actually been receiving, so this might be when you speak to your pals about your feelings. What's good is the energy you’re getting during this retrograde is receptive, so others will be open to what you have to say.

You might feel the urge to seek out communities interested in the same topics as you during this period. That way, you’re getting your social needs met by others who are like-minded. And this could be when you reconnect with those on the same wavelength as you.


For you, Scorpio, this is a period to reexamine your local environment, how to be more flexible, and your immediate family.

During this regressive phase, you might feel more open to exploring your local area. So, this could be about experiencing some of the scenery, shops, restaurants, and other activities around town. This is a way to get reacquainted with your neighborhood.

Or this could bring up why you need to find the perfect place for yourself in a better area and environment. Therefore, you might do some research about other locations that suit your vibe.

With this retrograde, you could look at ways to be more versatile in your life.

And this could be a crucial period with immediate families such as siblings, aunts, uncles, or cousins. During this time, you could be reestablishing your relationship with these individuals.

Rolling With The Punches

Out of the bunch, Taurus and Virgo have a smoother experience than some of the others. This could be a time of returning to the things that bring fulfillment in your life.


For you, Taurus, this retro is about connecting with higher perspectives, becoming more optimistic, being open to new paths and education.

Even with a retrograde, that has intense moments; you could feel like this is your time to look at the bright side of life. One of the incredible things about this change in perspective is it helps you feel more motivated and open to new possibilities.

With higher perspectives, this is a period for seeing the world through a different lens. This might get you on a path of exploring different beliefs and situations beyond your scope. Also, this may lead to an interest in studying new subjects to further your education on the topics you’re passionate about learning-wise.

Energy like this might give you the nudge needed to research places you want to travel to and go beyond your own backyard. That way, you can take action on your travel goals when this regressive phase is over.


And last but never least, Virgo. For you guys, this Retrograde is about having fun because it’s necessary at this point.

Virgo, this could be a period of focusing on creative outlets that help you channel your unique sets of skills. So, this could be when you’re rediscovering old talents you haven’t been able to conduct in a while due to being busy or having artistic block.

With how this regressive cycle is aspecting you, it could be a time to think about ways to put yourself out there dating-wise. There is also a chance of exes resurfacing during this period. If you’re already in a relationship, this will be a time to have thrilling adventures and intimacy that’s off the charts.

And, through this time, you could be rethinking ways to get out more and enjoy yourself.

Have a constructive Mercury Retro, everyone!!!

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Mercury in Capricorn RX dates to remember:

  • Transited Into Capricorn on December 6th
  • Goes Retro at 24 Capricorn at Shadow 8°
  • Pre-Retrograde Shadow 12/12 2022
  • Retrograde 12/29/2022
  • Direct 1/18/23
  • Leaves Post Shadow 2/7/23
  • Moves Out Of Capricorn Feb 11th, 2023

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